Lawrence Co, Ohio – Mortality Schedule, 1850

LAWRENCE COUNTY OHIO - Mortality Schedule, 1850
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Lawrence County Mortality Schedule, 1850

SURNAME      GIVEN_NAME         AGE      GENDER   POB       MONTH_IN_AGE_IN          OCCUPATION   CAUSE OF DEATH                       
ADAMS        Andrew             12-Sep   m        OH        February                              Flux                                 
ADAMS        Jesse        C.    5        m        VA        August                                Cholera                              
BAGBY        John         P.    1        m        OH        November                              Croup                                
BALARD       Nancy              1        f        OH        September                             Scrofula                             
BALLARD      Susan              33       f        VA        May                                   Cold                                 
BARNHART     Arty               1        f        OH        July                                  Diarrhea                             
BESTON       Henry              3        m        OH        July                                  Brain Fever                          
BILL         Pleasant           24       m        OH        January                               Brain Fever                          
BLACK        James              10       m        OH        August                                Flux                                 
BOWMAN       Amanda             18       f        OH        October                               Unknown                              
BRAMMER      Carmena      A.    3        f        OH        September                             Chronic Diarrhea                     
BRAMMER      Sarah              60       f        VA        August                                Intermt Fever                        
BRUBAKER     David              11       m        OH        September                             Mortification                        
BRUMFIELD    Gardner            96       m        OH        March                                 Consumption                          
BUFFINGTON   Catharine          5        f        OH        March                                 Consumption                          
BURGESS      Eliza              1        f        OH        July                                  Measles                              
BURGESS      Mary         J.    6        f        OH        October                               Unknown                              
BURTEN       Thomas             8        m        OH        September                             Brain Fever                          
CARTER       Julia              7        f        Germany   September                             Consumption                          
CASSADY      Racheal            4        f        KY        December                              Cramp                                
CHANCE       Mahala             12-Jan   f        OH        June                                  Fits                                 
CHRISTIAN    Polly              57       m        VA        May                                   Black Tongue                         
COLLIER      Corneilus          12-May   m        OH        February                              Croup                                
CORN         James              49       m        VA        May                                   Consumption                          
CORNAHAN     Albert             12-Jul   m        C         July                                  Consumption                          
CORNNELL     Silas              1        m        OH        October                               Cholera                              
CRACKE       John               25       m        Mass      March                                 Typhoid fever                        
CRAWFORD     G.A.               2        f        OH        September                             Drowned                              
CREELY       Harriet            3        f        OH        April                                 Burned                               
CREELY       Tabitha            14       f        OH        May                                   Dropsy                               
CROTHERS     Mary         A.    2        f        OH        August                                Fever                                
CUMPSTON     James              37       m        PA        October                               Consumption                          
CYRUS        Elvira             29       f        OH        June                                  Consumption                          
DAVIDSON     Abram              62       m        PA        February                              Quinsey                              
DAVIDSON     Caroline           1        f        OH        July                                  Whooping cough                       
DAVIDSON     Eliza              34       f        OH        April                                 Typhoid fever                        
DAVIDSON     Jessie             12-May   f        OH        May                                   Brain fever                          
DELLON       Martha       E.    1        f        OH        ?                                     Brain fever                          
DEMPSEY      Andrew             63       m        PA        March                                 risdypelas                           
DEMPSEY      Jane               50       f        PA        April                                 Erisdypelas                          
DENISON      Margaret           12-Oct   f        OH        February                              Hives                                
DEVINEY      James              60       m        PA        November                              Unknown                              
DORFF        Joshua             1        m        OH        August                                Cholera                              
DUNCAN       Elizabeth          12-Jun   f        OH        May                                   Hives                                
ELKINS       Mary         A.    12-Jan   f        OH        November                              Fever                                
FARDE        Elizabeth          12-Jul   f        OH        August                                Diarrhea                             
FURGUSON     James              21       m        VA        December                              Chronic Diarrhea                     
FURGUSON     Susina             1        f        OH        July                                  Brain fever                          
GEORGE       Melvina            1        f        OH        October                               Diarrhea                             
GHRIST       Isaac              51       m        Pa        June                                  Blacksmith     Cholera               
GHRIST       Isaac              24       m        Pa        June                                  Cholera                              
GODDARD      Thresa             1        f        OH        August                                Diarrhea                             
HARMYER      John               70       m        Germany   June                                  Cholera                              
HASTINGS     John         R.    18       m        OH        October                               Erisdypelas                          
HENRY        Isaac              1        m        OH        July                                  Cholera Inft.                        
HOFFNER      James              21       m        VA        June                                  Cholera                              
HOLSTEN      Harriet      J.    1        f        OH        January                               Scarlet fever                        
HUFFNER      Elizabett          38       f        Germany   March                                 Consumption                          
HUGS         Johnathan          70       m        VA        July                                  Cholera                              
HUNT         Catharine          1        f        OH        June                                  Fever                                
HUNT         Elivra             1        f        OH        September                             Diarrhea                             
JONES        Anna               77       f        England   December                              Cancer                               
JONES        Caroline           12-Nov   f        OH        October                               Croup                                
JONES        John         R.    12-Oct   m        OH        August                                Diarrhea                             
JUDA         Mary         M.    12-Jun   f        OH        July                                  Brain fever                          
JUDD         Permelia           42       f        OH        October                               Nerve affec.                         
JUDD         William            43       m        England   July                                  Drowned                              
KELLY        Darby              41       m        OH        May                                   Typhoid fever                        
KELLY        Nancy        J.    1        f        OH        March                                 Fever                                
KELLY        Rebecca            36       f        OH        May                                   Typhoid fever                        
KELPATRICK   Samuel             29       m        PA        December                              Brain fever                          
KERR         Henry        W.    1        m        OH        August                                Cholera                              
KIMBALL      Orlando            1        m        OH        May                                   Brain fever                          
LAKE         Sulvanus           5        m        OH        October                               Flux                                 
LAMERTIN     Ann          L.    5        f        OH        June                                  Cholera                              
LAMERTIN     Gearhart           40       m        Germany   Jun                                   Cholera                              
LOVEJOY      John               12-Aug   m        VA        March                                 Unknown                              
MANLY        Anna               1        f        OH        March                                 Diarrhea                             
MARKINS      William      J.    2        m        OH        November                              Unknown                              
MARTIN       Otz                49       m        VA        December                              Brain Fever                          
MARTIN       Welcome            48       m        VA        March                                 Ulceration                           
MASSIE       Leah               19       f        OH        October                               Nerve affec.                         
MAYNARD      William      S.    16       m        OH        June                                  Cholera                              
MEYER        Caraline           12-Jun   f        OH        March                                 Fever                                
MILLER       Rebecca            29       f        OH        July                                  Cholera                              
MILLER       William      J.    5        m        OH        July                                  Diarrhea                             
MINER        Abigal             3        f        OH        April                                 Dropsy                               
MUNDIS       Charles            1        m        OH        June                                  Cholera                              
MURREL       John         W.M.  1        m        OH        April                                 Lung Fever                           
McCUTCHEN    Lewis        R.    3        m        VA        April                                 Dropsy                               
McKEE        James        D.    14       m        OH        September                             Fever                                
McMARTIN     Thomas             1        m        OH        July                                  Diarrhea                             
McQUIG       Thomas       W.    25       m        PA        March                                 Scrofula                             
NEALY        Thomas       J.    2        m        KY        September                             Hives                                
NUNK         Bethena            1        f        OH        September                             Diarrhea                             
ONEAL        Harriet            36       f        OH        December                              Lung Fever                           
PARKENSON    Thomas       J.    1        m        OH        May                                   Consumption                          
PARSONS      John               12-Jun   m        OH        July                                  Cholera                              
PARSONS      Mary               1        f        OH        July                                  Cholera                              
PARSONS      Perry        A.    23       m        OH        July                     Farmer       Cholera                              
PAYTON       Rebecca            10       f        OH        July                                  Erisdypelas                          
PERKINS      Jonthan            9        m        OH        May                                   Scarlet Fever                        
PERKINS      Martha             3        f        OH        May                                   Scrofula                             
PETERS       Henry              65       m        PA        July                     None         Apoplexy                             
PEYTON       James              22       m        OH        February                              Dropsy                               
PHILIPS      Rachel             23       f        OH        November                              Cholera                              
PRICHARD     William            57       m        OH        April                                 General Debility                     
RABOURN      Jesse              9        m        OH        July                                  Accidental                           
RAMSBOTTOM   Wm.          J.    5        m        MO        April                                 Remittent Fever                      
RIDDLE       Susana             49       f        VA        September                             Flux                                 
ROBBINS      David              3        m        OH        September                             Whooping Cough                       
ROGERS       Hamilton     H.    28       m        VA        June                                  Flux                                 
ROPH         Eliza        J.    1        f        OH        October                               Whooping Cough                       
ROSE         Anderson           3        m        OH        June                                  Scarlet Fever                        
ROSE         Louisa             32       f        OH        July                                  Scarlet Fever                        
RUSSEL       Sarah        J.    12-Oct   f        OH        November                              Cold                                 
SANFORD      William            21       m        IND       August                                Drowned                              
SAPEN?       James              8        m        OH        July                                  Measles                              
SHOEMAKER    John               12-Feb   m        OH        April                                 Whooping Cough                       
SMITH        John         W.    3        m        OH        April                                 Measles                              
SMITH        Lewis              1        m        OH        April                                 Measles                              
SOWARDS      Samuel       J.    12-Mar   m        OH        March                                 Brain Fever                          
SPRIGG       Henry              3        m        OH        April                                 Erisdypelas                          
STEECE       George             63       m        PA        July                                  Cholera                              
STEPHENS     John               45       m        England   April                                 Killed                               
STEPHENSON   Charles            12-Jun   m        OH        June                                  Dropsy                               
STEWART      Samuel             1        m        OH        September                             Fever                                
STODDARD     Eliza        J.    1        f        OH        September                             Cholera                              
STUART       Lora         A.    9        f        OH        September                             Cholera                              
STUART       Sprorn?            2        m        OH        September                             Fever                                
SULIVAN      Mary               80       f        WV        May                                   Dropsy                               
SWEENY       John               1        m        OH        September                             Diarrhea                             
TAYLOR       F.                 9        m        OH        April                                 Cold                                 
TERY         Susan              2        f        OH        March                                 Worms                                
TUCKER       Tennesse           1        f        OH        July                                  Whooping Cough                       
TURK         Alex               3        m        OH        April                                 Fits                                 
WARD         Addy               11       f        OH        July                                  Diarrhea                             
WHEELER      A.           H.    1        m        OH        July                                  Cholera Inft.                        
WHEELER      James        S.    27       m        OH        June                                  Cholera                              
WILKS        Ellen              4        f        OH        May                                   Scarlet Fever                        
WILLIAMS     George             34       m        MD        June                                  Cholera                              
WILLIAMS     William      E.    25       m        VA        June                                  Cholera                              
WILLIS       John               30       m        OH        May                                   Accident                             
WILSON       Elizabett          12-Apr   f        OH        October                               Fits                                 
WILSON       Frela              1        f        OH        July                                  Diarrhea                             
WILSON       William      A.    2        m        OH        May                                   Cholera Morbus                       
WILSON       Christanee         1        f        OH        April                                 Unknown