Misc Early Marriages

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Early Marriages 1817-1823

No.’s 8, 9, 10

Ironton Register, Jan. 22, 29, and February 5, 1903


Note: Spelling from newspaper article unchanged.



By: Thomas A. Walton

No. 8

Ironton Register, January 22, 1903


I hereby give a list of the marriage returns with date of, and by whom married:


June 27, 1817.  Samuel Hensley to Katherine Leftridge, by James Webb, J. P.

June 5, 1817.        John Riddle to Susannah Colyer, by John Lee (he was a Baptist minister).

June 27, 1817.  David White to Sarah Passons, by James Webb, J. P.

Sept. 8, 1817.       Richard Adams to Fanny Murrel Credle, by Stites Parker.

June 22, 1817.  George Trumbo to Polly Austin, by John Lee.

July 13, 1817.       Joseph Brammer to Nancy Collins, by John Lee.

Sept. 8, 1817.       Hugh Forgey to Elizabeth Kneff, by Stites Parker.

July 24, 1817.      Thomas Martin to Francis Sumpter, by James Webb, J. P.

Sept. 30, 1817.  James Carter to Elizabeth Scarborough, by Edward Billups.

Oct. 17, 1817.      Robert Ball to Sarah Wilson, by Charles McCoy, J. P.

Oct. 20, 1817.      Joseph Kelly to Elizabeth Steth, by Charles McCoy, J. P.

Oct. 31, 1817.      Joseph Davis to Elizabeth Bowers, by Daniel Brubaker, J. P. Nov. 3, 1817.                 Isaac Lambert to Nancy Sperry, by Peter Lionbarger, J. P.

Nov. 11, 1817  Henry Warply to Elizabeth McKinsey, by Thos. Templeton.

Nov. 13, 1817.  Jas. Jones to Mary Crane, by Peter Lionbarger, J. P.

Nov. 13, 1817.  Burton Lucas to Elizabeth Stith, by Charles McCoy, J. P.

Nov. 19, 1817.  Wm. Lewis to Elizabeth Oscar, by Edward Billups.

Dec. 17, 1817.  William Tull to Hannah Cyie, by Joel Bowman, J. P.

Dec. 18, 1817.  Isham Rowley to Catherine Snell, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

Dec. 30, 1817.  James McMahon to Elizabeth Monahan, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

Jan. 22, 1818.       John Fudge and Pricilla Porter, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Mar. 4, 1818.        Enoch Williams and Sarah Keller, by Peter Lionbarger, J. P.

Mar. 8, 1818.       Elias Webb and Jane Gillium, by Lewis Conway, J. P.

Mar. 8, 1818.       Chas. Ward and Amy Kelly, by Lewis Conway, J. P.

Mar. 11, 1818.  George McCommas and Catherine M. Connel, by Thos. Templeton, J. P.

Mar. 20, 1818.  Joseph Morrison and Rebecca Stephenson, by T. Templeton, J. P.

Mar. 28, 1818.  Robert Ross and Hannah Conway, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

April 15, 1818.  Solomon Adams and Susannah Overstreet, by T. Templeton, J. P.

May 10, 1818. Simon Drewyer and Cyntha Billups, by Joel Bowen, J. P.
June 11, 1818. Sinkler Petry and Elizabeth Cyntha Billups, by Joel Bowen, J. P.
June 11, 1818. Moses Preston and Elizabeth Harvey, by T. Templeton, J. P.
July 19, 1818. Asa Hughs and Sarah Neal, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.
July 20, 1818. John Copenhaven to Elizabeth Bumgarner, by T. Templeton, J. P.
Sept. 5, 1818. Thomas Gardner to Cloe Gillett, by Joel Bowen, J. P.
Oct. 14, 1818. James Clarke to Martha Lambert, by Peter Lionbarger, J. P.
July 31, 1818. John Martin to Stiny Fredge by Bazel Lewis, J. P.
July 15, 1818. Thomas Carpenter to (does not give name – smk)
Oct. 20, 1818. Wm. Brammer to Elizabeth Clarke, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Nov. 29, 1818.  Archibald Rese to Cindarella Rice, by D. Brubaker, J. P.

Dec. 8, 1818.        Patrick Collins to Nancy Griffy, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

Dec. 18, 1818.  Joseph Hawkins to Agnes Collier, by D. Brubaker, J. P.

Dec. 27, 1818.  John Falkner to Susannah Spears, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

Jan. 8, 1819.         John Malone to Eunice Neff, by David Spurlock, J. P.

Jan. 7, 1819.         James Dix to Elsey Bivens, by Jacob Powell, J. P.

Mar.11, 1819.      Charles Rader to Elizabeth Johnson, by Charles McCoy, J. P.

Mar. 5, 1819.       Charles Conway to Mary Collins, by James Webb, J. P.

Mar. 30, 1819.  Thomas Tackett to Winny Sampson, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Apr. 15, 1819.  John Millan to Susannah Burcham, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

May 2, 1819.        George Holladay to Agness Huddleson, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

May 12, 1819.  Wm. Jones to Martha Howard, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

June 17, 1819.  Samuel E. Pease to Harriet Gillett, Thos. Kerr, J. P.

Sept. 9, 1819.       Samuel McCorkle to Elizabeth Simmons, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Oct. 16, 1819.       Samuel Lewis to Mary Burcham, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Oct. 7, 1819.         George Bowen to Letishe McFan, by Thos. Trigg, J. P.

Oct. 13, 1819.       William M. Suiter to Elizabeth Sparling, by Rev. John Lee.

Nov. 19, 1819.  Phillip Suiter to Sally Shour, by Rev. John Lee.

Oct. 29, 1819.      James White to Wealthy Falkner, by Bazel Lewis, J. P.

Dec. 17, 1819.  Wm. H. Lane to Sally Frampton, by Solomon Beckly, J. P.

Dec. 30, 1819.  Armstrong Dunn to Polly Brandon, by Solomon Beckly, J. P.

Jan. 6, 1820.         Sartin McCommas to Henrietta Howard, by Henry Spears, J. P. Jan. 9, 1820.            Thomas Davidson to Polly Creedle, by Daniel Brubaker, J. P.

Jan. 23, 1820.        John Vermillion to Elizabeth Cumpston, by Henry Spears, J. P.

Jan. 25, 1820.       Thomas Edmund to Nancy Leftwick, by Daniel Brubaker, J. P.

Jan. 27, 1820.       John Boyd to Sarah Moore, by James Webb, J. P.

Jan. 9, 1820.         Asael Neal to Polly Hull, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

Feb. 21, 1820.      Stephen McMahon to Polly Lunsford, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

April 23, 1820.  Theodore Blanagnell and Florida Harrison, by Jacob Miller, J. P.

Feb. 27, 1820.      Richard Nance to Betsy Dodd, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

Feb. 27, 1820.      Daniel Staley to Rebecca Bowen, by Joel Bowen, J. P.



Thos. A. Walton.

No. 9

Ironton Register, January 29, 1903


Following is a continuation of the list of early marriages in Lawrence county:


July 10, 1819.       Leroy Garrett to Elizabeth Allison, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.

July 11, 1819.      Ira Huel (should be Huet) to Rebecca Bardsley, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

July 29, 1819.      Benjamin McAniess to Sarah Loar, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

Aug. 16, 1819.  John Newbury to Sarah Loar, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.

Sept. 10, 1819.  Skelton Bradshaw to Mary Violetta McCoy, by Joel Bowen, J. P.

Dec. 5, 1819.        James Sheltontaitt to Sarah Fudge, by B. Lewis, J. P.

Apr. 27, 1820.  George Rice to Isabel Albright, by Jacob Spurlock, J. P.

June 12, 1820.  Terry Wilson to Artey Nance, by G. H. Spears, J. P.

June 13, 1820.  Isem Blankenship to Elizabeth Dilly, by H. Spears, J. P.

May 11, 1820.  Isam Blankenship Jr. to Hannah Collier, by Hanly Webb, J. P.

June 15, 1820.  Benjamin Yates to Ann Delong, by Hanly Webb, J. P.

Feb. 10, 1820.      Reubin Vermillion to Rebecca Cumpsten, by Henry Spears, J. P. Mar. 10, 1820.  John Stewart to Sally McCartney, by John Kelly, J. P.

May 29, 1820.  John W. Sterns to Miami McCane, by Andrew Wolfe, J. P.

May 3, 1820.        James A. Poage to Sarah C. Campbell, by Daniel Brubaker, J. P.

June 18, 1820.  Joel Gillett to Zuba Risley, by Joel Brown, J. P.

Feb. 3, 1820.        Emanuel Comer to Palsey Smith, by Thomas Templeton, J. P.

June 3, 1820.        George Holton to Sarah Holley, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

June 18, 1820.  Alexander Forgey to Lucy Elkins, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

June 29, 1820.  George Graves to Lucy Childers, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

June 29, 1820.  John Billups to Hetty Wilgus, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

April 24, 1820.  David Ripley to Esther Griswolds, by Jacob Miller, J. P.

Aug. 16, 1820.  James McCorly to Polly Price, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.

Aug. 27, 1820.  George Cartwright to Caulina Walbridge by Wm. Jones, J. P.

Nov. 16, 1820.  Joshua Henwood to Anna Knight, by J. Miller, J. P.

Nov. 25, 1820.  Josiah Beckett to Henrietta King, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

July 15, 1820.      James G. Sherman to Nancy Hawkins, by John Lee.

June 4, 1821.        Charlie Markins to Nancy Sampson, by Thos. Hatfield, J. P.

Oct. 22, 1820.      William Smith to Tabitha Haws, by Hanley Webb, J. P.

Jan. 11, 1821.       John McKee to Nancy Ankrum, by Daniel Bradshaw, J. P.

Nov. 26, 1820.  Isham Blankenship to Moody Keeny, by Thomas Templeton, J. P.

Feb. 15, 1820.      Josiah Lambert to Elizabeth McIntire, by D. Bradshaw, J. P.

Mar. 6, 1821.       David Gandy to Olivia Vanbibber, by Sol Beckley, J. P.

Dec. 28, 1820.  James Cox to Nancy Noble, by Wm. Burk, J. P.

Jan. 18, 1821.       Valentine Sampson to Nancy Higgins, by Jacob Powell, J. P.

Jan. 18, 1821.       Joseph Davidson to Betsey Westcott, by S. Berkley, J. P.

Mar. 16, 1821.  Jeremiah Kilgore to Nancy Fullerton, by Wm. McMann, J. P.

Mar. 14, 1821.  Abraham Smith to Celia Clark, by Sol Berkley, J. P.

Jan. 31, 1821.       James Williams to Rebecca Davidson, by John Kelly, J. P.

Jan. 16, 1821.       John H. Chaffin to Susannah Wolf, by Rev. John Kelly.

Jan. 14, 1821.       Paerpoint Blowers to Sarah Piles, by Hanley Webb, J. P.

April 20, 1821.  Jacob G. Licero to Elizabeth Momun, by Daniel Brubaker, J. P.

Feb. 21, 1821.      John Beckett to Nancy King, by P. Wakefield, J. P.

Jan. 18, 1821.       Joseph Perkins to Ruth Walls, by P. Wakefield, J. P.

April 27, 1821.  Pleasant Jourdan to Anna Burchett, by Casper Clark, J. P.

Feb. 15, 1821.       James Alford to Mary Hatfield, by John Lee.

Jan. 25, 1821.       Wm. Powell to France Yingling, by John Lee.

March 1, 1821.  Andrew Holladay to Mary Stover, by John Lee.

April 30, 1821.  John Compston to Sally Triggs, Wm. Burk, J. P.

May 8, 1821.        Solomon Beckly to Laura Scoville, by Casper Clark, J. P.

May 28, 1821.  James Campbell to Nancy Stewart, by Caspus Clark, J. P.

May 31, 1821.  Wm. Davidson to Sarah Short, by Caspus Clark, J. P.

April 21, 1821.  John Baber to Elizabeth Maxey, by Wm. McMann, J. P.

July 5, 1821.          George Irwin to Jemima Russell, by Wm. F. Goldcamp, J. P.

July 26, 1821.      Jacob Fudge to Margaret Tait, by Thos. Hatfield, J. P.

June 25, 1821.  David Jones to Barbary Brumfield, by Henry Spears, J. P.

May 10, 1821.  Sanford Russell to Barbery Losey, by Jacob Miller, J. P.

(To be continued.)












Thos. A. Walton.

No. 10

Ironton Register, February 5, 1903


A continuation of the list of early marriages with one certificate where the humorous and the serious are blended.


July 19, 1821 Thomas Canter, Jr., to Anny Canter, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
Jun. 28, 1821 Abraham Miller, Jr., to Nancy Lowry, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
Sept. 6, 1821 Eleaser Kinny to Caroline Clark, by Caspus Clark, J. P.
Sept.27, 1821 John A. Taitt to Docia Breeding, by Thos. Hatfield, J. P.
July   2, 1821 Martin Fisher to Lovey W. Tunnell, by Rev. Jacob Young.
Sept.13, 1821 John C. Shute to Nanny Koons, by Caspus Clark.
July 26, 1821 Thomas Sowards to Rosannolo Spears, by H. Spears, J. P.
July 27, 1821 Jacob Stuck to Betsy Baird, by Luther Doolittle, J. P.
June 8,  1821 Samuel Vancony to Jane Thurston, by Peter Lionbarger, J. P.
Oct. 2,   1821 Andrew P. Koons to Hanna Hisey, by C. Clark, J. P.
Oct. 11, 1821 David McLaughlin to Pheba Gillett, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
Sept. 26,1821 Banister Nance to Barsheba Wells, by H. Spears, J. P.
Dec. 29, 1821 Luis Pritchet to Lucy Fowler, by D. Brubaker, J. P.
Feb. 18, 1822 Wm. Nixon to Jane Hopkins, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.
Feb. 17, 1822 James Rice to Elizabeth Kinner, by D. Brubaker, J. P.
Feb. 12, 1822 John McCoy to Jane Cambell, by D Brubaker, J. P.
March 5, 1822 John Ferris to Polly Murphey (here follows the certificate):


The State of Ohio, } Union Town-

Lawrence Co. ss. } ship

March 5, 1822. I joined together John Ferris and Polly Murphey in the holy state of matrimony according to law, both of lawful age and handsome _____, by virtue of advertisement. Given under my hand and seal this 9th day of March 1822. Thomas Templeton, J. Peace.


Feb. 24,1822 Wm. Collier to Hannah Snider, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.
Jan. 21,1822 Peter Iams (?) to Jermima Bagley, by Thos. Kerr, J.P.
Mar. _, 1822 John McGinnis to Mercy Lockhart, by advertisement, L. Doolittle, J. P.
Mar. 7, 1822 Joel Simmons to Nancy Mannon, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
Jan. 10, 1822. Moses Mannon to Polly Simmons, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
Mar. 21, 1822 Martin Miles to Betsey Smith, by P. Wakefield, J. P.
April 4, 1822 James Collier to Mary Hisey, by D. Brubaker, J. P.
April 21, 1822 Lewis Sprouse to Cyntha Doolittle, by advertisement, J. Hilyard, J. P.
Feb. 6, 1822 Thomas Cooper to Mary Nelson, by David Spurlock, J. P.
Mar.14, 1822. Thomas Golden to Christianne Brammer, by Wm. F. Golden, J. P.
May 28, 1822. Benjamin Bell to Lavina Webb, by Luther Doolittle, J. P.

(They were reported as married by Luther Doolittle, but in reality were married by Peter

Wakefield, J. P. See E. W. Wakefield’s tales in Windsor.)

June 16, 1822.  Elihu Frances to Sarah Radford, by James Wheeler, J. P.

July 7, 1822.         Wm. A. Sprouse to Matilda Graham, by Jonathan Hilyard, J. P.

July 4, 1822.         Paulus Emilius Wood to Adaline Augusta Fuller, by P. Wakefield, J. P. May 2, 1822.            William Perkins to Ebby Veal, by P. Wakefield, J. P.

June 2, 1822.        George Webb to Genne Coleman, by P. Wakefield, J. P.

May 28, 1822.  Benjamin Bell to Lavina Webb by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

Aug. 4, 1822.       Oty Martin to Elizabeth Earles, by Peter Wakefield, J. P.

Aug. 15, 1822.  John Fred to Zibia Blavens by Nathaniel Morrision, J. P.

Aug. 28, 1822.  Richard Nance, Sr., to Jinny Wells, by advertisement, H. Spears, J. P.

Feb. 7, 1822.         ______ Hatfield to Polly Clark, by John Lee.

Aug. 2, 1822.        Jesse Brammer to Anna Lambert, by John Lee.

Oct. 5, 1822.         John Ervison to Eliza M. Chadwick, by Rev. Jo. Hunter.

Oct. 13, 1822.      Isaac Bell to Elizabeth Jones, by Jacob Powell, J. P.

Oct. 6, 1822.         George Broun to Lucy Minerva Gillett, by Luther Doolittle, J. P.

Oct. 13, 1822.      Isaac Kernell to Rhoda Webb, by L. D. Doolittle, J. P.

Oct. 22, 1821.      Joel Watters to Keaiah Miller, by L. D. Doolittle, J. P.

Sept. 22, 1821      James Johnston to Mary McGinnis, by Luther Doolittle, J. P.

June 28, 1822.  James Thomas to Elizabeth Miller, by Wm. Miller, J. P.

Oct. 24, 1822.      Edward Billups to Dosha Wilgus, by advertisement, Wm. Miller, J. P.

Nov. 24, 1822.  Asa Morgan to Elizabeth Blankenship, by Wm. F. Golden, J. P.

May 22, 1822.      John King to Catharine McCommas, by advertisement, Wm. Miller, J. P.

Oct. 2, 1822.         Wm. Gilruth to Rebecca Austin, by John King.

Dec. 12, 1822.  Robt. W. Poage to Ann Johnston, by J. C. Hunter.

Sept. 20, 1822.  John Fitser to Polly Woods, by Wm. Jones, J. P.

Oct. 28, 1822.      Elijah Frampton to Rebecca Clark, by J. C. Hunter.

Dec. 31, 1822.      Joseph Fitser to Sary Woods, by Wm. Jones, J. P.

Sept. 29, 1822.  Jacob Baker to Polly Yingling, by Wm. Jones, J. P.

Dec. 19, 1822.      Wm. Heiveson to Jane Bradshaw, by Jacob Powell, J. P.

Jan. 22, 1823.       Zechenias Arthur to Fanny Brown, by Thos. Kerr, J. P.

Jan. 23, 1823.       Arnon McCommas to Polly Brumfield, by advertisement, J. Powell, J. P.

Feb. 13, 1823.      Samuel Russell to Mary Irwin, by Wm. F. Golden, J. P.

Feb. 8, 1823.        Joseph Ross to Rhody Kelly, by Nathaniel Morrison, J. P.

Feb. 13, 1823.      James Templeton to Jane Morrison, by advertisement, Wm. Miller, J. P.

March 23, 1823.  Wm. Faulkner to Thirsey Creedle, by Wm. Miller, J. P. April 3, 1823.          James ——- to Betsy Lambert, by D. Brubaker, J. P.


IR Aug. 5, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 29th ult., by the Rev. Dan Young, Mr. W. E. R. Kemp and Miss Sarah Ann Smith; all of Ironton.
  • On the 26th ult., Mr. Thomas Kirk and Miss Nancy Biggs; both of Carter county, Ky.


IR Aug. 12, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 5th inst., by the Rev. J. W. Young, Mr. Drake Murdock, of Ironton, and Mis Mahala Story, of Scioto county.


IR Aug. 19, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 12th inst., by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Mr. James M. Root and Miss Emily M. Wait; all of Ironton.


IR Sept. 9, 1852 – Married. (do not have beginning of this column)

  • On the 30th ult., at Portsmouth, Henry Willey and Miss Sarah Glasford; both of Greenup Co., Ky.


IR Sept. 15, 1852 – Married.


On last night, at Burlington, by Rev. A. Bardwell, Mr. Samuel Richards, of Union Landing, to Miss Sarah A. Kelvey, well known to our citizens as the very popular Lady-Recorder of Lawrence county.

  • At Granville, on the 7th inst., by Rev. Jacob Little, Amos Layman, Esq., Editor of the Marietta Republican, to Miss Lucy, daughter of Hon. E. Abbot, of Granville.


  • Ironton Register, September 30, 1852

On Sunday last, at Cincinnati, by Rev. Mr. Hart, Mr. Samuel Silverman, of this town, to Miss Caroline Loblen, of Cincinnati.


  • Ironton Register, October 14, 1852

At Austinburgh, on the 4th inst., by Rev. A. J. Avery, Mr. H. W. Parker, of Ironton, and Miss Almira T. Dole, of Austinburgh, O.

  • On the 4th inst., Mr. Lewis Franklin Wiseman of Lawrence county, to Miss Sarah Jane Carter, of Gallia county.
  • On the 5th inst., above Burlington, Mr. William T. Scovill, to Miss Mary Ann Dillon.
  • On Thursday, the 30th ult., at Genova, O., by Rev. Mr. Taylor, Mr. N. H. Parker, of Portsmouth, to Miss S. E. Turner, of the former place.


IR Oct. 21, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 14th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Augustus Hilberth to Miss Angeline Powell, all of Ironton.
  • On the 10th inst., in Ripley, Mr. Martin Harrison, of Ironton, to Mrs. Eliza Glaze, of the former place.


IR Oct. 28, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 21st inst., Mr. William M. Bolles, of Ironton, to Miss Amaryllis Long, of Jackson C. H.
  • On the 10th inst., at Hanging Rock, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. Wm. K. S. Hall to Miss Harriet Carter.
  • On the 15th inst., in Elizabeth township, by Fletcher Golden, Esq., Mr. Wm. F. Ross to Miss Julia Ann Rumbergh, both of that township.


Ironton Register, Nov. 4, 1852 – Married.

  • On the 24th ult., by R. Richey, Esq., Mr. Benjamin Griffith, of Pine Grove Furnace, to Miss Elizabeth Mudill, of Union Furnace; all of this county.
  • On the 28th ult., near Haverhill, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. Wm. Kellogg and Miss Thursey Storey.
  • In Ironton, on the 28th ult., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Mr. E. Jinkins and Mrs. Elizabeth Levell; both of Kentucky.
  • In Ironton, on the 31st ult., by same, Mr. John Morgan and Mrs. Eliza Grange; both of Hanging Rock.
  • On the 1st inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. Saumuel Beaty to Miss Jane Carner; all of Ironton.
  • On the 27th ult., at Franklin Furnace, Edward W. Jordan, Esq., of Portsmouth, to Miss Augusta Ricker, of the former place.


IR Nov. 11, 1852 – Married.

  • Near Haverhill, O., Nov. 4, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. Henry Jones and Miss Margaret Sisler; all of Haverhill.


Ironton Register, November 18, 1852Married.

At Clinton Furnace, on the 2d inst., by the Rev. S. P. Cummins, Mr. Wesley Crandall, of Empire Furnace, and Miss Nancy Alice Glidden, youngest daughter of Charles Mills Glidden, Esq., of Clinton Furnace, Scioto county, O.


IR Dec. 23, 1852 – Married.

  • In Portsmouth, on the 14th inst., by Rev. E. Burr, Mr. Samuel P. Nichols to Miss Polly Gates, both of that place.
  • On the 7th inst., Rev. Albert G. Byers, of the Ohio Methodist Conference, to Miss Mary A. Rathburn.
  • In this town, on the 19th inst., by Rev. James M. Kelley, Mr. Thomas Winters to Miss Lavina B. Bush; all of Ironton.
  • On the 19th inst., in Perry township, by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Mr. Stephen Booton, of Louisa, Ky.

to Miss America Brubaker, of the former place.


IR Jan. 6, 1853 – Married.

  • On last night, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. William T. McQuigg and Miss Mary Jane Bridwell; all of Ironton.
  • On the 29th of Dec., at Columbus, by Rev. D. A. Randall,
  • J. Hamilton Richey, of Ironton, to Miss Frances G., eldest daughter of Prof. W. Mather of the former place.
  • Received with the above notice some of the nicest cake that ever came into this office.
  • In Portsmouth, Dec. 27, by Rev. E. Burr, Mr. Lewis C. Damarin and Miss Mary Catlin, daughter of Judge W. V. Peck.
  • On Dec. 28, by Rev. E. Burr, Mr. Thomas Patterson and Miss Callie Clugsten.


Ironton Register Feb. 10, 1853 – Married.

  • On the 3d inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., John Crow and Sarah Lunceford; all of Lawrence county, O.
  • On the 3d inst., by S. McCown, Esq., Mr. Chas. Green of Marietta, Ohio, and MissTamaurus Truesdell, of Rome Tp.
  • On the 3d inst., by C. C. Chin, Esq., at the residence of John Hog Alexander, Esq., Mr. Alex.

Ferguson and Miss Franey Kizer, both of Indian Run, Greenup county, Ky.

  • By the same on the 30th ult., Mr. William Long and Miss Elizabeth Blankinship, both of Indian Run, Ky.


Ironton Register, March 8, 1853 – Married

  • In Ironton, on the 3rd, inst., by Jacob Lair, J. P., Solomon Jacks, to Lethenna Jacks.
  • On the 7th inst., by Jacob Lair, Oliver L. Smith, to Martha Jacks.
  • On the 27th ult., by Edmund Brammer Esq., Mr. John Christian, aged 74, and Mrs. Martha Shattuck, aged 65. All of this county.


Ironton Register, April 7, 1853 – Married.

  • By C. M. Singer, Esq., on the 1st inst., Mr. John Miller and Miss Marinda, daughter of Sidney Gillett, all of Rome township.


  • Ironton Register, May 26, 1853Married.

On the 18th inst., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. William W. Gillit to Miss Jane Radford, both of Rome Township.

  • On the 19th inst., by the same, Mr. Benjamin A. Wakefield to Miss Providence James, of Millersport.


Ironton Register, June 16, 1853 – Married.

On the 7th inst., at Boston Mass., Mr. E. Child, of Ironton, to Miss Ellen P. Williams, of the former place.

  • On the 9th inst., at La Grange Furnace, by Rev. G. H. Bower, Mr. Wm. Christian to Miss Julia Ann Partlow.
  • On the 9th inst., at Hanging Rock, by Mr. Joseph Portman to Miss Martha Judson, both of Ironton.
  • On the 11th inst., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. Austin Smith to Mrs. Lucy Ann Emmons, both of Union Township.
  • On the 12th inst., by E. Brammer, Esq., Mr. Henry Wilson to Huldah George, all of Windsor township.
  • On the 1st inst., at Cannonsburgh , Ky., by Rev. Mr. Mavity, James T. Van Bibber, Esq., to Miss Evoline Raisen.
  • On the 27th ult., at Portsmouth, by J. J. Holmes, Esq., Mr. Howard J. Havens, of Virginia, to Miss Sarah O. Bryant, of Lawrence county, O.


Ironton Register, February 9, 1854Married.

  • At the Ironton House on the 4th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Bird F. Brumfield, of Ky., to Elizabeth F. Hatten, of Virginia.


Spirit of the Times, Apr. 11, 1854 – Married.

  • On the 9th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. William M. Cochran to Miss Mary J. Stern.
  • On the 10th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. C. Mackey to Miss Martha E. Mitchell…


Ironton Register, August 17, 1854 – Married.

  • In Ironton, on the 15th, by Rev. A. Bradrick, Mr. George B. Richey and Mrs. M. Louisa Clingan, daughter of Jas. C. Terry.
  • On the 10th inst., by Rev. S. P. Cummins, at the residence of Col. Wm. Burke, in Scioto Co., Capt. A. W. Carner, of Ironton, and Miss Henrietta Kittle, of the former place.
  • On the 14th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Aaron Fairchild and Mary Keating.
  • On the 15th inst., John H. Berry, of Ironton, to Miss Elizabeth McCormick, of Ky.


Ironton Register, September 28, 1854 – Married.

  • On the 25th inst., by Rev. I. A. Bradrick, Mr. Josiah Doddridge and Miss Mary Kennedy, both of Millersport.
  • On the 17th inst., by the same, Mr. Rufus W. Magee and Miss Julia A. Pritchard, all of Quaker Bottom.
  • On the 16th inst., near Franklin Furnace, by Rev. L. Kelvey, Chester W. Selfridge and Miss Lucy B. Miles, all of Scioto county.


IR Nov. 30, 1854 – Married.

  • On the 27th inst., Mr. Joseph Davidson, of Ashland, Ky., to Miss Sarah Bryan, of Burlington, daughter of the late John Bryan.


  • IR December 7, 1854Married.

On Nov. 30th, by Rev. J. Rowe, Mr. Cripps and Miss Eliza Kimball, daughter of Asa Kimball, both of Union township.

  • On Nov. 30th, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Joseph Huffman and Eliza Puckett, both of Clinton Furnace, Ohio.B
  • On the 4th inst., by Rev. J. T. Given, Mr. John H. Nevis, of Kanawha, and Miss Julia Baxter, of Gallipolis.


IR May 24, 1855 – Married

On the 10th inst., by Rev. E. V. Bing, Dr. A. J. Norton, of Gallia Furnace, to Miss Emily Drouillard, daughter of James Drouillard, Esq., of Gallipolis.

  • On the 10th inst., by Rev. James S. Campbell, Hon. Owen T. Fishbac, of Batavia, Clermont county, and Mrs. Louisa Evans, of Ripley.
  • On the 22d, by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. John Stewart and Miss Dorcas Gard, all of this county.


IR June 21, 1855 – Married.

  • On the 14th inst., in Portsmouth, James E. Phelps, one of the editors of the Herald, and Miss Angeline Mitchell, both of that place.
  • On the 6th inst., at Harmar, Washington Co., Wm. H. Blymyer, of Mansfield, to Miss Caroline Fearing, of the former place.


IR Oct. 11, 1855 – Married.

  • Last night, Mr. Joshua Browning, of Louisiana, to Miss Mary, daughter of Shadrach Ward, of this place.
  • On Sunday night, 7th inst., by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Mr. Walter Price to Miss Matilda Golden.
  • On the 9th inst., by Jacob Lair, J. P., Jacob Walser (or Walker) and Rebecca Reed, both of Greenup Co., Ky.


IR Feb. 28, 1856 – Married.

  • On the 24th inst., by Rev. M. W. Brainard, Mr. William Boynton and Miss Ann Vandervort, all of Scioto county.
  • On the 14th, in Portsmouth, by Rev. E. Burr, Mr. Morrison A. Bentley to Miss Elizabeth H. Davis, daughter of Capt. J. W. Davis, all of Portsmouth.


IR May 15, 1856 – Married.

  • On the 3d inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Washington H. Paul and Sarah A. Hutchinson, both of Wayne Co., Va.
  • On the 24th ult., by Rev. J. C. Bayless, John Wilson, of Hecla Furnace, to Miss Rebecca C. Poage, of Ashland.
  • On the 5?th inst., in Gallipolis, William Geppert, of Ironton, to Mrs. Nancy Beaver, of the former place.
  • On the 6th inst., by Rev. H. S. Bundy, Owent T. Gunning, Esq., of McArthur to Miss Martha A. Murdock, youngest daughter of Judge P. Murdock, of Vinton Co.


  • Ironton Register, Oct. 28, 1856Married.

On the 7th inst., in Marietta, Rob’t A. Garrison, of Bowling Green, Ky., to Miss S. Fannie Burch, of the former place. Also on the 9th inst., Ichabod Nye to Miss Sarah Gritteau, both of Marrieta.

  • On the 16th inst., by Rev. Jno. Q. Gibson, Mr. John G. Stewart to Mrs. Susan M. Wilson, both of Greenupsburgh, Ky.


IR May 13, 1858 – Married.

  • On the 2d inst., by Rev. A. J. McMillen, Mr. James H. Ramsbottom and Miss Elizabeth Milstead; all of Lawrence county, Ohio.


IR Oct. 7, 1858 – Married.

  • October 4, 1858, by Peras R. Polley, Esq., Mr. Samuel Gushurst and Miss Christina Deering, all of Lawrence county, Ohio.
  • September 21, in West Ironton, by Rev. G. Leonard, Mr. Richard Lambert and Miss Ann E. Roach.
  • September 23d, by the same Mr. James M. Compston and Miss Mary Jane Neal.



IR Dec. 30, 1858 – Married.

  • On the 23d inst., in Ironton, by Rev. David Harrias, Rev. Evan S. Jones, of Centreville, Gallia county, to Miss Mary Morgan, of Cincinnati.
  • On the 16th inst., in Washington township, by James Kinnison, Esq. Miacor ? D. Navton? to Sarah A. Wolf.
  • Also on the 19th inst., by the same, William E. Miller to Matilda Grume.


IR Feb. 10, 1859 – Married.

  • On the 27th of January, 1859, by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. J. C. Garrett, of Vinton Furnace, Ohio, to Miss Fannie S. McManigal, of Milroy, Pennsylvania.
  • (clipped out of my paper)
  • On the 25th of January, in Maysville, Ky., Dr. A. D. DeBard, of Greenup county, to Miss Helen A. Seaton, daughter of Dr. A. Seaton.


IR Apr. 28, 1859 – Married.

  • On the 24th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. Joseph Selb to Miss Angelica Widman.


IR Aug. 18, 1859 – Married.

  • On the 10th inst., at Richmondale, Ross Co., by Rev. J. H. Davis, Rev. J. W. Wakefield, formerly of Lawrence Co., and now of the Ohio Conference, to Miss Maria R. Vallitte, of the former place.
  • At Portsmouth, Ohio, August 10th, at the residence of George Waller, Esq., Mr. Robert Sims to Miss Julia M. Crichton, all of that city.
  • On July 30, in North Brookfield, Mass., Edward H. Allen, Superintendent of the Public Schools in Chillicothe, to Miss Agnes Beecher, daughter of the officiating clergyman, Rev. William H. Beecher.


IR Oct. 6, 1859 – Married.

  • (do not have beginning of this column)
  • On Saturday, September 24th, in Ironton by Rev. T. W. Davies, Mr. Richard Lewis to Miss Elinor Lewis, both of Ironton.
  • On Thursday, September 29th, in Ironton, by the same, Mr. Jonathan Hite to Miss Eliza J. McCartney, both of Ironton.
  • On the 2d inst., at the residence of Simon Parker, by C. W. Talbot, Esq., Mr. William McKellar, of St. Louis, to Miss Mary Johnston, of Coal Grove, Lawrence county, Ohio.
  • At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. James Turner to Miss Charlotte Willis; both of Hanging Rock, Ohio.
  • On September 27th, in Zanesville, Benjamin A. Blandy, son of Henry Blandy, Esq., to Miss Sarah E. Harris, all of that place.


Ironton Register, October 20, 1859

Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence County, from September 5th to October 1st, 1859.

John Mannon and Sarah Haskinson

Madison Lewis and Martha Corn

William Jasper and Margaret Roush

James Lauhon and Maria McKee

  1. W. Sloat and Cynthia J. Henry

Abram Feeler and Elizabeth Gossett

  1. S. Scott and Mary E. Anglon
  2. M. Graham and Victoria Housen

Jesse Ball and Frances Ball

Isaac Roberts and Sarah J. Favis

  1. F. Drown and Martha F. Chadwick

Burrel Brumfield and Malinda Brumfield

Adam Christian and Sarah Ann Tackett

James Rayburn and Sarah J. Wilson Richard Lewis and Elenor Lewis

Wilson Nance and Lucetta Aleshire

Jeremiah Webb and Eliza A. Webb

Joseph Bruce and Lucinda Pancake

  1. T. L. Pratt and Lavina Bellamy
  2. J. Harbrow and Carolina Winneki

Leonidas Andrews and Delila Davidson

Jonathan Hite and Eliza J. McCartney

  1. T. Earles and Mary J. Miller
  2. H. Ferguson and Susan Elkins

James Burton and Seeley Boothe From October 1st to October 13th.

James Turner and Charlotte Willis

William McKellar and Mary Johnson

Joseph Lutz and Elizabeth Boss

Wakeman Brumfield and Sarah A. Peters

William Means and Martha E. Campbell


IR Oct. 27, 1859 – Married.

  • On Sunday night, Oct. 23d, by Rev. Mr. O’Donohoe, Patrick Murphy and Bridget A. Considine, both of Ironton.


IR Nov. 17, 1859 – Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Law. Co.

  • Hugh O’Neil and Sarah Brammer
  • Horatio Vanmere and Mary M. Gee
  • H. Jonson and Nancy Zeig
  • David Robinson and Frances Cooley
  • Stephen H. Young and Emily McGuire  James Gassett and Melissa? Clark         Baker and Sarah E. Nash.


IR Nov. 17, 1859 – Married.

  • On the 11th inst., at the residence of L. E. Cloninger, in Ironton, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Mr. George W. Baker and Mrs. Sarah E. Nash.


IR Dec. 1, 1859 – Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence County.

  • McComas to Julia P. McKnight
  • McKindry to Arabella Roberts
  • Gideon Pond to Martha Emboden
  • Sam’l Patterson to Margaret McGregor
  • Ambrose Smith to Martha Dolebury
  • John Grindell to Ann Minard
  • Alex L. Thacker to Mary Ann Bess
  • Monterville McMahan to Nancy Corn
  • Levi Boyd to Mary Adams
  • William Gore to Elizabeth Kingry
  • Michael O’Laughlin to Bridget Murphy
  • Francis B. Irwin to Annie D. Robbins
  • Mountain to Caroline Hughes


IR Dec. 1, 1859 – Married. – On Nov. 24th, by C. T. M. Kemp, Esq., Mr. Gideon Pond to Miss Martha M. Emboden, all of Rome township, Lawrence county, Ohio.


IR Dec. 29, 1859 – Married – On the 8th inst., in McArthur, by Rev. John Spence, John P. Plyley to Miss Eliza Richmond, both of that place.


IR Jan. 19, 1860 – Married.

  • On the 12th inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Andrew J. Jones and Miss Martha Collier, all of East Ironton.
  • On Jan. 10th, W. Boyd Wilson, of Ceredo, Va., and Miss Sallie Lyma(?) Waring, of Greenup county, Ky.
  • On Dec. 29th, 1859, at Winchester, Virginia, George W. Jackson, of Ironton, to Miss M. L. Smith, of the former place.


IR Jan. 26, 1860 – Married.

  • On January 19th, 1860, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Mr. Daniel Ward to Mrs. Elizabeth Justice, all of Lawrence county.


Ironton Register, Feb. 9, 1860

Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence county, since January 19th:

Andrew Holly to Ellsa Cremins (?).

William Kelley to Julia Needham.

Hugh Walbright to Ruth E. Doty.

James J. Lewis to Rebecca Bird.

John Webb to Nancy Richey.

Jonathan A. Hunt(?) to Sarah E. Ravenscraft.

Paul Nash/Nosh ? to Margaret Gasmer (?).

John McGuire to Catharine Livingston.

Charles H. Myers to M. Jane Golden.

Samuel Shumate to Elizabeth Greenlee.

Henry Beals to Hanorah Prior.

Dudley Elkins to Ecelia Sullivan.


Ironton Register, Feb. 23, 1860

Marriage Licenses issued in Lawrence County, since the 15th inst.

Pleasant Corn and Delila Hisle.

  1. Gotlieb Sites and Malose(?) Richardson. Patrick McNelly and Mary McMara.

Edward Friel and Bridget Boyle.

Matthew Shaw and Ann Bowron(?).

Samuel Rose and Elizabeth Thompson.


IR Mar. 1, 1860 – Marriage Licenses.

John Simon to Augusta A. Doerrner

  1. A. Stephens to Elizabeth Hinton

George Clark and Nancy Massie

Saliman Johnson to Caroline Frampton


IR Mar. 8, 1860 – Married.

  • On the 1st inst., in Ironton, by Rev. W. H. Spencer, Thomas Brown, of Etna Furnace, and Miss D. E. Brooks, of Knox Co., Tennessee.
  • On the 1st inst., by Rev. John M. Beal, Mr. John Bridwell, of Ironton, and Miss Annie Huffman, of Hanging Rock.
  • On Feb. 29th?, in Cincinnati, by Rev. J. Chester, Dr. James Taylor and Miss Isabella P. McMaster, all of that city.
  • On Feb. 28th, by Rev. A. J. McMillen, Saliman Johnson of Ashtabula county; to Miss Caroline G. Frampton, of Union township, Lawrence county.
  • On the 1st inst., by Rev. T. W. Davies, Jacob H. Emmons? to Miss Agnes McCartney, all of Ironton.
  • On the 3d inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. David Lanon (or Lahon) and Miss Harriet Colier; also on
  • 25th last, Mr. Jacob Lanon (or Lahon) an d Miss Leona Collier.


IR Mar. 15, 1860 – Marriage Licenses.

  • W. Miller to Matilda Kelley.
  • H. Pemberton to Mary F. Holly.
  • Andrew Bird to Cerepta Henderson.
  • Stephen Alford to Rebecca J. Ward.


IR Apr. 19, 1860 – Married.

  • On Monday evening 16th of April, by Rev. C. A. Vananda ?, James R. Crawford, Pilot of the Steamer Swallow, to Miss Martha Ward, daughter of S. Ward, all of Ironton.


IR May 31, 1860 – Marriage Licenses issued since April 1, 1860.

William Sellard to Amanda J. Sickles

Adolph Miller and Lisa Shlosser

Bartlett Hardy to Eliza J. Nelson

James Kelley to Elizabeth Griffett

James Hardy to Elizabeth Kingry

William F. Gray to Cynthia Skelton

Greenville Corn to Malinda Johnson

James McNurles to Ruth A. Mathiott

  1. M. Prtichard to Elizabeth Luft
  2. R. Crawford to Martha Ward

John Pigman to Elizabeth Jones

William Short to Fartheen Christian Joshua Steed to Mary Blankenship Riddle Yates to Sarah J. Rust.

John McKinney to Ellen F_______.

John Bodel ? to L____ Ward or Wood.

George W. Fillager to Maletha Hankins ? or Haskins

Elisha Pemberton to Elizabeth Earles

John W. Bonham to Miriam Pemberton J___ F. Hughes and Angelina Smalley F. S Wright to Mary E. Tops ?

Thomas Meredith to Margaret P. Wood.

Albert Kelley to Adalina A. Davis

Peter Spears to Miriam J. Stephens

Martin Crytal to Margaret Blair

George Sch_____ to Wilhelmine Rodger or Rediger

Burwell Brumfield to Margaret Massie

William Massie to Hannah Corn

David Coffman to Margaret A. Walker Esquire Belcher to Alvira Rockwell Andrew Young to Rose Traines ?? H. W. Keil to Margaret Tira ?

Allen Daniels to Nancy Cordils?

Samuel Mount to Mary J. Enochs

Abram Zimmermen to Hannah Corn

Henry Coffman to Nancy Massie

Ambrose Smith to Rosetta Reed

Richard Bowen to Lucinda Jones Alfred R. Bolges ? to Elizabeth Robinson Whole No. issued since New Years, 97.


IR June 14, 1860 – Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence county, since May 28th:

Matthias Urick to Mary E. Evans.

Henry Worley to Louisa J. Stewart.

John Ratliff to Mary A. Ballard.

Marion Lykins to Nancy Wilkinson.

Manoah Welch to Sarah McConnell.

John D. Murphy to Virginia B. Chadwick.

James E. Thomas to Catherine S. Bowen.

James Blair to Belsena Monk.

Eli Goodall to Mary F. Johnson.

Peter Daum to Carolina Miller.


IR June 28, 1860 – Married.

  • June 14, by Rev. J. F. Williams, at the residence of Columbus Bowen, Lawrence county, Ohio, Mr. James E. Thomas and Miss Catharine D. Bowen.


IR July 5, 1860 – Married.

  • On Thursday, 5th inst., by Professor L. D. McCabe, Mr. Charles C. McCabe, to Miss Rebecca Peters, daughter of John Peters of this town.
  • On June 26th, in Mansfield, by Rev. Mr. Walker, Henry Blandy, of Zanesville, and Miss A. A. Douglas, formerly of Zanesville.
  • On June 27th, at New London, Ohio, by Rev. A. J. McMillan, Orsamus S. Merrifield and Sarah L. Mahan.


IR Dec. 6, 1860 – Married.

  • In Gallia Co., Nov. 16th, John Sheritt, of Raccoon township, to Mary Tumines, of Huntington.


IR Feb. 14, 1861 – Married.

  • On the 7th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Phillip L. L. Vance and Miss Nancy Morrow, all of Ironton.
  • On the 9th inst., by the same, Mr. Thomas R. Thomas and Mrs. Anna Ramsey, all of Ironton.


IR Mar. 18, 1862 – Married. do not have all this column -On Monday evening, March 10th, in Ironton, by Rev. H. K. Foster, Mr. John Bittmann to Miss Jennie Matthews.

  • On the 8th inst., in Ironton by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Henry Vonderhocht to Mrs. Elizabeth Reise.


IR Mar. 27, 1862 – Married, in Burlington, Wednesday evening, March 26, by Rev. Mr. Cunningham, Mr. John G. Wilson and Miss Sarah J. Langshore.


IR Apr. 3, 1862 – Married.

  • On the 1st day of April, by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. David Griffith to Miss Catherine Lewis, all of Ironton.

(do not have restof this column)


IR Dec. 11, 1862 – Married.

  • On December 9th, 1862, at the residence of ______ Sloan, in Upper Township, by Peras A. Polley, Esq., Mr. Bennett Lambert and ______ Brammer. (my copy is cut off at the edge of this



IR Oct. 8, 1863 – Married.

  • On the 5th day of October, 1863, by Peras B. Polley, Esq., at his office in Ironton, Mr. Bennett Scott and Miss Ann Henkes.
  • Also, at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. Bales Henkes and Miss Rebecca Steele, all of Lawrence county, Ohio.


IR Feb. 4, 1864 – Married.

  • At the Parsonage in Burlington, January 28th, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. Greenberry Lambert a reenlisted veteran soldier of Company E., 5th Virginia to Miss Sarah A. Corbin, of Lawrence


  • Also at the same time and place, and by the same, Mr. John Davidson and Miss Minerva Corbin, both of Lawrence Township. [Corbin may be Corrin?]


IR Apr. 21, 1864 – Married.

April 12th, 1864, by Rev. D. Waddell, Mr. Israel Smith, of the Virginia Regiment, to Miss Sarah D. Whitehead, of Lawrence County, Ohio.


IR Nov. 24, 1864 – Married.

  • On the 15th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. John Blankenship (Veteran Volunteer), and Miss Amanda Nolan.
  • On the 22d ult., by Rev. David Harres, Mr. John H. Burgis, and Miss Esther D. Lewis, both of Lawrence county, Ohio.


IR Mar. 2, 1865 – Married.

  • At the Centre House, February 23d, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. James Hanner and Miss Catherine Webb, both of Greenup county, Ky.
  • By the same, at the Probate Office, February 27, Mr. William Arthur and Miss Emerine Dixon, both of Boyd county, Ky.
  • At Ashland, Ky., on the 23d ult., by Rev. John M. Boal, Mr. N. Derby, of Nashville, Tenn., to Miss Martha A., daughter of Samuel Coles.

(do not have end of this column)


IR Mar. 23, 1865 – Married.

  • On the 13th inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. L. Whitehead, Mr. George Carp, and Miss Elizabeth Jones, both of Ironton, Ohio.
  • On the evening of the 13th inst., at the residence of Rev. Jas. Thomas, Ironton, O., by Rev. H. L.

Whitehead, David W. Hopkins, and Miss Anna Joseph, both of this place.

  • On the 20th inst., on the “Lizzie Hamilton,” by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Wm. R. Harrison, and Miss Lucy A. Perdue, both of Cabell County, West Virginia.


IR Mar. 30, 1865 – Married.

On March 16th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, James Ankerim, of Burlington, Ohio, to Matilda J. Cox, of Sandy Springs, Adams county, Ohio.


IR Apr. 6, 1865 – Married.

April 3d, at his residence, by David Harris, John E. Jones, Esq., to Mrs. Margaret Pugh.


IR July 20, 1865 – Marriage Licenses issued …Probate Judge C. B. Egerton.

Enoch Miller and Cathirine Jones

James Reedy and Rebecca Belcher

James Clear and Mary Stewart

Henry Farget and Letitia Trimmel

John M. Bryant and Eliza Jane Shumate

Henderson Gibson and Martha Ann Stevenson John Darnell and Rebecca Turner Andrew McGreen and Eliza P. Sanders.

Joseph Fordyce and Mary E. Hardin

Henry Heidorn and Ellen Guard

Edward Berry and Mary Wild

Thomas Williams and Sarah Moore

William Pussey and Laura Jackson

John Ross and Lucinda Pemberton

Jonathon Feilder and Betsey Ann Ellis

(see if this is end of column)


IR Aug. ?, 1865 – Married.

  • On the 1st inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Wm. Yates and Minerva Lane, both of Lawrence county.
  • On the 7th inst., by the same Isaac Marcum and Rebecca Brewer, all of Lawrence county.
  • On Tuesday evening 8th inst., by the same D. G. Cooper and Nancy Jacks, both of this city.


Ironton Register, October 12, 1865

Married. On Tuesday, 10th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Sanford Myers and Miss Martha Jones, both of Greenup County, KY.


IR Jan. 18, 1866 – Married.

  • In Ironton, by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. Clinton G. Gray and Miss Ida L. R. Feurt.
  • By the same, Mr. William H. Canterbury and Maria Blankenship. – By the same, Mr. Samuel Thomson and Miss Isabel Pennington.
  • By the same, Mr. David P. Brubaker and Miss Arzella S. Clark
  • On the 7th of January, A. D. 1866, by Peras R. Polley, Esq., at his residence, in Ironton, Mr. Samuel Sparling and Miss Mary Markins.


IR Aug. 2, 1866 – Married.

(need to copy )


Ironton Register, Sept. 6, 1866 Married.

By L. A. Griffith, J. P., at the brides father, on the 29th day of August, 1866, John Culbertson to Mary S. Dowler.

On the 21st ult., by Rev. Mr. Hundedose, Mr. Henry Detmar, of Ironton, to Miss Charlotte Bester.


Ironton Register, February 14, 1867MARRIED

On Thursday morning, Feb. 7, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. A. A. Jimeson, Mr. J.

Kyle Johnston, of South Point, and Miss Mary Frances Gaver, of Hanging Rock.

On the 9th inst., at the residence of Mrs. More, in Ironton, by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Mr. Edward Marshall, and Miss Marinda J. Ames, all of Lawrence County.

Jan. 27, 1867, at residence of bride’s father in Green Village, by Rev. W. Gardner, Mr. George W. Chatfield and Miss Helen S. Clark.


IR Feb. 21, 1867 – Married.

December 26, 1866, at the residence of A. Tulloch, Esq., No. 357 Clark st., Cincinnati, by Rev. A. C. Hibbard, Mr. Isaac Davisson and Miss Sallie J. Wilkinson.


IJ Sept. 18, 1867 – Marriage Licenses.

  • Julius J. Fulks and Mary A. Terry
  • John B. Kimbal and Sarah Heffner

Wm. H. Pogue and Emma G. Housen

James McClelland and Marget Sisson


IR Sept. 19, 1867  Married.

  • On the 9th inst., at the bride’s residence, by N. K. Hanley, Simon Vicker and Miss Frances C.

Brown, all of Lawrence county.

  • On the 11th inst., at 6 o’clock, A. M., by R. L. Crook, Capt. Isaac Miller of the steamer Victor No.

3 and Miss Ella M., only daughter of John L. Ward.

  • On the 12 inst., at the residence of the bride, by Rev. H. Berkstresser, Mr. Ju____ Fulks, of Gallia County, O., and Miss May A. Terry, of Lawrence county.
  • On the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. J. H. Young, Mr. W. H. Pogue, of Ironton, and Emma G. Housen, of Lawrence county.
  • On the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Mr. Spahr, Mr. J. Frank

Roadarmour and Miss Semerim (?) Cleveland of Amelia, Ohio. (poem)


Ironton Register, October 10, 1867MARRIED.

On the 2nd inst., at the Probate office, by J. W. Henthorn, Mr. Henry C. Barber and Miss Mary E.

Norris; all of Greenup county, Kentucky.

By the same, at the Probate Office, Mr. Barnet F. Coleman and Miss Zelpha E. McCoy, all of the same place.

By the same on the 5th inst., at his office, Mr. Thomas Lee and Miss Jane Parsly, all of this county.

On Sept., 26th in Ironton, by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. John Mitchell and Miss Rebecca Willis.

On the 1st inst., by the same, Mr. John Charlton and Miss Phoebe Mathews.

In Portsmouth, Wednesday evening, October 2nd, by Rev. Mr. Cooper, Albert Holt and Miss Mary Cooper, all colored.

On Wednesday, Sept. 25th, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. John W. Ballard and Elizabeth Richardson, both of this city.

On Wednesday the 2nd inst., by the same at the Ironton House, Henry W. Stewart and Mary J.

Campbell, both of Ceredo, West Va.

At Hanging Rock, on the 1st day of October, by Rev. J. O. Gibson, Mr. Thomas J. Cook and Miss Mary Alieg Ferrill.


IR Oct. 31, 1867 – Married.

  • On the 21st inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., at his office in Ironton, Mr. John Farigan and Miss Janith Young, all of Lawrence county, Ohio.
  • On the 23d inst., by the same, at the same place, James Kirk and Miss Mary Stewart, of Greenup county, Kentucky.
  • On the 24th inst., by the same, in East Ironton, Mr. Richard Pierce and Miss Margaret Robinson, all of this city.
  • On the 29th inst., by Rev. J. M. Kelly, Mr. Wellington Bruce, and Miss Aureala F. Skelton, all of Perry township, Lawrence county, Ohio.
  • On the 20th inst., by Rev. Wilson Gardner, at the residence of the bride’s father, in this county, Mr. Nathan Platt, of Michigan, and Miss Sallie E. Boring.
  • On the 20th at the residence of Combs, in Ironton, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Major Jeremiah

Davidson, Treasurer of Lawrence county, to Mrs. Clara C. Thomas, all of this county. [poem]


Ironton Journal, Nov. 3, 1867

Married Oct. 26, at residence of Mr. A. Kimball, in Union Twp., by G. H. Berkstresser, Israel L.

Suiter and Roxey Kimball, of Lawrence co.

Married in Greenup Co., Ky. by Rev. J. C. Tinsley, Mr. Finley D. Smiley and Eliz. Bryant. Married Oct. 27, by Rev. B. F. Ashley of Ironton, Maj. B. M. Skinner and Miss N. Maria Thomas, all of Pomeroy, Ohio.

Married Oct. 28, by Rev. J. E. Moore, Mr. James Burns and Miss Almira Vicker, both of WV. Married at Coal Grove, by Rev. Chas. W. Talbott, Thos. Mains and Carrie Massie.




IJ Dec. 4, 1867 – Marriage Licenses.

John Roush and Isadore Rucker

Hiram W. Partlow and Margaret Furguson [sic] Ferguson

John G. Ferrin and Amanda Game

Newton B. Marshall and Sophia Rodgers

David L. Mart and Margaret C. Notler

Vincent Dillon and Caroline M. Rodgers

James O. Henry and Elizabeth Sharp

Harvey Carr and Maria A. White

Nathaniel Booth and Charlotte Miller

Matthew J. Cullen and Angeline Sperry


Ironton Register, December 5, 1867 Marriage Licenses.

Charles A. Wood and Clarissa Taylor Smith Haner and Sarah Sayres

Lewis Cloninger and Lucinda Cauliflower

Cornelius H. Ellis and Caroline Pinkerman

Robert Turner and Emma Weekly

Joseph Kelley and Margaret Norris

  1. N. Misner and Rachel Gray

Leonard Knight and Martha A. Grimes

  1. Mossbarger and Lucy Taylor

Samuel K. Hastings and Martha A. Falwell

Joel Mannan and Mory J. Davis

Perry Carpenter and Elixa Spicer Hugh Colle and Jane McCaffrey

Van Buren Corbin and Lurania Clark

John Roush and Isadora Ricker

  1. W. Partlow and Margaret Ferguson
  2. C. Ferrin and Amanda Game

Newton B. Marshal and Sophia Rodgers

David L. Mart and Margaret C. Nolter

  1. Dillon, Jr. and Miss Rodgers

James O. Henry and Elizabeth Sharp

Henry Carr and Maria A. White

Nathaniel Boothe and Charlotte Miller

Mathew J. Cullen and Eva A. Sperry


IJ Dec. 11, 1867 – Marriage Licenses.

Robt. B. Reynolds and Anna Garrison Samuel C. Bevan and Penina E. Wolf John L. Allen and Charity L. Dilley.


Ironton Register, December 26, 1867 – MARRIED.

On the 12th inst.,at the residence of the bride’s father in Petersburg, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr.

Nathaniel Boothe of Ironton, to Miss Charlotte Miller.

On the 13th inst., at the parsonage, by the same, Mr. David Jenkins to Miss Eliza Hobbs, both of Ironton.

On the 22nd inst., at the parsonage, by the same, Mr. Alfred Warffuel to Miss Mary E. Bothwell, all of this city.

On the 17th inst., at the residence of the Bride in Rome Township, by Rev. H. Berkstresser, Mr.

Augustus Magee and Miss Amanda Smith, all of Lawrence Co., O.,

On the 18th inst., at the residence of J. P. Matthews, Esq., by the same, Mr. Richard Clark to Mrs.

Harriet Smith, both of Lawrence Co., Ohio.

On the 19th inst., by P. R. Polley, Esq., at his office in the city of Ironton, Mr. John Herity and Miss Sarah Jane Christ, all of this city.

On the 19th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. William Gibson to Miss Mary A. Kemp, all of this city.


IR Jan. 9, 1868 – Married.

  • On the 31st ult., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Mr. Jeremiah R. Earles and Frances Norman, of this county.
  • On the 1st inst., by the same, John Y. Wooldridge and Margaret E. Bradey, of Greenup co., Ky. – On the __ inst., by the same, Coonrad Waitz and Anna C. Dennsler, of this place.
  • On Tuesday evening, Jan. 7, at the residence of Geo. De Amry, in Hanging Rock, by Rev. A. A.

Jimeson, Mr. John W. Donahay and Miss Isabella Thompson.

  • On the 19th inst., in Christ Church, Winchester, Va., by Rev. W. C. Meredith, Geo. W. Jackson, Esq., of Gallipolis, Ohio, and Miss Alreda Tucker, daughter of the late Aug. J. Smith of Winchester.


Ironton Register, March 5, 1868


Argo – Urick. – In Ironton, on the 2d inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Peras R. Polley, Esq., Mr. James G. Argo and Miss Emily F. Urick.

Parrish – Thomas. – On the 20th of February, 1868 at Clinton Station, by A. Worthington, Esq., Mr.

Samuel Parrish to Miss Sarah N. Thomas.

Fillinger – Colly. – By the same, on the 1st day of March, at Buckhorn Furnace, John Fillinger to Cornelia Colly.


Ironton Register, March 19, 1868

Marriage Licenses granted by the Probate Court during the past week:

William Cook to Margaret Unger

William M. E. Irwin to Sarah J. Rogers

Geo. H. Warfuel to Ruthee A. Morgan

Charles Eckhart to Josephine Miller

Geo. W. Thomson to Mary Null

Albert Woody to Rebecca A. Eicher

  1. Pancake to Elizabeth Pierpoint


IR April 2, 1868 – Marriages.

Burkhammer-Wilburn. – On the 21st day of March, 1868, at the residence of Alexander Shoults, by Joseph Stotts?, J. P., Mr. James Burkhamer, of Fayette Co., Ohio, and Miss Bettie Wilburn, of Ironton, Ohio. – Chillicothe Advertiser.


IR Apr. 23, 1868 – Marriage Licenses.

John Dunfee to Theresa A. Clary

  1. B. Little to Harriet N. Stewart

James Tagg to Sarah Dillon


IR May 14, 1868 – Marriage Licenses.

My newspaper copy was cut off at the edge – please go to the source.

John Hall and Amanda

Andrew Smith and

  1. F. Burcham and

George Brammer and

Charles Hicks and Alfred Moore and M. G.


IR July 30, 1868 – Marriages.

Willard – Valentine. – In the Presbyterian Church, Ironton, Thursday evening, July 23, 1868, by Rev. J. H. Young, Mr. Eugene B. Willard of Hanging Rock, to Miss Alice Valentine, daughter of Mrs. John E. Clarke of the former place. No cards.


IR Aug. 20, 1868 – Marriage Licenses.

William H. White to Rachel Massie

John Stafford to Ann Curran

John Hussey to Mary A. Dundon

Joseph Wilson to Rhoda Ann Maines

Thomas Burnett to Eliza Hardy

James W. Morris to Henrietta Blazer

John T. Jones to Perlina L. Smith


IR Sept. 3, 1868 – Marriages.

  • Taylor – Swap. – On the 26th ult., at Pioneer Furnace, by Rev. E. V. Bing, Mr. William H. Taylor, of the Taylor House, Portsmouth, O., and Josephine Swap,of Lawrence county, O.


IR Oct. 22, 1868 – Marriages.

  • McKnight – Johnston. – October 7th, at the residence of the bride, in Millersport, O., by Rev. H.

Berkstresser, Mr. Henry D. McKnight and Emma C. Johnston, all of Lawrence county. – Turner-Biggs. – On the 15th inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., at his office in Ironton, Mr. Owen Turner and Miss Eveline Biggs, all of Lawrence county.

  • Bennington – Kilpatrick – October 15th, by the same, at Petersburg, Mr. Isaac Bennington of Howard Furnace, Scioto county, O., to Miss Sarah A. Kilpatrick of Lawrence county.


IR – Oct. 29, 1868 – Marriage Licenses.

Enos Marcum to Annie Williams

John Gering to Louisa Fost

Samuel Martin and Sarah Hainey

Willis Gills to Lucinda Mayhew

  1. W. Edwards to Sarah J. Woodyard


IR Dec. 31, 1868 – Marriages.

  • Kasserman-Starlin. – On the 17th inst., at the Bell House in Denver, Colorado, by Rev. J. L. Peck, S.D. Kasserman, Esq., of Denver, and Miss Maria C. Starlin, of Ironton, Ohio.
  • Biven-Ash. – On the 19th inst., at Rome, by Rev. H. Berkstresser, Mr. George W. Biven and Harriet A. Ash, both of Lawrence county.
  • French-Anderson. – On the 24th inst., at Rome, by the same, Franklin French and Julia Anderson, all of Lawrence County.
  • Gray-Frazer. – On the 24th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. A. A. Jamison, Mr.

Sanderson Gray and Miss Alice Frazer, both of Hanging Rock.

  • Williams-Morris. – On the 24th inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., at his office in the City of Ironton, John Williams and Melvina J. Morris, all of this county.
  • Imes-Sharp. – On the 28th inst., at the same place, by the same, Sol. H. Imes and Nancy Sharp, al of this county.

-Henagar-Jones. – On the 27thinst., at the East Ironton Church, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. James P. Henagar and Miss Elizabeth Jones, all of this city.


IR Jan. 21, 1869 – Marriage Licenses – Uriah B. Higgins and Charlotte Slone.

  • Martin S. Bazill and Anna Layne [note spelling variation in next week’s paper – smk] – Christian Fait and Mary Klaes or Kines ??.


IR Jan. 28, 1869 – Marriages.

  • Ankrim – Kilburn. – On the 10th inst., by Rev. J. T. Finch. David Ankrim and Emma Kilburn, both of Burlington, O.
  • Bazel – Laine. – On the 17th inst., by the same, Martin S. Bazel and Anna Laine, both of Rock Camp, Lawrence Co., O.
  • Higgins – Slone – On the 15th inst., by Rev. E. V. Bing, Uriah J. Higgins and Charlotte Slone, of Coal Grove, Lawrence Co., O.
  • Merritt – Locy. – At the Court House on the 21st nst., C. Matthews, J. P., Mr. John Merritt and Miss Mary E. Locy.
  • Maycock-Kelly – On the 7th inst., at the Wesley Chapel Parsonage, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Thomas G. Maycock and Miss Sue Kelly, all of this city.
  • Gibson-Daniels. – On the 21st inst., by the same, John Gibson and Mollie Daniels, all of this city. – Thornton – Pogue. – On the 21st inst., at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. J. H. Young, Mr. Charles H. Thornton and Miss Mary Pogue, all of this city.


IJ Feb. 17, 1869 – Married.

Sharp – Carpenter – In the Methodist church, Harmar, on the 9th inst., by Rev. F. S. Davis, William Sharp, of the Register office, Marietta, O., and Miss Dine Carpenter, of Harmar.


IJ Mar. 10, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

Benj. R. Workman and Mary M. Munk Newell L. Nichols and Maria Freilein Giles G. Wheeler and Susanna Smith

David Bird and Hannah Gibson

  1. F. Griffith and Oriana K. Handley


IR Mar. 25, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

Wm. J. Bryant and  Mary Lawless

Albert H. Ferguson and Elizabeth Cliver

Henry W. Bachus and Minerva Kelly

Solomon Ward and Elizabeth Bamer

Milton Sharp and Sarah J. Null

(do not have end of this column)


Ironton Register, April 1, 1869

Marriage Licenses granted by the Probate Court during the past week:

Alex. W. Wood to Sarah E. Cooper

Sm. Mackey to Martha Baty

Charles Roth to Eliza Kuthene

  1. M. Dunn to Hannah E. Mayes

John McGown to Amanda Beloat

Henry Hock to Theresa Miller

Geo. Demint to Mary Cauliflower


IR April 29, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

John Powers and Elizabeth Hoffman

General Jackson Murnahan and Mary Jane Kelly

(do not have end of this column)


IJ May 5, 1869 – Marriage Licenses

Calvary P. Langdon and Mary E. Pemberton Wm. Franklin Ours and Sarah E. Fuller Preston Handshaw and Letitia Harmon.


Ironton Register, May 13, 1869 Married.

Gray – Feurt. – At Powellsville, O., on the 6th inst., by Rev. J.M. Kelly, Mr. Isaac E. Gray, of Pikeville, Ky., and Miss Emma Feurt of the former place.

Shepard – Menager. – In Gallipolis, O., at the residence of the bride’s father, April 29th, 1869; by the Rev. T. J. Miller, Col. C. A. Shepard and Margaret C. Menager, daughter of Roman Menager,


Newsom – Shallcross. – In Gallipolis, O., on May 4th, 1869, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. Walter Mitchel, John L. Newsom, first clerk of the steamer Ohio No. 4, and Anna, daughter of Dr. Joseph Shallcross.


IJ June 30, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

Jesse Colgrove and Sarah Clark

Reuben Palmer and Ellen Millhuff

James M. Hanley and Mary A. Barber

Patrick Fahy and Bridge O’Harre John Carr and Margaret Rust

Lewis H. Bothwell and Eliza A. Kelly


IR July 22, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

  • H. Harvey and Matilda Burcham.
  • Thomas Kirk and Eliza Fainer.
  • H. Pollard Rachel V. Powers. – John Dutton and Sarah A. Brown. – Reuben J. Higgins and Ellen Sloan.
  • W. Colegrove and Rettie B. Wood.
  • Hamilton and Barbary Shepard.


IR July 29, 1869 – Marriage Licenses [do not have entire column] – Wm. L. Walter and Nancy J. Aldridge.

  • Henry Boules and Sarah Layman.

Amena Fischer and Isabella Goldcamp.


IJ Aug. 4, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

Barton H. Burr and Sue Bell Wilson

James A. Cochran and Sallie McFadden

Robert T. Hardin and Martha B. Simmons

Isaac Sparks and Matilda Haney

Wm. Johnson and Genetta Arnold

Hoadly Farris and Catherine Brammer

Joseph F. Hock and Mary Geswine

Wm. F. Jones and Nancy F. Vaughn

Joseph L. May and Mary J. Austin

Harisson Gibson and Hester Ann Piles Chas. Stapf and Caroline Meier.


Ironton Journal, September 8, 1869

Married at the residence of Rev. C. W. Talbott, August 30, Geo. Dixon and Mrs. Vicey More, both of Ky

Married at the residence of bride, by Rev. C. B. Lewis, Mr. W. W. Swap and Clara F. Peyton, all of Pioneer Furnace, Ohio. (“she’s swapped her name at last”).


Ironton Journal, Sept. 15, 1869

Married at residence of J. C. Stewart, on Sept. 9, by Rev. J. M. Kelly, Mr. Wm. Henry Harrison Irwin and Miss Sarah L. Stewart.

Married Sept. 9, 1869, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, at First German Reformed Church, Frederick Niffenegger and Christine Bentikamp, both of Lawrence county.


Ironton Journal, Sept. 22, 1869

Married at residence of bride’s father, by Rev. R. Callaghan, Mr. C. I. Bush to Miss Zoo S. Guthrie, all of Swann Creek, Gallia County, Ohio.

Marrried Sept. 16, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Thos. E. Russell and Electa A. McElroy of Lawrence county, Ohio.

Married Sept. 20, at Grant House in Ironton, Mr. John Brammer and Miss Ruth H. Neal, of Law. Co., Oh.


IJ Sept. 22, 1869  – Marriage Licenses.

Aaron Collins and Susan Curmeans

Joshua B. Willis and Mary A. Davis

Isaac N. Arbaugh and Nancy E. Aldridge

Thos. E. Russell and Electa A. McElroy

Augustus T. Ward and Kate L. Wakefield

Patrich May and Mary A. Clishen Isaac Barnett and Sarah E. Norris James Halley and Louisa Allen

Peter Bailey and Elizabeth Rose


Ironton Journal, Sept. 29, 1869

Married in M. E. Church, Wheelersburg, Sept. 16, 1869 by Rev. W. N. Middleton, Henry A.

Westwood and Susan Wood.

Married Sept. 16, at Bartramville, Oh., on 17th by Rev. John Dillon, Capt. Augustus T. Ward of Marietta, Ohio and Kate L. Wakefield, of Law. Co.

Married in Union Twp., on the 17th, by Rev. Mr. Finch, Hugh Forgey and Mahala Wakefield, both of Law. Co.

Married on the 20th at the residence of officiating minister, Rev. J. H. Gardner, John V. Larimer and Anna G. Radford of Portsmouth.


IR Sept. 30, 1869 – Married.

  • Hoke-Irwin. – On Tuesday evening, Sept. 28th, at the residence of the bride, by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. J. L. Hoke and Miss Hattie Irwin.
  • Dennison – Reed. – Sept. 10th, by Rev. James T. Finch, Mr. Marion Dennison and Mary Jane Reed, both of this county.


Ironton Journal, October 6, 1869

Married at Barboursville, W.VA., on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1869, by Rev. Wm. Gains Miller, Mr. R. D.

Bright and Emma Samuels.

Married Sept. 6, at residence of bride by Rev. Mr. Scott of Middleport, Mr. Thed B. Flower of Hecla Furnace to Miss Perlie Walker of Cheshire, Gallia Co., Ohio.

Married Sept. 30, at Recorder’s office, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Crosby Messer and Miss Susan Eastman, both of Lawrence county.

Married Sept. 29th by C. Matthews, J. P., Mr. John Howell and Miss Louisa Auckerman, all of Sheridan Coal Works.


IJ Oct. 6, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

Crosby Messer and Susan Eastman

Elisha J. Powell and Mary C. Brown

Lawrence Burns and Catherine Sulliven John I. Hoke and Harriet Irwin John H. Malone and Purlinia Dulany?

Geo. Walls and Lucinda Rice


IR Oct. 7, 1869 – Married.

  • Messer-Eastman – At the Recorder’s office, in this city, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Crosby Messer and Miss Susan Eastman; all of this county.
  • Mercer- Enochs. – On Sept. 26th, by Rev. James T. Finch, Mr. William F. Mercer, of Athens county, and Miss Martha Enochs, of Lawrence county, Ohio.
  • Howell – Auckerman. – On Sept. 29th

(do not have end of this column)


Ironton Journal, October 13, 1869

Married Oct. 12, by Rev. C. C. McCabe, assisted by Rev. R. H. Creighton, Mr. W. H. Peters and Miss M. Ada Murdock, daughter of J. S. Murdock of Kingwood, WV.

Married Oct. 1, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Ebenezer A. Gore of Alton, Ill., to Maggie E. Wilson, daughter of Hon. John Wilson, late Mayor of Portsmouth.

Married last Wed., at the Presbyterian Church in Ironton, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Mr. Jesse Swim and Carrie Ramsey of Portsmouth.


Ironton Journal, October 20, 1869

Married Oct. 15, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, Mr. Elizha Moore and Nancy Thompson, both of Law. Co.

Married Oct. 13, at the residence of bride’s mother, by Rev. Walls, John H. Simmons and Miss Sue Cole of Bloom Furnace, Scioto County.

Married October 14, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. A. W. Starling and Sarah E. Thompson. Married October 18(16?) by Rev. John Kelly, Lewis Brewer of Boyd Co., Ky and Mrs. Arvilla Spicer.


IR Oct. 21, 1869 – Married – Need to copy end

  • Moore – Thompson. – On the 15th inst., by Rev. F. Dieskman?, Mr. Elisha Moore and Mrs. Nancy Thompson, both of Lawrence county, Ky.
  • Songer – Swap. – On Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1869, at the residence of the bride’s father, Geo. Swap, at Pioneer Furnace, by Rev. J. E. Moore, Mr. Wm. Songer and Miss Virginia Swap.


Ironton Journal, October 27, 1869

Married Oct. 13, West Union, Ohio, by Rev. Jonathan Cockerill, Dr. John Campbell and Hettie Cockerill, all of West Union.

Married Oct. 14, at Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. T. H. Hawks, James Means and Mary Ward Smith, eldest daughter of Gen. T. C. H. Smith.

Married Oct. 21, at residence of Jacob Stein, in West Ironton, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, Stephen Knettal and Mrs. Anna Stampfle, both of Ironton.


Ironton Journal, Nov. 10, 1869

Married Nov. 4, by Rev. A. A. Jamison, D. D., Mr. John H. Dempsey and Miss Mary E. Trumbo.



IR Nov. 11, 1869 – Marriage Licenses.

John H. Dempsey and Mary E. Trumbo

Geo. W. May and Arminda Measey

Wm. R. Young and Samantha L. Blair

James C. Darling and Susan A. Lively

Edward Delong and Nancy Layne

Winchester Clark and Hannah F. Wilkins

Samuel B. Watson and Geonoa Chaffin


Ironton Journal, Nov. 17, 1869

Married Oct. 19, by Rev. J. T. Finch at bride’s father’s residence, Mr. E. M. Jones of Baltimore, Md., and Miss Sue Burdett of Burlington.

Married Nov. 14, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Wm. R. Young and Samantha L. Blair.

Married Nov. 15 at the Ironton House, by Rev. J. D. Fry, Mr. Walter F. Shelton and Miss Mary Y. Ferguson.


IR Nov. 18, 1869 – Married (need to copy)

  • Young – Blair.
  • McClure – Sutherland


IR Dec. 3, 1869 – Marriage License.

Farlin E. Ball and Mary A. Earles

Jos. Wise and Frank Walker

Thomas D. Hawker and Ruth Vaughn


Ironton Register, June 22, 1871

Cox-French – On the 17th inst., by Rev. J. B. Moore, Mr. Charles Cox and Miss Nancy M. French, all of this county.


IR Sept. 14, 1871 – Marriage Licenses.

  • Edwin P. Merrill and Rachel J. Abrams
  • Thomas Wyatt and Almeda Culver
  • Frank A. Hacker and Ositha M. Goldcamp
  • J Harvy King and Eliza Russell
  • Jackson McKnight and Phelina Justice
  • Jacob Hensler and Rebecca Rainey


IR Oct. 5, 1871 – Marriages.

  • Robinson-Proctor. – In the M. E. Church at Rome, Sabbath evening, Sept. 24th, 1871 by Rev. W. N. Middleton, Mr. B. J. Robinson, of Greenfield, Ohio, to Miss Eva Proctor, of Quaker Bottom, Ohio.
  • Richardson-Church. – At the Centre House, Sept. 27th, by Rev. J. E. Moore, Mr. J. E. Richardson and Miss Caroline M. Church; all of Ky.
  • Scott-Kirk. – At the Court House in Ironton O., Sept. 27, 1871, by Thomas Golden, Mr. Richard Scott and Sarah Ann Kirk, both of Catlettsburg, Ky.
  • Dawson-Rice. – By the same, Mr. Jesse K. Dawson and Miss Martha J. Rice, both of Greenup county, Ky.
  • Gannon-Cecil. – By the same, Mr. John Gannon and Miss Prudence A. Cecil, of Hecla Furnace, Lawrence county.
  • Golden-Crawford. – Oct. 1st, 1871, by Rev. Jordon C. Nye, Mr. Albert C. Golden and Miss Katie Crawford, all of Vernon Tp., Scioto Co., O.
  • Brammer-Newman. – In Ironton, on Friday evening, by Esq. J. W. Allison, Mr. Thomas Brammer and Miss Emily A. Newman; all of this county.
  • Walker-Wolvorton. – By the same, at the same place, Mr. Zachariah Walker and Miss Mary Wolverton; all of Ashland.


Ironton Register, December 14, 1871MARRIAGES.

Zeek – Ditty. – On the 7th inst., at the Wesley Chapel parsonage, by Rev. S. C. Frampton, Mr. Jacob Zeek and Miss Clara Dittey.

Abbot – Mullen. – On 2nd inst., by J. W. Allison, J. P., Mr. Patrick Abbot and Mrs. Ellen Mullen.

Fortune – Davis. – Nov. 29, by Thos. Golden, J. P., Mr. Thos. J. Fortune and Miss Amanda Davis. Hensen – Ray. – Dec. 4th, in Union Tp., this county, by Rev. J. J. Holliday, Mr. Powhatten Hensen and Miss Martha Helen Ray.


IR Dec. 2, 1875 – Marriage Licenses.

Thomas Baker and Viney Folden

Andrew Seritt and Dellia A. Kelly

Henry Tacket and Emma Reynolds

Charles W. Pemberton and Sarah E. Dunfee

George M. Justice and Eliza Collins

David Fuller and Sarah White


IR Sept. 21, 1876 – Mr. T. N. Martin and Miss Maggie Crossley, of Hanging Rock, were married at the bride’s residence, Wednesday, the 13th, by Rev. F. V. Krug.


IR Sept. 21, 1876 – The rowdies who kept up a hideous din about the residence of Mrs. Crossley the night after the marriage of her daughter should be indicted.  The time for such benighted practices at weddings has passed.


Ironton Register, November 29, 1877

Wedding Bells. Description of the wedding of Margaret Hempstead to Will P. Walker.

Under Quaker Bottom Notes: Thanksgiving will be observed at Rome this evening, by the marriage of Dr. Feurt, of Millersport, and Miss Ida Morrison, daughter of L. D. Morrison, a beautiful and intelligent young lady. Friends will be entertained at Mr. Morrison’s after the ceremony. A reception will be given the bride at Buckhorn Furnace on the Tuesday evening following.


Ironton Register, Dec. 26, 1878 Marriage Licenses.

Wesley ?. Adams and Rettie Adams.

James Saunders and Mollie Walters.

Thos. A. Russell and Mary A. Biggum.

Alex C. Burns and Diana Templeton.

  1. R. Hockinson and Mary A. Danford. Geo. G. Sterns and Mattie J. Amos.
  2. W. Palmer and Amanda J. Woods. Wm. Herrell and Jennie Neal.
  3. K. Maupin and Nancy C. Gerhart.
  4. A. Frazier and Margaret E. Turvey.


IR Jan. 9, 1879 – Marriage Licenses.

William T. Balsley to Lucy Sharp

Henry T. Eastbrook to Ida Sheppard

Elzaphan Whitt and Isadora Hart

Henry Hyden and Nettie Lucus

Giles Plybon and Roas A. Wretecki  Sam’l Findley and Effie D. Jones.


IR Jan. 9, 1879 – Married.

– Balsley – Sharp. – At the Parrill House, in Ironton, Jan. 1, by Rev. J. A. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Will T. Balsley, of Huntington, and Miss Lucy Sharp, of Hanging Rock.


IR Jan. 30, 1879 – Marriage Licenses.

Joseph Turvey and Sarah Harrison

Samuel A. Miller and Sallie A. Lewis

Jedediah Willis and Mary A. Elswick

Patrick Haggarty and Amanda Jarrett


IR Jan. 30, 1879 – Marriages.

Willis – Rose. – At Solida Church, Lawrence county, Jan. 24th, 1879, Mr. — Willis and Miss Mary Rose.


Ironton Register, Feb. 13, 1879

Marriage Licenses

Albert M. Guthrie and Mary C. Nash.

Henry Harbold and Emesetta Bolan.

Randolph L. Jones and Katie Betts.

Samuel V. Reeves and Sarah E. Sutton.

Nathan A. Sloan and Laura E. Callahan.

James Perry and Sarah Branham.

Charles Wilson and R. A. Abram.


Irwin – Curry. – At Hopewell, Ky., by the Rev. C. C. Riffe, Mr. Alexander Irwin and Miss Dove Curry.


Ironton Register, Feb. 27, 1879 Marriage Licenses.

Jacob Gibson and Susanna Greenlee.

Martin Keaton and Columbia McBrayer.

Aaron Shelton and Catherine Harris.

John A. Jackson and Sarah Jessie.

Frank Arnold and Elizabeth Bowland.

Henry Rust and Delila J. Marshall.

David Christian and Rachel O. Blankenship.

James T. Campbell and Hannah C. Haubert.

James H. Powrll and Katie D. Verigan.


Guthrie-Nash. – At the residence of D. Hoover on Paddy Hill, on the 12th inst., by Rev. D. Waddle, Miss Mary C. Nash and Mr. Albert M. Guthrie.


Ironton Register, May 1, 1879Marriage Licenses.

John A. Williams and Mollie Hood.

Louis Miller and Anna Wagner.

Charles A. Mace and Gertrude Vincent.

Isaac M. Gossett and Dilsey V. Jones.

Marriages. (same date) Mace – Vincent. – At Burlington, O., at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. A. Harrison, Mr. Carlos A. Mace and Miss Gertrude Vincent.


IR Oct. 2, 1879 – Marriage Licenses.

Marion Davis and Ida Hughes

Joseph Abrams and Lucinda Smith

Theodore Able and Rosa Frowein

Elias Henshaw and Mary Ann Lake


IR Oct. 2, 1879 – Marriages.

Herren-Brubaker. – At South Point, O., September 21st, by Rev. P.M. Robinson, Mr. Chas. L. Herren and Miss Lizzie Brubaker.


IR May 12, 1881 – Marriage Licenses.

Wm. B. Kearnes and Maletha Haskins.

Isaac W. Ollum and M. J. Simpson

John Geswein and Mary Kleinman

James T. Wolfe and Charlotte Watson

George E. Fisher and Nannie B. Thompson

James B. Frailey and Ellen Conner

Chas. H. Martin and Rebecca J. Johnson


IR May 12, 1881 – Married.

  • Fisher-Thompson. – In this city on the 8th inst., by Rev. Gardner, Mr. Geo. E. Fisher and Miss Nannie B. Thompson.
  • Wolfe-Watson – In this city, May 8th, by Rev. W. W. Whitcomb, Mr. James T. Wolfe and Miss Charlotte Watson, all of Ironton, O.


Ironton Register, November 30, 1882 Marriage Licenses.

James Burns and Lena Marks.

Lafeyette Lambert and Wealthy A. Massie.

Charles E. Hall and Ella S. Tucker. Rasom Brown and Nettie Smith.

Nathan S. Davis and Agnes Jones.

Thomas Baxter and Abbie F. Stewart.

Harvey Tackett and Louisa Osborne.

John T. (or F.) Killin and Becca Wood.

Elijah V. Johnson and Lydia A. Burgess.

William Carpenter and Sarah E. Mayes.

Chas. N. Doudon (sp?) and Ida M. Radford.

William Manifold and Mary E. Shafer.


IR Oct. 15, 1885 – Marriage Licenses.

Newton Ferguson and Nancy Midkiff

Richard Malone and Phebe Campbell

Berryman Ransbottom and Mary J. Milstead

Thos. Delong and Lonmattie Blair

Elisha W. Holley and Mattie Roberts

Charles W. Fields and Sarah E. Hammond


IR Oct. 15, 1885 – Matrimonial.

(abst) Married, at the residence of Mr. J. H. Pooley, in Galena, Ill., October 8, 1885, Mr. Walter A. Bixby and Miss Lizzie L. Holmes, both of Galena, Rev. L. J. Adams officiating…. The groom, who has resided in Galena about two years, and holds the very responsible position of Superintendent of the Galena Gas Company …. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. D. A. Holmes….


IR Dec. 10, 1885 – Elopement.

Last Monday, Adam Ehrlich left town taking with him Alma, daughter of A. Selb.  Ehrlich hired a buggy of Pixley, and after dinner, when Alma was supposed to be going to school, she joined Ehrlich, and they drove to Greenup, and from there on Kentucky side to Ashland, where they took the east-bound train on the C. & O.  Ehrlich is a barber and worked for Mr. Selb.  Alma was 15 years old, and belonged to the senior class of the (do not have end)


IR June 2, 1887 – Marriage Licenses.

Isaac Winters and Celia Matthews

Charles A. Preston and Amanda Kouns

Willard F. Moore and Mary A. Faverty

Thos. Adkins and Susan Ward

Geo. W. Haney and Amanda M. Unrue James W. Buck and Belle Webb Henry C. McKee and Flaurie McKee.


Ironton Register, July 28, 1887Marriage License

Henderson Jackson and Esther Wright

Albert S. Ferguson and Naoma Kouns

Edward Layman and Effie King

  1. K. Suiter and Sadie E. Withers


Livingston, John

– I. R. Sept. 8, 1887 – Today, Wednesday, John Livingston, engineer at Pinegrove Furnace, and Miss Alice Patterson, daughter of S. Patterson, occurs at the home of the bride’s father in Russell (KY). May their pathway be joyous.

  1. R. Sept. 8, 1887 – We have received a card of invitation to be present at the marriage of Homer W. McCoy to Miss Jessie Danforth, at Washington, Ill., September 20th. We can’t be there but our heart goes out in warm wishes for Homer and his bride. We always like to tell of a Lawrence county boy coming up in the world. A card accompanies the invitation saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. McCoy, at home, after October 15th, Los Angeles, California.”


Ironton Register, November 3, 1887  –  Marriage License

Alonzo Ray and Dora Eaves Sherman Campbell and Ollie Insco

Geo. Faulkner and Jemima Marshall. Marion W. Cron and Nancy Wells. John Stillman and Jennie Holliday Thomas B. Wright and Emma Gossett.

Jno. H. Burcham and Mary E. Martindell

John L. Blake and Nanney Testament

James C. Morris and Maria Mathew

Lewis Salyer and Mary Marshall

Homer Whitehead and Irene Benson Chas. W. Eckhart and Emma W. Kaneff Caleb F. Wray and Eliza Jackson.


Ironton Register, November 10, 1887Marriage License

Chas. H. Chapman and Dolly Lawhorn

John Mornin and Sarah E. Rudolph

Thomas Adams and Mary Ransbottom

Cyrus V. King and Ada Baker

Albert Burke and Emily Jones

John Phillips and America Hensly

Lewis Brownstead and Ann Turvey Henry Holzappel and Lena Knapp.

Abel L. Gates and Mary Justice.

  1. J. McCaffrey and Mary M. Caulliflower


Ironton Register, November 17, 1887Marriage License

Bejamin Gregory and Martha M. Layman

Eli Jenkins and Lizzie Campbell

Squire Dillon and Hattie M. Null

Drake S. Murdock and Lovella VonSchriltz

  1. S. Gilliland and Ida Lewis

Patrick H. Watson and Minty Harris

Sam’l B. Handly and Jane Willis


Ironton Register, November 24, 1887Marriage License Soloman Daily and Minerva Markins James Friel and Bridget McMahn. Wm. McFann and Mary Ashley

Chas. A. Hodge and Mary E. Suiter John Muck and Martha Brown

Aaron W. Mace and Janie Neal

Richard Jenkins and Lizzie Thompson

Eugene Baldwin and Maggie A. Payne

Mason Johnson and Dora Geswine

Owen Bartram and Amelia Bartram


IR Mar. 22, 1888 – Marriage Licenses.

Wm. Nicholls and Olla S. Bradley

Harmon Raundant and Ollie Morris

Lewis Simpson and Francis Kelley

Robt. C. Mann and Martha J. Walls

  1. H. Jeffers and Alice Pierce

John H. James and Ruth A. Carp

Wm. Unrue and Ida B. Goodman

Jas. Adams and C. B. Holland

George M. Steele and Hannah G. Broughton

Wm. Sites and Jennie Large


IR Mar. 19, 1891 – Marriage Licenses.

– Lewis C. Ulrich and Hannah Sanders. – George Lottes and Anna Saylor William Birch and Emeline Chinn.


IR Apr. 2, 1891 Marriage Licenses James H. Roberts and Nora V. Shepherd.

Jonas G. Rosebraugh and Cora B. Fox

William Clay and Gertie Reed

John W. Boyd and Fannie Hamilton


IR Apr. 9, 1891 – Marriage Licenses.

John M. Prichard and Sadie J. Minard

Francis B. Irwin and Hattie Bay

Calvin Arnold and Mary Bickley

Charles E. Tomlinson and Laura Farmer

James D. Winters and Maggie Stratton

Fred Waggoner and Emma Ebert

Hamilton Ratcliff and Rosa Humistrine

Averill Pratt and Maggie Holliday

Jacob E. Heffner and Ollie Reed

George W. Evans and Lizzie Campbell





IR June 26, 1891 – Marriage Licenses

  1. E. Wysor and Marguerita Bimpson Robt. Hart and Ella Taylor

Chas. Dickerson and  ? King

  1. W. Elliot and Matilda Bonds
  2. L. Wright and Alice Dillon Stephen A. Casebolt and Mary A. Rollins Noah M. Carnell and Nancy Cooper.


Ironton Register, July 30, 1891Marriage Licenses.

George H. Croley and Kate Ratcliff.

James G. Hauer and Leona Pinkerman.

Reason D. Lemley and Mary Darling.

Robert Marshall and Rosana Bragdon. John F. Tull and Loretta Thomas.

Wm. M. Vanhoose and Sarah J. Pack.

Wm. H. Burnsides and Bertha Falwell.


Ironton Register, Nov. 12, 1891

To Be Married. – Invitations are out for the wedding of Dr. J. T. McBride and Miss Winnie Gould, which is to take place at the Gould residence at Franklin Furnace, Friday afternoon, Nov. 20th. Dr. McBride is a successful dentist of Jersey City, and Miss Gould is the daughter of the late O. B. Gould. Miss Gould’s friends, who are myriads, will sincerely hope that her wedded life will be bright and prosperous, for she is deserving of all the good that a kind fortune has in store.


Ironton Register, Nov. 12, 1891

Married. – Miss Abbie MaBelle Kemp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Kemp, was married at Monongohala, Penn., last Tuesday, to Mr. William P. Warne. The will be “at home” Fourth-st. after December 10. The Register wishes them a gladsome career in life.


IR Apr. 7, 1892 – Marriage Licenses.

  • Phillip Berndt and Louisa Rimer.
  • Phillip S. Smith and Luada Davis.
  • George F. Woodlum and Coredelia Miler.
  • Loui Hilgenberg and Maggie Martin. – M. W. Bandy and Jennie Handley – Randolph Collins and Annie Diesel. – William Johnson and Allie Simpson
  • Emanuel Harrison and Maggie Falter.
  • Jonathan Hawley and Kansas Walls.
  • Calvin Haskins and Mary Lambert.
  • Edward Henry and Rebecca Brown.


Ironton Register, May 12, 1892Marriage Licenses.

James Wright and Eliza Bechleham.

Rufus H. Webb and Myrtle M. Houston.

Robert E. Royal and Bertha Wilson.

James M. C. Miller and Cora M. O’Niel.

Edward Dixon and Clara Craft.

Ira Snodgrass and Dide Wall.

Robert Thornton and Mamie McKeny.

George Stafford and Donnie Balengee.

Frank J. Altherr and Alice B. Adams.

Frank Rankin and Suzie Wisecup.

Amel Schmeisser and Magdaline Holtzapfel.


Ironton Register, June 6, 1892

August Fridenmaker and Anna Wolf

  1. W. Elkins and Dora P. Plybon

Thomas H. Williams and Lena Kimmel

Cornelius R. James and Ester L. Reynolds

John Nipp and Abbie Crawford

Robert Patton and Lizetta Gelinger

William F. Yates and Mary J. Brown

James H. Wood and Virginia Hutchinson William Willis and Edna I. Damron

Richard Coburn and Alice Roseberry

  1. H. Callicoat and Mary E. Haris

Henry Harrison and Mary E.Ray


Ironton Register, Sept. 1, 1892Marriage Licenses.

Charles T. Dean and Bertha A. Brown

Isaac Fannin and Lucinda Elswick

Winfield S. Gilliam and Alice Sanders

George S. Dunfield and Sarah Sanders

John E. Rehme and Florence Ward

Cain Adkins and Spicy Watts

Henry T. Broughton and Lizzie Spears

John H. Montgomery and Rachel F. Nance

Will T. Stewart and Annie Brown

John S. Weed and Hattie M. Hoffman

Reese Carico and Lieutitia Landgon

Brice Henry and Candus Estes

David Fleurmion and Emma D. Stewart

Stepen E. Ward and Kate Myers

Milton Cline and Rebecca Johnson

  1. S. Payne and Dellie Lambert


Ironton Register, November 10, 1892

Yarico Wedding. – With all the romance and mystery of love, Yarico can boast of another wedding, the bride being Miss Emma, the beautiful daughter of W. W. Wiseman. Quite a number of friends and relatives met Thursday, Oct. 27th, at the home of the bride to witness the scene of her marriage with Mr. J. F. Vermillion of John’s Creek. The ceremony was performed at 12 o’clock, by Rev. Phillips of the M. E. Church, after which all repaired to the dining room where an excellent dinner was served. The presents were too numerous to mention….


Ironton Register, March 16, 1893

Wedding. – This Thursday at 4 p.m., Judge Tyler and Miss Fannie Mather will be married, at the

Presbyterian church. A large number of invitations have been issued, sufficient to fill the church.

Rev. Henry Witham, son-in-law of the groom, will preside over the happy ceremony. Messrs. Jos. A. Rodgers, Chas. Gray, Ed Culbertson and Wilbur Hall will act as ushers, and these gentlemen will precede the bride and groom in their march down the aisle to the altar, where the minister will be in waiting. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler will hold a reception at the residence of the bride’s parents. This will continue until 10 o’clock, when they will retire to the steamer, which will wait till that hour, and then start on their wedding trip, which will be to New Orleans; on which tour and through all the journey of life, they will carry the warmest good wishes of all this community.


Ironton Weekly Register, June 3, 1893  –  A Double Wedding.

The home of Rev. P. W. Drumm, of the Pine Street M. E. church, was the scene of a double wedding Tuesday evening, the interesting ceremonies been performed by Rev. Drumm. Joseph Sagar, of Newman & Spanner’s mill, and Miss Cordelia Massie were joined in holy bonds, and also Theodore Massie and Miss Sarah Belle Tiller were likewise united. All of the parties are from this city, the first named bride and the second named groom being the daughter and son of Vinton Massie, of Buckhorn street. Theodore is not of age, but obtained his father’s consent to the marriage and thus is happy with the rest.


Ironton Weekly Register, August 26, 1893

George Heck and Miss Josephine Akers, both of Mt. Vernon Furnace, were married by Squire Henry at his office this forenoon.


Ironton Weekly Register, August 26, 1893

Runaway Marriage. – An event occurred yesterday in Catlettsburg that has created considerable stir in social circles, being no less than the marriage of Miss Anna D. Williams to John Haney, of Normal. It is said that the young couple have been attached to each other for some time, but their marriage was opposed by the grandmother of the bride. The father accompanied them yesterday and the marriage was solemnized at Catlettsburg, by Rev. Mr. Carnahan. Mr. and Mrs. Haney left for Chicago after the ceremony and are now enjoying the sights at the World’s Fair. – Ashland Signal.


Ironton Register, May 14, 1896Marriage Licenses William Hill and Melvina Collins.

Henry B. Sanders and Ella Clara DeHart.

Willis Courtney and Mary Frecka.

Fred C. Howell and Nannie Remy.

Ernest Cotton and Rosa Koonan.

Wm. G. Adams and Mary Ackerson.

Albert Glover and Minnie Grimes.

Anderson Prater and Eliza Foster.

James Thomas and Lutie Beaver.


IR Oct. 22, 1896 – Marriage Licenses.

Edward M. McConthay and Lulu Mobler

Clayton C. Davidson and Myrtle M. Hastings

Nanson Shafer and Stella Ann Pinkerman

John M. Gibson and Mary Kite

Charles Edward Reinhart and Fannie Powell

Grozey Ward and Mary Fuller

Wootson Bartram and Ella Lucy

Herman Johnson and Lulu Thompson


IWR Dec. 30, 1899 – Marriage Licenses.

  • Samuel Hunt and Anna Tipton of Jackson County, Ky.
  • Wirts Ripley and Ada Burton of Greenup County, Ky.
  • Oren Massie and Callie Booth of Labelle, O.
  • H. Kouns and Martha Turman of Ashland, Ky.
  • Herman Gregory and Mary Jane Angel of Lawrence county, O.


Ironton Registr, October 18, 1900

October Wedding. – Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Bertha Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Wilson, to Dr. Robert E. Ruedy, which will take place at Christ Episcopal Church in this city Wednesday evening, October 31st, at 8 o’clock, followed by a reception at the home of the bride. Dr. Ruedy is a young physician now in successful practice in Cleveland, and the young lady he has won is one of Ironton’s fairest and most estimable daughters. Mr. E. S. Wilson, father of the bride, will return from Porto Rico for this important event, as well as to exercise a few days later at his home the right of franchise of an American



Ironton Register, October 23, 1902MARRIAGE LICENSES.

Charles F. Walker, 25, Pedro, O., and Clara F. Campbell, 21, Vesuvius, O.

Edward B. Craft, 24, Chicago, Ill., and Mary A. Richards, 24, Ironton.

Ralph E. Mitchell, 28, Owensboro, Ky. and Marian E. Campbell, 22, Ironton.

Benjamin H. Elam, 21, Ashland, Ky., and Nettie Stevenson, 16, Ashland, Ky. Lon Bennett, 22, and Ruth Pine, 19, Lawrence County, O.

  1. Va. and Callie Dillon, 20, Lawrence County, O. (first part of this sentence was omitted in paper)

John D. Clifton, 29, Old Town, Ky. and Mary A. Elem, 19, Greenup, Ky.

Thomas Jenkins, 32, and Annie Hunley, 20, Boyd county, Ky.

Thomas Wolfe, 24, and Sallie Grant, 25, Pedro, O.

Willard Staten, 21, and Ida Craig, 18, Ashland, Ky.

Albert Miller, 36, Waterloo, O., and Nancy Breeding, 19, Lawrence.

Noah Hughes, 22, and Sadie Bostick, 17, Gallia county, O.

Robert Bron, 21, Greenup, Ky., and Estle Tyre, 20, Bath Co., Ky.

Fred E. Sims(?) 22, Gallia County,O., and Nora Rainer, 19, Jackson county, O.

Frederick Stevens, 29, Carter county, Ky. and Martha Blevens, 23, Lawrence county, O.

Shed Harris, 24 and Carrel Hayden, 23, Ironton.

William Bess, Huntington, W. Va. Va.(this may go to Dillon above)

Lafayette B. Compton, 30, Parkersburg, W. Va., and Monnie Blankenship, 23, Louisa, Ky.


MI Nov. 9, 1915 – Irate Father Chases Young Couple Here and Prevents Marriage. … Hal E. Wentz and Jean Phipps were refused a marriage license because the bride-to-be was only 17 years of age and because her father entered serious objections to the granting of the license.  The parties lie at Catlettsburg and before the couple arrived, Judge Roberts received a telephone message from the father that the pair were on their way here and to refuse them a license…..



IR Aug. 5, 1852 – Died.

  • On the 2nd inst., Samuel B., son of Samuel and Mary McClure, of this place; aged 15 months.
  • At Haskelville, on the 25th ult., Mary, wife of James Haskell, Sr., aged 69.


IR Aug. 12, 1852 – Died.

  • On the 2d inst., in Morgan township, Scioto county, of Pulmonary Consumption, Mr. Henry M. Cutler, aged forty years and one month.


IR Sept. 9, 1852 – Died.

  • In this town, on the 2nd inst., Emma, daughter of James and Julia Ann Sullivan, aged 1 year, 4 months and 26 days.


IR Oct. 21, 1852 – Died.

  • In Union township, Sept. 19, 1852, Mr. James Fout, aged 30 years, leaving a wife and two little children to the charity of the world. …member of the Symmes Creek Baptist Church, about eight



IR Oct. 28, 1852 – Died.

  • On the 22d inst., Edward Emmit, son of Capt. Washington H. and Ruth Kerr, aged 2 years and 4 months.






IR Sept. 15, 1852 – Died.

  • In Ironton, on the 10th inst., of consumption, Margaret Rice, consort of T. H. Rice, aged 26 years.
  • On the 11th inst., Mrs. Mary L., wife of John W. Carlile, aged 43 years. (poem)
  • In Harmar, on the 2nd inst., Rev. John Crawford, of the M. E. Church, aged 54 years; one of the most useful citizens of Washington county.


IR Dec. 23, 1852 – Died

  • On Nov. 18, near Jasper, Pike county, of typhoid dysentery, Martha Jane, daughter of William and Lucinda Burke, late of this county.
  • (Abs.) On Dec. 15, at Bethesda, Ky., Miss Caroline Case, aged 31 years – at the house of her brother, the late Rev. A. A. Case, who died 14 months before, at the age of 41, and in the same room where her sister, Melinda died five years before to a day, at the age of 37, and both were buried in the same grave. . . .


IR Jan. 6, 1853 – Died

In this town, on Dec. 29, Melvin D., son of D. H. and Hannah Cuttler, aged 10 months and 17 days.


IR Apr. 7, 1853 – Died.

  • In Mason township, Peter W. Ghrist, a well known citizen of this county.


IR June 16, 1853 – Died

  • In Greenup county, Ky., on the 28th ult., Clermont H. Warring, Esq., and old and highly respectable citizen of that county.
  • At Bloomfield, Scioto county, Mr. Jacob Steece, aged about 45.


IR Aug. 17, 1854 – Died.

  • In Ironton, on the 11th inst., Walter H. Beach, son of J. B. Beach, aged 11 months and 14 days.

[Ashtabula county papers copy.]

  • In Catlettsburg, on the 11th inst., Drusilla, infant daughter of Rev. E. C. and Sarah A. Thornton.


IR Sept. 24, 1854 – Died.

  • On the 21st inst., in Rome township, of consumption, David Hall, son of Robert Hall, agd about 23 – a most worthy young man.


IR Dec. 7, 1854 – Died.

  • On the 15th of November, at Haverhill, Emiline, daughter of Joel Church, and wife of E. H.

Oakes; aged 36 years.

  • On Nov. 30th, in this town, Miss Delilah Dillon, aged about 19 years.


IR May 24, 1855 – Died.

On the 25th ult., in Keokuk, Iowa Mrs. Ellen McIntire, formerly of Ripley, O., in the 71st year of her age.

  • On Saturday evening, May 19, at his residence in this town, of typhoid fever, James Orville Willard, in the forty-first year of his age. Willard had been a resident of this county for seventeen years and has been one of its most active and successful business men.  He was well known as principal proprietor of Buckhorn Furnace, and was one of the founders of the town of Ironton.  He has been active in business enterprises of town, and was the principal stockholder and Cashier of the Iron Bank of Ironton.  He was a man of untiring industry, emphatically “the architecht of his own fortune,” and his loss will be severely felt in this community.  He died cheerfuly, commanding his interesting family to the care of the Savior, and expressing full hope of pardon from Above.


IR June 21, 1855 – Died.

  • On the 15th inst., at Vesuvius Furnace, Mrs. Catherine Dempsey, wife of Samuel W. Dempsey, in the 44th year of her age.
  • On the 15th inst., in Ironton, of consumption, Miss Sarah H. Savage, daughter of Benjamin and Mercy Savage, in the 18th ? year of her age.


IR Oct. 11, 1855 – Died.

  • In Andrain Co., Missouri, Jacob Heplar, recently of this township, in advanced age.
  • On the 5th inst., at Hanging Rock, Rev. Augustine Bardwell, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in that place, in the 41st year of his age. Bardwell was born in Goshon, Hampshire county, Miss., June 12, 1855.  From the age of 5 to 13 he was with his father, who was a missionary among the Choctaw Indians, in the State of Mississippi, and there the Choctaw language became as familiar to him as his native tongue.  He was converted atthe age of 17, commenced preparing for the ministry, and entered Marietta College in 1834, but owning to some delay did not graduate until 1850.  He studied theologoy at Lane Seminary, was licensed to preach by the Ripley Presbytery, and commenced his labors at Pine Grove Furnace, Hanging Rock, &c., June 15, 1842.  He was a sincere Christian, a pious man, a faithful pastor, a useful citizen, and died greatly beloved by all that knew him.


IR Feb. 28, 1856 – Died.

On Tuesday morning, the 26th inst., at the residence of her father at Hecla Landing, Miss Selina Johnson, daughter of Samuel C. Johnson, formerly of Kingsville, Ashtabula county, aged 22 years.  On the evening previous to Miss Johnson’s sudden deather, she was cheerful and lively, and retired in her usual good health.  In the morning her father called to her and she answered as usual; she started to rise, and when partly up fell forward upon the floor, with perhaps, an exclamation.  Her twin brother, Seliman, came immediately into the room, raised her in his arms, some water was brought and sprinkled in her face, she opened her eyes and gasped – and was gone.  Probably it was an affection of the heart; a post mortem examination is to be had on this (Wednesday) evening. Funeral set for to-morrow (Thursday) morning, at 10 o’clock , at the Presbyterian Church.  (poem).


IR May 15, 1856 – Died.

  • On the 7th inst., in Portsmouth, Mrs. Sarah M’Cloud, wife of Uri M’Cloud, aged about 23 years.


IR Dec. 18, 1856 –  Martin Frampton, Esq., for many years one of the most prominent business men and energetic citizens of Lawrence county, committed suicide by hanging himself, at his residence, mouth of Symmes creek…Cause, severe affliction with his eyes for a year or two …. Mr. Frampton came from Beaver Co., Pa., to this county, soon after its organization, in the next year, we believe, 1818, and located at Burlington, then just made the county seat.  …His age at the time of his death was about 65 years.


IR Oct. 7, 1858 – Died.

  • 25th, in Ironton, Harriet B. Kelley, daughter of G. W. and Louisa Kelley, aged 17 months and 6 days.
  • In St. Louis, on the 29th of September, Col. R. W. Denning, in the 47th year of his age – a native of Pennsylvania, and a resident of Chillicothe, Ohio for the last 27 years.


IR Mar. 17, 1859 – Died.

  • At Burlington, Ohio, March 7th, Mary Dillon, wife of John Dillon, Esq. She had been a member of the M.E. Church for upwards of 21 years.
  • On the 12th inst., in Ironton, William Burwell, son of John Burwell, aged nearly 4 years.


IR Apr. 28, 1859 – Died.

  • At Hecla Furnace, March 26, after a short illness, Miss Margaret Ellen Bimpson, aged 30 years, 7 months and 4 days. She has been a member of the Presbyterian church for about 10 years, first at Ripley, and then at Ironton ..do not have rest.







IR Oct. 6, 1859 – DIED.

  • At Olive Furnace, on Saturday, September ?, Ann Eliza, daughter of William N. and Charlotte M. McGugin, aged 10 years, 5 months and 25 days.
  • Also, at the same place, on Wednesday, September 21st, Edward Thomson, youngest son of William N. and Charlotte M. McGugin; aged 2 years, 6 months and 24 days.
  • Also, at the same place, on Wednesday, September 28th, Elizabeth Thomson, oldest daughter of William N. and Charlotte M. McGugin, aged 13 years, 8 months, and 8 days. (poem).


IR Oct. 27, 1859 – Died.

On the 25th inst., at his residence in Hamilton township, Andrew Dempsey, son of Samuel W. Dempsey, of Ironton, aged about 24 years.


IR Nov. 17, 1859 – Died.

Near Portsmouth, Mrs. Jane Bentley, wife of A. Bentley, aged 30 years and five months.


IR Dec. 8, 1859 – Hon. Alfred Kelley, of Columbus, died after a lingering illnes, on Friday morning last, the 2d inst., at the age of 70 years.  He had been a citizen of Columbus for more than forty years, and had been one of the most prominent men in the State, more intimately, perhaps, than any man in Ohio, connected with its legislation, finances and public works.  He was one of the first Canal Commissioners, and the Ohio Canal was built under his administration; and he was also, in times past, Fund Commissioner of the State, and several times in the Legislature, the last time was elected to the Senate in 1855.  Some of the most important lines of railroad in the State were built under his supervision.  He was a man of great abilities, of untiring energy and industry.


IR Dec. 8, 1859 – Washington Irving died at his residence, on the Hudson, the evening of

November 28th in his 77th year.  His father was a native of Scotland; he himself was born in New York city.  He had been a popular author for half a centry; one of the most distinguished in America.  He never married, it is said, through _________  in youth.


IR Dec. 29, 1859 – Died.

  • On Dec. 1st, 1859, at the residence of her father, Esq. Pethroud, in Gage county, Nebraska, Miss Sarah Pethroud, aged 25 years and 10 months. The dec’d was a native and resided n Decatur township, Lawrence county, Ohio, until the Spring of 1858, when she removed to this Territory, with her father’s family.
  • On the 12th inst., in Portsmouth, Dr. J. Offnere, in the 85th year of his age.


IR Jan. 19, 1860 – Died.

  • On Tuesday night, 17th inst., at his residence near Union Landing, of typhoid fever, Whitfield Kelley, Esq., in his 52d year. He was a son of the late Rev. John Kelley, was born near where he died, and was a highly esteemed citizen of the county.  The funeral and burial will be at the Ohio

Church, next Sabbath, at 11 o’clock, A.M. [Portsmouth Daily Tribune please copy.]

  • On Jan. 5th, at the residence of his father in Bowling Green, Ky., Samuel H. Garrison. – He was a graduate of Marietta College in 1856, read law with Mills and Hoadly, Cincinnati and last Fall associated himself with W. C. Ireland, at Greenupsburg, Ky., in the practice of law. He was a young man of great promise, and much esteemed by numerous friends.
  • On Jan. 5th, in Millersport, ofPneumonia, Sarah Eugenia, daughter of Dr. G. W. and Fannie Trumbo, aged 2 months and 22 days.
  • On Jan. 11th, in Quaker Bottom, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Prtichard, wife of Harvey Pritchard, and daughter of William Magee. (poem).


IR Jan. 26, 1860 – Died

At Trivela, Illinois, Rev. Samuel Emery, aged about 75 years.  He was a native of New

Hampshire, and formerly a citizen of Scioto county; and for more than 40 years was a zealous and successful local preacher in the M. E. Church.


IR Feb. 2, 1860 – Died.

  • On the 21st of January, 1860, at Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio, little Johnny, only son of Dr.

James and Hannah A. Scott, aged four years.

  • On Monday, January 23, 1860, at the residence of his son, James McCormick, on Redoak creek, Mr. John McCormick, aged 103 years, 6 months and 14 days. He was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, on the 9th day of July 1756.  He emigrated and settled in Adams county, in this State, some fifty years ago, where he resided, until after the death of his wife, about twelve years since.  From that time, he has lived with his son, inthis vicinity.  McCormick served his country, two or three terms, as a soldier in the Revolutionary war.  He lived a temperate, and industrious life, beloved by his relatives and friends and respected by all who knew him.  He lived and died a member of the Presbyterian Church. – Ripley Bee.


IR Mar. 8, 1860 – Died.

  • On the 1st inst., in Ironton, George Wesley Upp, son of D. F. and Emily Upp, in his 10th year.
  • On Feb. 28th, in Marietta, Mrs. Hannah Cotton, wife of Dr. H. E. (or B.) Shipman, of that place.


IR Mar. 15, 1860  – Died.

  • The wife of Hezekiah Kimball, near the mouth of Symmes creek, in this county, committed suicide last week by hanging herself. She was insane at the time, and hand once been an inmate of the asylum at Columbus.
  • Sad Poisoning Affair at Fort Wayne, Indiana – … David Threadgor, John Garrsion, West Iba and George Mullenbaugh… ate wild parsnips…David Threadgor died from convulsions caused by the poisoned parsnips….


IR Apr. 19, 1860 – Died.

  • On the __th inst., in Ripley, William F. Wylie ?, Esq., in his ____ year.
  • On the 4th inst., in W___town, Washington county, Seth Woodford (?), Esq., a native of that township, aged ___ years. He twice represented Washington county in the Legislature, and was the member of the late State Board of Equalization from Washington and Morgan counties.


IR June 28, 1860 – Died.

  • On the 24th inst., George Gale, of this town, a native of London, Eng., in his 39th year. – In Portsmouth, on the 16th inst., of consumption, Dr. Edwin H. Griswold, formerly of Ironton, aged about 34 years. He was at one time (1850) an owner of Keystone Furnace, and afterwards (1853) an owner in Hecla Furnace.  .. member of the Presbyterian Church….


IR July 5, 1860 – Died.

  • On June 26, in Logan, Lafayette W. Bort, in his 29th year.
  • On June 27, in Chillicothe, Cadwallader Wallace, Sen., in his 70th year, one of the wealthiest citizens of Ross county.
  • On June 26th, in Cincinnati, Allice Boyd, daughter of Robert and Jane E. Boyd.


IR Feb. 14, 1861 – Died.

  • On the 20th day of January, in Coal Grove, Mr. John Vipond, a native of England. … He leaves a wife to mourn his sudden death.
  • On the 31st of January, in Coal Grove, Dorcas Haney, daughter of B. Haney. She joined the M.E. Church 7 years ago…


IR Mar. 18, 1862 – Died

  • On the 6th inst., in Symmes Township, Jemima Irwin, wife of George Irwin, aged 63 years, 3 months and 4 days. She has been a member of the M. E. Church, 30 years and died in great peace.
  • At the Lunatic Asylum, at Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, March 7th, 1862 of apoplexy, Mr. Morgan Morgan, in the 26th year of his age. His remains were brought to Ironton last Sunday evening by Dr. Hills, the well known and generous Superintendent of that Institute. .



IR Mar. 27, 1862 – Died.

  • In Portsmouth, on 11th inst., Mr. Thomas Nichols, …aged 71 years.
  • At Camp Paxton, Guyandotte, Virginia, March 4th, John Javens, a private of Capt. S. H. Emmons’ company H, 2d Virginia calvary regiment. Disease measles.  He was buried on the 5th with the honors of war.
  • On Sunday last, March 23d, at Guyandotte, Virginia, of lung disease, Mr. Edward Doran, of Ironton, a private of Capt. McMahan’s company. His remains were brought to Ironton, on Tuesday for burial.
  • Coleby Sampson, soldier, belonging to Capt. A. Means’ company, 14th Kentucky regiment, died in this place onSunday last, March 23d, aged 22 years. His father stopped off the steamer Woodside to see him, but before he could get to the house where he was sick, the son was dead. His remains were taken to Ohio Furnace for burial.  He belonged to a patriotic family – the father, three sons, and two sons-in-law, all being in the Army of the Union.
  • On the 12th inst., of Typhoid Fever, at his residence in Marion township, Marion county, Ohio, John Gruber (father-in-law of Thos. A. Dempsey, of Vesuvius,) aged 56 (or 58)years, 11 months and 5 days. …
  • A friend at Empire Furnace, writes us, concerning James Murfin, whose sudden death was noticed a short time since, as follows: “The deceased was born in Adams county, Ohio, in 1811; in 1833, he was Clerk at Amanda Furnace, Kentucky; in 1835, at Clinton Furnace, Ohio; in 1836, was Manager of Scioto Furnace; in 1842, removed to Bloom Furnace, where he was equal partner with Henry Miller, of Cincinnati, also Manager; in 1848, he formed a partnership with J. W. Glidden, in Junior and Empire Furnaces, he being Manager of Empire Furnace, where he died March 11, 1862.  The deceased was out in the wood-chopping, giving some direction pertaining to the same.  The men, observing him fall, went to him, and found him lifeless.  A post mortem examination being made, the disease proved to be hypertrophy of the heart.  He was a practical iron master, and passed away with the kind regrets of all who knew him, and will long be remembered for his strict integrity and sound judgment.



IR Apr. 3, 1862 – Died.

  • On Friday last, March 28th, in Ironton, Miss Agnes McLardy, aged 14 years and 9 months.
  • In Guyandotte, on Sunday last, March 30th, Private John Irwin, of Capt. S. H. Emmons’ Company. His remains were brought to Ironton for burial.
  • At Oconomowac, Wisconsin, March 14, Mrs. Emily Perkins, aged 66 years, wife of Dr. E. H. Perkins, late of Marietta, Ohio.
  • In Portsmouth, on Sunday, March 23d, Major J. V. Robinson, Jr., aged 42 years. …son of J. V. Robinson, Sr., …. He was among the first of our citizens to respond to his country’s call, and

..was appointed by Gov. Dennison as Major of the 33d Regiment.  The well-known Piketon campaign is acknowledged to have been one of the severest endured by our troops during the war. – It tried the constitution of many a robust man, and no doubt laid the foundation for the disease which finally proved fatal to our friend. Portsmouth Tribune.


IR Apr. 10, 1862 – Died.

  • In Milford, N. H., March 24, 1862, Maj. Pringas Stimson, father of the Editor of this paper, aged 68.
  • In Portsmouth, on Wednesday evening, 7th inst., Mrs. Rebecca G., wife of Joseph Riggs, aged 61 years, 1 month, an 15 days.
  • On the 8th inst., at the Union House, in Ironton, of typhoid fever, Mr. John Winters, brother of Thomas Winters, aged 57 years. He was a member of the 40th regiment Ohio Volunteers, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him.


IR Apr. 24, 1862 – Died.

  • At Putnam, Ohio, at the residence of Rev. C. C. McCabe, on the 16th inst., James A., infant son of Mart S. and Mattie Bartram, of this place, aged __ months and 16 days.
  • In Ironton, April 21st, Sarah Frances Merrill,eldest daughter of John P. (or F.) and ____ A. Merrill, aged 10 (or 16) years, 10 months, and 7 days.
  • On Sunday, the 13th inst., at the residence of his brother in Nashville, Tennessee, of typhoid fever, Mr. Samuel W. Peebles, of Portsmouth, in the 48th year of his age.
  • Daniel Laffoon died in Rome, near Quaker Bottom, Ohio, April 1, 1862. He was born November 5, 1775, in Halifax County, Virginia.  He came to Lawrence county in 1811.  He had one or two brothers who served in the revolutionary war.  He served in the suppression of the Whiskey rebellion, and was with the expedition against Fort Pitt in 1795, but for want of proper proof never obtained a Land warrant.  Quite a number of his grandsons are in the army.  He was an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for over 40 years.  The Pioneer preachers made his house a home.  His end was peace.  He was 86 years old last November.


IR Dec. 11, 1862 

It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of our young fellow townsman William R. Williams.  He died in Para, Brazil, of the yellow fever on the 25th day of September last inthe twenty-fifth year of his age.  … He was admitted to the bar and at once took rank as an advocate among the most promising lawyers.  He zealously advocated the election of President Lincoln, and was, by him, appointed Consul to Para,…..


IR Oct. 8, 1863 – Obituary

Died in Ironton, September 23, 1863, Mrs. Hester Clarke, widow of the Rev. John Clarke, in the 67th year of her age.  The deceased was born in Lewis county, Kentucky.  After her marriage, she moved to Ohio and continued a resident of this State until her death.  …Member of the M.E.  Church.  .. Eleven years ago she was called to part with her beloved husband, Rev. John Clarke, … preacher in the M.  E. Church… She leaves four children to mourn her loss.


IR Dec. 24, 1863 – Died.

In Ironton, on Monday evening, December 21st., 1863, at the residence of William Jones, David B. Davis, only son of Thomas O. Davis, aged about 17 years and six months.  The subject of this notice arrived from Glamorganshire, South Wales, on the 22d of November, and is thus early laid in the grave in a stranger land.


IR Feb. 4, 1864 – Died.

  • On the 28th of January, in Ironton, George Newton Scott, son of Thomas and Virginia Scott, aged 1 year, 4 months and 17 days. The father is in Company E, 2d Virginia Calvary.
  • At Kelly’s Mills, on Sunday morning, 31st ult., Mrs.Clara Martin, consort of M. Martin, aged about 28 ? years.
  • At Ironton, January 28th, of whooping cough, and cold, Franne ? Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Fletcher and Maria Golden, age 11 months and 23 days (poem).


IR Apr. 14, 1864 – Died

  • At Ironton, Ohio, on Monday, 11th inst., at 9 1/2 P.M. Miss Rea M. Norton, daughter of Mrs. Sarah A. Norton, late of Wheeling, West Virginia, aged 20 years and 9 months.
  • April 7th, 1864, of disease of the lungs, Samuel Charleton? Beaty, youngest child of Samuel and J. E. Beaty, aged 23 months (poem).


IR Apr. 21, 1864 – Died.

  • In Ironton, Ohio, on Monday, April 18, 1864, at 9 1/2 o’clock, A.M., of typhoid fever, Mrs.

Rosa C. Johnson, wife of Sherman G. Johnson, aged 32 years.

  • Near Unionville, Lawrence county, Ohio, on the 6th inst., Jacob Mackley. The deceased was the only brother of the editor of the Jackson Standard.  He was born in Mason county, Virginia, March 24, 18_4.  When seven years of age he was attacked with inflammatory rheumatism, and he never walked after was fourteen years of age.  His affliction prevented his attending school, but without a teacher, and from such books as he could procure, he became a good scholar in the various branches of an English education, studying the higher branches of mathematics only a few years before his death.  He supported himself by teaching school.  He was an honest man, and led a blameless life.  Jackson Standard.


IR Apr. 6, 1865 – Died.

  • On the 9th of March, 1865, at his home in Clinton county, Missouri, Reuben Kelley, formerly for a long time resident of Lawrence county, Ohio. Aged about 70 years.


IR Aug. ?, 1865 – Died

  • At Newport, Ky., on the 2d day of August, Mrs. Rachael M. Owen, formerly of Burlington, in the 75th year of her age.
  • – W. H. Dilley, of Company A., 88th Regiment Vol. Infantry, was killed instantly, in a charge of that gallant regiment, on Selma, Ala., on the 2d day of April, 1865. He was shot while rolling up a stake to climb the breastworks.  Bro. Dilley emigrated from Ohio, with his family some fifteen years ago, to Stanford township, Illinois.  In the summer of 1862, he enlisted in the service of his country.  He was kind to all… and an effectionate father as well as husband….He leaves a devoted wife and six children, and a large number of friends and relatives to mourn for one whose loss to them is his eternal gain.  E. A. Lewis, Stanford Township Illinois.


IR Jan. 18, 1866 – Died

  • On Sunday the 7th inst., Jennie, daughter of E. L. and Sarah Woody, aged nearly four years.
  • At her residence, in Lawrence County, O., Dec. 20th, 1865, Mrs. D. W., wife of Wm. Holroyd, and daughter of E. W. Wakefield, of this county, aged 36 years. . . .


IR Feb. 21, 1867 – Died.

  • The Oakland (California) News, speaks as follows of the death of a young gentleman, well known in some parts of this county. Death of E. L. Selfridge. – We are pained to announce the death of E. L. Selfridge, … who died on Wednesday last, of consumption, …. Mr. Selfridge was one of the copying clerks of the last Assembly of the Legislature…His funeral took place on Friday, from the Masonic Temple….


At her residence in Pike county, onthe 9th inst., Trephema Thomson, daughter of Wm. and Rebecca Null of Gallia county, aged 24 years.  Her remains were brought to her father’s where the funeral services were held…


IR Oct. 10, 1867 – Died

  • On Monday the 7th inst., Esther, the wife of L. W. Kelley; aged 41 years.


IR Oct. 31, 1867 – Died.

  • At Millersport, on the 26th inst., Alice Blake, wife of Miles L. Blake, and daughter of W. F. and Margaret McKnight, aged 21 years, 8 months, and 14 days.


IR Apr. 2, 1868 – Deaths.

  • . – January 6, 1868, Henrietta Gillett, in the 45th year of her age.
  • – January 29, 1868, Benjamin W. Gillett, in the 17th year of his age.
  • – February 2, 1868, Condace E. Gillett, in the 11th year of her age.


IR Apr. 23, 1868 – Not Dead

Not Dead. – Intelligence reached here last week that George Clark, a young man who was raised in this city, and who latterly was pilot on some boat on the Mississippi, was shot, and his body passed thro’ Evansville on its way home.  George, however, writes that that it is not he but some other Clark.


IR July 30, 1868 – Deaths.

  • – In the Ceredo House, Ceredo, W. Va., on the 20th of July, 1868, Lillie, daughter of Mark and Adda M. Poore, aged 14 months, and 6 days. (poem)


IJ Feb. 17, 1869 – Died.

  • – At the residence of Mr. Wm. Weddell, in Green Township, Gallia county, O., Feb. 6th, 1869, Mr. Alexander Halliday, in the 29th year of his age. His disease was pulmonary consumption.
  • – At Haverhill, O., on Thursday, January 21st., of pleuro-pneumonia, after a short illness of some days, Mrs. Ellen Butterfield, wife of John Butterfield.
  • – On the 7th inst., Mrs. Lydia Mead, aged 59 years. Mrs. Mead was the mother of I. F. Mead, our present recorder. – Portsmouth Times.


IR May 13, 1869 – Died.

  • – In this city, April 26, 1869, Katie, daughter of J. and C. L. Jamieson, aged 1 year, 1 month and 3 days.
  • – In Millersport, O., May 7, 1869, of Consumption, Mr. William Henry Mann, aged 20 years, 1 month and 26 days.


IJ Aug. 4, 1869 – A little girl about six years old, named Katie Rodgers, daughter of Mr. John H. Rodgers, who resides on Front street, was drowned in the river about 7 o’clock, on Thursday evening.  She was playing on a coal float, near the foot of Madison street, at the time she fell in the water. – Portsmouth Times.  


IR Sept. 30, 1869 – Died.

  • Thomas – On the 14th inst., at the residence of his siter, in Utica, N.Y.,of pulmonary consumption, Levi Thomas, of Rock Camp, in this county, in the 21st year of his age.
  • – On the 26th inst., at her residence in this city, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah Davis, wife of D. T. Davis, in the 37th year of her age. She leaves a husband, one child, and a large circle of friends to mourn her loss.


IR Oct. 5, 1871 – Deaths.

  • Starlin – In this city, Sept. 29th, 1871, Erastus Starlin, aged 69 years, 9 months, and 5 days. He was born in Washington county, in 1802.  [Marietta paper please copy]
  • Witham – At Ironton, September 26th, Ella May, daughter of Simeon and Samantha Witham, aged 4 years, 6 months. (poem)


IR July 13, 1876 – Deaths.

  • – In Ironton, Monday night, July 10th, Grace M. Kennedy, infant daughter of Rev. P. P. and Mary A. Kennedy.
  • McEvoy – At her residence on Buckhorn Street, Tuesday, July 11th, 1876, at 6 o’clock, P.M., Mrs. M. McEvoy. Funeral will take place from St. Lawrence Church, this morning at 8 o’clock.
  • – Mrs. Fannie R. Ball, wife of Geo. W. Ball, died in Ironton, on July 3d, 1876, aged 30 years.


IR Sept. 21, 1876 – Mrs. M. J. Irwin, wife of G. W. Irwin, who for many years lived in the vicinity of Kelly’s Mills, this county, died recently at her home in Tolono, Illinois.  She leaves a large family to mourn her loss.


IR Jan. 30, 1879 – Deaths.

  • – On January 6th, 1879, Caroline, wife of John Walden and daughter of Jacob Snider.
  • – At Burlington, Jan. 21, George N. Powers, aged 27 years, 4 months.
  • – At Burlington, Jan. 22, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Willis.
  • – In Ironton, Wednesday morning, Jan. 29, Ruth, wife of William D. Jones, aged 30 years, of consumption.


IR Feb. 13, 1879 – Deaths.

  • – At his home on Vernon and Seventh street, Feb. 9th, Velt Lutz, aged 58 years, of consumption.
  • – In Ironton, Feb. 10th, Thomas Davis, aged about 20 years.
  • – At Lebanon, O., Feb. 4th, Calvin Moxley.


IR Oct. 2, 1879 – Deaths.

  • – At Greasy Ridge, September 15th, Cread C. Dillon, aged 69 years.
  • – Sunday, Sept. 21, infant son of Chas. Rice, aged 1 year.
  • – Robt. H. Yingling, aged 44 yrs., died at Hanging Rock, his native place, Sept. 25, of typhoid fever. He was buried Sunday the 28th, in the family burying ground.  Funeral services by Rev. Whitcomb, of Cleveland.  For many years the deceased had been in merchantile business at theRock, and his numerous friends will be pained to learn of his death while in the prime of life.


IR May 12, 1881 – Deaths.

  • – On the 2nd inst., Chandler, aged four months, son of A. T. and Carrie Dempsey.


IR Aug. 30, 1883 – Deaths.

  • – Aug. 23, James, son of J. D. Clark, aged 5 years.
  • – Aug. 24, child of A. Miller, aged 11 months.
  • – Aug. 26, Mrs. Tulvy, Ice Creek, aged 48 years.
  • – Aug. 22, infant child of Thomas Melvin.
  • – Aug. 22, child of William Hille, aged 14 months.
  • – Aug. 24, infant child of Wm. Porter, aged 13 months.

Mulligan.- Aug. 27, infant child of Thos. Mulligan, of whooping cough, aged 6 week.s


IR Dec. 10, 1885 – Deaths.

  • – Dec. 4, Usual Black, 46 years.
  • – Dec. 6, Lydia, wife of Chas. Ballard, aged 36.
  • – Dec. 8, 2 year old child of Peter Wade, at New Castle, burned to death.
  • – Dec. 9, infant child of Mr. Skevanski.
  • – Dec. 8, Michael Conner, aged 79 years.


IR Dec. 10, 1885 – Usual Black, a well known colored man of this place, died last week.


IR June 2, 1887 – Deaths.

  • – May 25, infant child of Reuben Hobbs.
  • – May 27, Maggie, daughter of Wm. Greener, aged 4 years.
  • – May 29, Mrs. Caroline George, aged 54 years.
  • – May 27, Lawrence Boylan.
  • – Infant child of Louis Middlehauser.
  • – May 31, Jos. Osborne, aged about 43 or 45.


IR June 2, 1887 – Joseph Osborn,who lived on 8th-st., died suddenly yesterday morning.  He was down at the decoration exercises in the Court House yard, Monday afternoon, returned feeling well and retired with no apprehension of sickness.  At 1 o’clock he awoke, raised himself a little, and then fell over dead.


IR Mar. 22, 1888 – Deaths.

  • – Mar. 15, Sarah Johnson, aged 38.
  • – Mar. 16, Wm. Patton, aged 64.
  • – Mar. 16, Margaret E. Quigley, aged about 40.
  • – Mar. 16, Annie Savage, aged 14.
  • – Mar. 17, August Sackel, aged 38.
  • – Mar. 19, Oscar Wood, aged 1 year.
  • – Mar. 20, Geo. Justice, 2 1/2 years old.
  • Basham – Mar. 16, Johanna M. Basham, aged 39 years.
  • – Mar. 18, John Kelly, at Ashland, aged 61.
  • Jackman – Mar. 19, Rebecca Jackman, aged 75 years.
  • Wilson – Mar. 19, Floyd Wilson, aged 13.
  • – Mar. 20, Thos. Bolan, aged 82.


IR Oct. 25, 1894 – Andrew Dempsey, son of the late Thos. A. Dempsey, died at Cincinnati, last

Monday.  His mother died only a few weeks ago, and he attended the funeral here.  He was an Ironton school boy, and lately a bookkeeper in a wholesale house at Cincinnati.  He was about 27 years old.


IWR – Feb. 27, 1897 – Maggie McDevitt, aged nine years, daughter of Mrs. James McDevitt, whose home is near the Iron Bridge …


MI Nov. 9, 1915 – Mrs. Jane Ballard Dies at Columbus.

Mrs. Jane Ballard who formerly lived at Coal Grove and later Ironton, but who has for the past twelve years resided at Columbus died Sunday …..

She leaves three sons, Walter S. Ballard, of Harrodsburg, Ky., George D. Ballard, of Sanford, Fla., and Henry S. Ballard, of Columbus, One brother …


IR Feb. 3, 1930 – Obituary

DavidsonGeorge W. Davidson, age 76 years, died at his home at Haverhill Saturday night after a four week illness.  Funeral services were held at the home this afternoon, with burial in Davidson cemetery under direction of Gholson and Sons.


IET Jan. 22, 1934 – Obituary.

  • – The funeral of Mrs. Sarah E. Bruce of Union Landing was conducted at the Bingaman and Jones funeral home this afternoon at 2 o’clock by Rev. J. R. Gilpin of Russell with burial in Woodland cemetery.
  • – Last rites for Mrs. Margaret Calver of Coal Grove, who died Saturday at the age of 93? years, will be conducted at the Coal Grove M.E. church Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. by Rev.

Cochrane, with burial in Woodland cemetery in charge of Undertaker Phillips.

  • – The funeral of Mrs. Wheeler Evans will be conducted at Rehobeth M.E. Church near Waterloo Tuesday at 11 a.m. by Rev. Snyder with Undertaker Phillips supervising interment in Rehobeth cemetery.
  • – Johnny Junior Kilburne, 6 month old son of Mr.a nd Mrs. Johnny Kilburn … (do not have rest of this page)


IST Feb. 1, 1934 – Obituary.

David Davidson of South Point, Dies. – Funeral Services at Baptist Church Saturday at 2 P.M. – David H. Davidson, South Point farmer, died at his home this morning at 1:30 o’clock after an illness of two weeks.  He was born on April 3, 1853, death coming at the age of 75 years.  He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davidson, who preceded him in death.  Surviving are his widow, Ellen Davidson, three sons and one daughter:  Willee and Arch of South Point, William of

Cleveland and Mrs. Hattie Waldon of South Point.  Funeral services will be conducted at the

South Point Baptist church Saturday at 2 p.m. by Rev. Billups.  He had been a member of the South Point church during the last half century.  Burial in White Cottage cemetery will be under direction of Feuchter and Davidson.


IET Feb. 17, 1936 – Victor Davidson of Union Landing Claimed by Death.

Death claimed Victor A. Davidson, well known and esteemed resident of Union Landing, Sunday evening at his home following a brief illness.  He suffered a stroke Friday while returning home following daily milk delivery and his condition has since been critical.  Mr. Davidson was about 65 years old and is survived by his wife, other relatives and many friends.  He was a brother-inlaw of George Trumbo of Union Landing.  Funeral arrangements of Bingaman and Jones.




IR Apr. 2, 1868 – Births

  • Killerer – On the 20th ult., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C. Killerer.
  • Jamison – On the 23d ult., a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Jamison.


IR Jan. 9, 1879 – Births.

  • – December 25th, to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Elliot, a son.
  • – In East Ironton to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hacker, a daughter.
  • – On Sunday, Jan. 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Goff, a daughter.
  • – At Hanging Rock, to Mr. and Mrs. John Willis, a son.


IR Jan. 30, 1879 – Births.

  • – On Jan. 14, 1879, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Bussey, of Aid township, a daughter.
  • – On Jan. 14th to Mr. and Mrs. H. Lodge, of Aid township, a daughter.  Wilgus. – At Proctorville, Jan. 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilgus, a daughter.

Martin. – At Proctorville, Jan. 17th to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin, a daughter.

  • – On the 20th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Selb, a son.
  • – On the 22d inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis, a son.
  • – On the 22nd inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ferguson, a son.
  • – On the 25th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Hall Lynn, a son.


IR Feb. 13, 1879 – Births.

  • – To Mr. and Mrs. John McComas, of Arabia, on February 2, a son.
  • – To Mr. and Mrs. Logan Vermillion, of Arabia, on February 5, a son.
  • – To Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Parker, of Arabia, on February 5, a daughter.
  • – At Ironton, Feb. 4th, to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Hart, a daughter.
  • – To Mr. and Mrs. William Unrue, a son.


IR Oct. 2, 1879 – Births.

  • – To Mr. and Mrs. H. Brown, a son.
  • – September 28th, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Miller, a son.
  • – To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neal, a son.
  • – Sept. 16, to James C. and Mary A Russell, a daughter.
  • – Sept. __, to Mr. and Mrs. Squire Walters, a son.
  • – In Ironton, Oct. 29th, to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Warfuel, a son.


IR May 12, 1881 – Births.

  • Williams – On the 7th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. George Williams, a son.


IR Aug. 30, 1883 – Births.

  • – Aug. 21, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Godfrey, a daughter.
  • – Aug. 23, to Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Frazier, a daughter.
  • – Aug. 24, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Dolan, twin daughters.
  • – Aug. 24, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Bagley, a daughter.
  • – Aug. 24, to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Leighty, a daughter.
  • – Aug. 25, to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Thomas, a son.


IR Dec. 10, 1885 – Births.

  • Beck – Dec. 7, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Beck, a son.
  • – Dec. 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Burke, a girl.
  • – Dec. 8, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Evans, a son.
  • – Dec. 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Richardson, a son.


IR Jul. 2, 1887 – Births

  • – May 31, to Mr. and Mrs. Clay Henry, a son.
  • – May 2_, to Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fulwiler, a son.
  • – May 2_, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKnight, a daughter.
  • – May 26, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Rombacher, a son.
  • – May 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Finley, a son.


IR Mar. 22, 1888 – Births.

  • – Mch. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Lot Henthorn, a son.
  • – To Rev. and Mrs. Herbst, a daughter.
  • – To Mr. and Mrs. James Kinney, a daughter.




















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Also, remember that all anonymous communications will be thrown in the waste basket.  IR Sept. 29, 1887


Also note:  Some of these obituaries are quite long in their actual form and have been condensed for this publication.  Thank you, Sharon Kouns.



completed July 29, 1852 -July 20, 1854 deaths & marriages completed July 19, 1860 – Oct.18, 1860 deaths & marriages on computer completed July 24, 1856 – July 15, 1858 deaths & marriages on computer completed Jan. 14, 1858 – Mar. 25, 1858 deaths & marriage

completed deaths from Ironton Journal Sept. 1, 1869 through December 28, 1870






Abbott, Miss Alice  –  IR Mar. 04, 1909  –  Miss Alice Abbott of Front and Pine Streets, died Monday from the effects of heart trouble.  Miss Abbott was about 31 years of age.  Interment at Woodland.


Abbott, W. R.  –  IT Nov. 27, 1955  – Winfield R. Abbot, 76, of South Point, died Saturday in the

General Hospital.  He was born Jan. 8, 1880 at Olive Hill, Ky., son of the late Loren and Ella Madden Abbott.  On July 6, 1906 he was united in marriage to Ethel Chatfield.  . . he operated a truck farm at South Point.  Surviving are the wife, Ethel Abbott; a daughter, Mrs. Sherman Kizzee of Ironton; two brothers, Bruce Abbott, Soldier, Ky. and Howard Abbott, Coal Grove, and four grandchildren.  A son, Russell P. Abbott preceded him in death in 1950 and two other children died in infancy.  Interment in Woodland Cemetery.


Abel, Jess  –  SWR  Dec. 05, 1921  –  (the newspaper of this date is in poor condition), died of Bright’s Disease. He was 61 years of age on the 2nd of October, having been born in West Ironton in the year 1860.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Abel and is the last of a family of eleven children.  Besides his wife, the following children are left:  Allison of Columbus; Mrs. Sadie Davis of South Point; Mary, Dorothy, Theodore, Eloise, Charlotte and Geneva, all at home.


Abel, Jess, Senior –  IR Feb. 03, 1898  –  Old veteran gone – Jess Abel, Sr., died last Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Golden, near Old Maidsville.  His age was 64 years 1 day.  He lived in Ironton over 30 years – came from Wheeling and held a position as nailor at Belfont Mill.  During the Civil War he was a volunteer in the 2nd WV Cavalry.


Abele, John J.  –  IR Nov. 30, 1905  –  John J. Abele, 29, of Wellston and Miss Emma M. Geswine, 23, of this city were granted a license to wed last Tuesday.  They were married Wednesday morning at St. Joseph church.


Able, Infant  –  IR Jan. 19, 1888  –  Died – infant child of Andy Able, Jan. 12.


Able, Joseph  –  IR Jul. 12, 1877  –  Joseph Able and Emma Herbert were united in marriage at the St. Jospeh’s church, On Tuesday morning.


Abrams, Mrs. Rachel  –  IR Apr. 17, 1878


Acheson, Thomas  –  IR Sept. 02, 1852 – insolvent estate – To the Creditors of the Estate of Thomas

Acheson, dec’d – ….


Ackerson, Thomas  –  SWI Jan. 22, 1909   –  Died Jan. 16, 1909, Sheridan, Ohio of pneumonia, age 75 years.  Served 5th WVI.  A veteran of the Civil War.  A wife and six children survived him:  James, Edward, Charles, Mrs. Daniel Adams, Mrs. William Walters, and Mrs. Isaac Crabtree, all of Sheridan.


Adams, Mrs.   –  IR Mar. 09,1871  –  Died Feb. or March, 1871 below Haskelville.  Buried “last week”  interment:  Rome Cemetery.


Adams, E. E. Dr   –  IR Oct.28,1875   –  Died Oct.20, 1875 of heart disease, age 68 years.


Adams, George P.  –  IR Jun. 23, 1892  –  Marriage license issued to George P. Adams and Minnie B. McAtee.


Adams, Hamilton  –  IET Apr. 27, 1927  –  Last rites for Hamilton Adams of 803 Mulberry Street, who died Monday, were held at the home this afternoon.  Interment was made in Williams cemetery at Catlettsburg.


Adams, Capt. Henry – IR Mar. 28, 1901 – Captain Adams Dead.  –  Captain Henry Adams, an aged and highly respected resident of this community, died at 11:30 o’clock Sunday night at his home, 200 South Sixth street, after an illness of several months.  Dropsy of the heart was the cause of his death.

The deceased was past 66 years of age.  He was born in Bedford County, Pa., May 30, 183_, and came to Ironton about 46 years ago from Scioto county, where he had lived for a short time and where he was married to Miss Nannie Pugh in 1857.  Upon the breaking out of the civil war, the deceased enlisted at Ironton in Battery B., First West Virginia Light Artillery, and was in battles at Moorefiled, W. Va., Mt. Jackson, Va., Rocky Gap, Va., Drop Mountain, W. VA., Lynchburg, Va.,  Liberty, Va., Lee Town W. Va., Maryland Heights, Md., Monocacy Junction,

Md., Point of Rocks, Md., Purcellsville, Va., Shickers Gap, Ashby’s Gap, Winchester and Charleston, W. Va., and Shepardstown, Md.  He served until the close of the war and upon being mustered out, entered the river service.  His last position was as mate on the Bay line of steamers, which he was compelled to resign on account of ill health.  Five children are left to mourn.  These are:  Harry and Will Adams, of Newport, Charley Adams of Wheeling, W. Va., Mrs. John R. Williams of Wheeling and Mrs. Joseph Fouts of Ironton.


Adams, John  –  IR Jul. 21, 1887  –  Died on July 19, John Adams, aged 9 months.


Adams, John C  –  IR Jun. 09, 1853  –  Married on yesterday, at Union Landing, O., by Rev. A.

Bardwell, John C. Adams, Esq., of Maysville, Ky., and Miss Mary A., daughter of Thomas W. Means, of the former place.


Adams, Mrs. Mary A. (Means)  –  IR Jan. 23, 1896  –  Daughter of the late Thomas W. Means, died in New York city on Jan. 14, 1896 from poor health.  She was born December 25, 1833 at Union Landing, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Funeral took place from residence of her son, Mr. Thomas Adams, Ashland, Ky.    Interment:  Woodland Cemetery.


Adams, Thomas  –  IR Nov. 10, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Thomas Adams and Mary Ransbottom.


Adams, Thomas  –  SWI  Feb. 16,1909   –  Died Feb. 15, 1909 Lawrence county, Ohio an aged resident of Steam Furnace.  Interment:  Donaldtons?


Adams, Thomas M.  –  IR Sept. 22, 1892 –  Cards are out for the marriage of Mr. Thomas M. Adams, of Ashland, and Miss Louise Sheldon, of West Newton, Mass., at the residence of the bride, on Wed. Eve., September 26.  They will be “at home” at corner Bath ave. and 16th, Ashland, after November 1.


Adams, Mrs. Thomas M.  –  IR Apr. 08, 1897  –  Died Last Monday at her home in Ashland from the results of childbirth.  This is the second child of the loving pair.  Mrs. Adam’s mother will probably take the two motherless children to her own home in Rhode Island.  Interment:  Woodland Cemetery.


Adams, Thomas Means  –  IT Nov. 14, 1926  –  Thomas Means Adams, 73, Prominent Ashland,

Ky. Capitalist, Killed Saturday – Struck by ambulance while enroute to home.  Born:  Greenup Co., Ky.  His wife preceded him in death in 1897.  Two daughters:  Mrs. Norwood Calvert of San Diego, Cal. and Mrs. Harold Dugan of Ashland, Ky.  Funeral arrangements incomplete.


Addis,   –  IR Mar. 01, 1883  –  Died Feb. 26th, 3 year old child of Isaac Addis of Texas Hollow.


Addis, Joseph  –  IR Sept. 22, 1887  –  Died – Sept. 14th, Joseph Addis, of Buckhorn furnace.


Adkins, George  –  IR May 02, 1901  –  George Adkins died at the penitentiary hospital Monday morning from consumption.  He was sent up from Lawrence county to serve 15 years for robbery.  He and three other men robbed a farmer, for who Adkins was working, of $1633.50.  Adkins was received in 1896 and his short term would have expired in 1904.  The remains will be sent to Ironton – Ohio State Journal.  Adkins was implicated with Elmer Boster and others in the robbery of George W. Sanford of this county, a case which was given widespread notoriety at the time.


Adkins, George G  –  IR Nov. 13,1873   –  Died Nov. 13, 1873 South Point, Ohio.  Accidentally shot himself.


Adkins, James  –  IR Dec. 06,1860  –  Died Nov. 24, 1860 Lawrence County Infirmary aged 45years.


Akers, Emmitt  –  IR Jan. 21, 1904  –  Marriage license issued to Emmitt Akers, 18, and Mattie Staley, 18, Wayne county, W. Va.


Akers, William  –  IR Aug. 03, 1865  –  Marriage license issued during month of July – William Akers and Celia Akers.


Akers, William  –  IR Mar. 30,1905   –  Died Mar. 26, 1905 Hanging Rock, Ohio of asthma, age 76 years.  He was a veteran of the Civil War.


Alban, Infant  –  IR Oct.17, 1895  –  Dr. Alban’s oldest child,  a son of 2 years of age, died Monday.


Albright, Miss Emma  –  IR Feb. 21,1907   –  Died Feb. 1907 at 705 S. 4th St., Ironton, Ohio of typhoid pneumonia age 18 years.  She died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Albert Wiseman.  She was formerly of Waterloo.  Interment:  Mt. Zion.


Aldrich, Mrs. Mehitable  –  IR Jun. 15, 1854  –  Died Feb. 5th, 1854, at the residence of her son in Polk county, Iowa, Mrs. Mehitable, consort of Thomas Aldrich, in the 80th year of her age.  Born in Massachusetts, emigrated to Vermont at an early age, thence to western New York, and in 1812 to Scioto county, Ohio.  In 1848 she moved with her son to Iowa . . . She leaves behind a large circle of children.


Aldridge, George W.  –  IR Jul. 23, 1857  –  Married on the 18th inst., by Thos. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. George W. Aldridge and Miss Sarah T. Fillinger, both of Lawrence county.


Alexander, Mrs.  A. J.  –  IJRN Dec. 28, 1870  –  Died December 22nd, at her residence at Burlington, of paralysis, Mrs. A. J. Alexander, age 50 years.


Alexander, Gillian  –  IET Oct.24, 1924  –  Mr. Gillian Alexander, former Ironton resident, died at his home in Newark, Ohio, Thursday, local relatives were notified yesterday.  Misses Cecelia McCarthy and Mary Smith left at once for Newark.  Mr. Alexander married Miss Mary

McCarthy, of North Sixth street, they leaving Ironton about twenty years ago. Formerly

employed at the Foster Foundry.  His wife and the following children survive:  Emily, James, and Mrs. Erve Wratten, of Wilmington, Delaware.


Alexander, Hugh  –  IR Nov. 04,1875   –  Died Oct.25, 1875 Greenup, Ky. age 67 years.


Alexander, James, Sr.  –  IWR Mar. 11, 1893  –  Foreman of the Foster Stove Foundry died at his home on south Second street Wednesday.  He was in his sixtieth year.  Mr. Alexander was born near Mt. Vernon Furnace in this county (Lawrence), and had resided in this county all his life.  He was a moulder by trade.  In 1885 he became associated with Mr. J. D. Foster and others in the organization of the Foster Stove Co.. . . His wife and three sons, Gillen, Charles and James, all of this city survive him.  IR March 16, 1893 – James Alexander, Sr. – This worthy citizen died last Wednesday…His age was 61 years.  He was born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania, and came to Lawrence county in 1843, settling at Mt. Vernon Furnace, where his father was engaged as a molder.  In 1842, they moved to Ironton, where father and son worked in the new foundry.  Mr. Alexander has resided in Ironton ever since.  In 1857, he married Miss Emily Gillen, daughter of the late, Martin Gillen, who survives him.  Mr. A. has been a member of Spencer Chapel for 40 years; he was a Water Works trustee; and foreman of the Foster Stove Co.  … Interment in Woodland.


Alexander, John  –  IR Oct.15,1868   –  Died Oct.10, 1868 Burlington, Ohio of a long and protracted illness.  Lieutenant – 181st OVI aged 22 years.


Alexander, James Y.  –   IR May 07, 1857  –  Married on the 30th ult., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr.

James Y. Alexander and Miss Emily Jane, only daughter of Martin Gillen, Esq., all of Ironton.


Alexander, John Young  –  IR Aug. 09, 1860  –  Died in this town (Ironton), on the 7th inst., John Young Alexander, infant son of James and Emily Alexander, aged 9 months 21 days.


Alexander, Mrs. M. A. (Belcher)  –  IR Dec. 12, 1878  –  The last of William Belcher’s twin daughter’s died at her father’s on 2nd street last Friday . . . Mrs. Alexander had been removed from her home in Kentucky . . . This is the 9th of the family which Mr. Belcher has buried at Hecla furnace.


Alford,   –  IR May 08, 1890  –  Died Monday, April 21, at his residence in Newhawks, Neb., of heart disease.  Born in Lawrence county, O., ____ 19, 1867 where he resided until May, 1887 when he removed with his parents Stephen and Rebecca J. Alford (need end of obit.)


Alford, Wm. H.  –  IR Jun. 02, 1904  –  In Memoriam (need to copy)  Born in Lawrence Co., Ohio, near the city of Ironton on September 06, 1862.  Married September 20, 1892 to Miss Anna L. Golden.  (Do not have end of obit)


Algo, Infant   –  IR Feb. 17, 1887  –  Deaths – Feb. 12, child of B. J. Algo, aged 15 months.


Allen, Caleb        –  IR Sept. 14, 1865  –  Mr. Caleb Allen – suicide by hanging . . . had been beaten by the City Marshal of Ironton and his associates . . .


Allen, James Col.   –  IR Mar. 19,1868  –  Died Mar. 15, 1868 Ironton, Ohio of consumption.  He was a colonel in 2nd WV Cavalry.  He was born in Fayette Co., Va., Feb. 16, 1831 but moved to Jackson county, Ohio when very young.  He married in Gallia county in 1853.  When the war broke out he volunteered and was made captain. . . After the war, he returned to old situation in the Clarke, Ricker & Co. machine works.


Allen, Mrs. Maggie Barber   –  IET Feb. 20, 1933  –  Died age 22, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John  Barber, 1007 south 3rd street, this morning.  She is survived by husband John Allen and one daughter, Bessie, age 2; four sisters, Virgie, Marie, Susie and Frances, two brothers Cecil and Estell, all at home, John Moore, grandfather of Ironton and Sarah Barber, grandmother of Indian Run, Ky.


Allen, Robert  –  IR Aug. 28,1879   –  Died Aug. 04, 1879 Washington Co., IA age 87 years.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812; died at the residence of his son, William.


Allin, W. H.  –   IR Mar. 22, 1866  –  Married at the residence of A. W. Hurt, on the 14th inst., by Rev. J. W. Dillon, W. H. Allin to Miss Maggie Hurt, all of Lawrence county.


Allison, J. F. J.  –  IR Jul. 19, 1860  –  Married on July 19th at the residence of  J. A. Shepherd, South Point, by Rev. W. W. Davidson, Mr. J. F. J. Allison, of Pittsburgh, Pa., to Miss Harriette Jackson of



Allison, J. W.       –  IR Apr. 05,1883   –  Died March 31, 1883 of softening of the brain.  He was born in Berwick, Pa., July 06, 1806 and came to Ironton in 1853, when he took charge of the Ironton House.  A few years afterward he moved his family to New Albany, IN where he was similarly engaged for a couple of years.  Returned to Ironton where he remained until his death.


Allison, James  –  IR Apr. 05, 1883  –  A colored roustabout was drowned off the Louise wharfboat Tuesday.  His name is given as James Allison.  He was about 18 years old.


Allison, Mrs. Maria A.  –  IR Nov. 10, 1853  –  Died – in Ironton, on the 7th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Maria A., wife of Thomas J. Allison, and daughter of Isaac Davisson, aged 23 years.


Alltop, Josiah  –  IR Jun. 10, 1875  –  Marriage license issued to Josiah Alltop and Mary Gates.


Altop, Mrs. John  –  IR Jan. 25,1906   –  Died Jan. 23, 1906 Arabia, Ohio of typhoid fever.  Her son Delbert was also sick with same in Illinois.  She was survived by husband and a large family of children.


Amen, Mamie  –  IR Nov. 21, 1889  –  Died Nov. 16, 1889, age 4 years.


Amlin, Almira  –  IR Aug. 20, 1857  –  Died on the 16th inst., in Ironton, Almira Amlin, infant daughter of Henry Amlin, aged 5m12d.


Amlin, Mrs. Almira E.    –  IR Jun. 18, 1857  –  Died in Ironton on June 12th, Mrs. Almira E. Amlin, eldest daughter of Stephen Newton, of Harmar, Ohio, and wife of Henry M. Amlin, of this town, aged 20y7m11d.  She had one child at the time of her death.


Amlin, Mrs. Jane Nixon  –  IR Jul. 01,1869   –  Died June, 1869 age 37 years the wife of Henry M. Amlin.


Amos, Bernie   –  IR May 20, 1875   –  Died May 1875 age 2 1/2 years the child of H. L. and Julia



Amos, Mrs. Harriet E. (Sutton)  –  SWI Feb. 15, 1910  –  Widow of the late W. C. Amos.  Died in

Williamsburg, Ky., where she had been living for the past eight years in company with her sister, Mrs. (sic) Nancy Sutton.  Cause:  Pneumonia.  Born:  at Hanging Rock, 72 years ago, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sutton.  She married in the early 50’s to W. C. Amos who died some nine years prior.  Two children survive:  Mrs. William Delaney, of Cincinnati and Lester, residence unknown at time of printing.  Four sisters also living:  Mrs. Sam Clark and Mrs. Richard Blackwell of Ironton; Mrs. John Kavanaugh, of Columbus and Miss Nancy Sutton of Williamsburg, Ky.

Last surviving brother, Richard, died in Columbus, three weeks ago and his remains were brought here for interment.  Interment:  Woodland Cemetery.


Amos, Infant  –  IR May  03, 1888  –  Deaths – infant child of S. D. Amos, of Etna Fce.


Amos, William C.  –  IR Dec. 10, 1857  –  Married – on the 26th of November, at Etna Furnace, by Rev. John Q. Gibson, Mr. William C. Amos and Miss Harriet E. Sutton.


Amos, William Covington  –  IT Mar. 20, 1902   –  Died March 16, 1902 at 8th and Park, Ironton, Ohio of a stroke of paralysis.  He was the son of Asa and Nancy Amos.  The spouse of Harriet E.

Sutton whom he married on Nov. 26, 1857 at Etna Furnace.  He was born in Mason Twp., Lawrence county, Ohio on Feb. 18, 1829.  His parents moved here from Virginia several years before his birth.  Pioneer Iron Man of the region, also a teacher.  Only two of their eight children survived him, Mrs. William E. Delaney of Williamsburg, Ky., and Mrs. Horace L. Amos of Ironton.


Anderson, B. C.  –  IR Jan. 09, 1879  –  An old citizen of Elizabeth Twp. and well known throughout the county died at his residence near Powellsville on the 26th.  Afflicted with rheumatism, he died after a short illness, age about 40 years.


Anderson, David P.   –  IR Jul. 02, 1857  –  Married on the 23rd ult., at the parsonage in Hanging Rock, by Rev. J. Q. Gibson, Mr. David P. Anderson, and Miss Maria Jane Jones.


Anderson, David P.   –  IR Jun. 07, 1888  –  David P. Anderson, the well known tombstone man, died at his residence above town, last Sunday and was buried at Woodland.  Mr. Anderson has been in the tombstone business in Ironton for 30 years.  He was 53 years. Old.


Anderson, Mrs. Juliet (Savage)  –  IR Aug. 01, 1889  –  Wife of J. L. Anderson, died at home in Ironton last Monday.  Born: Maysville, Ky. and was about 40 years old.  She had been married 17 years and leaves a husband and son.  Interment:  Woodland Cemetery (not named in obit.)


Anderson, Lewis  –  IR Sept. 22, 1892 – Lewis Anderson will go to Florida in a few days, and attend the Ruggles college at Winter Park.


Anderson, Louis H.  –  IR Oct. 21, 1909  –  Died at French Lick Springs, Ind.  He was the son of attorney, J. L. Anderson.  He was about 35? years of age.  He had severe throat trouble.  Body will probably be cremated.  Funeral services not complete.  Mrs. J. L. Anderson was to join her husband at French Lick.


Anderson, Mrs. Louisa  –  IR Feb. 20, 1851  –  need to verify date – she was the wife of Lewis Anderson.  She died age 39y 6m.


Anderson, Margaret Ann  –  IR Aug. 02, 1860   –  Died age 8m 14d the daughter of David P. and Maria J. Anderson.


Anderson, Robert               –  IR  May 23, 1867  –  Married on the 17th inst., at the Buckeye House, in Ironton, by N. K. Hanley, Esq., Mr. Robert Anderson to Miss Louisa Brumfield of Kentucky.


Anderson, Thomas  –  IR Jan. 07, 1892  –  Thomas Anderson, of South Point, was buried by the G. A. R. last Saturday.


Andrews, Mrs. Delilah  –  SWR Feb. 09, 1912  –  Beloved wife of Capt. Lee Andrews, died Wednesday, leaving surviving her a husband and six children, Mrs. Quinte Brown, Mrs. M. D. Edwards, Senator La Forest Andrews, Mrs. Etta Kinney and Glen to mourn her loss; three children died in early childhood and one son, Charles Alden Andrews being drowned at the age of twenty-eight years in Dutch Harbor, in the Northern Pacific ocean.  The deceased was aged 71 years and was the daughter of Joseph and Jane Davidson and was born and reared at South Point, where the parents were among the first settlers.  She came to Ironton about 18 years ago and always resided at the same house, at 206 Park Avenue.  At the age of 18 she was married to Capt. Lee Andrews at South Point.  Mrs. Andrews has been ill for over 3 weeks with appendicitis.


Andrews, Forest  –  IR Sept. 22, 1892 –  Forest Andrews, of Moscow, is studying law with John Yates.


Angel, Mr.   –  IR Nov. 25, 1886   –  Died Nov. 17, 1886 at Infirmary age 35 years.


Ankrim, Capt.  –   IR Feb. 23, 1888  –  Capt. Ankrim died at Fayetteville, a few days ago.  He was Captain of the old Second Va. Cavalry, and has been merchandising since the war. (Civil War)


Ankrim, Georgia Drury  –  IR Feb. 08, 1906  –  Georgia Drury Ankrim, wife of Jno. H. Ankrim, died at her home near Burlington, O., Thursday.  The deceased was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Drury.  Besides the husband and three little ones, Margaret, Marshall and Grace, she is survived by her mother and the following brothers and sisters;  Frank Drury and Mrs. Oliver Chafin of Newport, Ky., Mrs. Henry Kouns, Miss Addie and Hugh Drury of Sybene and Mrs. L. G. Shute of Burlington.


Ankrim, James  –  IR Mar. 30, 1865  –  Married on Mar. 16th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, James Ankerim, of Burlington, Ohio to Matilda J. Cox, of Sandy Springs, Adams County, Ohio.


Ankrim, James  –  IJRN May 04, 1870  –  Died April 19th, in Burlington of injuries from the fall of a horse, Mr. James Ankrim, age 38 years.


Ansell, Mr.  –   IJRN Nov. 30, 1870  –  Died in West Va., near Millersport, Oh., Mr. Ansell was killed instantly by the fall of a tree which he had cut down.


Ansell, Martin  –  IR Sept. 15, 1853  –  Married on the 11th inst., by S. McCown, Esq., Mr. Martin Ansell, of Cabell co., Va., to Miss Nancy Defoor, of Millersport, Ohio.


Argo, Mrs. Mary Jane  –  IR Dec. 03, 1863  –  Died Nov. 26, 1863 Upper Twp. age 34 years the wife of Solomon D. Argo.


Arnold, J. Robert  –  IST Mar. 26, 1933  –  Lucy E. Campbell and J. Robert Arnold wed Saturday Noon – Saturday, March 25th, ceremony performed by Mr. Winkle.  The only attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schmidtt, brother-in-law and sister of the bride.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Campbell of Lynchburg, Ohio.  While a resident of this city she has been stenographer at the Foster Stove Co.  The groom is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Arnold of Moores Hill, Ind.


Arthridge,  –   IR Aug. 21, 1884  –  Died Aug. 15 at Etna Furnace, child of Enoch Arthridge.

Arthur, George  –  IR Nov. 30, 1905  –  George Arthur of Sheridan died Sunday morning after an illness of four years duration.  He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.  He is also survived by three brothers.  Burial was at the Hatcher grave yard.


Arthur, Infant  –  IR Mar. 01, 1883  –  Infant child of George Arthur at Hanging Rock on Feb. 24th.


Arthur, Mrs. Thomas  –  IR Mar. 06, 1879  –  Died at Coryville, March 3rd, Mrs. Arthur, wife of Thomas Arthur.


Arthur, William  –  IR Mar. 02, 1865  –  Married by Rev. L. Hall, at the Probate office, Feb. 27th, Mr. William Arthur and Miss Emerine Dixon, both of Boyd county, Kentucky.


Arthur, William  –  IR Sept. 14, 1865  –  Married on the 3rd of Sept., 1865 at the residence of Mr. Cavalrey Fullerton, in Fayette Township, by Caleb Arthur, J. P., Mr. William Arthur to Miss Margaret Fullerton, both of Fayette Tp., Lawrence county, Ohio.


Arundel, John  –  IR Jul. 21, 1853  –  Married in this town (Ironton), on the 9th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. John Arundel, of Cincinnati, and Miss Elizabeth D. Jones, of Jackson county.


Ashcraft, Joshua  –  IR May 24, 1866  –  Married on the 17th inst., at the residence of the bride, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Joshua Ashcraft and Miss Ella White, both of this city.


Ashenhust, Daughter  –  IR Mar. 06, 1879  –  Birth – In Ironton, Mar. 1, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ashenhust, a daughter.


Ashley, John C.  –  IR Oct.08, 1857  –  Married on the 1st inst., between Lawrence and Etna Furnaces, by J. Q. Gibson, Mr. John Ashley and Miss Ruth A. Hughs; all of Lawrence county.


Ashley, Mrs. Mary Ann  –  IR Jan. 09, 1862


Atkeson, Mrs. Maria L. (Harvey)  –  IR AP. 02, 1888  –  Maria L. Harvey was born at Lewistown, Penn., March 27, 1833, died in Ironton, O., April 18, 1888, aged 55 years and 22 days.  When a child she moved with her parents to Cincinnati, where she married Mr. Thomas Hibler.  After her marriage she came to Ironton to live.  Here her husband died; and here, in June, 1857, she was married to Charles T. Atkeson, who survives her.  The fruit of the first union was two sons and of the second marriage two sons and three (do not have end of obit.)


Atkinson, Charles  –  IJRN Oct.27, 1869  –  Birth to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Atkinson, a daughter.


Atwater, Mrs. Belinda  –  IR Jan. 22, 1857  –  Died on the 5th inst., in Circleville, Mrs. Belinda Atwater, wife of Caleb Atwater, Esq., aged about 69 years.


Auckerman, Jacob  –  IR May 08, 1890  –  Died May 03, age 78.


Austin, C. K.   –  IR Apr. 29, 1869  –  Died April 22, 1869 at Hecla Furnace of consumption.


Austin, Frederick  –  IR SEP. 13, 1860  –  Marriage license issued to Frederick Austin and Cynthia Long.


Austin, Lycurgus C.  –   IR Jan. 19, 1854  –  Married on the 12th inst., by Rev. A. Bardwell, Mr. Lycurgus C. Austin to Miss Nancy, daughter of Charles Worthington, all of Upper Tp.

Austin, Lycurgus Jr.  –  IR Jan. 16, 1872   –  Died Feb. 10, 1872 Lawrence Co., Ohio of pneumonia, congestion and hemorrhaging age 16 years.


Austin, Mrs. Lydia   –  IR Jan. 11, 1855   –  Died Jan. 03, 1855 near Union Landing age 53 years.


Austin, Miss Sarah A.  –  IR Nov. 05, 1874   –  Died Oct.27, 1874 of typhoid fever, the eldest daughter of Charles and Susan Austin.


Abbot, Abram  –  IR Jul 12, 1888   –  Died Jul 7, 1888


Abboth, Infant  –  IR Feb 2, 1888   –  Died Jan 27, 1888, (a child of Abram Abboth)


Abbott, Jackson  –  IR Apr 5, 1883  –  Age 49 yrs, Died Mar 27, 1883 at Ice Creek


Abele, Anton  –  IR Jan 17, 1901 –  Died in Ironton Ohio of paralysis.The illness extended over the past four years. One of Ironton’s German residents.


Abele, Infant  –  IR Jan 3, 1889  –  Died Dec 31, 1888, (a child of Anton Abele)


Able, Casper  –  IR Sept. 5, 1889   –  Died Sep 1, 1889, Was killed by a bull


Able, Harry Milton  –  IR Oct 10, 1872  –  aged 1m 5d, Died Sep 22, 1872, (an infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Able)


Able, Henry J.  –  IR Aug 15, 1889  –  aged 8m, Died Aug 9, 1889, (a son of A. Able)


Able, Infant  –  IR Jan 19, 1888  –  Died Jan 12, 1888, (a child of Andy Able)


Able, Merton  –  IR Oct 17, 1889  –  aged 7 yrs, (a child of Theadore Able)


Able, Nancy  –  IR Jan 31, 1889      –  aged 27 yrs, Died Jan 29, 1889, (Wife of Jesse Able, Jr.)


Abrams, Charles  –  IR Jun 6, 1878               –  aged 13 yrs, Died Jun 1, 1878, He was run over by a wagon. Fell from a coal wagon being drawn by oxen and fell off the front and was crushed by the wagon.


Abrams, Infant son  –  IR Jan 25, 1883        –  Died Jan 6, 1883, (a son of Mr. Abrams)


Abrams, John L.  –  IR Aug 30, 1888   –  Died Aug 23, 1888


Abrams, Willie  –  IR Jan 17, 1889  –  aged 5m, Died Jan 10, 1889


Absheer, Mrs.  –  IR Oct 11, 1883  –  Died Oct 8, 1883


Absheer,  William  –  IR Jun 7, 1888  –  aged 62 yrs, Died Jun 5, 1888


Abshire, Joseph  –  IR Dec 15, 1887  –  aged 47 yrs, Died Dec 8, 1887


Ackison, James  –  IR Dec 26, 1901 –  aged 77 yrs, Died three weeks ago at Hecla Furnace of Paralysis. He was a well-known pioneer resident of Hecla Furnace.  Leaves a wife and five children.

Actaola, Fannie  –  IR Jun 15, 1871  –  aged 2y 8m 25d, Died Jun 7, 1871, (a daughter of Mr. & Mrs.  W.S. Merrill)


Adams, Alice  –  IR Jan 17, 1884  – aged 18m, Died Jan 9, 1884, (a daughter of Henry Adams)


Adams, Calphurnia  –  IR Dec 13, 1883       –  aged 74 yrs, Died Dec 5, 1883


Adams, E.P. Rev.  –  IR Mar 23, 1899 –  aged 86 yrs, died last week at Vanceburg. Was a Presbyterian Pastor 20 yrs ago at Hanging Rock.


Adams, Egbert E.  –  IR Mar 17, 1870  –  aged 3 yrs 11m, (The youngest son of R. & N.A. Adams)


Adams, Henry  –  IR Mar 10, 1887  –  aged 27 yrs, died on Mar 9, 1887


Adams, Henry  –  IR Nov 16, 1905  –  aged 58 yrs, burial at Kelley’s Cemetery


Adams, Infant  –  IR Feb 21, 1889  –  died Feb 19, 1889, (a child of J.H. Adams)


Adams, John  –  IR Jul 21, 1887  –  aged 9m, died Jul 19, 1887


Adams, Mary  –  IR Jan 23, 1896   –  died Jan 14, 1896 in New York City, Large obit; Daughter of late Thomas W. Means.  Funeral held at her son’s Thomas Adams, on the 17th.


Adams, Mrs.  –  IR Mar 1, 1888 –  died Feb 23, 1888, The wife of James Adams of Russell, KY


Adams, Mrs.  –  IR Mar 9, 1871  –  Buried last week in Rome Cemetery


Adams, Rupul  –  IR Jun 3, 1886   –  aged 25 yrs, died on May 29, 1886


Adams, Sarah J.  –  IR Jul 9, 1891  –  aged 51 yrs, died on Jun 20, 1891 in Bradrick, OH. Was married to Richard Adams on Apr 29, 1879.  Mother of ten children and member of Ridge Baptist Church in 1857 and transferred to Union Church in 1877.  Born May 24, 1840


Adams, Thomas M. Mrs. IR Apr 8, 1897  –  died in Ashland, KY during childbirth.


Adams, Wife of Levi  –  IR Oct 2, 1884      –  aged 18 yrs, died on Sep 27, 1884


Adams, Zeri  –  IR Oct 19, 1893 –  aged 14 yrs, Accidentally shot and killed himself. (Son of Zeri Adams) Was visiting in Flordia when killed.


Adams, E.E., Dr.  –  IR Oct 28, 1875   –  aged 68 yrs, died on Oct 20, 1875 from Heart disease.


Adamson, Leslie  –  IR June 28, 1900  –  aged 24 yrs, died in Maysville, KY from lung trouble. (Son of Thomas Adamson) Formerly of Ironton.


Addis, Child  –  IR Dec 13, 1883  –  aged 6 yrs, died on Dec 6, 1883


Addis, Child  –  IR Mar 1, 1883      –  aged 3 yrs, died on Feb 26, 1883, (a child of Isaac Addis)


Addis, Freeman  –  IR Apr 5, 1883  –  aged 66 yrs, died on Mar 29, 1883

Addis, James O. –  IR Oct 4, 1888  –  died on Sep 30, 1888


Addis, Joseph  –  IR Sep 22, 1887  –  died on Sep 14, 1887


Adelia, Harriet  –  IR Jul 12, 1853  –  aged 8m, died on Jul 12, 1853


Adkins, David  –  IR Jul 30, 1885  –  aged 25 yrs, died on Jul 23, 1885


Adkins, George G.  –  IR Nov 20, 1873  –  died on Nov 13, 1873        at South Point. He shot himself accidentally.


Adkins, James  –  IR Dec 6, 1860   –  aged 45 yrs, died on Nov 24, 1860


Adkins, Quintus F.  –  IR Feb 3, 1859  –  aged 77 yrs, died on Feb 23, 1859, Served as Lieut. under General Harrison


Adkins, Samuel  –  IR Aug 15, 1889  –  aged 39 yrs, died on Aug 8, 1889


Alban, Child  –  IR Oct 17, 1895 –  aged 2 yrs, died on Oct 14, 1895, the oldest son of Dr. Alban, died Monday.


Albright, wife of Peter  –  IR Jun 26, 1884  –  aged 27 yrs, died on Jun 18, 1884



Alderman, Mr.  –  IR Oct 13, 1898


Alderman, Rev. C.  –  Sep 1, 1898  –  died on Aug 25, 1865, Married to Lydia Sayre. Died about 12:30am.


Aldeson, Asa  –  IR Sep 19, 1889   –  aged 86 yrs, died on Sep 17, 1889


Aldrich, Child  –  IR Oct 25, 1883  –  died on Oct 23, 1883


Aldrich, Mehitable  –  IR Jun 15, 1854  –  aged 80 yrs, died on Feb 5, 1854, A consort of Thomas Aldrich


Aldridge, Mountain  –  IR May 17, 1888  –  aged ab 26 yrs, died on May 9, 1888, (caught by a slate fall)


Alexander, George  –  IR Dec 26, 1867  –  died on Dec 17, 1867. He was found dead on a road near Hecla Furnace, where he was a workman.


Alexander, George F.  –  IR May 16, 1861  –  aged 23 yrs, died on May 2, 1861


Alexander, Hugh  –  IR Nov 4, 1875   –  aged 67 yrs, died on Oct 25, 1875


Alexander, James F.  –  IR Jun 17, 1897  –  aged 36 yrs, died on Monday by suicide.


Alexander, James Sr.  –  IR Mar 16, 1893  –  aged 61 yrs, died on Mar 8, 1893. Expired sitting on the porch. Came to Lawrence County in 1843 and married Emily Gillen, d/o the late Martin Gillen in 1857.

Alexander, John –  IR Oct 15, 1868

aged 22 yrs, died on Oct 10, 1868 from a long and protracted illness. (Lieut. in 181st OVI)


Alexander, John Young  –  IR Aug 9, 1860  –  aged 9m 21d, died on Aug 7, 1860, (s/o James & Emily Alexander)


Alford, George W.  –  IR May 24, 1894  –  aged 78 yrs, died on May 23, 1894, He was one of the oldest citizens of the county. Born in 1816


Algo, Cora  –  IR Apr 7, 1887  –  aged 17 yrs, died on Mar 31, 1887


Algo,  –  IR Feb 12, 1887 –  aged 15m, died on Feb 12, 1887, (a child of B.J. Algo)


Allen, Charles Henry  –  IR Aug 7, 1884   –  aged 2 yrs 3m, died on Aug 4, 1884, (a s/o Henry Allen)


Allen, David  –  IR Mar 20, 1862   –  aged 42 yrs, died in Victoria, Australia from an Aneurism. Formerly from Huntington, WV.


Allen, George W.  –  IR Sep 1, 1859             –  aged 1y 2m 13d, died on Aug 26, 1859, (a s/o James & Mary F. Allen)


Allen, Infant  –  IR Jul 10, 1884  –  died on Jul 8, 1884, (a child of Henry Allen)


Allen, James  –  IR Jul 20, 1899  –  aged 37 yrs, died in February. The body was moved from Kelley Cemetery to Woodland Cemetery.


Allen, John  –  IR Nov 22, 1860  –  aged 1y 4m 27d, died on Nov 21, 1860 from whooping cough. Was the only s/o Joshua T. & Mary E. Williams.


Allen, Robert  –  IR Aug 28, 1879  –  died on Aug 4, 1879 at Washington Co, Iowa. A soldier in War of 1812, died at his son’s residence.


Allen, Robert  –  IR Oct 23, 1862   –  aged 1y 15d, died on Oct 16, 1862, (an infant s/o Robert & Julia Allen)


Allen, William  –  IR Jan 4, 1894  –  aged 81 yrs, died last Wed. Died at son-in-law’s home, John G. Keyes.  Funeral at Ice Creek Baptist Church.


Alley, James  –  IR February 8, 1886 –  aged 94 yrs, Father of Charles W. Alley


Allison, J.W.  –  IR Apr 5, 1883 –  died on Mar 31, 1883. Came to Ironton in 1853 and later moved to Albany, NY.  Returned to Ironton and was a Magistrate of Upper Twp. Born in Berwick, PA on Jul 6, 1806.


Allison, J.W. Mrs.  –  IR Mar 21, 1895  –  aged 82 yrs, died on Mar 14, 1895 at her home.


Allison, Lillian  –  IR Aug 30, 1900  –  aged 7m at Mrs. Emma Steed’s home from spinal trouble, Mrs. Steed had the child since it was 2 weeks old.


Allison, Maria A.  –  IR Nov 10, 1853  –  aged 23 yrs, died on Nov 7, 1853 from consumption.

Alteck, Patsey  – IR Oct 13, 1887  –  aged 78 yrs, died on Oct 6, 1887


Amber, Jane Mrs.  –  IR Jul 1, 1869  –  aged 37 yrs


Amen, Fred  –  IR Nov 28, 1889  –  aged 2 yrs, died on Nov 25, 1889, (a         s/o Joseph Amen)


Amen, Mamie  –  IR Nov 21, 1889  –  aged 4 yrs, died on Nov 16, 1889


Amlin, Almira  –  IR Aug 16, 1857  –  aged 5m 12d, died on Aug 16, 1857, (a d/o Henry Amlin)


Amlin, Almira E. Mrs.  –  IR Jun 18, 1857  –  aged 20y 7m 11d, died on Jun 12, 1857. The w/o Henry M. Amlin and d/o Stephen Newton (eldest daughter)


Amos, Infant  –  IR May 3, 1888 –  died, an infant child of S.D. Amos


Amos, Joseph  –  IR Oct 4, 1883 –  aged 3 yrs


Amos, Nellie Florence  –  IR Mar 11, 1869  –  aged 3y 10m 21d, died on Feb 21, 1869, (a d/o W.C. & H.E. Amos)


Anders, Balsar  –  IR Sep 7, 1905   –  Died in August, after being badly scalded in a wreck on the B&O. Was an Engineer on the railroad.


Anderson, Ann  –  IR July 12, 1900  –  aged 77 yrs, (w/o John), died Thursday at her daughter’s home (Mrs. T.J. Mulligan). Had been ailing for some time. She was born in Ireland.


Anderson, B.C.  –  IR Jan 9, 1879  –  aged 60 yrs, died on Dec 26, 1878


Anderson, David P.  –  IR Jun 7, 1888  –  aged 53 yrs, died on Jun 3, 1888, Was a well-known tombstone man.


Anderson, Harry  –  IR Dec 9, 1869             –  aged 2y 4m 20d, died Nov 29, 1869, (s/o D.P. & M.J. Anderson)


Anderson, Infant  –  IR Oct 26, 1899  –  aged ???, child of Mr. & Mrs. D.R. Anderson


Anderson, J.L.  –  IR Nov 21, 1895  –  Died in Marietta, The brother-in-law of Capt. D.F. Sayre


Anderson, Jennie Maria  –  IR Oct 30, 1862               –  aged 1y 10m 20d, died on Oct 24, 1862, (d/o D.P. & M.J. Anderson)


Anderson, John  –  IR Jun 24, 1886  –  aged 60 yrs, Pres. Standard Gas-Report & Fire Brick Co.  Was an Englishman by birth.  Miss Seymon, of Hartford, CT to whom he has for years been bethrothed, was with him the last days.


Anderson, Juliet Savage Mrs.  –  IR Aug 1, 1889  –  aged 40 yrs, died on Jul 29, 1889


Anderson, Julius L. – ??? –  aged 93y 11m 18d, He was the son of Lewis, and wife of Louisa Hildreth Anderson, whom he married in London, Eng. while she was on a visit.  Surviors are  nieces and 2 nephews (out-of-state).


Anderson, Louisa  –  IR Feb 20, 1851  –  aged 39y 6m, consort of Lewis Anderson, Clerk of Courts Anderson, Louise  –  IR Sep 17, 1885  –  died on Sep 13, 1885 in Athalia from consumption. She was a well-known school teacher.


Anderson, Margaret Ann  –  IR Aug 2, 1860  –  aged 8m 14d, died Jul 29, 1860, (d/o David P. & Maria J. Anderson)


Anderson, Mrs.  –  IR Sep 21, 1899  –  died at Pittsburg Homeopathic Hospital from typhoid fever.


Anderton, Joseph  –  IR Oct 19, 1899  –  aged 52 yrs, He died at his home. Burial at LaGrange Cemetery.


Andre, Peter D.  –  IR 7 Dec 1899  –  aged 70y, died on 6 Dec 1899. He fell from a wagon and was killed instantly. Was one of the orginal settlers of the French Grant. Leaves a wife, three daughters, and two sons. Funeral in Wheelersburg


Andresike, Martin  –  IR Feb 2, 1888   –  died Jan 26, 1888


Angel, male  –  IR Nov 25, 1886  –  aged 35 yrs, died Nov 17, 1886


Angline, Abe  –  IR Oct 11, 1883  –  died on Oct 5, 1883 near Ashland. Shot on the A.C. & I. train near Ashland by Kenniss Fugitt.


Ankrim, Capt.  –  IR Feb 23, 1888 –   Capt. of the 2nd VA Cav.


Ankrim, Elizabeth  –  IR Jan 18, 1900  –  aged 2y 2m, (d/o Mr & Mrs. Chas. Ankrim)


Ankrim, Georgia Drury  –  IR Feb 8, 1906  –  deceased, the wife of Jno. H. Ankrim of Burlington


Ankrum, Willis  –  IR Mar 13, 1879 –  aged 12 yrs, died Mar 9, 1879


Anon, Isaac N. , Capt.  –  IR Dec 21, 1899  –  aged 50 yrs, died at the National Soldiers Home, Dayton. Was married to a d/o Mr. W.H. Dunn.


Ansell, Elvira A.  –  IR Jun 5, 1873  –  aged 45 yrs, died May 30, 1873, The wife of John W. Ansell


Ansell, Hannah A.  –  IR Nov 8, 1900  –  aged 74y 7m 23d, died on Oct 31, 1900 at Quaker Bottom, d/o Martin & Hannah Ansell.  Was deaf. Born at Green Bottom, CC, WV on Mar 8, 1826. Burial at Miller Cemetery.


Anson, Elmer  –  IR Mar 21, 1889  –  aged 2 yrs, died on Mar 16, 1889


Arbaugh, Nancy, Mrs.  –  MI Jan 25, 1916  –  aged 69 yrs, Wife of Isaac Arbaugh, a civil war veteran.  Funeral held Monday at Cannon’s Creek church and burial at Delawder Cemetery


Archer, Geo. R.  –  IR Aug 2, 1866  –  (murdered), Jim Lyons, Bill Wright and John Lyons were executed for the murder by the citizens


Archer, Mr.  –  IR Mar 8, 1877  –  passed away last week


Archibald, wife of Henry  –  IR Aug 20, 1891  –  died Tuesday am.


Argo, Frank  –  IR Oct 30, 1884  –  Run over and killed on Louisville & Nashville RR last week. Knocked off the top of a railroad car (formerly of Ironton)


Argo, Mary Jane Mrs.  –  IR Dec 3, 1863  –  aged 34 yrs, died Nov 26, 1863, She was the wife of Solomon D. Argo.  Died in the house where she was born.


Armstrong, Eliza Laycock  –  IR ????  –  aged 89y 3m 3d, died from a Cerebral Hem.


Armstrong, George  –  IR Apr 4, 1889  –  aged 25 yrs


Armstrong, George W.  –  IR Apr 25, 1889  –  aged 25 yrs, died Mar 29, 1889 due to an accident, son of John & Sarah Armstrong of Decatur Twp. Mother was R.B. Little and sister of Mrs. Geo. Spencer. Born in Lawrence County on Jun 3, 1864


Armstrong, John, Sr.  –  IR Nov 16, 1899  –  died Nov 7, 1899, burial at Little Cemetery


Armstrong, Mary J.  –  IR Dec 30, 1869        –  aged 29 yrs, died Dec 18, 1869


Arnold, Almira  –  IR Aug 17, 1882 –  aged 27 yrs, died Aug 11, 1882, (d/o C.Y. Brown),  Leaves a husband and three children.


Arnold, Child  –  IR Jan 30, 1896


Arnold, E. Dr.  –  IR Apr 3, 1873 –  Died last Sat, esteemed citizen of Ironton


Arnold, Fred  –  IR March 15, 1900        –  aged 22 yrs, Formerly made his home at Will Boggs


Arnold, Rebecca  –  IR Feb 2, 1899  –  Died last Sunday in Cincinnati, Formerly Rebecca Gilcrist of Ironton.  Married to Lincoln Arnold.Body brought here for burial.


Arnold, Frank  –  IR Feb 9, 1893 –  aged 22 yrs, died Feb 4, 1893 in Ashland, KY from atrophy of the liver. Married six months to Eva Dupuy, d/o James Dupuy.  Traveling salesman for Hinde & Co.  Funeral at Southern M.E. Church Ashland, KY.


Arthridge, Child  –  IR Aug 21, 1884  –  died on Aug 15, 1884, (child of Enoch Arthridge)


Arthur, Emily Mrs.  –  IR April 11, 1901  –  passed away of old age, the wife of Wm. Arthur.


Arthur, George   –  IR Nov 30, 1905  – of Sheridan, died Nov 3, 1905 after a four year illness.Burial at Hatcher Cemetery.


Arthur, Infant  –  IR Mar 1, 1883  –  died Feb 24, 1883, (s/o George)


Arthur, wife of John  –  IR Apr 5, 1883        –  died on Mar 23, 1883


Arthur,  –  IR Mar 6, 1879  –  wife of Thomas of Coryville, died on Mar ?, 1879


Arundel, Eliza  –  IR Dec 1, 1898  –  aged 66 yrs, Died at her son’s home.  She came to this country as a child and was a resident of Ironton for 30 years.  Has two sons & one daughter. Born in Carmathen, So. Wales. Burial at Woodland cemetery.


Arundel, Infant  –  IR Sep 7, 1899  –  aged 10d, died on Aug 8, 1899


Ashford, Hayes  –  IR May 17, 1894  –  died May 15, 1894, Lived near Sciotoville, was walking on the N & W track and failed to hear the train and was killed.


Ashley, Mary Ann  –  IR Jan 9, 1862  –  aged 61 yrs, died Dec 18, 1861 from apoplexy. The widow of Rev. John C. Ashley.


Ashworth, child of George  –  IR Aug 3, 1899  –  deceased, burial at Puckett Cemetery


Atkeson, Maria L.  –  IR Apr 19, 1888  –  aged 55 yrs, died Apr 17, 1888, (w/o Charles T.)


Atkins, George  –  IR Aug 14, 1890  –  Lived near the Cory tunnel, was run over by a Scioto Valley frieght train and killed.  Head was cut off and his shoulders badly lacerated.


Atkins, William  –  IR Jan 26, 1893  –  died Jan 23, 1893 in an accident with dynamite


Atkinson, Clara  –  IR Jan 17, 1901               –  aged 11 yrs, Died on Wed in Cincinnati. The remains arrived here on the steamer Bonanza  on Thursday.


Attis, Benjamin  – IR Mar 10, 1887  –  died Feb 14, 1887 at his residence from a disease contracted while in service. A member of Tom Lambert Post G.A.R., Member 2nd WV Cavalry. Burial at Attis Cemetery in Symmes Twp.


Atwater, Belinda  –  IR Jan 22, 1857  –  aged 69 yrs, died Jan 5, 1857, The wife of Caleb, Esq.


Auckerman, daughter of Dan  –  IR Apr 11, 1889  –  died on Apr 7, 1889


Auckerman, Jacob  –  IR May 8, 1890  –  aged 78 yrs, died on May 3, 1890


Auckerman, Lucy  –  IR Nov 16, 1882  –  died of consumption, daughter of John of Union Landing.


Auckerman, Mary  –  IR Feb 15, 1883  –  died Feb 12, 1883, (d/o John Auckerman of Union)


Auickermann, Sarah  –  ???  –  aged 13 yrs, died in February


Ault, Frank  –  IR Mar 20, 1890  –  died Mar 13, 1890 in Louisana from meningitis. Formerly of Ironton, was in Louisana with “Oakes Bros”. Brought home for burial.


Austin, C.K.  –  IR Apr 29, 1869  –  died Apr 22, 1869 from consumption


Austin, Earl  –  IR Mar 21, 1895 –  aged 6 yrs, died Mar 16, 1895 from typhoid fever. Son of M/M Joshua Austin, died after several weeks illness.


Austin, Lycurgus C.  –  IR May 8, 1873  –  aged 45 yrs, died on May 3, 1873 at his brother’s house in Grant Furnace from meningitis? Left a wife and four children.


Austin, Lycurgus, Jr.  –  IR Feb 15, 1872  –  aged 16 yrs, died Feb 10, 1872 from pneumonia, congestion and hemorrhage.


Austin, Lydia  –  IR Jan 11, 1855  –  aged 53 yrs, died on Jan 3, 1855, lived near Union Landing.


Austin, Sarah A.  –  IR Dec 5, 1874  –  Died on Oct 27, 1874 from typhoid fever. The eldest daughter of Charles & Susan.


Avery, Charles  –  ID 9 Dec 1874 –  Died on Wed. night at the Lawrence County Infirmary. An old pioneer of Hamilton Co.  Came to Cinn. from NJ in 1800 and remained here until 1806. Mustered out in 1811.




Baer, Jacob  –  IR Mar. 01, 1866  –  Married at the Sheridan House on the 22nd inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Jacob Baer, of Scioto county and Nancy Walker, of Wayne county, WV.


Bagley, W. H.  –  IR Nov. 03, 1870  –  Marriage license issued to W. H. Bagley and Emily Kountz.


Bailey,  –  IR Aug. 09, 1888  –  Died – Aug. 2, daughter of Platt Bailey, aged 4 months.


Bailey, Richard – IR Feb. 08, 1932  –  Of Coal Grove, 24 day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Bailey.  Burial at Zoar cemetery.


Baird, Major  –   IR Mar. 24, 1887  –  Maj. Baird, of Ripley, father of Mrs. Jno. W. Campbell, died last Sunday night.  He had been in declining health for many months.  Major Baird was a splendid man, and his death will be universally regretted.


Baird, Samuel – IR Nov. 08, 1877  –  Died at Baird Furnace, Perry County, last Saturday.  Well known in this community.  He lived here in 1854, stockholder in the Nail Mill.  Went from here to Zanesville; where he was prosperous in the iron business, thence to Columbus, then to Perry Co.

His property was worth probably about $100,000.  The leaves four children, one of them married.  At the time of his death his wife was dangerously ill.


Baker, Berry- IR Jul. 22, 1886  –  Died Jul. 10, 1886 at Buckhorn Furnace, Ohio; age 23 years.


Baker, Robert –  IR Jul. 02, 1857  –  An old citizen of Greenup county, Ky., committed suicide by hanging himself about 10 days since.  Cause said to be unknown.


Baldwin, Eugene –  IR Nov. 24, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Eugene Baldwin and Maggie A. Payne.


Ball, Charles E. –  IR Sept. 27, 1877  –  A pleasant wedding – The nuptials of Miss Ida A. Mitchell and Mr. Charles E. Ball were celebrated at the M. E. Church last Wednesday morning.. . performed by the bride’s father, Rev. James Mitchell, assisted by Rev. P. B. Davis and Rev. C. C. McCabe, D. D. . . .


Ball, Frank –  IR Oct.06, 1887  –  Crushed to Death – Two lives lost – Frank Ball and Wiley G. Bazel had been killed by the falling frame work of a stock house that they were building at Pinegrove furnace.  Frank Ball was an old German who lived on Ice Creek not far from Rockcamp.  Funeral occurred at the Pinegrove Catholic Church.


Ball, George –  IET. Jul. 15, 1927  –  Died Jul. 09, 1927 at Ellisonville, Oh., age 83 years.  Civil War veteran.  Died at the home of a distant relative, Frank Powell.  Survived by a niece, Mrs. P. G. Justice of Dover, Ohio, whom he adopted and reared, and by a brother, Hardy Ball of Center Station.


Ball, Mrs. Mary E. –  IR May  31, 1900  – Died May, 1900 age 87 years of infirmities of age.

“Grandma” Ball, former resident of Ironton, left children: Mrs. H. Earton of Barnesville; Madison H. Ball of St. Louis; Hiram and Emery Ball.


Ball, T. B. –  IR Apr. 14, 1898 – Died last Friday.  Came to Ironton in 1869.  He also lived in Madison, Wisconsin and in Florida.  Occupation:  Druggist.  Born:  1837 Belmont County, Oh. and was 61 years old.  He married in 1872 to Miss Sarah Cory, daughter of Dr. B. F. Cory.  She died several years ago but two daughters and a son are left to mourn.   Funeral occurred at the residence on Olive Street.  Interment at Woodland.

IR Feb. 16, 1893 – T. B. Ball is in the insurance business – a partner with his brother-in-law, Pearl Davis, at Cincinnati, in the Manhattan Life.  T. B. is a man of affairs and will gracefully glide from drugs to life insurance.


Ball, Mrs. William –  M. I. Nov. 6, 1923 – Mrs. William Ball was laid to rest in Woodland cemetery Sunday after services had been held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hill at 1318 South Ninth Street.


Ballard, Maj. Bland –  IR Sept. 15, 1853  –  Maj. Bland Ballard, one of the pioneers of Kentucky, died at his residence in Shelby county, on the 5th inst., aged 93 years.  He settled in Kentucky in 1779.


Ballard, Mrs. Cassandra –  IR Mar. 02, 1876  – Died Feb. 22, 1876 near Wadesburg, Mo., age 53 years the wife of John Ballard.


Ballard, Charles –  IWR Feb. 11, 1893 – The remains of Charles Ballard, who died at Sciotoville of typhoid fever, were brought to this city Saturday for burial at Newton cemetery.  On account of the character of the disease which prohibited the conveying of the corpse by train it was brought here in a wagon.  The family followed on the noon train.


Ballard, James R. –  IR May 21, 1857 – Died in Ashland, on the 9th inst., of consumption, James R. Ballard, aged 21y4m5d.


Ballard, Jesse –  IR Feb. 24, 1853 – Married on the 13th inst., near Coal Grove, by Rev. Wm. W. Davidson, Mr. Jesse Ballard to Mrs. Martha Mayhew.


Ballard, John W. –  IR May 04, 1876 – Jno. W. Ballard, formerly foreman at Wise & Co.’s saw mill, left for Texas, last Monday.  He took his family with him, and will reside there.  His object is to go into the carpentering business.  He deserves prosperity.


Ballard, Mrs. Lena –  IR Jun. 30, 1887  –  Died June 20, Mrs. Lena Ballard, aged 26 years.


Ballard, Lillie –  IR Apr. 21, 1887  –  Died April 17, age 17 years.


Ballard, Mrs. Martha –  IR Mar. 17, 1887  –  Mrs. Martha Ballard, wife of Jesse Ballard, died at

Flora, Ill., February 6th, at the age of 80 years and one month.  Mr. Ballard moved to Illinois in 1885.  He once owned the Deering farm in this county.  Mr. Ballard is still living with his daughter near Flora, and is about 83 years old.


Ballard, Mrs. Mary –  IR Jul. 20, 1899  –  Death of Mrs. Mary Ballard, wife of the late Samuel Ballard died at the home of her son, near this city, last Friday the 14th.  She was a native of the county and her age was 81 years.  Her husband died in 1860.  Funeral took place at Zoar Church and interment was in the cemetery nearby.  Mrs. Ballard was the mother of ten children, three of whom survive her, a son James, living here, John, who lives in Kansas, and a daughter Mrs. Deitz of Charleston.


Ballard, John –  IR Feb. 04, 1858  –  Married on the 27th of Jan., 1858, at the residence of John Templeton, in Lawrence county, Ohio, by Rev. W. J. Smith, Mr. John Ballard to Miss Amanda



Ballard, Richard –  IR Jan. 05, 1865  –  Married on the 3rd inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. A. C. Kelley, Mr. Richard Ballard of Coal Grove, Ohio, and Miss Georgie Brown, of Meigs county, Ohio.


Ballard, Stephen –  IR Oct.11, 1900  –  According to the Catlettsburg Independent, a marriage license was issued there Saturday to Stephen Ballard and Dora Ballard of Ironton.


Ballard, Mrs. William –  IR Feb. 03, 1898  –  Mrs. William Ballard who has been ill for some time, passed away last Tuesday.  The deceased was 76 years, 8 months and 25 days old.  Burial at Woodland.  Lived at Deering, Ohio.


Bamer, Pauline –  IET Mar. 06, 1933  –  Second of twin – born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bamer last week, died at the home Sunday . . . Claudine, the other child passed away Saturday.  Burial at Woodland.


Bancroft, J. F. –  IR Jan. 04, 1866  –  Married at Ashland, Ky., by Esq. Berry, Mr. J. F. Bancroft and Miss Melissa Hatton, both of Boyd Co., KY.


Bandy, John –  SWI. May 24, 1907  – Ex-Mayor John Bandy of Hanging Rock Dead – His final summons came to him at Denver, Col., where he had gone in search of health.  (need to copy rest of obit – leaves a wife nee ?)


Bandy, Lafayette –  IR May  11, 1871   – Died May 05, 1871 near Mt. Vernon Furnace, accidentally killed by rolling log, age 24 years.  The son of Esq. Bandy.


Bandy, M. W. –  IR Apr. 07, 1892 – Marriage license issued to M. W. Bandy and Jennie Handley.


Banehouse, Mrs. –  IR Jan. 07, 1892  –  Mrs. Banehouse, Mrs. Perry Stewart’s mother, of Symmes township, was buried on Tuesday.


Banfield, Allen –  IR Jun. 10, 1875  –  Marriage license issued to Allen Banfield and Nancy Blevins.


Banks, John –  M.I. Feb. 02, 1915  –  Died Jan. 29, 1915 Ironton, from stab wounds in left side.  He was in a fight at home of Walter Silliman near Franklin Furnace, Ohio and Silliman thrust a knife into his left side.  Silliman was bound over on murder charge.


Banty, William –  IR Jan. 04, 1866  –  William Banty . . . came to his death, Saturday evening by accidentally walking overboard into the river, while coming from Catlettsburg on the Grey Eagle. . . He served 3 years in the army and made an excellent soldier.  We are informed that he had a family in Pittsburg, but there was no intercourse between them.


Barber, Nathan –  IR Sept. 29, 1887  – Died – Nathan Barber, at Olive Furnace, aged 4 years.


Bard, Mrs. Rowena –  IR Apr. 08, 1875   –  Died April 4, age 67 years.


Bardwell, Rev. A. –  IR Mar. 10, 1853  –  Married on the 2nd inst., at Marietta, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Rev. A. Bardwell, of Hanging Rock, to Miss Mary Ann Wood, of the former place.


Bare, Mrs. Clara –  IET Jan. 25, 1943  –  Mrs. Clara Null Bare, Tribune correspondent in Waterloo for years, died at her home near Waterloo.  She is survived by her mother, Mrs. Augusta Null; three children, Harold of Springfield, Barbara and Wilma at home; these brothers and sisters:

Homer, Virgil, George, John Null, Mrs. Mary Roach, Mrs. Anna Drummond, all of Waterloo, Mrs. Mamie Shields, of Jackson, Henry and Edgar of Ironton.  Burial in Flag Spring cemetery.


Barker, John F. –  IR Oct.28, 1875  –  Died Oct.24, taken to Portsmouth for interment.


Barner, Sally –  IR Sept. 20, 1888  –  Died – Sept. 14, Sally Barner, aged 73 or 75?.


Barnes, Twin Infants –  IR Jul. 05, 1888  –  Died June 28, twin infant children of Albert Barnes.


Barnett, James –  IR Jun. 23, 1853  –  Died on the 21st inst., Mr. James Barnett, aged about 30.


Barnett, Nathan –  IR May 05, 1853  –  Married on the 28th of April, by Samuel Layne, Esq., Nathan Barnett, to Elizabeth Jane Cooper, both of Aid Tp.


Barnett, Rev. Samuel –  IJRN Dec. 29, 1869  –  Died Rev. Samuel Barnett who was born in England on November 5, 1819.  He emigrated when 11 years old and settled in Philadelphia, Pa.  He taught school at Vesuvius Furnace.


Barnett, Willie –  IJRN Jul. 06, 1870  –  Died last Sunday night, Willie, 6 year old son of Mrs. Barnett, a widow lady, drowned.


Barnhardt, Mrs. –  ISWR Apr. 17, 1917   –  Died in Russell, Ky., of an illness of many months.

Buried at Greenup.  Survived by husband and five children, Charles, Harry, Bessie, Mrs. L. C. Justice, and Mrs. C. E. Barton, all of Russell.  Resident of Greenup for many years.


Barr, –  IR Dec. 25, 1879  –  Died of diphtheria, the son of William Barr.


Barr, Mrs. Nancy –  IR Nov. 23, 1905   –  Died Nov. 18, 1905 at McGovney & 5th St., Ironton, Oh., of infirmities of age, age 69y 9m.  The wife of Lem. Barr. (need rest of obit)


Barr, William H. –  IR Apr. 28, 1853  –  Married on the 17th inst., Mr. Wm. H. Barr, and Cynthia Dean, both of this place (Ironton).


Barrett, Annie –  IR Feb. 13, 1890  –  Died – Feb. 11, Annie, infant child of Mike Barrett.


Barrett, John H. –  IR Jan. 21, 1892  –  John H. Barrett, father of Mr. Barrett, the photographer, died at his home at Burke’s Point, on the 14th, and was buried at Wheelersburg, last Saturday.  His age was 74 years.


Barron, Mrs. Catherine –  IR Oct.28, 1909  –  The funeral of Mrs. Catherine Barron, who passed to her reward Wednesday at the age of 62 years, took place Saturday.  Interment at Sacred Heart cemetery.  Her brother-in-law, Mr. Coughlin, a brother of John Coughlin, of south Third street, came here from St. Bernard, O., to attend the funeral.


Barry, Infant –  IR Sept. 01, 1887  –  Died – child of John Barry, August 27, aged 8 months.


Barry, Mrs. Thos. P. –  IR Sept. 19, 1895  –  Mrs. Thos. P. Barry, wife of prominent railroad man was buried at Woodland last Tuesday morning.  She was the sister of Mrs. Thomas Parker, Mrs. J. F. Austin and Mrs. J. A. Hunter of this city.  Mr. Berry came with the remains.


Bartels, Mrs. Penina (Yingling) –  IR Aug. 25, 1892   – She was born at Hanging Rock, O., Dec. 23, 1816, and died at Westerville, O., July 28, 1892, aged 75y7m6d.  Her maiden name was Yingling – born and reared on the Yingling farm, where she spent her girlhood days accustomed to all the hardships and privations of those early pioneer times.  She was married to David Bartels Nov. 10, 1836(?).  After marriage they entered a farm of 160 acres in the wilderness on Storms creek, 3 miles above Vesuvius furnace, where they lived for several years, afterwards moving to the old Bartels homestead 1 1/2 miles above Lawrence furnace where several years were spent in accumulating property and rearing their family – a daughter and 2 sons.  Feeling that the educational facilities of that region were insufficient they moved to Westerville, O., in 1862 to give their children the advantages offered by Otterbein University located there.  Her husband died in 1875, since which time she has lived with her two children, one, the oldest son having died in the army in 1864.


Barton, T. J. –  IR Apr. 21, 1892  –  Marriage license issued to T. J. Barton and Cora B. Powers.


Bartram, Charles C. –  IR Aug. 03, 1865   –  Died Aug. 1, 1871 at Millersport of long illness.


Bartram, James A. –  IR May  18, 1876   –  Died May 12, born in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct.21, 1795.


Bartram, John Peters –  IR Feb. 28, 1861  –  Died in Ironton, on the 25th inst., John Peters, infant son of Mark S. and Martha A. Bartram, aged 9 months and 20 days.


Bartram, Leonard –  IR Mar. 19, 1903  –  Aged 57 years died very suddenly Friday at the home of his brother, Milton Bartram, who resides near Russell, Ky., from heart trouble.  The deceased was a veteran of the Civil War and is survived by his wife.


Bartram, Mark S. –  IR Jan. 20, 1898  –  Died at his home last Saturday (need to check microfilm for end of article).

IR Jan. 20, 1898 – Judge Samuels of Barboursville was here Tuesday to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, M. S. Bartram.


Bartram, Mrs. Martha (Peters) –  IDR. Jul. 21, 1921


Bartram, Owen –  IR Nov. 24, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Owen Bartram and Amelia Bartram.


Bartram, Weddington –  IR Jul. 14, 1853  –  Married on the 12th inst., by J. H. Creighton, Mr. Weddington Bartram to Miss Serilda Bartram, both of Greenup county, Ky.


Bartran, Charles C. –  IR Aug. 03, 1871


Basham, Anna –  IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Deaths – Dec. 31, 1886 – Anna Basham, aged 12 years.


Basham, Johanna M. –  IR Mar. 22, 1888  –  Died, March. 16, Johanna M. Basham, aged 39 years.


Basham, Sarah –  IR Feb. 10, 1887  –  Deaths – Feb. 6, Sarah Basham, aged 56.


Bates, J. G. –  IET Jan. 28, 1926  –  Lived 49? South Fifth street.  Formerly bookkeeper and manager of the Ironton Punch and Shear Company.  He resided in Ironton for the past ten or twelve years.  He was born and spent his early life at Rush, Ky., where his parents now reside.  Soon after marriage to Miss Essie Thomas of Rush, he moved to Ironton.  He is survived by his parents, wife and seven children:  Raymond, Murrel, Ruth, Frank, Fred, Edgar and Lester.  All children are at home but Raymond, who is attached to the aviation corps at Dayton, Ohio.  Several brothers and sisters, all residing in Kentucky and West Virginia, also survive.  Mr. Bates was 41 years of age last Oct.2nd.  Interment at Rush, Ky.


Batham, Miss Jennie –  IR Sept. 22, 1892  –  Miss Jennie Batham died at her home in this city, last Sunday, within a week of the death of her father, John Batham.  Miss Batham’s death was caused by typhoid fever.  She was engaged for a long time at Mrs. Drury’s millinery store… (another column same paper tells about funeral)


Batham, Mrs. Margaret (Hopkins) –  ISW. May 27, 1919 –  Remains of Mrs. Margaret Batham, wife of Will Batham will arrive in this city Wednesday and taken to her sister, Mrs. Thomas W. Davis, burial at Woodland.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hopkins.  Leaves husband and following children:  Misses Wilma, Mabel and Jean Batham and John Batham and the following brothers and  sisters; Mrs. T. W. Davis of north Fourth street, Mrs. Sam Larimer of Wichita, Kansas, and Will M. Hopkins of Cincinnati.


Batham, Wm. E. –  IR Mar. 15, 1888  –  Marriage license issued to Wm. E.  Batham and Maggie J. Hopkins.


Baumgarner, Joseph –  IR MARC. 16, 1893  –  Joseph Baumgarner, and old citizen of Haverhill, died last Friday, of paralysis.  Age about 65 years old, the son of D. Baumgarner, and was born in the French Grant.  He was never married.


Bay, Freddie E. –  IR Oct.07, 1880  –  Died Sept. 28, at Proctorville, Oh., the only son of Capt. Geo. W. and M. M. Bay, age 16 months.


Bay, Mrs. William –  IET Mar. 20, 1933  –  Mrs. William Bay, widow of the late Captain Bay, passed away Sunday at St. Paul, Minn., relatives here have been advised.  Mrs. Bay, who resided on South Sixth street for many years . . . For several months Mrs. Bay has been visiting with her niece, Mrs. Watt Davidson of St. Paul.  She sustained injuries in a fall recently which confined her to bed for several weeks.


Bayliss, Benjamin –  IR SEP. 30, 1886  –  Age 58 years.


Bays, –   IR Mar. 03, 1881  –  Died in Fayette Twp. last Sunday, small child of Alfred Bays.


Bazell, Carrie –  IR Aug. 02, 1888  –  Died July 29, Carrie Bazell, aged 14 mos.


Bazzell, Mrs. Mary E. (Winters) –  IR Feb. 01, 1906  –  Died Jan. 28, 1906 at Rock Camp, Ohio of asthma, age 69 years.  She was born Jan. 17, 1837, and was married to Capt. J. B. Bazzell, who survived her.  Also children:  Charles, Hamlin, Frank and Myrtle Bazzell of Rock Camp, and brothers and sisters, William, Charles, Lawson and Amaziah Winters, Mrs. Malinda Brubaker, and Mrs. W. B. Hastings of Sheridan, and G. W. Winters of Howell.


Bazzell, J. B. Captain –  M.I. Feb. 05, 1916   –  Died Feb. 4, 1916 in South Point, Ohio of a complication of diseases, age 80 years.  He was born Sept. 17, 1836.  When the Civil War broke out, he was chosen Captain of Co. K. 5th WVI.  He was survived by his aged wife and four children, Charles Bazzell of TN., H. H. Bazzell, R. F. Bazzell, and Myrtle Bazzell, all at home.  Funeral services from home of daughter, Mrs. Currington in South Point (IR Feb. 06, 1916)


Bazil, Joseph –  IR Mar. 06, 1879  –  Marriage license issued to Joseph Bazil and Polly Abram.


Beals, Mrs. Amelia –  -IR Feb. 08, 1932  –  Of Coal Grove, burial at Zoar cemetery.


Beals, George W. –  IJRN Feb. 02, 1870  –  Married Jan. 25th at Wesley Chapel parsonage, by Rev. S. C. Frampton, Geo. W. Beals and Mary A. Laven.


Beals, James –  IR May 7, 1896  –  Shooting – Last Sunday morning, James Beals, a section hand on the N. & W., shot five times at his wife at their home on 3rd St.  Three shots took effect, two in her head and the third made a dangerous wound in her back.  Beals then escaped, but was arrested in the hills between Ironton and Hanging Rock the next day.  He is in jail.  The murderous assault was the outcome of domestic infelicity.  Mrs. Beals may recover.


Beaman, Mrs. E. C. –  IR Dec. 18, 1890  –  Died at the residence of her son, D. C. Beaman, Denver, Colo., Dec. 13th, 1890, Mrs. E. C. Beaman in the 77th year of her age.  Mrs. Beaman was married at Wheelersburg, in October, 1836 to the Rev. G. C. Beaman, who preached at Piketon in Pike Co., and at Burlington, Lawrence Co., for several years; then moved to Iowa and died at at Keosaqua, Van Buren Co., in 1875.  Mrs. B. was a sister to William and Janet Crichton of Wheelersburg.


Beaman, G. C. Rev. –  IR Nov. 04, 1875   –  Died Oct.26, 1875, at the residence of his son, D. C. Beaman,  at Keosauqua, Van Buren Co., Iowa, Rev. G. C. Beaman, aged 76 years.  He formerly lived at Burlington, this county, and left there in 1844.


Beardsley, Bartemus –  IR Jun. 22, 1865   –  Died in Portsmouth,  June 01, 1865,  in Lawrence Co., age 60y5m15d  Leaves a lonely wife and many friends.


Beatty, Mary G. –  IR May  06, 1880   –  Died May 02, 1880 of a broken limb the wife of G. W. Beatty, buried Kelly Cemetery.


Beatty, Joseph Chester –  IR Aug. 19, 1880   –  Died Aug. 04, 1880 the youngest son of Capt. and Mrs. J. E. Beatty.


Beatty, Samuel, Captain –  IR Jan. 13, 1881   –  Died Jan. 09, 1881 at Russell, Ky. of pneumonia.  Buried at Woodland.  He was born in PA in 1829, and came to Ironton soon after the town was incorporated.  At beginning of Civil War, he went into the steamboat business, “and prospered considerably” afterwards kept it and lost much.  After the steamboating business he lived in Tennessee for awhile, returning to Ironton about 1875, and operated a feed store.  He moved South but returned  broken in health the fall before his death.  He died at Captain Wayne Carner’s house.


Beaty, Miss Florence Evelyn –  IR May 19, 1859  –  Died on the 11th inst., youngest daughter of Samuel and Jane E. Beatty, aged 2y 8m.


Beaty, Samuel –  IR Nov. 04, 1852  –  Married on the 1st inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. Samuel Beaty to Miss Jane Carner; all of Ironton.


Beck, Mr. –  IR Aug. 21, 1879   –  Died Aug. 18, 1879 at Hecla Furnace of fever.


Beck, Infant –  IR Jun. 23, 1887  –  Died June 12, child of Earnest Beck.

Beck, John –  IR May 17, 1866   –  Died May 12, in Lawrence Co., of Ironton.


Beckett, Infant –  IR Feb. 11, 1892  –  Small child of W. C. Beckett was burned so severely it died the next morning.  (lived at Russell’s place).


Belcher, –   IR Jul. 11, 1878  –  The youngest child of W. A. Belcher was buried at Woodland on Monday.


Belcher, Hayes –  IR SEP. 23, 1886  –  Age 11 years


Belcher, J. W. Dr. –  SWI. Feb. 23, 1909   –  Died Feb. 21, Lavina, MT, of lung trouble, age 69 years.  For many years a prominent physician of Waterloo, he and his wife had moved to Montana some years ago, because of ill health.  Four of their sons were living there.  Dr. Belcher was born in VA and graduated medical college age 20.  His wife and the following children survive:  Floyd, Percy, Ralph and Herbert of Lavina, Mt.; Attorney C. E. Belcher of Columbus, Mrs. Dr. Barger of Crown City, Oh., and Mrs. Jessie Smith of IA.


Belcher, Mrs. Rebecca –  IR Aug. 19, 1886   –  Died age 80 years.


Belcher, Truelove –  IR Dec. 09, 1852  –  See under obit. of Michael Finn – Truelove Belcher was killed in October last while working on the Iron Railroad.


Belcher, W. A. –  IR Mar. 31, 1881   –  Of Proctorville, Ohio died of consumption.


Bell, John –  IR Nov. 14, 1895  –  Died – John Bell of Coal Grove, age 78.  Civil War veteran.


Bell, William T. –  IR Jan. 01, 1857  –  Died Dec. 24th at Lawrence Furnace, Wm. T. Bell, in his 52nd year.


Bellar, Constable –  IR Mar. 19, 1885?  –  Athalia – Constable Bellar died last Tuesday evening and was buried in Millersport graveyard.


Bellars, –  IR Mar. 10, 1881   –  Died at Pine Grove of croup, age 7 months the child of Chris Bellars.


Bellomy, Charity –  IR Dec. 10, 1863   –  Died of burns? age 1 year 9 months the child of Oliver and Sarah Bellomy.


Bellomy, Mrs. Lucretia –  IR Feb. 17, 1887  –  Deaths – Feb. 16, Mrs. Lucretia Bellomy, aged 75 years.


Belville, Mrs. –  IR Jun. 25, 1891


Bender, Adelia L. –  IR Sept. 07, 1854  –  Died in Ironton, on the 2nd inst., Adelia L. only daughter of Adam L. and Elizabeth Bender, Jr., aged 1 year, 4 months and 6 days.  (poem)


Benedict, –   IR Mar. 17, 1881   –  Died March 1st, of measles, the son of Samuel Benedict, age 5 years.


Bengman, Ernest –  IR Oct.09, 1879   –  Fell from a scaffold; died 5 days later, lived in Walnut Hills in Cincinnati.


Benner, Jacob –  IR Apr. 22, 1858  –  Died in this place (West Union) on Tuesday last Mr. Jacob Benner, aged about 55 . . . he brought himself to a drunkard’s grave.  “Old Jake” came to this place some 15 years ago – a stranger.  He had 2 brothers in Pennsylvania . . .


Bennet, Stephen –  IR May 05, 1853  –  Married on the 28th of April, in Ironton, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Stephen Bennet to Mary Jones, both of Kentucky.


Bennett, Abraham –  IR Nov. 26, 1857  –  Married on the 19th inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Abraham Bennett and Miss Elizabeth Liggett; all of this county (Lawrence).


Bennett, Elizabeth –  NO DATE  –  Died Sept. 06, 1888? At LaGrange, aged 70 years.


Bennett, Emma –  IR Jul. 22, 1886    –  Died age 20 years.


Bennett, Elder John –  IR Feb. 23, 1888  –  Elder John Bennett died at Webster, Scioto County, on the 17th, in the 87th year of his age.  He had preached the …


Bennett, Thomas –  M.I. Mar. 26, 1924   –  Died March 25, 1924, after an extended illness, age 82.  During the Civil War he served in Co. A. 5th WV VI.  Survived by his wife and children; Mrs. Laura Petit of Beumont, Texas; Miss Ethel of Chicago; Mrs. Nellie Wilson of Arabia; Henry of Springfield, Ohio; James of Waterloo, Thomas and Wilbur of Aid, and Miss Ada at home.


Bennett, Thomas S. –  IR Aug. 23, 1860  –  Died Aug. 16th in Chillicothe age 41.


Bennett, William –  IR Oct.07, 1886   –  Died September 27, age 37.


Benson, William –   IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Wm. Benson and Laura Rucker.


Bentley, Morrison –  IR Feb. 28, 1856  –  Married on the 14th at Portsmouth, by Rev. E. Barr, Mr.

Morrison A. Bentley to Miss Elizabeth H. Davis, daughter of Capt. J. W. Davis, all of Portsmouth.


Berger, –  IR Dec. 01, 1887  –  Died – Nov. 27th, infant child of Wm. Berger.


Berger, Elizabeth –  IR May  31, 1900


Berger, Frank –  -IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Frank Berger and Lida Reed.


Bernard, Ceylon R. –  IR Jan. 06, 1898  –  Died at Portland, Oregon on Dec. 16, 1897 of typhoid fever, aged 42.  He was the husband of a daughter of Mr. B. Seeley, Anna Seeley, who was born at Buckhorn Furnace, and went to school in Ironton.


Berndt, Phillip –  IR Apr. 07, 1892  –  Marriage license issued to Phillip Berndt and Louisa Rimer.


Berry, Edward –  IR Jul. 20, 1865  –  Marriage license issued during the month of April – Edward Berry and Mary Wild.


Besco, Quincy –  IWR. Jun. 13, 1896  –  An aged miner crushed to death at Lawrence Furnace this morning.  Aged about sixty.  Died from a cave-in at Lawrence Furnace.  He leaves a wife and several children.


Bescoe, John A. –  IR Dec. 15, 1853  –  Married on the 10th inst., by A. J. McFann, Esq., at Clinton Fce., Mr. John A. Bescoe, and Miss Philapena Nagle.

Betts, Mrs. Addie (?) Crawshaw –  IR Sep. 29, 1887  –  Mrs. Addie Betts, wife of Col. Wm. Betts, died last Saturday, after a long illness.  Her age was 46. She was born in  Guernsey county and came to Ironton about 30 years ago.  She was married to Mr. Crawshaw some time before the war.  He was killed by an accident on a steamboat in 1861.  After the war, she was married to Col.



Betts, George E. –  IR Jun. 28, 1888   –  Died near Memphis, Tenn., accident on board steamer “City of Providence,” age 21 years.  The son of Isaac J. Betts.  Burial at Memphis. Ironton Register, Thursday, June 28, 1888 –  George E. Betts, son of Isaac J. Betts, of Ironton, met with a sad death on the steamer “City of Providence,” near Memphis last week.  He was employed as a “striker” on the boat, and was standing in the engine room when a cylinder head blew out and struck him directly in the stomach.  He died soon after the accident and was buried at Memphis.  His age was 21.


Betts, Thomas –  IR Dec. 29, 1887  –  Died – Dec. 26, Thos. Betts, aged 87 years.


Beuhring, F. D. –  IR Nov. 19, 1857  –  Married on the 11th inst., in Guyandotte, F. D. Beuhring to Miss Fannie Miller, daughter of Capt. H. H. Miller, of Guyandotte.


Beveners, Infant –  IR Jan. 15, 1885  –  Died Jan. 13, child of Colin Beveners, aged about 4 years.


Bevin, Charley –  IR Jul. 01, 1880


Bevins, Mrs. J. M. & daughter Sarah –  IJRN Dec. 28, 1870  –  Died at Grayson, Ky., on Dec. 12th, Mrs. J. M. Bevins and on the following day, Sarah, daughter of the deceased aged 16 years.


Bevan, Lizzie A. (Compston) –  IR Mar. 10, 1881   –  Died Jan. 25, 1881 at her home in Minnesota of consumption, age 34 years 25 days.  The daughter of A. F. and Loucina Compston of Ironton.


Bibbee, Jed B. –  IR Oct.12, 1893  –  The marriage of Mr. Jed B. Bibbee and Miss Ella Burns of Huntington, will take place at the Baptist Church, Huntington at 7 p.m. Thursday.  …


Bibee, Dr. George –  IR Feb. 04, 1892  –  Died of pneumonia, nephew of C. Alderman, studied medicine under Dr. D. C. Wilson . . . became prominent physician of Wichita, Ks., which city he left a few months ago to locate at Chicago.  Parents lived at Letart . . . he was frequently in Ironton . . . He married sixteen months ago to a young lady of Decatur, Ill., and there his remains were buried.


Bick, Alfred –  IR Jul. 19, 1906  –  Alfred Bick, resident of Fourth and Vesuvius streets died Sunday after two week illness.  He was a son of Charles and (Sarah ?) Bick and was born at (not legible), England, December 22, 1854.  He came to Lawrence county with his parents when he was about 16 years of age.  He was married to Elizabeth Crossley, Sept. 20, 1881, and five children were born, four of whom with the wife survive.  The children are:  Mrs. J. M. Ro___, jr. of Huntington, WV; and Misses Lydia and Gertrude and Charles of this city.  Also survived by his parents and the following brothers and sisters:  J. E. William and Thomas, all of Huntington, and Charles and Mrs. Charles Brownstead of this city.  Burial was Woodland cemetery.


Bickel, Charles B. –  IR Dec. 30, 1852  –  Married by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Charles B. Bickel and Miss Isabella Kelly.

Bickel, Mrs. Savannah –  IR Oct.08, 1857  –  Died in Hanging Rock, Lawrence county, Ohio, on 25th day of Sept., 1857, Mrs. Savannah C. Bickel, consort of Rev. A. Bickel in the 45th year of her age.  Born in Athens, Ohio in 1812.  In April, 1850, came to this place (Ironton) . . . leaves husband and four children and other relatives.


Bickell, Rev. Aaron –  IR Jul. 08, 1858  –  Married on the 28th of June in Hanging Rock, by Rev. J. Q. Gibson, Rev. Aaron Bickell and Miss Ruth Taylor, formerly of Piketon.


Bierley, Jacob –  IR Mar. 25, 1918  –  Was found dead at home today – his wife died during last week.  Lived on 9th & Walnut streets.  He was born at Aberdeen, Brown Co., June 2nd, 1849, being 69y9m22d old.  For many years he was in the baker and confectionery business at Manchester, O., but moved to Ironton.  (Need better copy to read survivors)


Biggum, Jonathan –  IR Feb. 05, 1880   –  Died Jan. 21, Jonathan Biggum, aged 68 years of Rockwood, Ohio.


Billian, Infant –  IR Aug. 12, 1880   –  Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George Billian.


Billups, Gideon –  IR Jun. 10, 1875   –  Sudden Death – Yesterday morning, while Gideon Billups, who lives near Joel Earles, in Windsor Township; was driving with three ladies to Millville, he suddenly fell back in his wagon, and died immediately.


Bimpson, Joseph M. –  IR Feb. 04, 1904  –  One of the pioneers of this county, died at his home at

South Point last Friday . . . infirmities of old age.  The deceased was a native of Brown county, Ohio, having been born August 22, 1825.  He came to this county in his early manhood and was for many years connected with the Sheridan Coal Works.  Mrs. Bimpson preceded her husband, passing away some few years ago, but he is survived by three children, Henry W. Bimpson, of Kenova, Mrs. Elizabeth McCoy of Sheridan and Miss Adelina Bimpson, who lived with her father.


Bimpson, Miss Margaret Ellen –  IR Apr. 28, 1859  –  Died at Hecla Furnace, March 26, after short illness, aged 30y 7m 4d.  She was a member of the Presbyterian church in Ripley and at Ironton.


Bimpson, Mrs. Sarah –  IR Aug. 28, 1856  –  Died at Olive Furnace, Lawrence County, Ohio on the 28th of Aug., Mrs. Sarah Bimpson, after an illness of 13 days, in the 57th year of her age.


Bing, Rev. E. V. –  IR Aug. 27, 1857  –  Married on the 20th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, Rev. E. V. Bing, of Somerset, Ohio, to Miss Mary E. Newton, daughter of Judge Newton, of this county.


Bird, E. J. –  SWI  Feb. 02, 1907  –  Wedding of Mr. E. J. Bird and Miss Alice Baxter at St.

Petersburg, Fla.  She is the daughter of Mr. C. W. Baxter of the Colonial Hotel.  Mr. E. J. Bird was from Ironton.


Bird, E. J. Sr. –  IR Dec. 15, 1904  –  Prominent Iron Worker dies after long illness.  Died Sunday from heart trouble.  He was born at Staffordshire, England, April 30, 1828, and was married to Miss Mary Skelding of England, in 1854.  Came to Ironton in 1877 and took charge of Big Etna furnace.  Some years after the death of his wife, he married Miss Mary Jane McLeans, of Ironton.  Mrs. Bird, his wife, Col. E. J. Bird, Mrs. James Peters, Miss Polly Bird, Arthur Bird, Miss Lillian Bird and Miss Ruth Bird, his children, survive him.

Note IR May 1, 1879 – E. J. Bird, Sr., was among the earliest furnacemen in East India, and in 1860 was presented a medal by the English government for his successful management among the Hindoos.

Bird, Frank –       IR Aug. 13, 1885  –  Frank Bird, brother of E. J. Bird of the Ironton Furnace, and Mrs. J. F. Peters, died last Sunday of lung disease.  He had resided in Pennsylvania.

IR Aug. 13, 1885 – The death of Jas. Bird’s brother is the foundation of a wide spread rumor of the former’s sudden demise.


Bird, Mrs. Mary Skelding –  IR Feb. 17, 1887  –  Wife of E. J. Bird, Sr.,  the well known furnaceman, occurred last Friday morning.  Died of spinal meningitis.  The deceased was mother of E. J. Bird, Jr., Mrs. J. F. Peters, and three younger children.  She was 53 years old.


Bird, William H. –  IR Oct.19, 1871   –  Died at Hanging Rock, Sept. 30, after a short illness of a few hours.  Age 33 years.


Bishop, Benjamin W. –  IR May 05, 1853  –  Died on the 29th of April, Benjamin W., son of Benjamin and Abigail Bishop, aged about 4 years.


Bishop, D. C. –  IR SEP. 30, 1886   –  Died Sept. 25, aged 73 years.


Bixby, Mrs. Albert –  IR Feb. 16, 1899  –  Mrs. Bixby, the wife of Albert Bixby, was formerly resided here, died at Champaign City, Illinois, last week.  The funeral was last Monday, and Walter Bixby who lives there and Miss Grace Bixby, who is visiting there, attended the funeral.


Bixby, Clara A. –  SWR Sept. 09, 1921  –  Touching tribute to memory of Teacher – Clara A. Bixby, former Ironton lady, died in the midst of a term’s work the other day.  (need actual obituary)


Bixby, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson –  IR Oct.02, 1890  –  Died from uremic poisoning after a siege of la grippe last winter.  She died at the residence of her son, E. W. Bixby, on Olive street.  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Wilson, a sister of E. S. Wilson, H. B. Wilson and Mrs. B. H. Burr.  She was born in Newark, Ohio, Feb. 14, 1836 and was 54y 7m 14d old.  In 1853, her family moved to Ironton.  In 1855, she married Edwin Bixby, who with eight children survive.  Seven of the children were at her bedside.  Miss Clara Bixby was at the time hastening from Texas.  Interment at Woodland.  The pallbearers were two brothers and four sons of the deceased.  Messrs. E. S. and H. B. Wilson, E. W., Walter, L. H., and Frank Bixby.

See IR Oct.2, 1890 – Walter Bixby of Little Rock, Arkansas to see his sick mother . . .  Yesterday, his wife arrived to attend the funeral of Mrs. Bixby.


Bixby, Edwin –  IR Aug. 23, 1906  also see  SWI. Aug. 17, 1906  –  Mr. Bixby was 77 years of age last month and came to Ironton in 1852, when the city was in its infancy.  He founded the jewelry establishment which he turned over to his son, Frank A. Bixby.  Mr. Bixby was married to Miss Elizabeth Wilson, and of this union there are the following:  Mrs. H. H. Campbell, E. W. and F. A.

Bixby of Ironton, W. A. of Springfield, Mo., H. L. of Chattanooga, Tenn., Miss Clara of Belton, Texas, Miss Grace of New York and Howard of Green Bay, Wis.  The mother passed to that better world about 16 years ago.   Edwin Bixby was from Vermont.


Bixby, Ed. W. –  IR Oct.11, 1883  –  A wedding – Last Tuesday, Mr. Ed. W. Bixby, Ass’t Cashier of the First National Bank, and Miss Laura K. Blake, were married at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. H. Calhoun.


Bixby, Edwin W. –  M.I. Jul. 14, 1915  –  Burial at Woodland.  Last rites held at his home the corner of Fifth and Adams with hundreds of relatives . . .

Bixby, Frank A. –  IT Oct.11, 1942  –  Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bixby of 603 South 5th Street.  The wedding of Miss Minnie M. Moffett, daughter of Colonel John T.

Moffett and Frank A. Bixby took place in the Presbyterian Church the morning of Oct.12, 1892.


Bixby, Helen –  IR Mar. 07, 1895  –  Died last Sunday, little Helen Bixby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bixby, of scarlet fever.  The other little daughter who has been sick with scarlet fever is improving.


Bixby, Howard –  IR Jun. 18, 1896  –  The marriage of Mr. Howard Bixby and Miss Jessie Kirker takes place this Thursday evening at the Presbyterian church . . . bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kirker.  See IR June 25, 1896 for description of wedding.  See IWR Saturday, June 27, 1896 for wedding description.


Bixby, Mrs. Mary –  IR Nov. 03, 1870  –  Died of apoplexy, at the residence of Mr. H. Bixby, in Delphos, Ohio, Oct.27th, Mrs. Mary Bixby, aged 68 years.  She was the mother of E. Bixby of Ironton.  The remains were interred at Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus.


Bixby, Walter A. –  IR Oct.15, 1885  –  Married at the residence of Mr. J. H. Pooley, in Galena, Ill., Oct.8, 1885, Mr. Walter A. Bixby and Miss Lizzie L. Holmes, both of Galena.  The groom, who has resided in Galena about two years, and holds the position of Superintendent of the Galena Gas Company, who during his residence here . . . The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. D. A. Holmes, an old citizen of this city, where she was born and raised.  Galena Gazette.


Black, –  IJRN Jul. 20, 1870  –  A son of John G. Black, aged about 7 years old was drowned Tuesday of last week while playing near a cistern at Star Furnace, Ky.


Black, Edward –  IR May  24, 1888   –  Died May 19, age 4 months.


Black, Jacob –  IR Apr. 12, 1866  –  Died April 4, 1866 in West Ironton, age 74 years.


Black, Mrs. Jacob –  IR Aug. 04, 1864  –  Wife of  Jacob Black, of West Ironton, met with an accident which terminated fatally on Tuesday morning . . . Mrs. Black was a very fleshy woman, perhaps the heaviest in town, in the 73rd year of her age . . .


Black, Samuel –  IR Dec. 30, 1852  –  Married on the 23rd inst., by S. Sprigg, Esq., Samuel Black to Miss Martha Ann Mead; all of Ironton.


Black, William – ISW Oct.12, 1909  –  Wm. S. Black, and aged and highly respected citizen of

Proctorville, died Friday, his death being due to a complication of diseases.  He was born in Rock

Bridge county, W. Va. Feb. 14, 1828.  In December 1848 he was united in marriage to Miss

Amanda Hardy(?) and to them were born ten children, five of whom have passed to the Great Beyond.  His remains were laid to rest beside those of his wife, who during her life lived in the faith of an everlasting life.


Blackwell, Elizabeth –  IR Jun. 09, 1887  –  Died June 7th,  Elizabeth Blackwell, aged 87 ? years.


Blackwell, Sydney –  IJRN Jan. 19, 1870  –  Married in Ironton on the 16th of Jan., 1870, by Rev. G. W. Taylor, Sydney Blackwell and Rebecca Applegate.


Blackwels, Reed J. –  IR Oct.20, 1864  –  Married on the 13th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Reed J. Blackwels and Miss Margaret Taitt, all of Ironton.


Blagg, Thomas –  IR Oct.18, 1900  –  By a distressing accident which occurred near Centre Fce. last Saturday, Thomas Blagg, of Elizabeth township, was instantly killed.  Together with his wife he had started in a buggy to drive to his work at a charcoal pit some distance from his home.  On the way their horse became frightened at a cane mill in operation in a field near the road and ran away.  In his efforts to stop the frightened horse, Mr. Blagg was thrown out of the buggy, alighting on his head with such force that his neck was broken.  Mrs. Blagg was not injured, and the horse was stopped without further damage.


Blair, George –  IJRN Jan. 26, 1870  –  Married Jan. 11th at Franklin Furnace by Rev. Wilson Gardner, Geo. Blair and Nancy Pattengale, all of Sciota County.


Blair, Joseph –  IR Feb. 17, 1881   –  Of Lawrence Tp., died last week.


Blair, Mary –  IR Nov. 11, 1886   –  Died Nov. 8th, 1886, age 42 years.


Blair, Mary –  IJRN May 04, 1870  –  Died at O. H. Glidden’s residence near Wheelersburg, Oh., on April 25th, Mary Blair, aged 75y7m9d.


Blake, Cincinnatus –  IR Apr. 29, 1858  –  Married on the 21st inst., by Rev. J. T. F. Simmons, Mr. Cincinnatus Blake, of Gallia Co., and Mrs. Gritia F. Fuller, of Quaker Bottom, Lawrence County, Ohio.


Blake, Edward –  IWR Aug. 08, 1896  –  Edward Blake died Tuesday at Cincinnati hospital.  His sister, Mrs. E. W. Bixby, of this city, was with him. . . he died of tubercolosis of the bone.  He was about 25 years of age.  Interment at Woodland.


Blake, Mrs. Elizabeth Winn –  ISWR Apr. 13, 1920   –  Wife of Zachary Blake died at Coryville of pneumonia, age 73.  She was born at Proctorville, Ohio in 1847, and at the age of 2, she moved with her family to Cabel County, WV, where she remained until 1879, when she married Zachary Blake.  They lived in Bradrick.  He died in the early winter.  She was well known for her psychic powers, for almost 60 years she gave seances to the public.  An estimated 200,000 people attended these sittings.  See also SWR April 15 and April 19th.


Blake, Henry –  IR Jul. 31, 1851  –  Died – On the 28th, inst., at Greenupsburg, Ky., Henry Blake, aged about 55 years.  Well known as the proprietor of Hecla Furnace in this county (Lawrence).


Blake, J. W. –  IR Jun. 30, 1853  –  Married on the 22nd inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, J. W. Blake to Francis Cunningham.


Blake, John H. –  IR SEP. 29, 1853  –  Married on the 20th inst., by W. B. McFarland, Mr. John H. Blake and Miss Sarah L. M. Hunter; all of Cabell county, Va.


Blake, John L. –  IR Nov. 03, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to John L. Blake and Nanney Testament.


Blake, Mrs. Lucy A. –  IR May 04, 1882  –  Wife of J. H. Blake, died of heart disease, last Sunday.  She leaves a large family and many friends.


Blake, Mrs. Mary Ellen –  IR Mar. 26, 1857  –  Died in Brighton, Clark county, Ohio, on the 4th inst., Mary Ellen, wife of Burdine Blake, aged 25y6m.  Formerly of Ironton.

Blake, Mrs. Sarah –  IWR Dec. 26, 1896  –  Wife of Mr. John W. Blake, the well known merchant of Millersport, died at in the village Thursday.  She was about 55 years of age.  Her husband four sons survive her.  Funeral takes place at Millersport.


Blan ?, Rachel –  IR SEP. 09, 1880   –  Died Sept. 2nd, in East Ironton, age 80 years.


Blankenship, Mrs. Rebecca –  M.I. Nov. 6, 1923  –  Services for Mrs. Rebecca Blankenship were held from the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Haskins of 1601 South Third Street.  Burial at Woodland cemetery.


Blankenship, Ezekial –  IR Jan. 22, 1857  –  Married on the 15th inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Ezekial W. Blankinship to Mary E. Filkins, both of Lawrence county.


Blankenship, John –  IR May  01, 1862   –  Killed in battle, died Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, he was a Private in the 13th OVI.  Served in Oliver Woods Company, from Portsmouth, Ohio.


Blankenship, John –  IR Nov. 24, 1864  –  Married on the 15th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. John Blankenship (Veteran Volunteer) and Miss Amanda Nolan.


Blankenship, John –  IR Aug. 21, 1884  –  Died Aug. 8th at Hecla Furnace age 11 months.


Blankenship, Joseph –  IR Aug. 03, 1865  –  Marriage license issued during month of July – Joseph Blankenship and Louray Artis.


Blankenship, Mrs. Mary E. –  IR Mar. 26, 1891  –  Sheriff Ward took Mrs. John Butcher and Mrs. Mary E. Blankenship to Athens Insane Asylum last Monday.


Blankenship, William –  IR Jan. 26, 1854  –  Married on the 18th, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Wm. Blankenship and Miss Mildred Hewitt, both of Lawrence county, Kentucky.


Blaze, George –  IR Jan. 21, 1904  –  Marriage license issued to George Blaze, 29, and Georgie Bartlow, 23, Ironton.


Blentlinger, Andrew –  IR Apr. 08, 1858   –  Died in Ironton on March 18th, of consumption, age 31 years.


Blentlinger, Jacob –  IR Aug. 28, 1856  –  Died on Saturday, July 30, in Ironton, aged 68 years.


Bloksom, A. P. Esq. –  -IR Aug. 09, 1877  –  A lawyer of Zanesville and a brother of Mrs. W. W. Johnson died at his home a few days ago.


Bloomer, Lewis –  IR Nov. 03, 1887  –  Died  – Oct.28th, Lewis Bloomer, aged 40.


Boardman, Edward L. –  IR Aug. 16, 1860  –  Died in Marietta, August 3rd, Edward L. Boardman, age 27 years.


Bobbitt, Della –  IR Feb. 27, 1890  –  Died Feb. 25, age 23 years.


Bobbitt, Thomas –  IR Jan. 28, 1858  –  Married on the 21st inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., at Hecla Furnace, Mr. Thomas Bobbitt and Miss Lean Conway; all of Lawrence county.


Bode, Anna M. –  IR Dec. 17, 1885  –  Died Dec. 13, Anna M. Bode, aged 68.

Boggess, Arthur –  IR Feb. 18, 1875   –  Child of B. A. and Phoebe Boggess, age 1y8m21d.


Boggess, Mrs. Effie Elizabeth—-IET Aug. 28, 1934  –  Funeral services for Mrs. Effie Elizabeth Boggess of Kitts Hill, burial in Sugar Creek Cemetery.


Boggs, Mr. –  IR Mar. 25, 1880   –  Died March 17th,  Walnut Tp., Gallia County, Ohio.


Bolan, Thos. –  -IR Mar. 22, 1888  –  Died March. 20, Thos. Bolan, aged 82.


Boles, Infant –  IR Jun. 16, 1887  –  Died – June 12, child of Mrs. George Boles, at Centre Station.


Boling, Andrew –  -IR Dec. 01, 1864  –  Married on the 26th of November, by T. Z. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Andrew Boling to Mrs. Amanda Kelly, all of Lawrence county, Ohio.


Bolings, David –  IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to David Bolings and Minnie M. Sanders.


Boll, Andrew –  -IET Apr. 23, 1931  –  Born at Hecla Fce., on August 21, 1854, died this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Otto Monnig of Pine Creek.  He was the son of the late Frank and Christine Boll.  He parents preceded him in death as did his wife who died 37 years ago.  He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. George Dressel of Ironton and Mrs. Otto Monnig of Pine Creek; one son, Andrew, Jr. Of Pine Creek, and four brothers, Martin and George Boll of Ironton, Frank of Illinois and Fred of Pine Grove.  Two brothers, John and Joseph preceded him in death.  Burial at St. Mary’s cemetery.


Boll, Mrs. George –  IR Mar. 24, 1892  –  Last Wednesday Messrs. Martin Boll, Joseph Boll, Andrew Boll, J. B. Strobel and M. G. Clay went to Ashland to visit Mrs. George Boll, who was low with consumption.  She died Thursday and was buried at Rockcamp.  She had been married about 17 months and left no children but a husband and a widowed mother and two brothers to mourn her loss.  She was the only daughter of Wiley G. Bazell, who was killed at the Pine Grove Fce. Some five years ago.  Mr. Boll’s father was also killed at the same time and place.  Burial at Rockcamp.


Boll, Joseph –  IJRN Apr. 13, 1870  –  Died April 9th, Joseph, infant son of Valentine and Kate Boll, aged about 3 months.


Bolles, Mrs. F. M. –  IR Feb. 16, 1871   –  Died at the residence of Col. Wm. H. Bolles, on Feb. 4, age 65 years.  She was the mother of Col. Wm. H. Bolles.


Bolles, Infant –  IR Jul. 21, 1887  –  Died – July 20, child of Robert Bolles, aged 1 year.


Bolles, William M. –  IR Oct.28, 1852  –  Married on the 21st inst., Mr. William M. Bolles, of Ironton, to Miss Amaryllis Long of Jackson C. H.


Bomer, Infant –  IR May 19, 1887  –  Deaths – May 14, infant child of A. H. Bomer.


Bomer, Lizzie C. –  I.R Aug. 02, 1888  –  Died at Russell, July 26, Lizzie C., wife of Frank Bomer, aged 24.


Bonsall, Mary R. –  IR Jan. 07, 1869   –  Died Dec. 25, 1868 in Portsmouth, age 57 years.  She was the wife of S. N. Bonsall.

Bonsall, S. N. Captain A. Q. M. –  IR Aug. 03, 1865    –  Died July 19, 1865 in Gallatin, Tenn., age 56 years.


Bonser, Isaac –  IR Jan. 22, 1857  –  Married on the 11th inst., by G. W. Flanders, Esq., Mr. Isaac Bonser to Miss Nancy Maria Huddleston, all of Scioto county.


Boone, H. D. –  M.I. SEP. 11, 1923  –  Engagement of Miss Clark of New York is announced – Approaching wedding of Miss Florence Clark of New York City and Mr. H. D. Boone to take place in the late fall or early winter.  Miss Clarke is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clark who were one of the most prominent families in this city, and has always been a resident of Ironton until the past year.


Boone, Col. Nathan –  IR Nov. 13, 1856  –  Died in Missouri, “the youngest and the last surviving son of Col. Daniel Boone,” aged 72 years.  They had lived in Greenup county, Kentucky.


Booth, A. J. –  IR Oct.24, 1878  –  Died last Tuesday, A. J. Booth of Union Township, while at work on his farm on Rankin’s Creek, from heart disease.


Booth, James –  IR Jul. 24, 1856  –  Drowned – Mr. James Booth, of Hanging Rock, was drowned Saturday evening, while attempting to swim across the Ohio River at that place.  The deceased was about 40 years of age and unmarried.  He was a hand in the Hanging Rock Rolling Mill.


Booth, Mrs. Mary A. –  IR Dec. 18, 1856  –  Died on Dec. 8th, in Ironton, Mrs. Mary A., wife of F. S. Booth, in her 26th year.


Booth, Nathan –  IR SEP. 12, 1878  –  He was the father of Mrs. George _____ard, died at Ashland on the 2nd, age 78 years.  Buried:  Kelly’s cemetery.


Booth, Rarey –  IR Apr. 14, 1864  –  Died April 4, in Lawrence county, age 14y11m4d.


Booth, Robin –  IR Feb. 21, 1861   –  Died Feb. 14, Union Township, age 69 years.


Boothe, Adrian –  IR Oct.10, 1895  –  Only child of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Boothe, died last Monday.  Sweet little girl age 5, died of croup.


Boothe, Mrs. Alice (Montgomery) –  IR Jul. 24, 1890


Booton, Stephen –  IR Dec. 23, 1852  –  Married on the 19th inst., in Perry township, by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Mr. Stephen Booton, of Louisa, Ky., to Miss America Brubaker, of the former place.


Boring, Thos. –  IR Nov. 17, 1887  –  Thos. Boring, one of the early residents of Ironton and Lawrence Co., died at the home of his son, T. A. Boring, at Jeffersonville, Ind., Oct.29th, and was buried at Getaway.


Boss, –  IR Mar. 23, 1905  –  (do not have beginning of obit.)  They were among Ironton’s pioneer German settlers.  They were among the founders of the First German Reformed Church at Fourth and Vernon streets.  Six children survive her:  W. L. Boss, of Newport, Ky., Miss Anna M. Boss, Charles T. Boss, Mrs. Nick Sticklen, Fred J. Boss, of Avondale, Cincinnati, and Miss Matilda K. Boss.  Interment at Woodland.


Bosty, –  IR Nov. 25, 1880   –  Died Nov. 25, 1880 in Ironton.

Bothwell, David –  IR Feb. 19, 1874   –  Died Feb. 16, 1874.  He was a nailor by trade and worked at Belfont Mill.


Bothwell, Frank –  IR May  06, 1880   –  Son of Lewis and Eliza Bothwell, died May 1, 1880 on Railroad Street, age 18 months.


Bothwell, John H. –  IR Jul. 21, 1887  –  One of the oldest nailors in Ironton died of consumption.

Born in Pittsburg.  Came to Ironton in 1854.  Residence was Lawrence street.  Worked with F. D. Norton and E. M. Norton then in Shoneberger’s mill in Pittsburg.


Bothwell, Mrs. J. H. –  IR Apr. 27, 1899  –  Principal C. B. Stetson, of the High School, was called to Nashville, Tenn., last week, by the death of his mother-in-law, Mrs. J. H. Bothwell,   Mrs. Bothwell was long a resident of Ironton, the family owning what is now Auditor Brown’s residence.  They removed from Ironton about ten years ago.


Bothwell, Mary A. –  IR Apr. 08, 1886  –  Died April 2, 1886 age 52.


Bowen, A. W. Captain –  IR May  10, 1883   –  Died April 11, 1883 in Plainville, Rooke Co., KS, of pneumonia.  He was born in Lawrence county, May 11, 1840, where he spent the first 20 years of his life.  During the Civil War, he entered into three month service in Co. E., 6th OVI, then reenlisted for three years.  He was wounded in the face at Chicamauga.  He returned home and recruited a company in the county, and was commissioned Captain of Co. E., 173rd OVI.  The last ten years of his life, he spent in the South and West.  He was survived by his aged mother, sisters, Hattie and Mrs. D. H. Clark, and his brother, C. C. Bowen.


Bowen, –  IR Oct.18, 1877  –  (East End Items) It’s a boy, the first; and C. C. Bowen, its papa, is the proudest man in town.


Bowen, C. C., Jr. –  IR Nov. 17, 1864  –  Married Oct.10, by Rev. Josiah Haymond, at the residence of the bride’s brother in Letart Falls, WV, Mr. C. C. Bowen, Jr., of Millersport, Lawrence county, Ohio, and Miss Mattie Jones, of the former place.


Bowen, Edward –  IR Jan. 24, 1901  –  Miller (News) – Edward Bowen, son of the late Sarah Bowen from Athalia, died after an illness of one week, from typhoid pneumonia fever, on the 8th instant at East Liverpool, Ohio, where he had been working in the potteries.  His funeral occurred from the M. E. Church Millersport, Tuesday.


Bowen, Mrs. Hannah Chaplin –  IR Jan. 06,1887  –  Died at the residence of her son, C. C. Bowen, Dec. 28th, 1886.  She was born Dec. 29, 1811 in Kennebunk, Maine, and came to Marietta, Ohio with her father’s family in 1817; later they removed to Rome, Lawrence county, where she grew up to womanhood and where she was married to the friend of her youth in Oct.1830, with whom she lived 35 years a faithful wife, a devoted mother.  Of a family of ten children, only three are left to mourn their loss – C. C. Bowen, Mrs. D. H. Clark and Miss (need end of obit)


Bowen, Mrs. Martha –  IR Dec. 01, 1870  –  Died near Ottawa, Ill., on Nov. 15, 1870, Mrs. Martha Bowen, wife of Henry Bowen and daughter of Jesse and Lucy Davisson.


Bowen, William –  IR Dec. 27, 1894  –  Died in Jail – Wm. Bowen, a colored prisoner, died last Friday.  He was indicted for burglarizing Henry Woodfin’s barber shop.  He was captured in Huntington, returned to Ironton, attacked with fever, and died.


Bowers, Annie –  IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Deaths – Bowers – Aug. 17, Annie Bowers, aged 17.


Bowers, Mrs. Eliza  Miller –  IR Nov. 05, 1863   –  Died Nov. 3, 1863 on Centre St., Ironton, Ohio of an epileptic seizure.  She had a family of five small children, and lived opposite Ceredo, VA.  Her husband was a member of the 6th OVI at Chattanooga.


Bowers, John –  IJRN Dec. 15, 1869  –  Married December 9th by Rev. Mr. Moore, John Bowers and Helen Richardson.


Bowers, Olive –  IR Feb. 02, 1871   –  Child of John and Helen R. Bowers, died Jan. 30, 1871, of congestion of the lungs, age 4m23d.


Bowles, Jacob –  IR Mar. 03, 1881   –  Died age 84 years.


Bowles, John –  IR Feb. 21, 1907   –  Died in Portland, OR, of valvular heart trouble, age 80 years.

His wife was Sarah McIntyre.  He was born in Virginia on Nov. 12, 1826.  His parents moved to

Ohio when he was a boy, and he resided here until he moved to Oregon in 1883, settling at Oswego.  He married in 1848 to Miss Sarah McIntyre of Lawrence county, Ohio, and seven children were born to them.  During the Civil War, he served in an Ohio regiment until a wound necessitated the amputation of his left arm, and he was discharged.  He was survived by son John Bowles of Alabama; Mrs. Susan Chuck and Mrs. Kate Fox of Oswego, Mrs. Elizabeth Hosey of Oregon City, Mrs. Martha “Mattie” Ball of Portland, and Mrs. Lucy McClelland of Ohio.


Bowling, Isaac W. –  IR Nov. 09, 1865  –  Married on the 2nd inst., at Ironton, Ohio, by P. R. Polley, Isaaw W. Bowling and Rosa Flannery, all of Lawrence county, Ohio.


Bowling, Joseph P. –  IR Feb. 22, 1866  –  Married on Feb. 11, by Rev. L. B. Wharton, at the residence of the bride near Florence, Ill., Mr. Joseph P. Bowling and Susan A. Mayhew, both formerly of Lawrence county, Ohio.


Bowman, J. J. –  IR Apr. 08, 1880   –  (Jacob Jefferson Bowman) – Buried at Lebanon.  Died March


Bowman, Mrs. Lucy Pemberton –  IR Jun. 06, 1902   –  Wife of T. M. Bowman, died Thursday at her home on South 6th street of cholera morbus.  The deceased was Miss Lucy Pemberton and was a native of Virginia where she was born, Oct.2, 1845.  When only 3 years of age, she came to South Point with her parents.  She was married to Mr. Bowman, March 27, 1867.  Eleven children, two of whom died in infancy were born to the union.  Those who survive are:  Nelson Bowman and Mrs. George Freeman of South Point; Ross Bowman, stationed with the 8th U.S. Cavalry at Fort Riley, Kans.,; Charles, Samuel, Lucy, Emma, Mart and Shirley, all at home.  Mrs. Bowman came to Ironton with her family about 4 years ago when her husband became deputy under Sheriff I. R. Dovel.  Burial at Woodland.


Boyd, Ann Beeson –  IR SEP. 01, 1853  –  Died in this town, Aug. 29th, Ann Beeson, daughter of Robert and Jane E. Boyd, aged about 16 months.


Boyd, G. W. –  IR Nov. 17, 1853  –  Married on the 9th inst., at Vesuvius Fce., by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. G. W. Boyd to Miss Ann Songer.


Boyd, Robert       –  IR Feb. 09, 1860  –  Died Jan. 26, 1860.  He fell overboard the Bostona.  He was the son of the late John L. Boyd of Ironton.


Boyd, Robert –  IR Jan. 01, 1885  –  Formerly a citizen of Ironton, died at Louisville, Christmas morning, age 64.  In 1851, Child, Boyd & Co. were ____ of Hecla Furnace, and about that time organized the Lawrence Mill Co. (need copy of obit)


Boyd, Sarah –  IR Jul. 03, 1902   –  Died July 1, 1902 in an Athens Asylum.


Boyd, Wash –  IR Jan. 11, 1872  –  Drowned – a deck hand on the Juanita (need rest of obit)


Boyd, William P. – IR Jun. 30, 1853  –  Married on the 19th inst., at Hanging Rock, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. Wm. P. Boyd, to Miss Sarah Cease.


Boylan, – IR Jul. 03, 1902   –  Son of Lawrence Boylan died when a well caved in on him, age 14 years.


Boylan, Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick –   IR Aug. 22, 1901   –  Died at her home on 6th and Etna Sts., Ironton, on Nov. 18, of pneumonia.  Age 73 years.  Burial at Sacred Heart cemetery.  She was the wife of Lawrence Boylan.  She was a native of Ireland and came to this county while quite young, settling almost immediately in Ironton.  A brother, John Fitzpatrick was killed in a railroad wreck about the time of her coming to Ironton.  She was survived by son, Lawrence Boylan and daughter, Mrs. Henry Schwininger.


Boylan, Lawrence –  IR Jun. 02, 1887  –  Died May 27, Lawrence Boylan.


Boylan, Mary –  IR Sept. 30, 1886   –  Died Sept. 23, 1886, age 23 years.


Boyle, John Captain –  IR Jun. 06, 1901  –  Died June 1, 1901 at 77 S. 3rd St., Ironton, of illness of paralysis, aged 76 years.  Born Jan. 22, 1825 in Garrett Co., KY.  He was a steamboat captain in the ante-bellum days.  Leaves a wife and son, Samuel Boyle, of Ironton.


Boyle, Mary A. – IR May  25, 1871   –  Died May 20, 1871 of consumption, aged 18 years.


Boynton, Infant –  IR Oct.30, 1879   –  Died of diphtheria, age 7 years, the son of Joseph Boynton.


Boynton, –  IR Apr. 17, 1890


Boynton, Ada –  IR Jun. 16, 1887  –  Died June 12, Ada Boynton, aged 6 years.


Boynton, Asa Sr. – IR Jul. 17, 1879   –  Died at Haverhill on July 11, 1879 of heart disease.


Boynton, John –                 IR May 22, 1902  –  Drowned himself – well known resident of Haverhill, while laboring under temporary aberration due to illness drowned himself in the Ohio river at Haverhill some time Friday night.    The deceased was about 57 years of age and leaves four children; Asa and Martha of Haverhill, Kathleen of Columbus and one daughter who is married and lives in the west.


Boynton, Mrs. John –  IR Jun. 29, 1882  –  Died – wife of John Boynton of Sciotoville, last Wednesday at her mother’s, Mrs. Marshall, in Haverhill.  The deceased leaves a husband and several small children.


Boynton, Joseph –  IJRN Feb. 02, 1870  –  Married – in Marietta, Ohio, Jan. 20th at the house of B. F.

Stone, grandfather of the bride, by Rev. E. P. Adams, Jos. Boynton of Haverhill and Miss Julia H. Bardwell, daughter of Rev. A. Bardwell.


Boynton, Miss Mary – IR Feb. 03, 1898  –  The daughter of the late O. G. Boynton, and Mrs. Urania Boynton, now Mrs. Clary, died at her home on upper Third St., after a siege of consumption.  Burial at Woodland.


Boynton, Mrs. Susan –  IR Aug. 20, 1857  –  Died on the 15th inst., in Haverhill, Mrs. Susan Boynton, wife of Wm. L. Boynton.


Boynton, William –  IR Feb. 28, 1856  –  Married on the 24th inst., by Rev. W. W. Brainard, Mr. William Boynton and Miss Ann Vandervort, all of Scioto county.


Boynton, William L. – IR Jan. 15, 1857  –  Married on the 8th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, William L. Boynton, of Haverhill, to Miss Susan Pritchard of Ironton.


Boynton, William L. – IR May 06, 1858  –  Married on the 22nd of April, by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. William L. Boynton, of Haverhill, Scioto Co., to Miss Ruth A. Russell, daughter of Thomas Russell of Adams County.


Boynton, William L.   –  IJRN Jul. 27, 1870  –  Died – William L. Boynton of Haverhill died at his residence on July 12th, age nearly 70 years old.  He came with his father, Asa Boynton, from Haverhill, N. H. in 1810.


Bradley, E. B. – IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Marriage license issued to E. B. Bradley and Rossetta Mannon.


Bradshaw, James – IR Apr. 04, 1895  –  James Bradshaw died March 32, 1895.  He was born in Russell Co., W. Va., Dec. 22nd, 1817; was consequently 77 years 8 months and 21 days old.  Came to this county when quite a young man.  He leaves three sons and three daughters and a wife to sorrow.


Bradshaw, James M. – SWI Feb. 16, 1917   –  Died Feb. 11 at Marion, Ohio.  He was born in Athens Co., OH, May 22, 1837.  He married in that county on May 20, 1858 to Miss Phoebe Jane Wallace, who died Jan. 08, 1884.  The family moved to Lawrence Co., about 35-40 years ago, and he resided here until he moved to Marion four years before.  He married in 1885 to Mrs. Nancy A. Brown.  To the first marriage were born:  Rev. L. P. Bradshaw, who died in 1886; Rev. W. S.

Bradshaw of Logan, WV; Edward Bradshaw of West Tampa, FL, Emerson O. Bradshaw of

Chicago, Ella Bradshaw of Chicago, and Mrs. Bertha Shafer of Ironton.  To the second marriage,

Mrs. Emma White of Marion, Ohio, Mrs. Essie Russell of Marion, Miss Odra Bradshaw at home, Leonard Bradshaw at home and Luther Bradshaw, a farmer in Marion County.  He was also survived by step-son, Charles Brown of San Antonio, TX.  He was a veteran of the Civil War serving in Co. D. 140th OVI.


Bradshaw, Jessie – IR SEP. 18, 1890   –  IR Oct.2, 1890 – The Broken Wheel – On the casket that held the remains of Jessie Bradshaw was a wheel of lovely flowers, the gift of her class in the High School.  But the wheel was broken and a portion of it gone, so it was fitfully termed “The Broken Wheel” (Poem)


Brady, Harry –  IR May 7, 1896  –  Harry Brady, who went to Athens asylum in February, died there last Sunday and his remains were brought here for burial.  The dec’d was a foreman for T. J. Mulligan on the 2nd st. improvement.


Bragg, James – IR Nov. 22, 1877  –  From La Belle – James Bragg, aged about 92 years of age, died on the 14th inst.  He first settled in this county on Five Mile Creek, near the Township line.  He came from Virginia many years ago, was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Has many children, grand and great grandchildren in this county and in the West.


Brainard, George –  IR Oct.11, 1900  –  A Mr. Means who is here from Birmingham, Ala., for a short visit…received a letter from home, announcing the death of George Brainard, a former Ironton resident, who dropped dead of heart disease at his home in Birmingham last Monday.   George Brainard formerly resided in West Ironton and worked in Lawrence mill.  He leaves quite a large family.


Brainard, Infant – IR Mar. 12, 1857  –  Poisoned by candy – a child of John Brainard of Hanging Rock, aged about 2 years.


Brammer, Clark K. – IR Oct.06, 1853  –  Married on the 3rd inst., at the Ironton House, by R. C. Brammer, Esq., Mr. Clark K. Brammer and Miss Matilda Jane Hight, both of Guyandotte.


Brammer, Edmund – IR Mar. 06, 1879  –  Marriage License issued to Edmund Brammer and Martha Jones.


Brammer, Mrs. E. G. – IR Mar. 03, 1887  –  Deaths – Feb. 25, Mrs. E. G. Brammer, 69 years.


Brammer, Cora May   –  IR May 19, 1892  –  Cora May, daughter of Edward Brammer, died at the residence of her sister, Mrs. McCorkle, in Proctorville, May 15, 1892, aged 24 years 3 months 15 days. (lengthy obit.)


Brammer, Edmund   –  IR Mar. 17, 1892  –  Edmund Brammer, citizen of Union Tp., brother of Commissioner Charles Brammer, died at his home near Russell’s place last Saturday of pneumonia; aged 68 years.


Brammer, Alden, Edwin  –  IR Mar 1, 1877               –  aged 20m, died on Feb 26, 1877, the infant son of Jason K. & H.M. Brammer

Brammer, Elijah G. –  IWR Feb. 18, 1893  –  Elijah G. Brammer, one of the oldest residents of this county died at the home of his son, Felix E. Brammer, on Park Avenue Thursday, aged nearly 78 years.  The deceased was born in Virginia but when two years old was brought by his parents to this county where he has ever since resided.  Most of his life was spent in farming and trading.  He served a term as Justice of Peace of Upper Township, he also for a time conducted the Center House in this city.  In 1835 he married Miss Annie Langdon who died in 1887.  Twelve children were born to them, ten of whom are living.  These are Felix E. and E. S. Brammer of this city, James O. of Gallia county, O., Sidney and Frank of Birmingham, Ala., Mrs. L. A. Duduit, Mrs.

George H. Davies and Mrs. Wm. Stowers, of this city, Mrs. Elliot Pemberton of Andis, and Mrs. John Jordan, of Hammond, Indiana.  Burial at Woodland.


Brammer, Elizabeth C. –  IR Feb. 17, 1876   –  Died near Bradrickville, Ohio, age 37 years.  The wife of Edmund Brammer.


Brammer, Mrs. Henry –  IR Aug. 05, 1880  –  Died July 30, 1880 at her home in Bradrick.  Burial in Forgey cemetery.


Brammer, James – IR Mar. 09 1876   –  Born in Patrick county, VA, Feb. 25, 1790; was a Deacon; had 83 grandchildren.  James Brammer died February 29th, aged eighty-six years and four days.

He came to Ohio in 1818; and after a temporary stay of one year on the farm where C. T.

Templeton now lives, he settled on McKinney’s Creek, and has lived there ever since.  Died in

Union Township, at the residence of Edmund Brammer, Esq.  He removed to Teay’s Valley, Virginia, with his parents and there married Sarah M. Se____ds; then moved to Union Township, Lawrence Co., O.  His wife died May 5th, 1866.  His family consisted of five sons and seven daughters, who all loved to be heads of families and members of the same church, except the youngest daughter who died in infancy.


Brammer, John –  IJRN 22 SEPT 1869  –  Married September 20th at the Grant House in Ironton, Mr. John Brammer and Miss Ruth H. Neal of Lawrence Co., Ohio.


Brammer, John M. –  IR SEP. 04, 1890  –  He was son of Comm. Brammer.


Brammer, Mrs. Josephine –  IET. Jan. 30, 1931   –  Died age 80 of a stroke of apoplexy, the wife of the late William Russell.  Survived by 2 daughters, Miss Grace Russell and Mrs. Wilbur D. Johnson of Ashland, KY and one sister, Mrs. William Hidy of Dayton, Ohio.  Her husband died a quarter of a century earlier.  (Was she a Brammer or a Russell – need to verify – smk)


Brammer, Lucinda   –  IR Oct.10, 1886   –  Died Oct.9, age 55 years.


Brammer, Mealey Amanda – IR Jul. 31, 1856  –  Died – on the 26th inst., in this town, Mealey Amanda, daughter of Josiah and Mary Jane Brammer, age 1 year 5 months 25 days.


Brammer, Mrs. Nancy –  IR Jul. 12, 1883 –  The funeral sermon of Nancy Brammer, Jesse Brammer’s widow, will be preached at Jos. Farris’s residence at (do not have end of article).


Brammer, Rolen –  IR Jun. 8, 1882  –  Another Hanging – This Time A Suicide – Rolen Brammer ends his life at the age of 71.  Tuesday evening Rolen Brammer suicided by hanging himself from the limb of an apple tree, on his farm near Bradrick, this county…. Mr. Brammer was one of the oldest citizens of this county.  He settled here in 1815, together with his brothers, James, John and Jesse, who are now all dead.  He was an uncle of Esq. E. G. Brammer of this city, and a great uncle of J. K. Brammer, of Rockwood.  He was married three times, the last time on the 28th of November, 1881, to Mrs. Elizabeth Winn, a lady many years younger than himself and a niece by marriage.  Mr. Brammer’s brothers lived to a ripe old age.  John Brammer died at the age of 80 was killed by the falling of tree which he was cutting down.  James Brammer died in his 85th year, and Jesse in his 71st.  The only surviving brother, Edmund, now lives in Indiana.


Brammer, Sarah –  IR May 17, 1866   –  Died in Windsor township on the 5th inst., Sarah Brammer, in the 69th year of her age.


Brammer, William –  IR Jul. 03, 1890  –  Well known citizen of Fayette township died last Saturday night.  He was a son of Jesse Brammer.  Soon after he married he moved to where he has resided nearly all his life, on the hill, dividing the headwaters of Little Ice and Leatherwood.  His age was about 65.


Brammer, William –  IET. Feb. 09, 1931   –  Died Feb. 8, Kenova, WV, age 90 years.  Burial in

McCormick cemetery.  He was a native of Lawrence county, and resident of Proctorville until the

May preceding his death, when he moved to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ada Hawthorn, of Kenova.  He was a veteran of the Civil War, and had spent three months in a Confederate prison camp.  He was survived by his widow, three daughters, Mrs. Ada Hawthorn, Mrs. Laura Hawthorn of Greasy Ridge, and Mrs. Kate Pemberton of North Kenova, Ohio; three sons, Thomas Brammer of Crown City, Albert Brammer of Illinois, and Elmer E. Brammer of Huntington, WV; two brothers, J. F. Brammer of St. Mary’s, WV; and Henry Brammer of Chatsworth, IL.


Brammer, Willie A. – IR Oct.21, 1880   –  Child of A. J. and Margaret E. Brammer, age 6m17d.


Branham, Mattie E. – IJRNL SEP. 21, 1870  –  Died August 24th near Halfway, Polk Co., Mo., of consumption, Mattie E., daughter of W. H. and Lavina Branham, aged 14y10m2d.


Branham, Thomas E. –  IR Jul. 21, 1864  –  Died – June 30th, at the residence of his father, near

Hecla Furnace, Thomas E. Branham, son of William H. and Lavina Branham, aged 21y11m9d.


Branner, Catherine –  IR Feb. 27, 1890  –  Died Feb. 22, age 61 years.


Brashear, Mrs. Lucy (Phelps) – IR Nov. 30, 1854  –  Death of the Fist Woman Married in Louisville.  The last Richmond Messenger contains an obituary notice of Mrs. Lucy Brashear.  She was the daughter of Thos. Phelps, born in Campbell county, Va., in July, 1769, and died at the residence of Bird Deatherage, in Madison county Ky., June 18, 1854.  She was the first woman married in Louisville, and was in the fort at Boonesborough when it was besieged by the Indian.


Brassfield, –  IR Feb. 15, 1872  –  Julian Brassfield was brought down from Macedonia, last Monday, charged with aiding in the murder of an infant child of Amanda Brassfield, and lodged in jail.  Julian was attending Amanda during sickness, and it is said that the child was criminally put out of the way.  The reputed father, a man named Roberts, is accused by the mother of providing her with medicine to produce abortion.


Bratt, Mary Alice – IR Dec. 17, 1857  –  Died in Portsmouth, on 11th inst., Mary Alice Bratt, infant daughter of Benjamin and Mary Bratt, aged 2y11m22d.


Brattin, Stewart –  IR Jan. 08, 1880


Brattin, Susan C. – IR May 20, 1858  –  On the 10th, inst., in Ironton of consumption, Mrs. Susan C.

Brattin, wife of Samuel E. Brattin, aged 25 years, and leaving four little children to mourn for her.


Brattin, T. A. – IR Dec. 21, 1865  –   Died – Our city was struck with painful surprise, last Sabbath, to learn of the decease of T. A. Brattin, Esq., who for so many years had been confided by the citizens with places of public trust.  He was formerly Mayor of Ironton, . .


Brattlin, Allen T. –             IR Mar. 09, 1854  –  Married on the 1st inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Allen T. Brattlin and Miss Margaret Sanford, all of Ironton.


Braughten, William –       IR Sept. 20, 1888  –  Died – Sept. 18, Wm. Braughten, aged 76.


Brawley, Samuel S. –  IJRN Oct.13, 1869  –  Birth on October 6th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Brawley.


Brawley, Willie –  IJRN Jun. 15, 1870  –  Died June 7th, Willie, infant son of Alex and Ada Brawley, aged 3m18d.


Breckinridge, Mrs. Mary H. –        IR Apr. 22, 1858  –  Death of  a Venerable Kentucky Lady.  – The venerable Mrs. Mary H. Breckinridge, consort of John Breckinridge, who introduced into the Kentucky Legislature the famous Resolutions of ’98, died at Louisville, a few days ago, in the 90th year of her age. – She was the mother of Rev. R. J. Breckinridge of Danville, and Rev. W. L. Breckinridge, of Louisville, both eminent ministers, and grandmother of the present Vice President Breckinridge.


Breden, Polly –  IR Jul. 19, 1860   –  Died at Lawrence County Infirmary, Polly Breden, aged about 90; for many years known as one of “the old maids,” who lived some 40 years in a cabin about a mile back of this town (Ironton); the other one died some 3 or 4 years ago.


Breeden, –  IR Dec. 24, 1874


Breeden, Henry –  IR Dec. 22, 1853  –  Married on the 7th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Mr. Henry Breeden to Julia Ann Coyer, both of LaGrange.


Breeden, James H. –         IR Apr. 21, 1910


Breeden, Mary Jane –  IR Aug. 02, 1860   –  Died at LaGrange Furnace, on the 29th inst., Mary Jane, only daughter of Abner and Emeline Breeden, age 1y3m26d.


Breeden, William H. –  IR Feb. 23, 1865  –  Married on the 16th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. William H. Breeden and Miss Francis Thompson.


Breeding, Abner –  IR Aug. 31, 1895   –  Abner Breeding of of Ironton’s oldest pioneers died last Monday morning, nearly 80 years old.  He came to this locality about 1820 and died at his nephew’s on 4th street.


Brewer, Lewis –  IJRN Oct.20, 1869  –  Married October 16 or 18th by Rev. John Kelly, Lewis Brewer of  Boyd County, Kentucky and Mrs. Arvilla Spicer.


Brewer, William H. –  IR Jan. 05, 1865  –  Married on the 22nd of Dec., at Spencer Chapel Parsonage, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Wm. H. Brewer and Miss Susan St. John, all of this county.


Brice, Charles – IR Sept. 24, 1874


Brice, Frances –  IR Sept. 17, 1857   –  Died on the 13th inst., in Ironton, Mrs. Frances Brice, wife of David Brice, in her 57th year.


Brice, Miss Matilda –  IR Oct.16, 1856  –  Died on the 13th inst., in Ironton, Miss Matilda Brice, daughter of James Brice, in her 20th year.


Bridges, Roy W. –  IR Jun. 07, 1899  –  Wedding – at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clark, of

South 4th street, their daughter, Bertha Alice, being united with Mr. Roy W. Bridges.  Rev. W. H.

Hampton officiating.  Only the family of the bride, the groom’s mother, Mrs. Stong of Kenova, W.Va., Capt. John McGuire of Portsmouth and Miss Sue Millies of this city were in attendance.


Bridget, Infant –  IR Dec. 25, 1884  –  Died December 20, child of Mrs. Mattie Bridget age 7 months.


Bridwell, Albert H. – SWI Jul. 17, 1906  –  Bridwell will be wedded in Portsmouth today – Albert H. Bridwell, brilliant shortstop of the Boston National League ball team, will step into Portsmouth tonight.  He comes here to wed his sweetheart from boyhood, Miss Lorraine M. McMahon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon of Offnere street.


Bridwell, Andrew   –  IR Nov. 15, 1860  –  Died in Ironton, Nov. 12, of Ascites, Andrew Bridwell, aged 36 years.


Bridwell, Mrs. Elizabeth   –  IR Jan. 23, 1890  –  Died of consumption, at her daughter’s Mrs. W. T.

McQuigg, last Sunday, age 75 years.  She moved to Ironton from Ohio furnace in 1850.  Her husband, Samuel Bridwell, died in 1862.  They had three children all of whom are living.  Her son Hon. T. C. Bridwell, of Evansville attended the funeral.


Bridwell, Samuel –  IR Jun. 12, 1862


Bridwell, Thomas C. –  IR Oct.20, 1864  –  Married at the residence of the bride’s father, John S. McFarland, Esq., on Thursday the 22nd inst., by Rev. D. S. Campbell, Mr. Thomas C. Bridwell to Miss Bettie H. McFarland, all of this county. – Owensboro (Ky.) Herald.


Bright, R. D. – IJRN Oct.06, 1869  –  Married at Barboursville, WV on Tuesday, September 21, 1869, by Rev. Wm. Gains Miller, Mr. R. D. Bright and Emma Samuels.


Briner, George –  IR May 23, 1867  –  Married on the 19th inst., at the residence of Mr. A. Breeding, by Rev. J. H. Brundige, Mr. George Briner to Miss Ellen Woods, all of Lawrence county.


Briner, Infant – IR Jun. 16, 1887  –  Died – June 11, daughter of George Briner, aged 3 1/2 years.


Broadwell, Gilbert A. – IR Mar. 15, 1888  –  Died March 9th, Gilbert A. Broadwell, aged 19.


Broadwell, W. B. – IR Jan. 13, 1898  –  Father of Geo. W. Broadwell, died last Thursday.  Body taken to Maysville for burial.  He was 86y7m old.


Brodess, H. B. –  IR Aug. 06, 1857  –  Married on July 26th, in Ashland, Ky., H. B. Brodess, editor of the American Union, to Miss Mary E. Gibbs, both of Ashland.


Bronson, C. C. –  IR Jun. 24, 1858  –  Married on the 15th inst., by Rev. Dan Young, C. C. Bronson, M. D., and Mrs. M. A. Blentlinger, all of Ironton.


Bronson, Melissa C. –  IR May 21, 1857  –  Died in Ironton, May 15th, Melissa C. Bronson, wife of Dr. C. C. Bronson, in the 30th year of her age.


Brook, Joseph –  IR Jul. 14, 1853  –  Married on the 6th inst., in Elizabeth Tp., by R. Richey, Esq., Joseph Brook to Milly Corby.


Brooks, Calvin D. –  IR SEP. 25, 1862


Brooks, Edwin C. –  IR SEP. 27, 1860  –  Married in Ironton on Sept. 5th, by Rev. T. W. Davies, Mr. Edwin C. Brooks and Miss Elizabeth M. Davies, all of Ironton.


Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth –  IR Jun. 02, 1864


Brooks, Infant –  IR  NO DATE  –  Died  Sept. 10, 1888?, 4 month old daughter of Henry Brooks.


Brooks, John –  IR Jan. 11, 1906


Brooks, John E. –  IR Jun. 26, 1862


Brooks, Joseph S. – IR Jun. 12, 1862


Brotheridge, Mrs. –  IR Nov. 14, 1878  –  Mrs. Ross received word this morning from Jackson, that her mother, Mrs. Brotheridge had died last night.  Mrs. Brotheridge was over 80 years old.


Brounstead, Mary –  IR Sept. 03, 1857  –  Died – at Pine Grove Furnace, of flux, on the 29th, Mary Brounstead, daughter of Earnest and Margaret Brounstead, aged 10y8m.


Brown, Mr. –  IR Sept. 25, 1873


Brown, Catherine –  IR Oct.15, 1874


Brown, Edwin F. –  IR Jun. 21, 1900  –  For years manager of the local Western Union . . . died in Denver, Col., last Friday . . . was about 38 years of age (do not have all of obit.)


Brown, Mrs. Hulda Powell   –  IR Sept. 18, 1890


Brown, James – IR Aug. 22, 1901   –  Veteran of the Civil War died Thursday at his home in the Parker Block, aged 64 years.  Member of Capt. John V. Keeper’s battery of 1st VA Light Artillery.  He leaves a wife and three daughters.  Funeral at LaGrange.


Brown, James  –  IR Jan. 18, 1926  –  Age 77, Pioneer Iron Furnace Man, died Sunday.  He was born near Franklin Furnace, Sept. 18?, 1848? the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Wesley Brown. . . On Oct.29?, 1895 he married Laura ____ Young, of Hanging Rock.  Three children were born to them, Misses Gladys and Ethyl, who survive and one son, James who died at the age of five.  Mrs. Brown also survives and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Shepherd, of Lyra, Ohio, Mrs. Elsworth Moore and Mrs. Elsie Crawford, of West Union and Wesley Brown of Houston, Texas are half-brother and sisters.  Burial:  Woodland.


Brown, John –  IR Feb. 03, 1881


Brown, John H. –  SWR. Mar. 23, 1917


Brown, Nathan  (colored see Jones, Jim) –  IR May 22, 1902


Brown, Robert –  IR Jan. 16, 1902  –  Died  Dec. 10, 1901 – Old Maidsville; rheumatism of the heart.


Brown, W. S. – IR Dec. 03, 1857  –  Died Nov. 30th in Portsmouth, W. S. Brown, long known as a business man of that city, in his 45th year.  He was a native of London, England.


Browne, Mrs. Mary (Robinson) –  IET Nov. 15, 1938  –  Daughter of Rev. P. M. and Luanna Stewart Robinson was born near Sheritts, Ohio, December 19, 1861, died Nov. 5, 1938 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Madge Canter in Akron, Ohio.  She was married to Stephen Douglas Browne, September 6, 1887 at Ironton, Ohio and lived in Lawrence county until 1911, then for six years in

Athens and since 1917 in Akron, Ohio.  They became the parents of nine children; two of them John D. Browne and Luanna Browne Chambers preceded her into the better land.  She is survived by her husband, by one sister, Mrs. W. D. Hambleton of Ironton, Ohio, by six daughters, Mrs. Dorie Crabtree, Mrs. Madge Canter, Mrs. Mame Ballinger, Mrs. Muriel Steece, Mrs. Nora Croina Cullum and Mrs. Kathleen  Allen, and one son Eric E. Browne.  She is also survived by 23 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and a host of friends.


Browne, H. R. (bad copy of paper) –   SWR. Dec. 05, 1921  –  Born May 3, 1845 – served in Civil War.  On July 26, 1869, Capt. Browne was united in marriage to Isabelle Peters and seven children survive this union.  They are Mrs. F. E. Duduit, of Porstmouth, O., Mrs. C. T. Dean of Portsmouth, Va.; J. Harry Browne of Wellston, O.; Mrs. N. N. Potts of Ironton, O.; Mrs. A. L. Irish.  Chester A.

Browne and George K. Browne, all of Cleveland, O.  One sister, Mrs. G. W. Keye, of Ironton also survives.  He was auditor of Lawrence county for three successive terms.  Interment at Woodland.


Browning, Arthur –  IR Jun. 30, 1853  –  The son of the late Samuel M. Browning, Esq., of Lawrence county, was drowned at Marietta, while bathing below the Muskingum dam on Sunday, the 19th inst..  He was clerk at the Post Office.  A younger brother of the deceased was drowned a few years ago in the Ohio river at Belpre.  The widowed mother is now childless having lost both sons by drowning.  Young Browning was about 17 years old.  Body taken to Belpre for burial.


Brownstead, Lewis –  IR Nov. 10, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Lewis Brownstead and Anna Turvey.


Brownstead, Margaret –  IR Feb. 05, 1880


Brownstead, Mrs. Rose –  IET Feb. 18, 1932  –  Age 79, wife of the late George Brownstead, died Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Howell, 319 South Fifth Street.  She was born June 28, 1852 at Wheeling, W. Va., but spent most of her life in this city.  She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sourman.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Henry Howell and Miss Amelia Brownstead of this city and one son, F. P. Brownstead of Chillicothe.  Two children, Clarence Brownstead and Mrs. Chas. Hunter preceded her in death.  Burial at Woodland.  One brother, William Sourman of Ironton survives.


Broy, Charles –  IR Feb. 17, 1887  –  A young man whose home was at Jeffersonville, Ind., was killed on the Hanging Rock and Newcastle R.R., last Saturday, at Hanging Rock.  He was a brakeman on the road and was coupling cars near Rumble’s store, when by some means he was caught and run over.  It is said that he was running ahead of a car trying to draw a coupling pin when a wheel caught his foot.  Death occurred instantly.  The remains were sent to Jeffersonville.  He was age 19.


Brubaker, Charles W. –  IR Mar. 23, 1905  –  Charles W. Brubaker, of Sheridan, died very suddenly Saturday morning from heart failure.  Mr. Brubaker was 30 years of age, and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Brubaker.  He leaves, besides his parents, one brother, Frank, and three sisters, Misses Alma and Effie at home, and Mrs. Emma Todd, of Colorado, to mourn his loss.  Interment at the family burying ground.


Brubaker, David P. –  IR Jan. 18, 1866  –  Married by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. David P. Brubaker and Miss Arzella S. Clark.


Brubaker, James – IR Jan. 26, 1865  –  James Brubaker, a young man of about 18 years old, and son of Daniel Brubaker, of Perry Township, died on last Friday, with all the symptoms of hydrophobia.  During the mad dog excitement in this county in October, he received a bite from a dog.  The dog was killed for his viciousness, though slightly suspected of madness.  Up to within a few days of his death, the health of the deceased had been, as usual, with the exception, that the week previous he had accidentally cut himself on the knee and had been confined to the house on account of the wound.   His constant thirst and great aversion to water, gave sure indications of the dreadful end that awaited him.  During his last hours he suffered extremely, requiring force to keep him on his bed during his ravings.  He thought that if he could only “drink a draught of good water” he would get well.  He remained apparently in his right mind till death relieved him.


Brubaker, Mrs. Julia Mays-  IR Sept. 22, 1892 – Mrs. Julia Mays Brubaker called at the Register office Tuesday.  …We learned that she is the proprietor and discoverer of what is known as the Mays Electric System, a most perfect process for removing imperfections from the skin such as pock marks, birth marks, &c., ……..


Brubaker, Mrs. Margaret –  IR SEP. 5, 1850  –  Died on the 31st at her residence in Lawrence county, Mrs. Margaret Brubaker, consort of Daniel Brubaker, Esq. in her 49th year.


Bruce, A. C. –  IET May 21, 1931  – A. C. Bruce, farmer of Union Landing, died this afternoon, 72 years old.  Death followed from a stroke of paralysis.  Mr. Bruce was born at Deering and spent practically all his life in Lawrence county.  He had resided at Union Landing during the last 29 years. . . He is survived by his widow, Sarah and four children, Avanelle and Alice at home, Wayne of Russell and Mrs. S. W. Kouns of South Point.  One child preceded him in death.  Burial in Woodland Cemetery.


Bruce, Frank D. –  IR Nov. 16, 1893  –  Frank D. Bruce, a most excellent young man and a rising teacher of this county, died at his home on Ice Creek, last Thursday afternoon.  He was 20 years old, last July.  Lung disease with a final attack of typhoid fever carried him off.


Bruce, James  –  IR Aug. 20, 1891  –  Age 74 . . . He married Matilda Allen in 1840 . . . had twelve children . . . six are dead. . .


Bruce, Mrs. Jerry  –  IR Nov. 07, 1878  –  Awful death last Friday, Mrs. Bruce, wife of Jerry Bruce, who lives near Ice Creek Baptist Church, about a mile from town met a horrible death.  While cooking apple butter . . . dress caught fire, burned severely . . . leaves a husband and 3 children.


Bruce, Mrs. Julia  –  IR Apr. 02, 1891  –  Mrs. Julia Bruce, widow of the late Amaziah Bruce died last Monday at the age of 68 years.  She lived a mile beyond Deering on the Getaway road.


Bruce, Kendal –  IET Feb. 09, 1926  –  Kendal Bruce was born June 8, 1848, died Feb. 6, 1926 at the age of 78 years, 8 months, and 28 days.  He was united in marriage to Hannah Moore and to this union five children were born, one died in infancy but four survive as follows:  Albin B. of Idaho, Edgar B. of South Point, Charles B. of Pedro and Effie of Petersons, Wyoming.


Bruce, Mrs. Metta – IR Feb. 18, 1892  –  Died at Oxmoor, Alabama, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Metta Bruce, wife of Lindsey Bruce and daughter of Dr. W. Gills.  She moved from this county to Alabama about 10 years ago.  She left husband and 4 children to mourn for her.


Bruce, Nelson –  IR SEP. 13, 1860  –  Marriage license issued to Nelson Bruce and Julia Gibson.


Bruce, Oliver Perry –  IR Oct.17, 1861  –  Died – Oliver Perry, age 17 in Linn County, Miss., son of Vincent and Corintha Bruce, formerly of Lawrence County.


Bruce, Mrs. Sarah –   IET Jan. 20, 1934  –  Mrs. Sarah E. Bruce of Union Landing died at her home there this morning at the age of 70 years.  Mrs. Bruce was born at Ft. Gay, W. Va., Dec. 23, 1864.  Her husband died three years ago and one son, Taylor V., died Sept. 6, 1899.  Surviving children are Mrs. Mabel Kouns of South Point, Wayne, Alice and Avanelle, all at home.  Burial at Woodland.


Bruce, Wayne D. –  IET Aug. 18, 1949  –  Died – Wayne D. Bruce, 60, formerly of Ironton, died at his home Wednesday in Columbus.  He had been ill since suffering injury in an auto accident in 1946.  He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Amisa (sic Amaziah) Bruce, was born and reared in this county and was a former C. & O. employee.  Surviving are his widow Helen Lawless Bruce, these children:  Mrs. Herman Willis of Ironton, Mrs. Virginia Bradshaw of Columbus, Miss Beulah Bruce at home, Mrs. Harry Baker, Jr., of Columbus, three grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Walstein Kouns of South Point, Mrs. Roscoe (Avanelle) Hacker of Russell, Mrs. Alice Gray of Flemingsburg.  A brother preceded him in death.  Burial at Woodland.


Bruce, William –  IR Aug. 07, 1890


Brumfield, –  IR Dec. 30, 1880


Brumfield, B.      –  IR Aug. 06, 1891  –  Revolting murders – B. Brumfield, his wife and 4 children murdered.


Brumfield, Mrs. –  IJRN Dec. 21, 1870  –  Died December 17th of dropsy, Mrs. Brumfield, aged about 21 years.


Brumfield, Bird F.   –  IR Feb. 09, 1854  –  Married at the Ironton House, on the 4th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Bird F. Brumfield of Kentucky, to Elizabeth F. Hatten, of Virginia.


Brumfield, Perry – IT Mar. 22, 1943


Bryan, Ella –  IR May 19, 1853  –  Died at Burlington, on the 6th inst., Ella, daughter of W. H. and Romaine M. Bryan, aged 3m 14d.


Bryan, Henry E. –  IR Aug. 20, 1857  –  Died on the 17th inst., in Burlington, Henry E. Bryan, son of W. H. and R. M. Bryan.


Bryan, Isaac M. –  IR Jun. 18, 1857  –  Died in Burlington, Ohio, on the 7th day of June, 1857, of consumption, Isaac M. Bryan, aged 20y3m8d, leaves an aged mother.


Bryan, Jane Isabell –  IR Sept. 10, 1857  –  Died on Sept. 3rd, at Burlington, of Flux, Jane Isabell Bryan, aged 22y3m5d.


Bryan, John –  IR Feb. 24, 1870  –  A correspondent writes us from up Big Sandy (KY), that John Bryan, living near the mouth of Rowe Creek, was born in 1755, which makes him 115 years old.  The old gentleman can neither see nor walk, and can hear only a little.  He was born at some fort in Maryland, and went into the Revoluntionary war under Capt. Lee Morgan.


Bryan, John C. –  IR Jan. 21, 1858  –  Died at Burlington, Ohio, on the 14th inst., John C., son of W. H. and R. M. Bryan, aged 1y9m.


Bryan, John M. –  IR Nov. 23, 1865  –  Died John M. Bryan, formerly of Burlington, Ohio, died at Sacramento City, Calif., Oct.13, 1865.  He left home for the Golden State October 1st, 1850.  His remains sent home to Burlington for interment.


Bryan, Lewis L. –  IJRN Feb. 02, 1870  –  Married – Jan. 20th at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. James D. Fry, Mr. Lewis L. Bryan of WV and Sarah J. Miller of Haskelville, Ohio.


Bryan, Mary Alice   –  IR Sept. 22, 1864  –  Died at Burlington on the 19th inst., Mary Alice Bryan, daughter of W. H. and R. M. Bryan, age 6y5m20d.


Bryan, Sarah –  IR Sept. 10, 1857  –  Died at Burlington, Aug. 21st, of billious diarrhea, Sarah Bryan, aged 61y4m29d.


Bryant, Albert (colored) –  IR Aug. 02, 1901  –  Albert Bryant, a prominent colored  citizen of Burlington and a leader in local politics among his people, died suddenly of heart disease Friday.  He was 55 years of age and leaves a wife and family.


Bryant, Charles W. – IR Feb. 08, 1866  –  Married at Pine Grove Furnace, on the 2nd inst., by Rev. Wm. Hunderdosse, Chas. W. Bryant to Elizabeth Sargent.


Bryant, John M. –  IR Jul. 20, 1865  –  Marriage license issued during the month of April – John M. Bryant and Eliza Jane Shumate.


Bryant, William  –  IR Jan. 20, 1887  –  Deaths – Jan. 14, Wm. Bryant, aged 73 years.


Bryson, Albert W. –  IJRN SEP. 14, 1870  –  Died August 22nd, Albert W., son of G. W. and Nancy Bryson, aged 13y5m24d.  He was accidentally shot.


Bryson, Miss Blanche –  M.I. Jan. 12, 1910  –  Consumption Caused This Young Lady’s Death – Miss Blanche Bryson, aged 18 years, daughter of Charles Bryson died Tuesday at her home in South Point after an illness of about one year’s duration of consumption.  Miss Bryson is survived by her father, two brothers and one sister, Miss Pattie, one of Lawrence counties best known school teachers.  A cousin, Miss Belle Bryson, is a teacher at Hanging Rock and is a member of the Bowman household on Buckhorn Street.  The interment will be at South Point.


Bryson, Mrs. Hamilton –  IR Jul. 10, 1890  –  Mrs. John Hughes and Mr. and Mrs. Alfonzo Bryson, were home from the Kentucky river last week, on account of the sickness and death of their mother, Mrs. Hamilton Bryson. – Miss Dolly Bryson, who has been very sick, is convalescent.


Bryson, Capt. Isaac    –  IWR Jun. 05, 1897


Bryson, Nannie Laura –                  IJRN Sept. 14, 1870  –  August 2nd, Nannie Laura, daughter of G. W. and Nancy Bryson; aged 2y3m23d.


Buchanan, John W. –  IR Mar. 21, 1861


Buchanan, Sarah A. –  IR Feb. 25, 1858  –  on the 15th inst., in Zaleski, Ohio, Sarah A., daughter of G. F. and Elvira Buchanan; aged 5 years 3 months.


Buck, James –  IR Jul. 07, 1853  –  Married on the 3rd inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, James Buck to Mary E. Sloat, all of Ironton.


Buck, James –  IR Sept. 09, 1886


Buck, James Andrew – IR Feb. 28, 1861   –  Died in Ironton Feb. 22 of congestion of the brain.  He was the son of James and Mary Eliza Buck.  He was age 3y1m.


Buck, Mrs. Mary E. –  IJRN Jul. 20, 1870  –  Died July 20th, Mrs. Mary E., wife of James Buck, aged 35 years old.


Bucklew, Mrs. Jane –  IR Mar. 9, 1953  –  Mrs. Susan Jane (Janie) Bucklew, 69, of 710 Marion Pike,

Coal Grove, died at the home of her son, Charles William Bucklew…. Mrs. Bucklew was born at Portsmouth, June 23, 1883, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ballard.  Surviving are three sons, M-Sgt. Leslie G. Bucklew, of Alexandria, Va., Charles William Bucklew of Ironton and George E. Bucklew, of Morehead, Ky., a brother, Edward Ballard of Coal Grove; 13 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Her husband, William C. Bucklew, died April 11, 1949.  Two sons, Leroy and James Bucklew preceded her in death.


Buell, Edward W. –   IR Dec. 03, 1857  –  Married on the 23rd in Newport, Washington county, Edward W. Buell, of Marietta, to Miss Melissa S. Barker, daughter of Judge Joseph Barker.


Buffington, James Robert –  IR Mar. 14, 1861  –  Died on Saturday, 9th, inst., on steamer N. W. Thomas, below Cincinnati, son of Maj. James Buffington, of Quaker Bottom, Lawrence county, aged about 35 years.


Buffington, Wm. H. –  IR Jun. 30, 1853  –  Married on the 28th inst., in Ironton, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Wm. H. Buffington, of Jefferson City, Mo., (Auditor of the State), to Miss Georgella Nicholas, of Cabell county, Va.


Bull, Mrs. Frances –  IR JUN 27, 1867


Bull, James –  SWR. Jan. 20, 1920


Bumgarner, Daniel –  IR Jul. 02, 1868  –  One of the oldest citizens of Lawrence county died near Haverhill, last Monday.  Used to teach schools in this county.  He formerly owned a part of the land on which Ironton stands.


Bumgarner, Jacob – IR Apr. 23, 1857  –  Died on the 21st inst., near Haverhill, Jacob Bumgarner, son of Daniel Bumgarner, aged about 21 years.


Bundy, Mr. –  IR Dec. 19, 1895


Burch, John –  IR Jan. 30, 1879  –  Formerly a carpenter in _____ and lately living near Sheridan died recently.


Burch, Mrs. Rachel –  IR Feb. 24, 1887  –  Wife of Wayne Burch, died at her home near Haverhill, on the 4th of February, at the age of 67 years.  She formerly lived in Ironton.


Burcham, Infant – IR Jan. 21, 1904  –  Cebee – John Burcham’s two year old child caught fire from a grate, while the parents were at the barn and was burned to death.


Burcham, John H.  –   IR Nov. 03, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to John H. Burcham and Mary E. Martindell.


Burcham, Nathaniel –  IET. May 21, 1936


Burchfield, William – IR SEP. 22, 1887  –  Men Killed – Caving in at No. 2 Tunnel – No. 2 tunnel of the D. & I. Railroad between Olive and Gallia furnaces – two men died – Wm. Burchfield and I. Oshman, both of Zaleski.


Burdett, Charles W. –   IR Sept. 23, 1886


Burdett, Samuel Rev. –  IR Dec. 23, 1869


Burdett, Samuel – IR Dec. 16, 1869   –  IJRN Dec. 15, 1869 –  Died December 10th at Vesuvius Furnace of lung fever, Mr. Samuel Burdett of Burlington.


Burdett, W. S. –  IR Apr. 19, 1888  –  Died – Apr. 11, W. S. Burdett, aged 1 year 3 mos.


Burdette, William – IR Feb. 19, 1880


Burgess, Mrs. Addie M. –  IR Apr. 18, 1867


Burgess, Edward –  IR Dec. 17, 1885  –  Died – Dec. 10, Edward Burgess, aged 18 years.


Burgess, George S. – IWR Aug. 03, 1895   –  Died at Orlando, Florida.  Funeral took place from residence of E. Bixby.  Interment:  Woodland cemetery.


Burgess, Mrs. Sarah Catherine –  IR Aug. 01, 1889  –  Died July 27, age 61 years.


Burgess, Thomas Davisson –  IR Apr. 01, 1875


Burgess, Vermedel –  IR Apr. 15, 1875


Burgis, John H. –               IR Nov. 24, 1864  –  Married on the 22nd ult., by Rev. David Harries, Mr. John H. Burgis and Miss Esther D. Lewis, both of Lawrence county, Ohio.


Burk, –   IR Dec. 23, 1880


Burke, Albert –  IR Nov. 10, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Albert Burke and Emily Jones.


Burke, George – IR SEP. 05, 1878  –  Killed by Cragmiles.


Burke, Henry – IR Feb. 17, 1887  –  For many years a resident of Ironton, but for four or five years past, living at Winter Park, Florida, died a few days ago, of some stomach complaint.  Two of his sons are now in the merchandise business at or near Sanford, Florida.


Burke, Infant –  IR Aug. 04, 1887  –  Died – July 31, infant child of James Burke.


Burke, John – IR Sept. 03, 1857  –  Died – Aug. 13th, in Keokuk, Iowa, John Burke, formerly of Marietta, aged 41 years.


Burke, John J. –  IET Feb. 23, 1926  –  Died in Chair – John J. Burke, over 82 years of age, a well known farmer of Franklin Fce. , and Wheelersburg areas died Sunday while sitting up in a chair at his home.  Infirmities caused death after a two year illness.  He was born at Burke’s Point, Hayport Road, east of Wheelersburg, Jan. 21, 1844 being 82 years and 1 month old.  On November 22, 1872, he was united in marriage to Miss Amanda Ranshaus of Portsmouth, who passed away about two years ago.  The this union were born eleven children, two of whom have died.  The surviving are Kenneth Burke, Mrs. Charles C. Blair, Claude Burke, Mrs. Scott Wooley and Mrs. Samuel Hecker, all of Marion, O., Mrs. Charles Oppy of Franklin Furnace, Pearl, Earl and Lawson Burke at home.  Mrs. Louise Burke of Second St., Portsmouth was a sister-in-law, Floyd Lawson and Russell Burke and Mrs. J. E. Simpson of this city nephews and niece of Mr. Burke.  Burial in the Lamb cemetery at Franklin Furnace.


Burke, Mrs. Lavina –  IR Jun. 29, 1882 –  Of the French Grant, and mother of Henry Burke, died at Wheelersburg, last Monday.


Burke, Martha Jane – IR Dec. 23, 1852  –  Died on Nov. 18th, near Jasper, Pike Co., of typhoid dysentery, Martha Jane, daughter of William and Lucinda Burke, late of this county.


Burke, Samuel –  IR Nov. 20, 1879


Burke, Thomas –  IET Feb. 18, 1932  –  Brother of Mrs. John Shields of Seventh and Etna Sts., died at his home in Wellston.  Born and reared in Wellston, never married.  Survived by two brothers and four sisters, Ellen and _____acia Burke of Wellston, Patrick and James Burke of Wellston, (Need end of Obituary).


Burkett, David  K. –  IR SEP. 13, 1860  –  Married in Ironton on the 30th ult., by Rev. George E. Leonard, David K. Burkett and Mary Jane Thomas, all of Ironton.


Burnett, John W.                 –  IWR Dec. 30, 1899  –  Mr. John W. Burnett and Miss Lizzie Golden were married on Monday at the residence of Charles Isley on the corner of 7th and Quincy streets, Mayor Collett, officiating.  They will reside in Roanoke, Va.


Burns, James – IJRN Nov. 03, 1869  –  Married October 28th, by Rev. J. E. Moore, Mr. James Burns and Miss Almira Vicker, both of West Virginia.


Burns, James, Jr. –  IR Oct.22, 1857  –  Married on the 19th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. James Burns, Jr. and Miss Cindarilla Burns, both of Cabell county, Va.


Burns, Thomas –  IR Oct.07, 1886  –  Birth – on the 1st inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Burns, a daughter.


Burr, Mrs. –  IR Feb. 16, 1893  –  Mrs. Burr, mother of B. H. and H. C. Burr, died at Madison, O., last week, quite suddenly.  Her age was over 90 years.  She is kindly remembered by friends here.  Her sons attended the funeral last Sunday.


Burr, Anna Howard –  IR Oct.02, 1856  –  Died on Sept. 21st inst., in Delaware, while on a visit to her friends, in that place, Anna Howard Burr, daughter of Rev. Dr. Burr, of Portsmouth.


Burr, Mrs. Harriet E. (Kingsbury) –   M.I. Jan. 12, 1916  –  Another Ironton Pioneer died, Mrs.

Henrieta Kingsbury Burr, relict of the late H. C. Burr,  died of lagrippe and pneumonia.  Mrs.

Harriet Kingsbury Burr, was born at Newton, Mass., Nov. 12, 1838, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kingsbury, and was in her 78th year.  She came to this city while but a child, with her parents and resided here continuously.  Her father was superintendent of schools of the city for many years and Mrs. Burr also taught in the public schools here. . . Mrs. Burr was for 42 years treasurer of Lawrence County Teacher’s Institute association.  Being childless, Mrs. Burr was left alone at the death of her husband in 1911.  Sometime ago she decided to present her beautiful and spacious home on South 6th street to the Briggs Library and the offer was accepted by the library trustees.  Her few relatives survive, they are:  Mrs. T. E. Gardner, a sister of Proctorville, O., Miss Harriet Gardner, a niece, also of Proctorville, O.;  C. A. Sparks, of Washington, D. C., F. D. Gardner, of Alliance, O., and H. B. Gardner of Cleveland, O., are nephews.


Burr, Mrs. Sue Belle (Wilson) –  IR May 19, 1892  –  Wife of Mr. Barton H. Burr, died in this city, last Saturday.  She was born at Newark, Ohio, June 2, 1850 and came with her parents to Ironton in 1854.  She was the daughter of Henry and Eliza M. Wilson.  In 1869 she was married.  The funeral was on Monday at the home on Adams street.  Col. Henry B. and E. S. Wilson, her brothers, Messrs. Edwin Bixby and Halsey C. Burr, her brothers-in-law, and Messrs. E. W. Bixby and Harry Campbell, her nephews, were the pall bearers.  Interment at Woodland.


Burroughs, Miss Eliza C. – IR Apr. 28, 1859  –  Died at Olive Furnace, on the 23d inst., of consumption.  Daughter of Almon and Emily Burroughs, aged 18y 1m 19d.


Burton, James –  IR Dec. 31, 1857  –  Married on the 23rd inst., at the residence of Mr. J. Jameson, by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. James Burton, of Greenup county, Ky., and Miss Sarah E. Carner of Ironton.


Burton, Mrs. Mildred (Campbell) –  IT Oct.02, 1950  –  Mrs. M. T. Burton died Saturday,  Cincinnati – She was a daughter of Joseph Campbell, a son of Hiram Campbell, one of the founders of Ironton.  Ironton relative, Mrs. Hannah Hudson attended funeral.  She was wed to Matthew T. Burton, who came to Ironton as an architect in connection with N & W Railway bridge.  After the death of her husband, she made her home with her brother-in-law, Frank F. Dinsmore and son, Joseph Campbell Dinsmore at Baker Place, East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.  A sister, Mary Campbell Dinsmore, died several years ago.  Her nephew, Campbell Dinsmore is an executive with Proctor & Gamble Co., Mrs. Hudson of Ironton and the late Carl and Don Moulton were cousins of the deceased.  Mrs. Burton’s mother was the late Mary Norton Campbell of Ashland, an aunt of Mrs. Hudson.  Surviving are two nephews, Joe C. Dinsmore and Campbell Dinsmore of Cincinnati, three cousins, Dan W. Norton of Ashland, Ky., Mrs. Hannah Hudson of Ironton and Harold Norton of Newport News, Va.


Burton, Mrs. Pheebe –  IR Apr. 03, 1890  –  Born in Rockingham Co., Va., July 27, 1813; died in Lawrence Co., March 19, 1890.  Came to Ohio when a child, married to Nathaniel Burton.  They had twelve children, six boys and six girls.  The husband and six children preceded her in death.


Burton, Thomas –  IDR. Mar. 07, 1921


Burwell, John –  IR Aug. 02, 1860  –  Married in Mason City, at residence of bride’s father, John Burwell and Mrs. M. Camp, both of Ironton.


Burwell, John –  IJRN Jul. 27, 1870  –  Died John Burwell, stricken with paralysis early last spring.


Bush, C. I. –         I. JRN. SEP. 22, 1869  –  Married at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. R. Callaghan, Mr. C. I. Bush to Miss Zoo S. Guthrie, all of Swann Creek, Gallia county, Ohio.


Bush, Clarence  –  IR Apr. 21, 1892  –  Marriage license issued to Clarence Bush and Bertie Jacobs.


Bush, Mrs. Melissa  –  IR Mar. 30, 1905  –  Died age 81 on the 26th of March after a long illness in Gallipolis, Ohio.


Bush, Mrs. Missouri (Guthrie)   –  IR Sep. 03, 1874   –  Died Aug. 14, 1874 the wife of C. I. Bush and daughter of James H. Guthrie.


Bush, Seth R. –   IR Nov. 21, 1895  –  Died – Seth R. Bush on Nov. 14, 1895.  He was born

Middlesboro, Vt., on Nov. 21, 1818, nearly 77 years ago.  Came to Ohio 1840 and located in Scioto county and married Melissa Wait and moved to Ironton in 1850 (large obit on front page).


Bushbaum, Mrs. Mary   –  SWI. Feb. 26, 1909


Bussey,  –  IR Jan. 30, 1879  –  Birth – on Jan. 14, 1879, to Mr. and Mrs. ___ F. Bussey, of Aid Township, a daughter.


Bussey, Maud –  IR Nov. 28, 1878  –  Aid – Mr. and Mrs. F. Bussey’s only child, Maud, died last Sunday of congestion of the lungs.  Great bereavement to the parents, being their second within the year.


Butcher, Mrs. John  – IR Mar. 26, 1891  –  Sheriff Ward took Mrs. John Butcher and Mrs. Mary E. Blankenship to Athens Insane Asylum last Monday.


Butcher, Lawrence –  IR Aug. 09, 1888  –  Died Aug. 8, Lawrence Butcher, aged 16.


Butler, Charles William –  IR Jul. 08, 1869


Butler, James E. Sr. –  IWR. Jan. 12, 1895


Butler, Sarah A. –  IR Jul. 08, 1869


Butler, Mrs. Sara A. Argo  –  IR Jul. 22, 1869


Butterfield, Benjamin –  IR Nov. 23, 1905


Butts,   –  IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Sad Accident – Tuesday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. David Butts who live at Texas Hollow, left their three small children at home and went to visit a neighbor.  … one of the children, a boy of 7 years, found his father’s revolver and was playing with it when it went off.  The ball struck the younger sister in the head and killed her instantly.  The little girl was five years old.


Byard, Susie Orlena –   IR SEP. O7, 1871


Byas, Catherine May –  IR Jul. 22, 1886


Byers, Rev. Albert G.  –  IR Dec. 23, 1852 –  Married On the 7th inst., Rev. Albert G. Byers, of the Ohio Methodist Conference, to Miss Mary A. Rathburn.



Capt. John Banks

Ironton Evening Tribune (Ohio) Thurs., Jan. 23, 1930 – Widely Known River Captain Taken By Death.

Captain John Banks, 72, widely known steamboat man, died at 9 o’clock this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Clarence C. Smith, near Proctorville.  Death followed a two months illness with heart trouble.

Captain Banks was widely known as mate and captain of different boats on the Ohio and Big Sandy rivers.  He was born at Prestonsburg, Ky., December 12, 1857, and came to this county in early boyhood and had since resided here.  For several years he owned and operated a steam ferry at Central City.

After retiring from the river he went to his farm near Chesapeake, later selling this and moving to a fruit farm near Scottown.  On September 26, 1886, he was united in marriage to Miss Nancy Ricketts, of South Point.  He is survived by his devoted wife, one daughter, Mrs. Clarence C. Smith of near Proctorville, and one son, John R. Banks, of Huntington.  Two grandchildren, John Edwin Banks and Nancy Elizabeth Banks, also survive.

Mr. Banks early in life joined the M. E. Church of Delta and later transferred his membership to Koonts Chapel M. E. Church, of which he remained a member for the past 17 years.  The funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock at the Clarence C. Smith home near Proctorville.  Burial will be in Rome cemetery under direction of Undertakers Schneider of Getaway.


Capt. Zenas Baxter

Ironton (Ohio) Register, Feb. 15, 1906  BAXTER. – Captain Zenas Baxter, one of the best known rivermen of this section died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Kaneff of Proctorville, Monday morning at six o’clock.

Captain Baxter has been ill for some time past and his death has been expected for some time.        Captain Baxter spent practically all his active life in river services and has been connected with many well known boats upon the Ohio and Kanawha.  Of late his health has been failing and he has not been in active service.

The remains were taken to Gallipolis his home Monday afternoon were interred at Mount Hill, Tuesday afternoon.

Captain Baxter is survived by one son, Chancellor Baxter, and three daughters, Mrs. L. A. Rose and Mrs. M. W. Kaneff of Proctorville and Mrs. Geo. Clarke of Pocahontas, Va. And two sisters Mrs. Susan Johnson and Mrs. John Nevins.  He was born in Gallipolis [Ohio] and resided practically all his life in that city.

Chancellor Baxter, his son, arrived Saturday evening, and was with his father during his last hours.


Capt. John Boyle

Ironton [Ohio]Register, June 6, 1901 – Death’s Harvest. – Capt. John Boyle died early Saturday evening at his home, 77 South Third street, after a long illness of paralysis.

The deceased was born in Garrett County, Ky., Jan. 22, 1825, being past 76 years of age at the time of his death.  He was a steamboat captain in the ante-bellum days and spent the greater part of his life on the river.  He leaves a wife and one son, Samuel Boyle, of this city.

The funeral services were held at the Christian Church at 2:30 p.m. today, the interment being at Woodland cemetery.


Capt. Isaac Bryson

Ironton [Ohio] Weekly Republican,  June 5, 1897 – Capt. Bryson Dead.  – Capt. Isaac Bryson, aged 85, of South Point, O., one of the oldest steamboat men on the Ohio river, died Thursday afternoon.  The funeral services will be held at South Point this afternoon and the body will be taken thence by boat to Newport, Ky., for interment.


Ironton Register, November 23, 1905, Thursday.

Benjamin Butterfield, one of the pioneer residents of this city, died Sunday night at 11 o’clock after an illness of about two weeks duration aged 76 years.  Death was due to a complication of ailments together with the infirmities of age.

Mr. Butterfield was born and reared on a farm in the French Grant near Haverhill, where he received a common school education, after which he entered Delaware college from which he graduated with honors.  After graduating from college he entered the steam boat business, in which business he continued for a number of years, selling out his interests to the Bay Bros. who still continue the business.

He was a veteran of the Civil War having entered the three months service, on April 22nd 1861, as 3rd Sergeant in Co. C. of the 18th Ohio Volunteers.  He reinlisted on Oct.20th, 1861, as sergeant to Capt. Frank Cliffs, of Co. L. of the First Regiment of the Light Artillery and served three years, having been mustered out of the service at Cedar Creek on Oct.31st, 1864.

Mr. Butterfield served as wharf-master, as agent for the Adams Express Co., and was actively connected with a number of other enterprises, having been engaged in the feed business, the hardware business and later in the grocery business, having conducted a grocery business in one stand on Second street for about 33 years.

He was married Dec. 12th, 1867 to Miss Cornelia Richardson, and one child was born of the union.  Mrs. Butterfield died in the spring of 1878, and he was married again to Mrs. Margaret Hunter Smith in 1882.

He is survived by a wife, one daughter, Mrs. E. F. Tyler, and one step daughter, Mrs. John Sherman.

He was a member of the Masonic Order of this city having joined in 1858.

The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock and was under the auspices of the Masonic order.  The burial was at Woodland cemetery.




Caldwell, Benson –  IR Oct.26, 1876?  –  Mr. Benson Caldwell and Miss Minnie Campbell, daughter of H. Campbell, Esq., were married at the Presbyterian church last night.


Caldwell, Elizabeth –  IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Deaths – Dec. 29, Elizabeth Caldwell, aged 75 years.


Caldwell, John F. –  SWR. Jan. 08, 1920  –  Died Jan. 06, 1920 Hanging Rock, OH of infirmities of old age, age 88 years.  He was a pioneer settler of Hanging Rock and for many years engaged in furnace work.  He was a veteran of the civil war, a member of Co. I, 2nd KY Cav., and a member of the D. Lambert post G.A.R.  He was survived by three daughters, Mrs. A. C. Rutledge of Portsmouth, Mrs. Charles Kemp of Miamisburg, Oh., and Mrs. Friedel, wife of Dr. Friedel of Memphis, TN.


Caldwell, Joseph  –  IR Jul. 28, 1864  –  Joseph Caldwell, one of the oldest citizens of Wheeling, died on the 11th inst., in his 87th year.


Caldwell, Mrs. Minnie Campbell –  IR Aug. 21, 1890  –  Died at her home in Bridgeport, last Friday.  Minnie Campbell Caldwell was born in Ironton in November 1856, and so was in her 31st years.  In 1876 when 20 years of age she was married.  Her husband and one little boy are left to



Cales, Infant –  IR Mar. 04, 1886  –  Died March 1, infant child of Ballard Cales.


Calhoun, John –  IT Jul. 17, 1902   –  Died Jul. 14, Russell, Ky.  He was a C & O flagman, survived by wife and family.  Funeral at Three Mile, Ky.  Age 59 years.


Call, Edward –   IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Drowned – At Pittsburg, last Saturday, Edward Call, of Ironton.  He was about 30 years old, and was working as a puddler in the Schoenberger mill. … he tried to save a Miss Fahay, and both were drowned … Call’s mother is Mrs. Wm. Doran, of Seventh street, and his step-father, came home to attend the funeral.


Call, Horace D. –  IR Feb. 09, 1871  –  Died Feb. 03 at Howard Furnace.


Callaghan, Robert –  IR SEP. 27, 1860  –  Married on Sept. 27th, at Madison Fce., by Rev. Wm. S. Taylor, Rev. Robt. Callaghan, of the Ohio Conference, and Miss Elizabeth (or more familiarly “Siss”) Ridenour, formerly of Ironton.


Callicoat, Mrs. Senia –  IET Feb. 13, 1932  –  Age ____, wife of Cyrus B. Callicoat, died Thursday at her home near St. Paris, O.  She was born at Kitts Hill, O., a daughter of Nathan and Minnie Jenkins.  Survived by husband and four children at home, Everett age 17, Emerson, age 15; Rosemary 10, James 5.  Two children Avenelle and Jene? preceded her in death.  Her mother and father and the following brothers and sisters survive;  Wesley Jenkins of Kitts Hill; Cecil Jenkins of Ironton; Mrs. Carrie Harvey of Beech Grove, Ind.; Mrs. Gladys Evans of Marietta, O.; Mrs.

Edna Townsend of Hecla; Ralph and Howard Jenkins of London, O.; Russell and Irene at home.  Burial at New Zion cemetery.


Callihan, Charles –  IR Oct.20, 1887  –  Mysterious Death – Body found in the River – He was an unmarried man, aged 43, of Ohio Furnace.  He had been in town visiting his brother, Hugh Callihan.  Remains brought to Ironton and interred at Sacred Heart Cemetery.


Callihan, Mrs. Pearl –  IET Feb. 20, 1933  –  Greenup, Ky., Feb. 20 – Mrs. Pearl Callihan, 62, wife of Charles Callihan of Plum Grove, Ky., three miles southwest of Greenup died this morning.  Mrs.

Callihan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Patton, is survived by her widower and two children,

Mrs. Georgia Fritz and A. B. Callihan; five sisters, Mrs. Cora Crisp, Mrs. Frankie Griffith and Miss Dollie Patton of Raceland, Mrs. Charles McGinnis and Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson of Greenup.  Interment at Riverview cemetery.


Calvin, Jas. W. –  IR Nov. 03, 1870  –  Marriage license issued to Jas. W. Calvin and Sarah M. Dovel.


Calvin, Moxley  –  IR Oct.30, 1879


Calvin, Robert – IR Aug. 09, 1860  –  Died on the 2nd inst., Robert Calvin, infant son of  S. P. Calvin, aged about 1 year.


Calvin, S. P. Colonel –  IR Sep. 03, 1868


Camden, Wm. P., Esq. –  IR Jun. 04, 1857  –  Died May 30, in Portsmouth, Wm. P. Camden, Esq., Postmaster there for the past 10-12 years.


Campbell, –  IR Feb. 24, 1881   –  Died Feb. 17, 1881 at Mt. Vernon Furnace of the measles.  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell.


Campbell, Albert –  M.I. Jul. 23, 1915  –  Died Jul. 17, 1915 in a Washington D. C. hospital.  He was the son of John Campbell (founder of Ironton).  He was survived by a brother, Charles.  He was a veteran of the Civil War, never married, and lived in Washington for many years.


Campbell, Alexander – IR Mar. 15, 1866  –  Founder of the religious sect called by themselves

“Disciples of Christ,” but by others more commonly “Campbellites,” died at his home in Bethany, WV on March 4, aged 78 years . . . a native of Scotland, and originally a Presbyterian, but withdrew from that church in 1812 . . . In connection with his father, the Rev. Thomas Campbell, he formed several congregations which united with a Baptist Association, but protested against accepting the bible alone as the rule of faith and practice.  Being excluded from the fellowship of the Baptist churches in 1827 . . . The number of disiples was estimated in 1864 altogether, at about 350,000 . . . In 1841 Alexander Campbell founded Bethany College, of which he remained president until his death.  He aimed to keep clear of the anti-slavery agitation, and the majority of his churches sympathized with him.


Campbell, Charles –  M.I. Sept. 25, 1921  –  Charles Campbell, 56 years of age, died at his home on North 6th street Saturday.  The deceased was a well known employee of the C. & O. and has many friends in Russell and vicinity where he resided for years as well as here.  A devoted wife, three sisters and three brothers and an adopted daughter, Martha, eight years of age, survive.


Campbell, Charles –  M.I. Jul. 18, 1923  –  Died Jul. 16, 1923 at Athens Ohio Hospital, age 71.  He was the son of John Campbell (founder of Ironton).  Interment was Woodland Cemetery.  Mrs. J. L. Anderson of this city, a niece of the deceased, was notified yesterday.  He was the last of the John Campbell family.  Three nieces, Mrs. Alexander Julian of Cincinnati, Mrs. William Means of Yellow Springs, and Mrs. J. L. Anderson, of this city, survive, as does a cousin, Mrs. L. B. Campbell, also of Ironton.


Campbell, Miss Clara –  IWR Nov. 23, 1895 & see IR Nov. 21, 1895  –  Miss Clara Campbell died this morning at the Dr. C. G. Gray’s sanitarium at Hanging Rock.  She had been afflicted for several years with a tumor.  Her brother, Mr. Charles Campbell, Mrs. C. G. Clarke and Miss Alice Neal were at her bedside when she died.  Her sister, Mrs. Wm. Means of Yellow Springs, Ohio, who had been summoned, arrived too late to see her alive.  A coincidence of Miss Campbell’s death was the fact that it occurred on the second anniversary of the death of her mother, who died in this city November 19, 1893.  Miss Campbell was forty-seven years of age, having been born in Hanging Rock in September 15, 1848.  She was the youngest daughter of the late John Campbell, one of the founders of Ironton and one of the great iron masters of this section.  She was sent to Europe to study music.  In 1887 Miss Campbell became widely known throughout the country by reason of her breach of promise suit against Charles Arbuckle, the coffee king, which suit was tried in New York City.  She sued for $100,000 and was awarded $45,000.  Two brothers, Mr. Albert Campbell of Chicago and Mr. Charles Campbell of Hecla Furnace and a sister, Mrs. Means, survives her.  It is believed  that her estate will amount to $100,000.


Campbell, Miss Dorothy Wilson –  IR Aug. 23, 1906  –  Miss Dorothy Wilson Campbell, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Campbell, died Sunday of typhoid fever.  She was 12 years 8 months and 7 days old.  . . . her uncles, Walter, Hal and Howard Bixby.


Campbell, Edwin Hiram  – IR Jun. 09, 1892  –  Died last Saturday, Edwin Hiram Campbell, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell, died at the age of 15 months.  Burial at Woodland.


Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth  –  IR Jul. 27, 1905  –  Elizabeth Campbell, wife of David Campbell, died at her home near Kitts Hill Sunday morning, of lung trouble, aged 85 years.  The funeral took place at Hecla Monday.  Burial at Hecla cemetery.


Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Clark)  –  IR Nov. 23, 1893

The widow of the late John Campbell.  Death occurred last Sunday at noon, funeral took place from residence.  Leaves sons and daughters – Messrs. Albert and Charles Campbell, Mrs. Martha Means and Miss Clara Campbell.  Miss Lillian Neal, who had gone east, returned for the sad occasion.  She was the daughter of James Clark and Mary Ellison and was born at

Manchester, O., April 15, 1815, and died at Ironton, O., Nov. 19, 1893, in the 79th year of her age.

Her parents were of Scotch Irish stock, from the north of Ireland, and lived originally at Six Mile Cross, near Omaugh, in the county of Tyrone.  They sailed for America in 1795, and after a six weeks’ voyage reached Philadelphia, thence after a long and toilsome over-land journey to Pittsburg, they floated down the Ohio river in an old-time keel boat to the new settlement of Manchester, the fourth in the Ohio territory, as it was then known.  Her grandfather brought with him the money and bought the lands in Adams county, expecting Manchester to become the great metropolis instead of Cincinnati.  In 1830, at the age of 15, she left Manchester to live with her aunt, Nancy Ellison Hamilton, wife of Robert Hamilton then manager of Pinegrove furnace, Ohio.         Shortly after this, as we learn from Mother Nixon, now in her 88th year and who was present at the time, she in company with her aunt and uncle attended a series of Evangelistic services, conducted by the Rev. Phillips in the Pogue settlement as it was then known, above Amanda Furnace and now Ashland, Ky., where, yet in her girlhood, she with five or six others professed religion, and united with the church.  Following this, she attended seminary under the Rev. John Rankin at Ripley, Ohio, and upon the death of her aunt, was married to John Campbell, March 16th, 1837.

They removed to Mt. Vernon furnace, where Mr. Campbell had already been manager for two years, and remained there until 1845, when they removed with their family to Hanging Rock, and in November, 1850, to the new town of Ironton, where with its interests and developments, the last forty-three years of her life were spent.

Mrs. Campbell shared with her husband in his loyalty to the Union and in his sympathy for the slave.  At the breaking out of the rebellion, the first flag for volunteers raised in Ironton was made by the patriotic ladies of our city in this room where Mrs. Campbell’s remains now rest.  This being only about a week after the firing on Fort Sumpter, and the young, true and bravehearted volunteers being in haste to be off to the field of action and duty in their country’s service, necessitated the preparation of their colors being made on Sunday – colors that led some to victory and back to home and loved ones, and others to death for the blessings we enjoy.         . . . she was soon after enrolled as one of the founders of the Presbyterian church at Pine Grove furnace which was organized by Presbytery April 23, 1833.  The other members by letter, being her uncle and aunt, Robert and Nancy Hamilton, and John Davidson, and Charles and Isabella Porter and Mary Middlebrook on profession.  On removing to Hanging Rock in 1845, she became one of the founders of the Presbyterian church in that place, in 1850 was one of the original founders of the church in which we still worship . . . .


Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth (Tweed) –  IR Aug. 11, 1870  –  Died in Morton, Illinois of as a result of an accidental fall, the mother of John Campbell (founder of Ironton), aged 93 years, 5 months and 20 days.  On Sunday, 4 days before her death, she was walking across the road to her son’s, who lived opposite, when she tripped on a rail, fell, and so injured herself that she died from the effects.  Her husband is still living.  IJRN Aug. 17, 1870 – Died at Morton, Ill, August 5th, Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Charles Campbell and mother of John Campbell, aged 93y5m20d.  Died from a fall.


Campbell, Miss Emma –  IR Jul. 24, 1884  –  Death of Miss Emma Campbell – Wednesday morning, Emma Campbell, daughter of John Campbell breathed her last.  She had been an invalid for a long time, and for the past year and a half she has been kept to her bed most all the time.


Campbell, Evan  –  IR Jan. 05, 1860  –  Died on December 20th, in Aberdeen, Brown county, Ohio, Evan Campbell, aged 80 years, one of the earliest settlers of that place, and long known as a hotel keeper and ferryman at Aberdeen.


Campbell,  Dr. Frank –  IR Jul. 23, 1896  –  Wedding – This Wednesday night – Dr. Frank Campbell and Miss Ethyl Williams, of Burlington, will be married at the bride’s home, Rev. Hass officiating.


Campbell, Frank – See IR Feb. 04, 1892  –  Railroad sued – Last November, Frank Campbell who was a brakeman on the D. & I. Railroad was killed . . . now his wife living in Jackson county, brought suit, asking $10,000 damages.


Campbell, George E. – IR Nov. 16, 1905  –  George E. Campbell, aged 59 years, died Wednesday at

Roswell, N.M., where he went a week ago in the hope of regaining his health.  Leaves wife, son

Robert and daughter, Alice.  Mr. Campbell was born 59 years ago last August in Hocking county, O.  He was graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, and though admitted to the bar in that state never practiced law, but took up educational work.  He taught at Ironton, Hanging Rock, and Waverly.  He was married at Adelphi, Ohio.


Campbell, George W. –  IR Feb. 17, 1853  –  Married on the 14th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, George W. Campbell, to Sarah A. Stewart, both of Wayne county, Va.


Campbell, Harry  –  IR May 30, 1878  –  Wedding – Mr. Harry Campbell and Miss Lizzie F. Bixby were married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Tuesday evening.  Nearly 100 invited guests were present.


Campbell, Harry H.  –  IR Jan. 17, 1924  –  H. H. Campbell, scion of one of the oldest and best families in Lawrence county, died at his home at Fifth and Jefferson streets Wednesday. . . his daughter, Mrs. Mitchell of Columbus.  Mr. Campbell was born and raised in Ironton a son of Hiram Campbell, one of the founders of the city.  He was in his 72nd year, being born on May 17, 1853.  He was married on May 27, 1878 to Miss Elizabeth F. Bixby and to this union the following children were born:  Mrs. R. E. Mitchell of Columbus, L. B. Campbell of Ironton, Henry Campbell of Toledo and Frank Campbell, who is attending Wooster college.  Two children, aged 2 and 12 years respectively, preceded their father to the grave.   Mr. Campbell owned the Ironton Book Store, was president of the Ironton Wood Mantel Company.  He served on the city council and city board of education.  He was also a trustee of Briggs Library and an elder in the Presbyterian Church.  Burial in Woodland cemetery.


Campbell, Harvey  –  IR May 20, 1880  –  Mr. Harvey Campbell is here on a visit to his brother, John Campbell.  The former gentleman is younger than the latter and is a farmer in Iowa.  He was last in this county about 42 years ago, but the brothers saw each other about ten years ago.


Campbell, Henry Mason  –  IR Mar. 19, 1885  –  Merchant of Ironton, died at home, last Friday, of typhoid fever.  He was born in Morgan County, May 1st 1849, married Anna Norris May 30th, 1876, and was for years a teacher in the Hanging Rock and Ironton schools, but later became a furniture dealer in Ironton.    The funeral took place at Spencer Chapel, last Sunday, the Royal Arcanum taking part, and Monday morning the remains were taken to Adelphi for burial in the family graveyard.  The deceased leaves a wife and two bright children 4 and 6 years old.


Campbell, Hiram  –  IWR Aug. 08, 1896  –  He was one of the founders of the city of Ironton – and one of the Pioneer iron masters of this region.  Mr. Hiram Campbell died at his home on north Fifth street Friday morning. . . . His son-in-law, Col. J. H. Moulton, and his nurse, Mr. Wm.

Winston, were at his bedside when he died.  Hiram Campbell was born in Fleming county, Kentucky, in November 1810, and when quite a lad came with his father’s family to Brown county, Ohio, where for a few years he published the Hillsboro Gazette.  While there he married Rachel T. Starr, a niece of David Trimble, of the Trimble Iron Works in Greenup county, Ky.  He later became connected with these works as bookkeeper at Argillite Furnace, in which capacity he served for five years.  In the meantime Mrs. Campbell died.  In 1836 he became a clerk and part partner in Mount Vernon furnace in this county.  This furnace was built in 1834 and was one among the earliest furnaces in the Hanging Rock region, Mr. Campbell eventually became its sole proprietor.  He was one of the organizers of the Ohio Iron and Coal Co., by whom the city of Ironton was founded, also of the Iron railroad which was built to connect the rich mineral fields with the Ohio river.  He was one of the organizers of the Big Sandy Packet Co.. . . served on the Whig ticket to represent Lawrence county in the Ohio Legislature from 1842-43.  In April, 1836, he married Sarah E., daughter of Joseph I. Woodrow of Hillsboro, Ohio.  The results of this union were five children.  These are:  John W., Joseph H., and Harry H. Campbell, and Mrs. J. H. Moulton, who survive him, and Mrs. B. M. Caldwell who died several year ago.  In 1877, Mr. Campbell and his sons and two sons-in-law, constituting the firm of H. Campbell & Sons, erected Sarah Furnace in this city which they operated successfully for some 8 years, when they sold it.  Mrs. Campbell died in Jan., 1892, thus preceeding her aged husband but a few years.  Interment at Woodland.


Campbell, Hiram –  IT Jan. 30, 1946  –  Hiram D. Campbell, formerly of Ironton, died Jan. 25th at Long Beach, Calif.  His age was 68.  He was a son of John W. and Florence Baird Campbell and a grandson of Hiram Campbell, one of the early iron masters of Ironton and the Hanging Rock Iron Region, whose home was on the east corner of Fifth and Buckhorn.  The grandfather Hiram was a cousin of John Campbell, founder of Ironton, whose home was in the same block at Fifth and Lawrence. . .  The grandson and namesake now deceased is survived by his widow, who was Eva May Sperrick of Pittsburgh, and by his sister, Mrs. Vernon Campbell Herron of Los Angeles.  He was a cousin of Carl Moulton, of Ironton.


Campbell, Mrs. Hiram –  IR Jan. 07, 1892  –  Mrs. Hiram Campbell died New Years Day.  Her maiden name was Sarah E. Woodrow, born at Hillsboro, on April 2, 1815, and spent her girlhood days in that town.  She married Mr. Hiram Campbell on April 25, 1844 and right after their marriage they moved to Mt. Vernon furnace.  There they lived until 1850, when they moved to Ironton, and occupied the house in which she died.  They had 5 children, Maria (now Mrs. J. H. Moulton), John W., Joseph, Harry and Minnie, who was Mrs. Caldwell.  All are now living but the latter . . . Grandsons, Wallace and Harry Moulton.  Interment at Woodland cemetery.


Campbell, James   –  SWI Jan. 15, 1909  –  One of the Oldest N. & W. Engineers died Wednesday – “Uncle Jimmy Campbell,” one of the best known engineers died Wednesday.  James F. Campbell was born at Junior Furnace July 31st – 52 years ago, and when about 14 years of age began to work upon the old Iron Railroad as a section hand.  Thirty years ago he was united to Miss Anna Haubart, of this city, who survives along with five children: Mrs. Chas. Rambacher, Otto, Lindsey, both firemen on the N&W; James, with the Ketter Clothing Co., and Gertrude.  Interment at Cavalry cemetery.


Campbell, Mrs. James –  IR Jun. 10, 1909  –  The last sad rites over the remains of Mrs. James Campbell took place Saturday.  She was working in her flower bed at her home on south Fifth street . . .   Mrs. Campbell was born at Little Scioto, Jan. 21, 49 years ago.  Some 30 years ago she was married to Mr. Campbell and together they spent a happy life in this city.  Five children are left motherless:  Mrs. Charles Rambacher, Otto, Lindsey, James, and Gertrude, all grown.  It has just been five months since her husband died.  (from smk – her name was Hannah C.)


Campbell, Rev. James S. –  IR Jan. 02, 1851  –  Married at Ripley, on the 24th ult., by Rev. J. R. Gibson, Rev. James S. Campbell and Miss Antoinette L. Evans.


Campbell, Dr. John – I.JRN. Oct.27, 1869  –  Married Oct.13th, at West Union, Ohio, by Rev. Jonathan Cockerill, Dr. John Campbell and Hettie Cockerill, all of West Union.


Campbell, John – Founder Of Ironton –  IR Sept. 03, 1891  –  John Campbell died last Sunday,

August 30 from uremic poisoning.  Mr. Campbell was born near Georgetown, Brown county, O., Jan. 14, 1808.  He was a farmer boy and received the ordinary school education of those days.  When a young man he went to clerk in a store of Mr. Humphreys, father of W. S. Humphreys, now of Ironton.  This was at Ripley about 1828.  . . . (lengthy obituary talks of his iron interests) . . . He married Miss Elizabeth Caldwell Clarke, niece of Robert Hamilton, on March 16, 1837 at Pinegrove Fce., by Rev. Dan Young.  There were seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, viz.:  Mary J., Martha, Emma, Clara, Albert and Charles, all of whom were present at the funeral except Mary and Emma, who have gone before, and a child that died in infancy many years ago.  In 1872, an inventory of his property figured up over a million dollars.  Several unfortunate investments made inroads on his wealth, until 1883, when the Union Iron Co., failed, and this compelled him to make an assignment.  Old age and fierce competition in the iron business prevented his recovery from financial disaster, but he went down a brave and honest man.  Burial at Woodland.


Campbell, John W. –  I.E.T. Oct.20, 1926  –  Son of Hiram Campbell, he was born Dec. 24, 1846 at Mt. Vernon Furnace, moving to Ironton when young.  A veteran of the Civil War, Manager of Mt. Vernon furnace , his wife preceded him in death, but son H. D. Campbell of Atlanta, Ga., and daughter Mrs. Vernon C. Herron of Los Angeles, Ca., survive him.  Remains to be cremated and buried at Tazewell, VA where he died.


Campbell, Mrs. J. W. –  IR Mar. 23, 1905  –  Dick Pritchard, at the Ironton House, received a telegram today from J. W. Campbell, of Columbus, stating that Mrs. Campbell died very suddenly yesterday morning.  Mr. Campbell is well known here as he used to be Master of Transportation for the N & W Railway.  The funeral of Mrs. Campbell took place in Columbus Wednesday afternoon.


Campbell, Joseph H. – IR Apr. 25, 1872  –  The Wedding – Last Thursday nuptials of Mr. Jos. H. Campbell and Miss Mollie C. Norton.  Mr. F. D. Norton, the bride’s uncle.


Campbell, Joseph H. –  IT Mar. 27, 1915  –  Editorial editor of the Commercial Tribune at

Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday morning.  He was one of Lawrence county’s Pioneers.  He was a brother of Mrs. J. H. Moulton, L. H. Campbell of this city and J. W. Campbell of Virginia.  He died age 67, the body removed to home of his son-in-law, attorney Frank Dinsmore, Cincinnati.  His wife died many years ago.  He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Frank F. Dinsmore and Mrs. M. H. Burton, the latter of Mt. Washington.  He went to Cincinnati twenty years ago after losing a large fortune in the iron business.   Interment:  Woodland Cemetery.


Campbell, Mrs. Josephine –  IT Oct.20, 1941  –  Mrs. Josephine Campbell, 60, wife of Charles L.

Campbell of Burlington, died Sunday while on a visit at the home of her son Lyle Campbell at

Princeton, W. Va.  Burial in Burlington cemetery.  Surviving are her husband, two sons, Lyle of Princeton and Roy at home, one daughter Mrs. Virginia Reed of Huntington, two grandchildren and these brothers and sisters:  Mrs. E. H. Hamlin and Elmer Campbell of Huntington, Mrs. Emma Wall and Mrs. Thos. Dunfee of Scottown, Mrs. B. F. Thompson, Charles S. Payne of Burlington, Dennis Null and Orange Null of Burlington, J. C. Null of Proctoville.


Campbell, Mrs. Katie  –  IET Mar. 07, 1933  –  Funeral services for Mrs. Katie Campbell, 81?, of Bradrick, who died Friday night at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Arch Richards of Miami, WV, were held Monday.  She is survived by one son J. E. Campbell, a daughter, Mrs. E. L. Spencer of Huntington; three sisters, Mrs. J. R. Rice and Mrs. H. H. Hardwick of Huntington, and Mrs. Sallie Rof__e of Buffalo, WV.


Campbell, Laurence Bixby –  IET Sept. 06, 1949  –  Friends here received word today of the death at Lake Worth, Florida of Laurence B. Campbell, 67, former Ironton resident, member of  one of the city’s pioneer families and widely known here.  Mr. Campbell died Sept. 2, during sleep, at Lake Worth Inn, owned and operated by his son Clarke Campbell.  Laurence Bixby Campbell was born and reared in this city, a son of Harry H. and Elizabeth Bixby Campbell.  For a number of years Mr. Campbell was associated with his father in the operation of the Ironton Wood Mantel Company here.  He is survived by his son, Clarke, one daughter, Mrs. Helen Faulkner, Phoenix, Arizona; one sister, Mrs. Marion Mitchell, New ______, and two brothers, Henry of Cleveland and Frank of Omaha, Nebraska.  The ashes will be received from Lake Worth and be interred in the family plot at Woodland Cemetery.


Campbell, Mrs. Mary (Norton) – IR May 17, 1883  –  Last Thursday, Mrs. Mary Norton Campbell, died of typhoid fever, after a month’s sickness.   . . . A front seat was occupied by Col. and Mrs. E. M. Norton, parents of the deceased.  The sorrowing husband with his little girls sat in his own pew.  Mr. Fred Norton, brother of Mrs. Campbell was there.  Mary Norton Campbell, daughter of Col. E. M. and Mrs. D. C. Norton, was born at Wheeling, Dec. 25, 1852, and removed with her parents to Ironton, when about 15 years of age.  She was married April 18, 1872, and her death occurred on the 10th inst., in the 30th year of her natural, and the 11th of her married life.


Campbell, N. R. –  IWR Jan. 02, 1897  –  Freight conductor on the N. & W. road.  His body was found by Ben Keyser Saturday morning lying under the West Virginia side of the new C. & O. bridge which crosses the Big Sandy at Catlettsburg Friday night.  His body was taken to Kenova, where it will be forwarded to his late home, Johnson City, Tenn.    Believed to be murdered.


Campbell, Pat – IR Mar. 02, 1871   –  Drowned below Ironton in Feb., 1871.  A deck hand, drowned off the tow-boat Coal Valley below here, last week.


Campbell, Patrick  –  IWR Jun. 26, 1897  –  Patrick, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell, of south Fifth street, died Sunday evening of cholera infantum.  Interment at Calvary cemetery.


Campbell, Mrs. Rose –  IET Oct.24, 1924  –  The funeral of Mrs. Rose Campbell, who died at the home of Mrs. Willard McSlasky, her daughter, will be held at Rescue Mission Church.  Interment in Sugar Creek Cemetery.


Campbell, Ruth – IET Feb. 16, 1926  –  Three day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell of Raceland, Ky., passed away last night.  Interment at the Old Field cemetery.


Campbell, Sherman –  IR Nov. 03, 1887  –  Marriage license issued to Sherman Campbell and Ollie Insco.


Campbell, T. G. –  ISW May 17, 1912  –  T. G. Campbell, of Ironton, O., and Lorena G. Farson, of Danleyton, Ky., were married at Catlettsburg Saturday, May 11th by Rev. J. W. Garrison.  The bride and groom will make their future home in Ironton, O.  see IT Jan. 17, 1940 for 52 wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farson, parents of Mrs. T. G. Campbell.


Campbell, Thomas –  IR Oct.16, 1890  –  Sybene – Thos. Campbell, an old citizen of this place died Oct.6th.  His remains were taken to Burlington cemetery.


Campbell, W. E.   –  IWR JUL 24,  1902  –  Well known Vesuvius Foundryman Dies of Cancer – age 53, leaves a wife and seven children.  He had been a resident of Vesuvius about 10 years and was foundryman of at the furnace of the Vesuvius Iron Co. until about two years ago, when ill health compelled him to retire.  He also had worked at Centre furnace.  Burial at Olive Furnace.


Campbell, William  –  IJRN Jun. 22, 1870  –  Died June 20th, at Catlettsburg, Kentucky, Wm. Campbell, age 63 years.  Resided near Burlington for many years, a pioneer citizen.  He was an uncle to our present county clerk.


Campbell, William A.  –   IR Jan. 05, 1865  –  Married on the 29th, at the residence of John Dillon, Esq., by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. William A. Campbell to Miss Jennie Dillon, all of Burlington, Ohio.


Campbell, William A.  –   IST Mar. 15, 1931  –  One of the oldest residents of this county died Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Bailey of Burlington.  He was 90 years 5 months and 6 days old.  He was born on the Campbell farm near Burlington and the greater part of his life was spent there.  He was a retired farmer but was likewise a prominent democrat in his younger days.  He served a term as Clerk of Courts more than half a century ago.  Four children survive:  Mrs. Bailey of Burlington; Dr. F. D. Campbell of this city; and George and Edward Campbell, both of Cleveland.  Burial at Woodland cemetery.


Campbell, William Wilson  –  IR Dec. 30, 1880  –  A brother of John Campbell of Ironton, died at Morton, Ill., on the 16th.  The deceased was a farmer and was 77 years of age, four years older than Mr. Campbell of Ironton.


Campbell, Willis                 –  IR Jul. 31, 1902  –  Olive Furnace – Willis Campbell of Vesuvius Fce. was buried at this place (Olive Fce.) Sunday, and a  large crowd attended the funeral.


Cannon, James –  IR Jan. 16, 1902  –  Died Sept. 17, 1901 – drowned in the Ohio River.


Cannon, Mrs. Lawrence –  M.I. Jan. 12, 1922


Cannon, Male  –  IR Feb. 13, 1890  –  Birth – Feb. 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cannon, a son.


Cannon, Mrs. Patrick  –  IR Feb. 03, 1898  –  Died of paralysis, at her home on 7th street, last Saturday night.  She was born in Ireland, March 7, 1831.  She has lived in Ironton for many years.


Cannon, Wesley  –  IR Jan. 19, 1888  –  Died at Hanging Rock, Jan. 13, Wesley Cannon, aged 73.


Canterbery, Sarah  –  IR Feb. 13, 1890  –  Died – Feb. 8th, Sarah Canterbery, aged 39.


Canterburg, James  –  IR May  15, 1862


Cantner, Elizabeth  –  IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Deaths – Jan. 1, Elizabeth Cantner, aged 24 years.


Capehart, Arthur                –  IR Jun. 30, 1904  –  Arthur Capehart, who formerly lived here and boarded with James Martin, was killed Monday at Huntington by coming in contact with a live wire. (do not have end of obit.)


Capper, Infant  –  IR Apr. 25, 1907  –  The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Capper died at the home of its parents on Mulberry street between third and Fourth streets last night.  The child was buried in the family cemetery at Wilgus today.


Carlile, J. W.  –  IR Mar. 17, 1853  –  Married on the 7th inst., at Ducans Falls, Muskingum county, Mr. J. W. Carlile to Mrs. Mary Ann Hamrick or Hainrick.


Carlile, Jonathan        –  IR Aug. 19, 1869


Carlile, Mrs. Mary L. –  IR SEP. 16, 1852  –  Died on the 11th inst., Mrs. Mary L., wife of John W. Carlile, aged 43 years.


Carlile, Mrs. Susan Taylor   –  IR Apr. 20, 1871


Carlisle, Wm. T. –  IR SEP. 06, 1860  –  At Norwich, Conn., Aug. 30th, Wm. T. Carlisle, of the firm of Stedman, Carlisle & Shaw, Cincinnati, aged 45 years.


Carlyon, W. Richard  –  IR Dec. 01, 1870  –  Died at Coalton, Boyd county, Kentucky, Nov. 8, 1870, of dropsy, W. Richard Carlyon, aged 54 years.  IJRN Nov. 23, 1870.


Carner, C. H.  –  IR Jun. 11, 1857  –  Died on May 19th, at the residence of his son, in Haverhill, C. H. Carner, aged 65y10m15d.


Carner, Mrs. Polly  –  IR Aug. 11, 1853  –  Died on the 9th inst., Mrs. Polly, wife of Calvin H. Carner, aged 56y1m23d.


Carp, George       –  IR Mar. 23, 1865  –  Married on the 13th inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. L. Whitehead, Mr. George Carp, and Miss Elizabeth Jones, both of Ironton.


Carpenter, Mrs. Lucinda         –  IT May  26, 1940


Carr,   –  IR Jan. 22, 1874


Carr, Rev. James A. –  IR SEP. 12, 1878  –  Drowned.


Carr, John   –  IR SEP. 15, 1887  –  Died Sept. 7, John Carr, aged 56.


Carr, Mrs. Sarah  –  IJRN Apr. 20, 1870  –  Died April 15th, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Patrick Carr of Amanda Furnace, Kentucky.


Carsner, Mrs. Lizzie  –  IR Mar. 26, 1865  –  Forest Dale – The angel of death has taken Lizzie Carsner, who died Friday…. Of consumption.  She was about 28 years old.  She leaves a husband and two children.


Carsney, Ira  –  IR SEP. 23, 1886


Carstnah, Infant  –  IR Jul. 05, 1888  –  Died – infant child of Ira Carstnah.


Carter, Alice        –  IJRN Jun. 22, 1870  –  Died June 11th, Alice Carner, infant daughter of Thos. and Mary Carter, age 4 months.


Carter, Mrs. Eliza E. –  IR Nov. 04, 1875


Carter, James       – IR Apr. 22, 1858  –  Married on the 20th inst., at the Centre House, by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. James Carter and Miss Eliza Stephenson, both of Cabell county, Va.


Carter, Robert  –  IJRN Jul. 20, 1870  –  Died in Ashland, Ky., on July 12th, after a long illness, Robert Carter age 72 years.  One of the first settlers of Carter Co., Ky.  Leaves a widow, two daughters and a son.


Cartwright, Cyrus F.  –  IR Nov. 02, 1865  –  Married on the 26th ult., at the residence of the bride’s father, near Haverhill, Ohio, by Rev. H. L. Whitehead, Mr. Cyrus F. Cartwright and Miss Mary S. Davisson, the former of Greenup county, Ky.


Case, Caroline  –  IR Dec. 23, 1852  — Died on Dec. 15th, at Bethesda, Ky., Miss Caroline Case, aged 31 years – at the house of her brother, the late Rev. A. A. Case, who died 14 months before, at the age of 41, and in the same room where her sister, Melinda, died 5 years before to a day, at the age of 37, and both were buried in the same grave.


Casebolt, Stephen  –  IR Jun. 25, 1891  –  Rev. Jas Willis officiated last night at the wedding of Stephen Casebolt and Miss Mary Rollins, on Etna Street.

Casey, Bridget – IR Mar. 05, 1885


Casey, John M.  –  IR Mar. 03, 1887  –  Deaths – Feb. 27, John M. Casey, aged 40 years.


Caspelman, Mrs. Caroline  –  IR Nov. 28, 1878  –  Burlington – Mrs. Caroline Caspelman died on Monday and will be buried tomorrow.


Cassett, Edward  –  SWR. May  22, 1917


Cassidy, William H.  – IJRN Dec. 07, 1870  –  Died at his daughter’s residence in Cincinnati, Wm. H. Cassidy, in his 52nd year, formerly of Portsmouth, O.


Castner, Charlotte (Preston)  –  IWR. Aug. 08, 1896  –  Widow of Casper D. Castner, died at her home No. 210 south Seventh St. Sunday afternoon . . . illness of 10 days of dysentery.  She was a daughter of Jefferson and Jane (Burgess) Preston, early settlers of Kentucky.  She was born in Johnson county, KY, July 30, 1829.  she married Casper D. Castner in 1852 and they resided in

Cincinnati for several years.  They then removed to Catlettsburg, then to Ashland, where in 1883, Mr. Castner died.  In 1888, Mrs. Castner came with her children, to Ironton.  Her children who survive her are:  Frank P., Casper D., Charlotte, Jemimah, Grant and Colfax Castner of this city and Will H. Castner of Rush, Ky.  Two of her brothers fought in the Civil War – confederate army – while her husband was in the union army.  Interment was Ashland, Ky. beside of her husband and step-son, James P. Castner.


Castner, Colfax  –  IR Feb. 04, 1904  –  Died at Phoenix, Ariz., on Saturday.  He was taken to Arizona by his sister Miss Charlotte Castner, in hopes of improving.  He had heart trouble.  He was 33 years of age, a resident of Ironton then Rush, Ky.  Survived by the following brothers and sisters:  Frank and Casper, of this city, Will H. and Grant, of Rush, Ky., Miss Charlotte of this city.  Remains buried in Phoenix till Spring then brought to Ironton.


Chaffin, David  –  IR Apr. 29, 1880


Chandler, Zack Senator  –  IR Nov. 06, 1879


Chapman,   –  IR Apr. 08, 1886  –  Two children of George Chapman died April 1, 1886 ages 2 and



Chapman, James                –  IR Aug. 25, 1853  –  Married on the 7th inst., James Chapman to Betsey A. Brooks.


Chapman, James W. –  IR Feb. 19, 1857  –  Married on the 5th inst., at Haverhill, by Rev. John Q. Gibson, Mr. James W. Chapman and Mrs. Lydia Digens.


Chapman, Obediah   –  IR Jan. 15, 1857  –  Married on the 31st ult., by G. W. Flanders, Esq., Obediah Chapman to Miss Amanda Burt, all of Porter Tp., Scioto county.


Charlton,   –  IR Nov. 14, 1878  –  A little daughter of Mr. John Charlton died last Friday and was buried Saturday at Woodland.


Charlton, Mrs. Jane  –  IR Oct.10, 1895  –  Mrs. Jane Charlton died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. G. Hopkins last Thursday, age 72 years.  She was born in Newcastle, England and came to this country with her husband over 50 years ago.  Two children out of seven survive her.

Charlton, John  –  IR Jul. 14, 1887  –  Died of heart disease.  He was born at Durham, England in 1843, and was a little over 44 years old.  When a little boy, his family moved to this country, coming to this region about 1850, first settling near Peach Orchard, Ky., then at Hanging Rock and in 1852 in Ironton.  He volunteered in the 5th Va. Infantry, and served as a Union soldier for three years.  He was in every battle of his regiment.  Occupation:  moulder, machinist, water works trustee, member of city school board, Master Mason, Knight Templar.  He leaves a wife and three children.


Charlton, Mary Alberta  –  IR Nov. 14, 1878  –  At Ironton on Nov. 07, Mary Alberta, daughter of John and Phoebe Charlton, age 6 years.


Charlton, Mrs. Phoebe A.  –  IWR Dec. 19, 1896  –  Widow of John Charlton, died Sunday at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Alexander, of Etna street.  She was 48 years and eleven months of age.  She was a native of Staffordshire, England, but was brought to this country in her infancy by her parents, and had been a resident of Ironton for many years.

Three daughters, Mrs. Alexander, Miss Lulu Charlton and Miss Roberta Charlton survive her.  Interment at Woodland.


Chatfield,  –  SWR. Sept. 06, 1916  –  Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Jones were at Ashland Wednesday afternoon to attend the funeral of Mrs. Chatfield, mother of Oscar Chatfield, and a former resident of this county.  Died Sunday evening.


Chatfield, Alice S.  –  SWI. Apr. 18, 1919  –  Sudden death of Miss Alice Chatfield aged about 60 years who fell a victim to neuralgia of the heart. . . Miss Chatfield after the death of her sister-inlaw Mrs. LeGrand Chatfield, had made her home with her brother in Catlettsburg where he is employed but about two weeks ago she had returned to the old home at Delta where she intended residing with her brothers, David and LeGrand.  In addition to these brothers, one sister survives, Mrs. Mary Law, of South Point.


Chatfield, Mrs. Mary (Porter) –  SWI. Feb. 15, 1910  –  Died Saturday morning in Catlettsburg . . . burial at Woodland.  See also Mrs. Robert Chatfield.


Chatfield, Agnes  –  IR May 26, 1887  –  Died – May 19, Agnes Chatfield, aged 25.  Mrs. G. Chatfield died Friday morning, and her remains were interred at the Kounts graveyard.  She leaves a husband and two small children to mourn her departure.  Mrs. Chatfield’s mother and two sisters of Prestonsburg, Ky., were with her during her last days.


Chatfield, Edward –  IR Jan. 11, 1906  –  Young man who was injured several weeks ago while engaged in sewer work in Ashland, died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Chatfield of Sheridan, Wednesday morning.  Interment at the family burying grounds at Sheridan.


Chatfield, Frank  –  IR Aug. 10, 1899  –  Twenty fifth Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chatfield.


Chatfield, Mrs. Harriet Lelia  –  IR May 19, 1904  –  Mrs. Lelia Chatfield of Delta, Ohio was buried in Woodland cemetery.  She was 61 years of age.  She survived her husband six years and leaves to mourn her loss ten children, seven boys and three girls, all of whom were present, namely:  Harry L. and Philip of this city; Mrs. U. G. S. Anderson and Walter, of Huntington; Edgar, of Red Jacket, W. Va., D. C. Chatfield, Columbus; Martin, Cyrus, Maud and Ethel, of Delta.  Also five sisters and a brother.  (NOTE:  she was the widow of Samuel K. Chatfield.)  The pallbearers were six brothers-in-law, Ira, David, George and L. G. Chatfield, T. D. Brubaker and Sam Ferguson.  Interment at Woodland cemetery.

Chatfield, Mrs. Matilda E.  –   IET Feb. 18, 1932  –  The funeral of Mrs. Matilda E. Chatfield of Sheridan was held at the home this afternoon with burial in Chatfield cemetery.


Chatfield, Oscar  –  IWR SEP. 09, 1899  –  Marriage of Mr. Oscar Chatfield and Miss Rose Jones were married at Greenup Saturday.  Miss Jones is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Jones of south Fifth street.


Chatfield, Robert  –  SWI Apr. 01, 1910  –  Robert Chatfield until a few years ago one of Lawrence county’s . . . farmers died Wednesday at his home in Catlettsburg following a bealing in his head  Mr. Chatfield was about 70 years of age . . . lived in the Delta neighborhood.  The death Wednesday is the fourth to occur in the Chatfield family in less than a year.  Last May, Mrs. Frank Chatfield, wife of the brother of Robert died and last Jan. the heart broken husband’s body followed her to the grave.  About two months ago Mrs. Robert Chatfield passed away.  No children survive Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chatfield.  Mrs. O. P. Kizle, wife of the president of the Valpariso schools, known to many Lawrence countians is a sister of Mrs. Robert Chatfield.

Interment at Woodland.

IR April 07, 1910 – Mr. Chatfield’s Funeral – funeral took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Price.   It was here that the decedent together with his wife . . . had made their home, for a number of years past.  This is the sixth time within the short period of two years that Mr. Hugh Chatfield a near relative of the deceased has transmitted the message to Rev. J. W. Dillon in Portsmouth . . . to conduct a funeral in the Chatfield family.  Among the friends and relatives . . . were:  Mrs. E. E. Brubaker, Miss Nettie Davidson, of South Point, Mrs. Theodore Ferguson, Misses Nell and Anna Brubaker, of Sheridan, O., Mr. and Mrs. George Chatfield of Ashland and Charles and Homer Chatfield of Ironton.


Chatfield, Mrs. Robert –  IR Feb. 17, 1910  –  The remains of Mrs. Robert Chatfield arrived here on the westbound N. & W. train Monday.  Interment at Woodland.  The deceased was from Catlettsburg, but is mourned by friends and relatives at South Point and Sheridan as well as a legion of them in the Gate City. . . illness of pneumonia.  She had reached the age of 66 years.  A loving husband is left to survive her.


Chatfield, Samuel  –  IR Apr. 17, 1890  –  South Point – Our community suffered another loss in the sudden death of young Samuel Chatfield.  He was a steady, industrious young man, and his death a sad bereavement.


Chatfield, Samuel K.  –  IR Nov. 29, 1860  –  Married in Perry Tp., Nov. 22nd, by Rev. J. Q. Gipson, Mr. Samuel K. Chatfield and Miss Harriet L. Clark, daughter of William Clark.


Chester, Mrs. Lydia  –  IR Sept. 10, 1857  –  Died on August 26th, in Rome, Ashtabula county, O., Mrs. Lydia Chester, the mother of Rev. J. Chester, Pastor of the Presbyterian church in this place, in the 69th year of her age.  She lived to see four sons and 3 daughters, with their wives and husbands, all members of the Church of God; and two of her sons and one son-in-law, Presbyterian ministers . . .


Chew, Mathew J.               –  IR Dec. 19, 1878  –  Formerly a nailer at the Belfont Mill died at Wheeling last Saturday of consumption.


Child, E.  –  IR Jun. 16, 1853  –  Married on the 7th inst., at Boston, Mass., Mr. E. Child of Ironton, to Miss Ellen P. Williams, of the former place.


Childers,   –  IR Nov. 14, 1878  –  A daughter of Alex Childers aged about 18 years died of something like croup on the 7th inst., lived on ridge at head of Bent Creek.


Childers, Mrs. Roma Burdette – IT Jul. 17, 1902


Childs,  Mrs. Lucie F. – IR Feb. 18, 1858  –  Died on the 23rd ult., in Kanawha Co., Va., Mrs. Lucie F., wife of Capt. H. M. Childs, of Catlettsburg, Ky., aged 26.


Chinn, Mrs. Benjamin   –  IWR Jul. 10, 1897  –  Five Cases of Typhoid Fever in One Family – The family of Mr. Benjamin Chinn, who resides below Russell (KY) is most sadly afflicted.  About a month ago, Mrs. Chinn died of typhoid fever, and now five daughters of Mr. Chinn are all ill of the disease, and some in serious condition.  In addition to these another daughter of Mr. Chinn, Mrs. Bingham, is also ill of this fever at her home in Russell.


Chinn, George –  IR SEP. 16, 1852  –  Killed – Mr. George Chinn of Greenup Co., Ky., was killed by being thrown from a horse . . . he was about 25 years of age, unmarried.


Chinn, Infant  – IR Oct.28, 1886  –  Deaths, Oct.18, infant son of Alf. Chinn.


Chinn, John Jr.  –  IR Jan. 24, 1901  –  John Chinn, Jr., died at the home of his parents in Wurtland, Ky., yesterday, aged 28 years.  Interred in the family graveyard.


Christian, Adam          –  IR May 26, 1887  –  Died May 23rd, Adam Christian, aged 72.


Christian, David  –  IR Aug. 01, 1889


Christian, Mrs. Emma  –  IR May 19, 1887  –  Deaths – May 4, Mrs. Emma Christian, aged 54.


Christian, John  –  IR Mar. 10, 1853  –  Married on the 27th ult., in Windsor Tp., by E. Brammer, Esq., Mr. John Christian, aged 78 years to Mrs. Martha Shattuck, aged 65.


Christian, Mrs. Sadie  –  IR Jul. 27, 1905  –  Died – Mrs. Sadie Christian, wife of John D. Christian, died at her home in Ellisonville Sunday.  Her seven weeks’ old child died Saturday night.  The husband and one child are left to mourn their loss.  The mother and child were buried in the same casket at the Sugar Creek cemetery.


Christian, William  –  IR Jun. 16, 1853  –  Married  on the 9th inst., at LaGrange Furnace, by Rev. G. H. Bower, Mr. Wm. Christian and Miss Julia Ann Partlow.


Christian, William   –  IR Sept. 15, 1853  –  Died at LaGrange Fce. On the 9th inst., Wm. Christian in the 22d year of his age, from an attack of the flux.


Church, Mrs.  Harriet  –  IR Oct.26, 1857  –  Died October 26, in Perry Township, Mrs. Harriet Church, wife of Capt. Roswell Church, in her 37th year.


Churchill,   –  IR Mar. 23, 1854  –  A daughter of Mr. John Churchill, an Irish laborer, burned to death.


Churchill, Benjamin  –  IR Apr. 20, 1854  –  Died on the 18th inst., at Union Furnace, of typhoid fever, Mr. Benjamin Churchill, aged about 28 years.


Cilley, Amasa A.                 –  IR Oct.08, 1857  –  Married on the 3rd at the Ironton House, by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Amasa A. Cilley and Elizabeth Ann Kiles, both of Guyandotte, Va.  need to verify her name – kiles, kates or kites?


Clard, Edward – IR Aug. 19, 1886


Clark, –  IR Jun. 24, 1886


Clark, –  IR Aug. 30, 1883  –  Athalia -J. D. Clark’s little boy ate a hearty supper Friday evening and was a corpse before morning.


Clark, A. B. –  IR Aug. 6, 1891  –  A. B. Clark, formerly of Ironton, died at his residence in Ashland, Ky., July 26th, ’91, aged 73 years.  He was born in Lewis Co. April 24th, 1818.  He moved with his parents to Patriot, Gallia co., Ohio at the age of 16 years…. And for a short time taught school.  He started a country store at Burlington, with his brother, M. T. Clark.  In 1854 he came to Ironton and started a wholesale and retail store through the assistance of his father but by the death of his father he was again out of business.  In Oct.1857, he went to Cincinnati, O., ….business with his brother, A. R. Clark and F. M. Carr  under the firm name of Clark & Carr. …His burial took place at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati.


Clark, Alexander L.  –  IR Dec. 19, 1878  –  also IR Dec. 26, 1878  –  The only child of Mr. and Mrs.

  1. G. Clark was buried at Woodland on Tuesday. Died on Dec. 16, 1878, age 3 months, the son of
  2. G. and Addie Clark.


Clark, Dennis Hayes  –  IWR SEP. 02, 1899  –  Died at the family home on South 4th street today.  Dennis Hayes Clark was born in Lawrence county on March 25, 1832, and was in his 68th year.  His father was engaged in mercantile business, conducting several stores and the young son was put in charge of the business at Millersport, this county.  On the 28th of May 1851, he was married to Miss Sarah Bowen who survives him.  He came to Ironton in 1868 and engaged in the grocery business, with his older brother, Mr. George Clark, the partnership continued until his brothers death in 1890.  From the marriage nine children were born, five of whom are living.  They are John D. of Millersport, A. G. of Steel, Dakota; C. B., Mrs. Hattie Murdock and Mrs. Sadie Lowry of this city.  These with the widowed wife and mother have the sympathy of the community.  Funeral from the residence at corner of Fourth & Washington.  Interment at Woodland.

IWR Jun. 03, 1893 – A family reunion – Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Clark gather their family on their 42nd anniversary – Those present were their son, Albert G. Clark, of Steele, North Dakota, and wife, and Miss Sadie Clark, John D. Clark, of Millersport, his wife and two children; C. B. Clark of this city, his wife and their young son, Dennis; Mrs. Hattie Simpson, and her young son; Miss Hattie Bowen of this city, a sister of Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Kate Thomas, of Gallipolis, an aunt of Mrs. Clark, and Edward Clark of Cincinnati, a nephew.  Dennis Clark’s father was born in Aberdeen, Ireland.


Clark, Doctor  –  IR Jul. 30, 1863


Clark, Ed – IR Aug. 19, 1886


Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth       –  IR Nov. 27, 1879


Clark, Eustace  –  IR Jul. 10, 1890  –  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Clark.


Clark, Mrs. Eva  –  M.I. Jan. 07, 1925  –  Mrs. Eva Clark, 29 years old, wife of Roscoe Clark, died at her home near Aid Monday.  She is survived by a husband and five children, by her mother, Mrs. Gillenwater and five brothers; Newton, John, Blaine, Alpha and Frank Gillenwater, and three sisters, Mrs. John Clark, Mrs. William Pancake and Miss Ella Gillenwater at home.  Interment in

Lodge cemetery.


Clark, Miss Flora Etta  –  IR Oct.10, 1878  –  Daughter of Samuel and Malinda Clark.


Clark, Frank – IR Dec. 07, 1905  –  Mr. and Mrs. A. Clark returned home from Dayton Wednesday, where they went to attend the funeral of Frank Clark son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Clark.  The young man was shot and killed.  They brought back the news that he was out playing football, when a revolver in a friends pocket went off, going through young Clark’s heart.  He was a young man, liked by all who knew him.


Clark, Mrs. Frank  –  SWI Jul. 12, 1907  –  (need first part of this obit) – She was married June 1, 1868, to Frank Clark, who preceded her some years ago.  . . Her only sister, Mrs. Bryson of Missouri.  Mrs. Clark’s married life had been blessed with one child but it died in infancy.

Interment at Greenlawn.  The deceased was a relative of Mrs. H. E. Norton of south 4th street.


Clark, George   –  IR Oct.23, 1890  –  George Clark was born near Greenup, Ky., February 8, 1824, and died in Ironton, October 17, 1890, being over 66 years old.  He married Rachel Montgomery in 1849, and came to Ironton in 1855, and has been in business here ever since.  His brothers, A. B. and D. H., and Mr. D. S. Murdock were in partnership with him during portions of that time.  Burial at Woodland.


Clark, Hester – IR SEP. 24, 1863


Clark, James –  IR Aug. 30, 1883  –  Deaths – Clark – Aug. 23, James, son of J. D. Clark, aged 5 years.


Clark, Jennie – IR Dec. 17, 1885  –  see Ricketts – she was the daughter of D. H. Clark


Clark, Joel  –  IR Apr. 28, 1853  –  Married on the 6th inst., by S. Layne, Esq.,  Mr. Joel Clark and Miss Penina Bazwell, both of Lawrence township.


Clark, Gen. John   –  IR Jan. 12, 1854  –  Death of Gen. John Clark, well known citizen of Millersport, in this county, at some point on the river below Smithland . . . probably died on board a steamboat.


Clark, John –   IR  Dec. 31, 1905 – John Clark of Millersport who has been very ill with rheumatism for sever weeks is improving slowly and is able to get about the house again.


Clark, Mrs. Rhoda – SWI Jul. 12, 1907  –  Well known lady dies at Portsmouth – Mrs. Rhoda Clark of 20 East Second Street, died Tuesday morning at her home.  Born March 13, 1849, Mrs. Clark had spent almost her entire life in Portsmouth (do not have end of this obit.)


Clark, Mrs. Sadie (Kouns) – IR Dec. 20, 1894  –  Wife of C. B. Clark, died at Cincinnati, Wednesday evening, the 12th.  Had been in ill health for a long time and went to Cincinnati for treatment where she died.  She was born at Burlington, O., March 1, 1856.  She was married to Columbus B. Clark, October 7, 1874.  One son was born of this marriage, Dennis, now in young manhood.  The funeral took place from the residence of D. H. Clark.  Interment at Woodland.


Clark, Mrs. Sarah A.  –  IR Jul. 20, 1854  –  Died on the 14th inst., in this town, Mrs. Sarah A., wife of M. T. Clark and daughter of Samuel Russell, of Aid Tp., in the 30th year of her age.


Clarke, Mrs. Anna Mae  –  SWR. Feb. 03, 1920


Clarke, Cambridge C. –  M.I. Feb. 15, 1921  –  Died last night at his home on Sixth and Washington streets from stroke of apoplexy.  Pioneer Citizen.  He was born October 7, 1850 at Lawrence Furnace.  Graduated from Marietta college.  In 1873 he married at Marietta to Miss Alice Lovell Ralston – located in Ironton in 1877 becoming general manager of the Railway company.  He was also  director and vice-president of the Second National Bank.  Mrs. Clarke and three daughters are left to mourn.  Miss Florence Clarke, Mrs. William A. Crawford of South Sixth Street and Mrs. Lawrence B. Campbell of Washington street.  Two other daughters and one son, the late Ralston Clarke, preceded him in death.  Interment:  Woodland Cemetery.


Clarke, Mrs. C. C.  –  IDR Jun. 27, 1921  –  also MI  Jun 26, 1921  –  Died at her home on south Sixth street.  Mrs. Alice Lovell Rolston Clarke was 69 years of age.  She was born in Marietta, Ohio in 1852 and her parents were prominent and pioneer residents of that city.  She met Mr. C. C. Clarke while he was a student at Marietta College and the courtship arising from their friendship culminated in marriage in 1873.  After her marriage Mrs. Clarke lived for several years in Cincinnati and then moved to Ashland, Ky., where she was a resident for three years, coming to Ironton in 1877.  To this union six children were born:  Miss Florence Clarke, Mrs. W. A.

Crawford and Mrs. Lawrence B. Campbell, all of this city, survive while three others, Rolston Clarke and Misses Edith and Louise Clarke, preceded her in death.  Mr. Clarke passed to his reward on Feb. 15th last.  Interment at Woodland.


Clarke, Mrs. Ella –   IDR Feb. 03, 1920  –  Mrs. Ella Clarke was born in Ironton Feb. 5, 1861 and her entire life was spent here.  Mrs. Clarke united in marriage to John Thomas Clarke, son of George and Rachel Clarke, residents of this county.  To this union were born three children; Rachel, who died at the age of two years; Mrs. Georgia McGugin of Park Avenue, with whom the mother lived, and Mrs. Eloise Moulton of north Fifth Street.  Mr. Clarke, who was an Ironton merchant, died some years ago.  Mrs. Clarke is survived by the following brothers and sisters:  Will H. Myers, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the late war, he lives in Cincinnati; Richard Myers of Ironton, Mrs. Ernest Chambers of Waco, Tex., who was formerly Miss Goldie Myers, Mrs. Edward Ward of Newport, Ky., Mrs. Henry Cooke and Mrs. Homer Hopkins of Ironton.


Clarke, Miss Evalyn  –  IT Jul. 14, 1965  –  Miss Evalyn T. Clarke, 75, of 602 S. 7th St., died Tuesday at her home.  She and her sister, retired Probate Judge Helen P. Clarke, resided together at the S. 7th Street home.  Miss Clarke was born July 8, 1890, a daughter of the late Samuel and Katherine

Sutton Clarke.  “Ev,” as she was familiarly known . . . Surviving in addition to her sister, Judge

Clarke, are two other sisters, Mrs. Horry (Edna) Ketter of Ironton and Mrs. Hilda Burt of Dayton, O., several nephews, Clark Ketter of Ashland, Ky., Howard Clark of Ashland, O., Kenneth Clark, of Ironton, Clark and Don Fitton of Bellaire, O., George S. Ketter of Akron, and Sam Clark of Columbus; six nieces, Mrs. Rose Frecka and Miss Katherine Ketter of Ironton, Miss Mary Fitton,

Bellaire, Mrs. Louise Moore and Mrs. Jean Hansen of Portsmouth and Mrs. Phyllis McAfee of New York City and a number of grand nieces and grand nephews.  Burial in Woodland Cemetery.


Clarke, Mrs. Harriet Culbertson   –  IR Jan. 05, 1854  –  Died at Lawrence Fce., on Dec. 28th, Mrs. Harriet, wife of John E. Clarke, and daughter of John and Mary Culbertson, age 33 . . . survived by husband, mother, father and children.


Clarke, Judge Helen P. – IT Aug. 01, 1965  –  Lawrence County Probate Judge for 32 years, Miss

Helen P. Clarke, 79, of 602 S. 7th St., died Friday.  . . after the death of her sister, Miss Evalyn Clarke on July 13, she was admitted to General Hospital.  The lifetime resident of Ironton was born March 9, 1886, a daughter of the late Samuel and Katherine Sutton Clarke. . . (speaks of her term as Judge) . . . She and her sister were constant companions and were members of a pioneer family of Ironton.  Named “Citizen of the Year” in 1965.  Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. H. C. (Edna) Ketter of Ironton and Mrs. Hilda Burt of Dayton; seven nieces, Mrs. Ray Frecka and Miss

Katharine Ketter of Ironton, Miss Mary Fitton of Bellaire,  O., Mrs. Alden Fayne of St. Petersburg,

Fla., Mrs. Gomer Moore and Mrs. Jean Hanson of Portsmouth, and Mrs. Phyllis McAfee of

Stamford, Conn.  Also surviving are seven nephews, Kenneth Clark of Ironton, Clarke Ketter of

Ashland, Henry C. Fitton of Weirton, W. Va., Donald Fitton of Bellaire, Howard Clark of Ashland, O., Samuel Clark of Columbus and George S. Ketter of Akron.  She was preceded in death by her parents and four sisters and three brothers.  Interment at Woodland.


Clarke, Mrs. Hester  –  IR Sept. 24, 1863  –  Resident of Lawrence county, Mrs. Hester Clarke, widow of the late Rev. John Clark.  Her death occurred on Tuesday, 23d inst., at the residence of her son, George Clark.  IR Oct.08, 1863 – Died in Ironton, September 23d, 1863, Mrs. Hester Clarke, widow of the Rev. John Clarke, in the 67th year of her age.  The deceased was born in Lewis county, Ky.  After her marriage, she moved to Ohio.  Eleven years ago she was called to part with her husband, Rev. John Clarke.  She leaves four children to mourn their loss.


Clarke, John C.  –  SWI May 04, 1906  –  Died in Chicago Wednesday Evening – C. C. Clarke received a telegram announcing the death of his brother John of Toledo.  He died in the city of Chicago, but the particulars of his death were not obtainable last evening.

IR Sept. 10, 1891 – Mrs. J. C. Clark, after an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Sam’l Jones, left Wednesday for her home, St. Paul, Minn.  (not sure if this is wife of above John C.)


Clarke, John Culbertson  –  IR May 10, 1906?  –  Of Toledo, Ohio died in Chicago Wednesday evening after surgery.  He was born at Lawrence Furnace Nov. 5, 1846.  He was the son of John E. Clarke and grandson of John Culbertson,  in the charcoal Iron business in this region.  In 1871 he married Miss Lida Wright of Lebanon, Ohio, who with two daughters, Harriet and Dorothy survive him.  He moved to Toledo in 1880.  He was a brother of C. C. Clarke and Miss Jennie M. Clarke of this city.


Clarke, John Ellison –  IR May 20, 1858  –  Died on Tuesday evening May 18th, in Ironton of typhoid pneumonia, John E. Clarke, aged 47, for many years a partner in the well known firm of Culbertson, Means & Co., of Lawrence Furnace.  Funeral Thursday at Presbyterian church.


Clarke, Miss Louise  –  IR Apr. 09, 1908  –  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clarke – funeral took place from the home on south 6th street.  Interment at Woodland.  Complete nervous collapse due to a severe case of insomnia of many weeks duration and occurred during a sudden attack of mental aberration.  . . . Miss Clarke’s mind suddenly gave way under the great strain and she ended the sufferings which few can fully appreciate, by suspending herself from the transom of her room with her stockings.


Clarke, Mrs. Phoebe B. (Walton)   –  IR Oct.31, 1895  –  The mother of Mrs. E. B. Willard, died at Hanging Rock last Sunday morning.  She was born Nov. 15, 1812 and was nearly 83 years old.

She was born Kennett Square, Penn., and came to Cincinnati about 1830.  Her maiden name was Walton.  She married Mr. Valentine in 1842, and he died in 1849.  She married Mr. John C. Clarke in 1856, and came to Ironton to live, in the present Culbertson residence on 4th street.  Mr. Clarke died in 1858.  Two brothers in Cincinnati and a brother and sister in California survive her.  Interment:  Woodland.


Clarke, Rolston  –  IR Jan. 31, 1901  –  Only son of Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge C. Clarke died Sunday.  Taken ill with la grippe.  Lengthy obit.  He was married to Miss Edna Brown, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. H. R. Brown, whom he married six months before his death on July 26, 1900.  Rolston Clarke was born in Ashland, Ky., July 28, 1877.  He came to Ironton with his parents at the age of



Clarke, Thomas  –  IR Jul. 21, 1892  –  Dropped Dead – Last Thursday, at St. Cloud, Minn., Thos. Clarke, brother of D. H. Clarke, and father of Samuel Clarke, of the post office, dropped dead.  He was engaged there in railroad business and was getting along comfortably.  He was a prominent business man here, in the early days of Ironton, and was one of the first grocers.


Clarke, William  –  IR Feb. 09, 1854  –  Died on the 1st inst., at Millersport, William, son of Amos B. and Sarah Clarke, age about 3.


Clarkson, Annie Cade   –  IR May 21, 1857  –  Died in Ironton, on the 14th inst., Annie Cade, daughter of H. Clarkson, aged 7 months.


Clarkson, Sarah  –  IR Jan. 29, 1863


Clary, Jane  –  IR Jan. 20, 1881


Clary, Turner  –  IR SEP. 10, 1885


Clay, Clara  –  IR Jan. 28, 1904  –  Clara, the five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Clay, of Haverhill, died Friday, of scarlet fever.


Clay, Dora  –  IR May 12, 1887  –  Died – May 8, Dora Clay, aged 15.


Clay, Henry C. – IR SEP. 13, 1860   –  Marriage license issued to Henry C. Clay and Martha J. Bartram.


Clay, John M.  – IR May 08, 1902


Clay, Peter  –  IR Oct.27, 1887  –  The funeral of Peter Clay, who died from injuries received at the Lawrence Mill, will take place Thursday.  He was aged 30.


Claybaugh, Jacob  –  IR Jun. 16, 1864


Claybaugh, Lauretta   –  IR Jan. 07, 1864


Clear, James  –  IR Jul. 20, 1865  –  Marriage license issued during month of April – James Clear and Mary Stewart.


Cleary, Timothy  –  IR Nov. 26, 1857  –  Died on the 23rd inst., infant son of Michael and Ann Cleary.  These parents have thus twice been left childless.


Clendenning, Mrs. (Herdman)  –   IR Jul. 19, 1877  –  Wife of the manager of Monroe Furnace died on the 13th.  She was the daughter of Mr. Herdman.


Clifford, Mrs. H. J. –         IR Nov. 28, 1895  –  Died – Mrs. H. J. Clifford, formerly of Ironton, was fatally burned at El Paso, Tx ., on Nov. 5.  She was the daughter of Erastus Starlin, well known citizen of this city 30 years ago.  She was the sister-in-law of Major Corns and sister of A. W. Starlin, of Ashland.

Clifford, John  –  IR Oct.15, 1868


Clifton, Clarence  –  IR SEP. 02, 1875


Cline, Michael  –  IR Mar. 01, 1866  –  Married On the 16th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by B. C. Anderson, Esq., Mr. Michael Cline of Empire Furnace and Miss Mary Wolf of Etna Fce.


Clinefelter, Thomas R.  –   IR Mar. 03, 1853  –  Married at Hanging Rock on Feb. 17, 1853, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. Thomas R. Clinefelter to Miss Mary M. Hoskinson.


Clinefelter, Thomas  –  IR Dec. 10, 1857  –  Died at his residence in Catlettsburg, Ky., on 3rd of Dec., 1857, Thomas Clinefelter, in the 31st year of his age.


Clinefelter, Thomas –   IR Jan. 17, 1867


Clisham, Infant    –  IR Jan. 20, 1887  –  Deaths – Jan. 13, infant child of James Clisham.


Cloniger, Chas. L.  –   IJRN Mar. 23, 1870  –  Died in Burlington on Feb. 15th, Chas. L., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Cloniger, age 1y12d.


Cloninger, –    IR Oct.19, 1899  –  Edward S. Cloninger, of Maysville, Ky., and Elmer Cloninger, of Huntington, WV, are here to attend the funeral of their brother.


Cloran, John F. –  IR Oct.02, 1902   –  In repose of death – suffering of John Cloran was ended Monday – had an accident at Marion, Ohio.   He had been in Columbus, visiting his sisters and friends and was returning to Lima.  At Marion he left the train to get a lunch and the train started.  He attempted to catch the second coach, but the vestibule had been closed and he was thrown backward.  The last coach passed over him, cutting off both legs, one above the knee and the other at the ankle, and fracturing his skull.  Need to copy end of obit.


Cloran, Martin  –  IR Jun. 28, 1888  –  Mr. Martin Cloran, of the firm of M. & J. Cloran, and Miss Barbara Heider were married at St. Joseph’s Church, Tuesday morning.


Cloran, Michael   –  IR Jan. 07, 1892  –  Died last Monday, of pneumonia, as a result of the grip.  He was the oldest of the Cloran brothers, several of whom are grocers in town. . . His age was 35.


Clotton, Mrs. –   IST Aug. 38, 1934  –  Need to copy beginning – She and her husband came to Ohio some forty-odd years ago.  They lived happily together for over 56 years.  Mrs. Clotton was born a slave.  Her mother was taken from her early in life so she was left to fight the battles of life alone.  She was reared by her aunt, Mrs. Amillie Bennett Mullen.  Burial in Burlington cemetery.


Clouse, Hugh  –  IR Nov. 04, 1875


Clouse, William  –   IR Feb. 25, 1935 ?


Clutter, Edward  –  IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Marriage License – Edward Clutter and Annie Stanley.


Clutts, Mrs. Margaret  –  IR Jul. 30, 1874


Clutts, Mary E. –   IR Jan. 26, 1871

Cluttz, Lewis   –  IR Jun. 05, 1879


Coates, Doct.B. F. –  IR May 14, 1857  –  Married on May 6th, at the residence of Joseph S. Peebles, by Rev. L. Kelsey, Doct.B. F. Coates, of West Union, to Miss Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of Col. John Patterson, formerly of West Union.


Coates, William –  IR Nov. 07, 1895  –  William Coates age 20,  was killed by John Kitchen, age 17.


Cochran, O. N. –  IR Dec. 18, 1862


Cochran, Robert M. –   IR Feb. 01, 1866  –  Married Jan. 14, by Rev. R. Breare at the residence of the bride, in Gallipolis, Mr. Robert M. Cochran, of Ironton and Miss Helen Coleman.


Cochran, W. H. –  IR Mar. 22, 1866  –  Found drowned – body found in Ohio River . . . person, it appeared that his name was W. H. Cochran . . . his brother James Cochran.  He probably belonged to some town up the river, and was accidentally drowned.  Portsmouth Tribune.


Cochran, William –  IR Jan. 14, 1892  –  Formerly of this place, died at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans, on Christmas eve.


Cochrane, Mrs. Elinor   –  IR Aug. 17, 1871


Cochrane, Geo. L.  –  IR Aug. 23, 1888  –  Deaths – Cochrane – Aug. 21, Geo. L. Cochrane, Whitwell, aged 32.


Coe, Freel   –  IR Oct.18, 1877  –  Marriage license issued to Freel Coe and Alice Levacy.


Coheine, Infant   –  IR May 05, 1887  –  Deaths – April 29, child of John Coheine.


Colborn, Margaret –  IR Sept. 20, 1888  –  Died Sept. 13, Margaret Colborn, aged 83.


Coldwell, James – IR Jan. 31, 1867  –  Married on the 28th inst., at the office of J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Mr. James Coldwell and Elizabeth L. Gray, both of Hanging Rock, Ohio.


Cole, Judge A. E.  –  IR Jul. 09, 1903  –  Brother of Judge A. B. Cole of Ironton, Judge A. E. Cole, 64, died last night .  He was born in West Union, Ohio, and in 1865 moved to Fleming county.

Following year he was elected county attorney. . . also commonwealth attorney of that district.

He leaves a wife and three sons, Allan D. and Wadsworth of Ironton, and W. T. of Greenup.  Judge and Mrs. A. B. Cole and Mrs. Chestnut left last Friday, accompanied by Mrs. Wells S. Jones of Waverly, a niece of the deceased.


Cole, Charles F. –  IWR Sept. 09, 1893  –  Wedding description – at the home of Rufus Magee, of Proctorville, nuptials of his daughter Oley and Charles F. Cole, of Huntington, WV.


Cole, Mrs. Elizabeth  – IR Aug. 07, 1856  –  Died near the mouth of Cabin Creek, Mason county, Ky., July 14th, aged over 100 years.  She was the mother of 16 children, 11 still living, the oldest is 89 years of age.


Cole, George –  IR SEP. 02, 1880  –  George, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cole, died at his home in Chillicothe, last Monday.  Only a short time before, the little boy had been here in Ironton, at his grandfather’s, but returned home not feeling well.  He was 10 years old.

Cole, Henry –  IR Jul. 16, 1891  –  Died last Sunday, suffered from asthma, age 74 years.  Merchant in Ironton.


Cole, Henry Fremont –   IR May 11 &  25, 1865   –  Died on the 14th of April, Henry Fremont Cole, the youngest son of Luke and Sarana Cole, drowned at our wharf and, on Saturday last, he received notice that the body had been taken up at Genett’s Creek . . . aged 7y4m5d.


Cole, Infant  –   IR Jan. 06, 1887  –  Deaths – Jan. 2, child of Jack Cole.


Cole, Leonard –   IR Dec. 29, 1853  –  Died  in Ironton, on the 26th inst., Mr. Leonard Cole, in the 70th year of his age.


Cole, Luke   –  IR Feb. 26, 1885   –  Luke Cole died at his home on Railroad St., last Sunday, at the age of 56 years.  He was born in England in 1829.  His mother dying when he was very young, he moved with his father to Canada, where they remained for 10 years.  In 1842, he came to the U.S., settling at Newark.  Afterwards, moved to Athens, where he was married in 1851 to Lorana Witham, who survives him.  Right after his marriage he moved to Ironton and has lived here ever since.  His wife and six children are left to mourn.


Cole, Mary Lorania –  IR May 19, 1859  –  Died on the 15th inst., in Ironton, infant daughter of Luke and Lorania Cole, aged three weeks.


Cole, Thomas –  IR Nov. 24, 1864  also  IR Dec. 08, 1864  –  A dispatch was received from Col.

Kingsbury on yesterday by Capt. Cole of Hanging Rock, that his son, Thos. Cole, was killed near Bunker Hill, Va., on the 18th inst., in a severe skirmish with the enemy.  He was in Co. H., 91st OVI.

Funeral services of Lieut. Thos. K. Coles, 91st OVI killed in a skirmish with Moseby’s guerrillas took place at Hanging Rock.  Interment at Kelley’s cemetery.  He was the eldest son of Capt. Samuel Coles of  Hanging Rock, not yet 20 years old, born in Portsmouth, Scioto county, on Dec. 25, 1844 . . . obituary is lengthy.


Coleman, S. H.  –               IR Apr. 28, 1853  –  Died in this town, on yesterday morning of consumption, Mr. S. H. Coleman, formerly well known landlord of Gallipolis and for the past year landlord of the Ironton House; in his 51st year.


Coles, Capt. S.  –  IR Mar. 09, 1871 –   Died at Ashland, Ky., Wednesday, March 8th, Capt. S. Coles.  His funeral will take place in Ironton.   IR 16 Mar 1871 – We had time last week to announce the death of Capt. Coles.  He died at his home in Ashland on the 8th inst.  He was born in New Jersey, June, 1808 – moved to Portsmouth when 23 years old, married when 28, and came to Hanging Rock in 1854.  There he was with the Hanging Rock Coal Works, until 1864, when he moved to Ashland to take the Presidency of the L. & B. S. R. R., E. D.  This section of country has reason to mourn his departure, for he proved one of the most reliable agents of its development.


Coles, Thomas K. — IR Dec. 08, 1864   –  see IR Feb. 02, 1865 for preamble and resolution.


Collett, Female  –  IR Feb. 13, 1890  –  Birth – February 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. L. Collett, a daughter.


Collier, Infant   –  IR Oct.07, 1886   –  Died Sept. 29, child of Taylor Collier, aged 14 months.


Collier, Cornelius              –  IR Jul. 14, 1853  –  Married on the 12th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Cornelius Collier of Ice Creek to Martha May, of Kentucky.


Collier, Frank  –  IR Apr. 09, 1896  –  Frank Collier, son of Marshal Collier, died of consumption, at the Brammer House, last Sunday.


Collier, Mrs. Laura  –  IR Jun. 11, 1896   –  Mrs. Laura Collier, who lived for many years in Ironton, died at Cripple Creek, Colorado, May 28.  On the Saturday following, Mr. Collier, with his little children, took the remains of the wife and mother to Alabama where she was buried.


Collier, Sienna  –  IR Feb. 04, 1892  –  The widow, Sienna Collier, formerly of Ice Creek, this county, died there (Mt. Joy, Scioto Co.), on the 27th and her funeral was preached at Mt. Joy on the 28th.


Collins, Charles H.   –  IR Oct.14, 1869


Collins, Edward –   IR Nov. 21, 1878  –  Died Nov. 3, 1878, age 32y 1m 20d, eldest son of Washington Collins, Esq., of Union Landing.


Collins, Gilbert H. –   IR Apr. 02, 1857  –  Married on March 26th, in Portsmouth, Gilbert H. Collins of Springville, Ky., and Miss Celia A. Huston.


Collins, Infant –  IR Aug. 11, 1887  –  Died – Aug. 6, child of Ira Collins, aged 1 1/2 years.


Collins, Mrs. J. W. –  IR Mar. 24, 1887  –  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Collins went to Florida last Fall, to spend the Winter, for the latter’s health, but she failed to improve and died last week.  The remains were brought back to their old home, above Haverhill, last Monday.


Collins, Willie –  IR Dec. 01, 1887  –  Died Nov. 25th, Willie Collins of Flatwoods, aged 8.


Colter, William –  IR Jan. 23, 1879  –  Quaker Bottom – William, son of Adam Colter born near where Waterloo now stands on the 5th inst., at Cairo, Illinois.  Caught cold and died on Sunday.


Colvin, William J.  –  IR Apr. 28, 1853  –  Died in this town on the 20th inst., William J., only son of Wm. & D. N. Colvin, aged 20m21d.


Combs, John  –  IR Nov. 17, 1853  –  Married on the 14th inst., near Burlington, by Rev. J. R. Prose, Mr. John Combs, of Alton, Ill., to Miss Lizzie, daughter of James Crawford.


Combs, Mrs. Sarah –  IR Aug. 28, 1856  –  Died at Powellsville, on 14th inst., in the 77th year of her age, Mrs. Sarah Combs, consort of Joseph Combs, deceased.


Compliment, Benjamin –  IR May 29, 1902  –  Resident of Hanging Rock and a veteran of the civil war, died at his home Monday night, aged 67 years.  He is survived by a wife and a large family of children, all grown.  Interment in Scioto county.


Conaway, Lewis   –  IR Jan. 21, 1864


Conlin, James  –  IR May 08, 1890  –  Died April 29, age 56.


Connell, James M. –  IR Jul. 31, 1879


Conners, Emiline –  IR Aug. 26, 1886


Connoway, Mrs. Nancy –  IR Jan. 19, 1888  –  Died – Mrs. Nancy Connoway, of Ohio Furnace, aged 45.


Conway, Dennis   –  IR Aug. 01, 1889  –  Died July 26, age 68.


Conway, Geo. –    –  IR Sept. 22, 1892 – Geo. Conway, of Fayette, was fined $5.70 by Esq. Henry, for using abusive language toward Mrs. Keys.  Constable Hall brought him down.


Conway, Infant  –  IR Mar. 15, 1888  –  Died – Child of Jeff Conway, on the 12th inst., aged 3 1/2 years.


Conway, Richard –  IR SEP. 13, 1860  –  Over age 60, lived near Hecla Furnace, had his right arm cut to pieces and torn off in a thrushing machine, on the 29th ult.  He died within 48 hours of the accident.


Cook,  –   IR Dec. 22, 1898  –  Mr. W. F. Cook has gone to Cincinnati to attend the funeral of his mother.


Cook, John –  IR SEP. 02, 1886


Cook, Willie –  IR Aug. 02, 1888  –  Died July 27, Willie Cook, aged 15.


Coon, Isabella C. –  IR Jan. 22, 1857  –  Died on the 4th inst., at Hanging Rock, Isabella C. Coon, daughter of Archibald and Rebecca M. Coon, in the 17th year of her age.


Cooper, Clyde  –  IR Nov. 28, 1878  –  At Altoona, Kansas on Nov. 15th, Clyde, son of Chris. and Ella Cooper, aged 2 years.


Cooper, Frances –  IR Nov. 23, 1876  –  Died at the residence of his son, Thos. Cooper, at Waterloo, this county, last Sunday and was buried on Monday.  The deceased was a little over 100 years old.  His wife (of over 60 years) still survives and still resides at son Thomas’s.  Eleven children are now living …


Cooper, Jerry  –  IR Dec. 31, 1905  –  Uncle Jerry Cooper was a visitor to the Register office Tuesday… reported that he had been a resident of Symmes township for 61 years.  He came there when he was 19 years of age from Greenbrier county, Va.  He was married Dec. 29, 1849 and he and his good helpmage are still hale and hearty….Mr. Cooper was in the 173rd Ohio and twice each year he and R. Mather visit his old captain, the late and highly esteemed, James Marcum, of Arabia, during his lifetime.  Mr. and Mrs. Cooper had thirteen children, two boys dying when young leaving five girls and six boys still living.  All live near him except two sons who are at Springfield, O.  ….


Cooper, Seth –  IR Aug. 17, 1865   –  Died at the residence of his son-in-law, William Copenhaver, at Haverhill, Scioto county, Ohio, on the 8th inst., of typhoid fever, Seth Cooper, aged 74 years, a resident of Lawrence county for the last 50 years.


Cooper, Thomas –  IR Nov. 04, 1875  –  Deaths – Thomas Cooper died last Sunday morning, aged 44 years.  He had been living in Ironton for about 12 years… the funeral procession about the longest we ever saw in Ironton.  The I.O.O.F. were out in full force.


Copenhaver, A. B. – IR Dec. 31, 1857  –  Married on the 24th inst., at Haverhill, by Rev. Jno. Q. Gibson, Mr. A. B. Copenhaver and Miss Sopronia C. Hard.


Corbin,  –   IJRN Aug. 31, 1870  –  Died – A man named Corbin from Pomeroy drowned Saturday night.


Corbin, Mrs. Leutz   –  IR Jan. 05, 1888  –  Died – Leutz, wife of Sanders Corbin, died Jan. 1st.


Corburn, Katy –  IR Sep. 07, 1876  –  From Gallipolis Journal – A colored woman, known as aunt Katy Corburn, died on Wednesday, aged 110 years.


Cordle –  IR Jul. 22, 1880


Corey, Chas. D.  –  IR May 23, 1867  –  Died on the 16th inst., at the residence of his father-in-law at Grayson, Ky., Chas. D. Corey, Editor of the Big Sandy Herald.  ..Suffered from pneumonia had relapse and died.  ..Was becoming a prominent and influential man of Eastern Kentucky.


Corn, George W. –  IET. Apr. 28, 1938


Corn, Jesse Rev. –  IR Aug. 12, 1875


Corn, Martha –  IR Oct.14, 1880


Corns, Mary C. –  IJRN Sept. 29, 1869  –  Died on the 24th in this city, Mary C., wife of John M. Corns, in the 30th year of her age.


Corsert, James   –  IR Dec. 15, 1853  –  Married on the 12th inst., by J. H. Creighton, Mr. James Corsert and Mary Dixon.


Corum, George Captain –  SWI Jul. 10, 1908  –  Funeral services of Capt. Geo. Corum, late County Clerk of Greenup county, Ky. will be held at noon today at Greenup.


Cory, Dr. –   IR Feb. 02, 1905  –  Mrs. D. H. Thomas received a telegram..announcing the death of her grandfather, Dr. Cory, who in late years has been making his home with his son, Azro, at Temple Park, Washington.  During the war Dr. Cory was provost marshal here.  He was born in

Western Pennsylvania, Jan. 9, 1820.  He came to this county in 1842 and taught school at Burlington, and later at Sand Fork, in Mason Township.  He then returned to Pennsylvania and stayed several years.  Early in the 50’s he returned to Mason Tp., where he married Miss Susan Lunsford.  He came to Ironton soon afterward and embarked in the newspaper business and edited the “Spirit of the Times,” for a short time.  He served as city postmaster under President Buchanan.  Civil War veteran.  Attempt made on his life …. At the close of the war Dr. Cory resumed the practice of medicine…Later he went to Florida…returned to Ironton and lived with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. And Mrs. James Warfield.   In the mean time his wife died and that of a daughter, Sarah, wife of T. B. Ball died.  At the death of Mr. and Mrs. Warfield which followed quickly one upon the other, he removed to Takoma Park, a suburb of Washington, D. C.

the home of his son.  He laid out Old Maidsville and Coryville, was was in every way a prominent citizen.


Costello, George  –  IR Jul. 24, 1902  –  Killed at Pittsburgh last week.  Funeral held at Ashland, Ky.  Buried in family lot in Ashland.  He had lost much sleep, and being sent back to flag, dropped to sleep while sitting on the track.  The train backed over him, causing fatal injuries.


Coster, Mrs. Betty  –  IET Jan. 25, 1943  –  Mrs. Betty Jean Barnette Coster, age?, wife of Ralph Coster, died from pneumonia.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Barnette of Topeka, KS. (do not have end of obit)


Costrop, Henry  –  IR Jan. 13, 1887  –  Deaths – Jan. 8, Henry Costrop, age 66.


Cotter, George-  IWR Jun. 20, 1896  –  Father of Father Cotter of St. Lawrence church, died at his home on south 7th street, Friday morning.  His demise, following so closely that of his life partner, who preceded him  only a few days ago . . . He was 75 years of age, a native of County Cork, Ireland, but received a college education at Bath, England.  He came from aristocratic families, the Parkers and Smiths, of Cloyne, Ireland . . . An uncle of his was the author or a standard history of the Bermudas.  Another uncle of the deceased, Col. Cotter, achieved distinction in the military service of England, and led an expedition in Brazil in 1826, which is told of in a work entitled “Modern Geography by the Christian Brothers.”  Mr. Cotter came with his wife, to Ironton from across the sea only about four years ago.  Children remaining, Father Cotter and his sister, Miss Sarah.


Cotter, Mrs. Sarah   –  IR Jun. 11, 1896  –  The venerable mother of Rev. J. H. Cotter, died at her home, on 7th street, last Monday night.  She was born in Ireland, 73 years ago.  She has resided in Ironton for six years.


Coughlin, Mrs. Mary Ann  –  IR Jul. 27, 1905  –  Death of Mrs. Mary Ann Coughlin of Center Station occurred Tuesday.  Mrs. Coughlin was a sister of the late Thomas Riley, who died at Ort three or four weeks ago.  She is survived by one brother and a sister, who resides in the south.


Couratt, Henry  –  IR Aug. 18, 1887  –  Died Aug. 14, Henry Couratt, aged 7.


Courtney, Infant  –  IR Aug. 04, 1887  –  Died – July 27, infant child of Dr. Courtney.


Cowles, Lysander M.  –   IR Apr. 23, 1857  –  Died in Austinburg, Ashtabula county, Ohio, on the 4th inst., Lysander M. Cowles, aged 49 years.


Cox, Charles  –  IR Jun. 22, 1871  –  Married – on the 17th inst., by Rev. J. D. Moore, Mr. Charles Cox and Miss Nancy M. French, all of this county.


Cox, David Crockett  –  IR Jul. 05, 1866


Cox, John  –  IR Nov. 06, 1851  –  Married – Mr. John Cox of Cabell Co., on the 29th at Quaker Bottom to Miss Adelia Romain Fuller, daughter of Gen. Alphonzo Theodore Foster Fuller.


Coy, Mrs. William  –  IR Dec. 25, 1884  –  Died Dec. 21, age 20 years.


Cradic,  –   IR Dec. 12, 1878  –  Died yesterday.


Craicraft, George  –  IR Feb. 15, 1872


Craig, Mrs. Florella  –  IR Mar. 15, 1888  –  Deaths – Florella Craig, wife of W. H. Craig, on the 12th inst., aged 36.


Craig, Infant   –  IR Sept. 22, 1892  –  A four year old child of Mr. Craig, who lives near the Cory tunnel, died last night.


Craig, Mrs. James –   IR Jan. 14, 1904  –  Mrs. Elizabeth J. Craig, wife of Squire James Craig died

Thursday at her home on Kemp Avenue, long illness of dropsy.  Mrs. Craig was born in Putnam,

  1. Va., July 24, 1835, and was united in marriage to James Craig at Gallipolis, Ohio, November 8, 1853. Immediately after their marriage they came to Ironton. Leaves bereaved husband and one daughter, Mrs. Davis.  Burial at Woodland.


Crain, Adanijah  –  IR Mar. 16, 1854  –  Died at Lucasville, Scioto county, on the 7th inst., Mr. Adanijah Crain, a native of that county, aged about 43 years.


Crain, Martin  –  IR Jan. 15, 1857  –  Married on the 8th, by Rev. J. F. Given, Martin Crain to Miss Maria Hall, all of Portsmouth.


Cram, J.  O.  –   IR Dec. 07, 1854  –  Married in Zanesville, on the 6th inst., Mr. J. O. Cram, of Marietta, to Miss Caroline Blockson, of the former place.


Crance, Theodore –  IR Sept. 22, 1892 – Theodore Crance will go from Arkansas to the Peabody Normal College, Nashville, Tenn., next week.


Crandall, Elias   –   IR Jan. 06, 1857  –  Married on the 1st inst., at Junior Furnace, by Rev. Dan Young, Elias Crandall, of Empire Furnace, to Miss Nancy F. Forsythe, daughter of James Forsythe of Junior Furnace.


Crandall, Mrs. Nancy (Glidden)  –  IR Jul. 07, 1853  –  Died on the 28th ult., at Empire Fce., Mrs. Nancy A. Crandall, wife of Wesley Crandall and daughter of Charles H. Glidden, of Clinton Fce., aged 22 years.


Crandall, Wesley  –  IR Nov. 18, 1852  –  Married at Clinton Furnace, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. S. P. Cummins, Mr. Wesley Crandall, of Empire Furnace, and Miss Nancy Alice Glidden, youngest daughter of Charles Mills Glidden, Esq., of Clinton Furnace, Scioto Co., O.


Crandall, Wesley  –  IR SEP.  01, 1853  –  Died at Empire Fce., on August 8th, Mr. Wesley Crandall.


Cranson, Judge Edward  –  IR Nov. 03, 1864  –  Died – Judge Edward Cranson, of Wheelersburg, Scioto county, age about 70.


Crawford,   –  IR Aug. 02, 1877  –  (from Aid) – The youngest child of H. Crawford died last week and was interred in the Marion cemetery.


Crawford, Alice D.  –   IR Jan. 31, 1867   –  Died on the 20th inst., at Catlettsburg, Ky., of Whooping Cough, Alice D., infant daughter of James R. and Martha Crawford, aged 15 months.


Crawford, Mrs. Catherine   –  IR Feb. 09, 1912  –  Mrs. Catherine Crawford, widow of Samuel Crawford, of Burlington died Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Grace Morris of Washington, D. C., where she was visiting.  Mrs. Crawford was 80 years of age and her death due to the infirmities incident to her advanced age.  Mr. Crawford has been dead over 30 years.  The following children survive:  Mrs. E. G. Curtis of Proctorville, Carl Crawford of Sybene, Mrs. Morris of Washington.

The body will be brought to Huntington today for burial.  Mrs. Crawford was the last of the old Kouns family who were among the early settlers of the Burlington neighborhood.  She only recently sold her property at Burlington to the government for lock and dam purposes.  Mrs.

Crawford was a great aunt of Mrs. D. G. Wright.

Note:  SWR Feb. 09, 1912 – Mrs. Crawford Dead – News of the death of Mrs. Kate Crawford of

Burlington, who has been visiting her daughter in Washington, D. C. was received Wednesday by friends and relatives in Coal Grove.  Visiting her daughter, Mrs. Grace Morris in Washington . . . the surviving children are:  Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Geo. Curtis of Proctorville, Carl of Burlington, John and W. H. of Sybene.  Mr. Morris has been dead for a number of years and the deceased has no brothers or sisters to mourn the loss.  The body was brought to Huntington.


Crawford, Mrs. Cecilia H. –   IET Mar. 30, 1943  –  Mrs. Cecilia H. Crawford, widow of Captain Clayton L. Crawford, died yesterday at her home, Maplewood, near Chesapeake and will be buried in the Catlettsburg cemetery.  Surviving are one son, Clarence. Colonel C. H. Crawford of New York; one daughter, Mrs. Hugh J. Rardin, at home; a granddaughter, Mrs. J. F. Skinner of Huntington, foster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rardin, and two great grandsons, John S. Skinner and Clayton L. C. Skinner, Mrs. Crawford has been a resident of Lawrence county for more than 80 years.


Crawford, Col. Chauncey H.         –  IT May 11, 1955  –  Col. Chauncey H. Crawford, 77, of Chesapeake, died early Tuesday in a Huntington hospital of injuries he suffered Monday when a tractor he was driving overturned on his farm.  He was a retired civil engineer and a veteran of World War I.  Col. Crawford was born June 27, 1878 in Lawrence county, son of the late Clayton and Cecelia Crawford.  He was a brother of the late Mrs. Hugh Rardin.  Surviving are a number of cousins in Lawrence county, Ironton and Ashland.  Burial will be in Catlettsburg Cemetery.


Crawford, Clayton Capt.  –  IR May 31, 1906  –  Died last night.  A widow and one daughter, Mrs. Hugh Rardin, survive him.  Riverboat man employed in the White Collar Line of Pittsburg.  He was 55 (or 65?) years old.  Interment: Catlettsburg, Ky.


Crawford, Mrs. Frances Dillon    –  IR Sept. 17, 1857  –  Died on the 14th inst., in Ironton, Mrs.

Frances Crawford, widow of the late Hugh Crawford, aged 37 years.  Grave moved to Woodland see IR May 24, 1900


Crawford, Franklin  –  grave moved to Woodland see          –   IR May 24, 1900


Crawford, George   –  IR Jul. 09, 1903  –  Pioneer Iron Master  Died Last Sunday – Father of exmayor George W. and Dr. J. N. W. Crawford, died Sunday at the home of his brother, Andrew J. Crawford, of Scioto furnace.  Mr. Crawford was born in Ireland, county Tyrone, in 1819 being 64 years old.  He came to this county with his parents in 1840, settling at Manchester, Adams county, later moving to West Union.  Educated in Ireland. . . .Married in 1849 to Mary Young Glidden, daughter of Samuel Mills Glidden.  She died in 1891.  The children surviving are:  Mrs. Dr. Dwight, ex-Mayor George W. and Dr. J. N. Crawford, the latter is now in Germany.  Samuel

Crawford of the Norfolk & Western offices is a nephew.  His father, John Crawford, of West Union, and G. N. Crawford, a nephew of West Union, came to this city Monday to attend the funeral.  Mrs. Georgia Merrick is a granddaughter of the deceased.  Ex-Mayor George W. Crawford, one of his sons, is in the Tranaval, South Africa.  Mrs. W. O. Feurt of Clay township is a niece.  Funeral at Scioto furnace, interment in Greenlawn cemetery.


Crawford, George K.  –  IR Jan. 29, 1857  –  Married at Burlington, on the 20th inst., by Rev. J. M. Shultz, Mr. George K. Crawford and Miss Lucinda C. Bean.


Crawford, Harry  –  SWR Jan. 09, 1911  –  Wedding – Miss Florence Smith, of Proctorville, the attractive daughter of Capt. E. J. Smith, and Harry Crawford, a traveling salesman with headquarters at Cleveland, were married Wednesday and left for Pittsburg on the steamer Ohio.  Their wedding was the culmination of a romance of childhood days, they having been boy and girl sweethearts, when they went to school together.  When he grew up Mr. Crawford left Proctorville and went away to seek his fortune.  After establishing himself commercially he came back home to claim his bride.


Crawford, Hugh  –  IR Jan. 06, 1853  –  Died on his way to Louisville with a flat boat loaded with Lawrence Fce., pig iron, taken on at our landing.  On Monday evening at Crawfish, just this side of Cincinnati, . . . drowned.  He was about 40 years old and leaves a wife and 7 children.  He was one of the oldest citizens of Ironton, having purchased property here and moved into town soon after the 1st sale of lots in the summer of 1849.  At the time of his death, he was the Sheriff of Lawrence County.

IR May 24, 1900  – grave removed to Woodland.


Crawford, James    –  IR May 05, 1887  –  Born in Path Valley, Penn., Dec. 6th, 1804, died May 1st, 1887, aged 83 yrs.  His father, James Crawford emigrated to Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1808; remained there until 1820, when he removed to a farm near Burlington, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  The subject of this sketch was the third son.  He was married to Nancy Kouns, Dec. 10, 1829.  The same year bought a farm near the old home, where they reared a large family.  Jan. 1st, 1855, they removed to the farm known then as now, as part of the George Kouns farm, inherited by his wife, where they have resided up to this time.  He has been a constant sufferer for 25 years. . . (poem from his daughter)


Crawford, James  –  IR Jun. 07, 1888  –  Lawrence county has a new post office on Charley Creek at Jas. Crawford’s store.  It is called Sybene.  Mr. Crawford is P. M.


Crawford, James & Son, Willie  –  SWR Feb. 25, 1893  –  Capt. James Crawford, county commissioner of Ross county, and his son Willie, a youth of 16, were killed by a train on the Ohio Southern railroad near Bethesda, Ross county, while crossing the track Monday morning.  The horse which they were driving was also killed.


Crawford, Mrs. James (Nancy Kouns)  –   IR Feb. 03, 1898  –  Died – last Sunday, Mrs. James

Crawford, “Aunt Nancy,” as she was familiarly known, died at her daughter’s Mrs. William

Johnson’s  at South Point.  Her age was 87.  She was buried at  the family burial grounds above

Burlington.  There are eight children living – Mrs. William Johnson, Mrs. J. D. Clark, Mrs. Cephas Davidson, Mrs. J. Combs, Mrs. W. Honshell, and Messrs.  Carl, John and James Crawford.  (note from smk – She was the daughter of George W. and Catherine Wolfenberger Kouns, early pioneers of the Burlington area.  Her paternal grandparents were Christian and Anna Lamb/Lamp Kouns who came to Lawrence county around 1801.)


Crawford, Jerome   –  IR May 05, 1853  –  Died on May 1st, Jerome, son of the late Hugh Crawford, aged 10 years.  –  grave moved to Woodland see IR May 24, 1900.


Crawford, John  –  IR Apr. 09, 1896  –  Died at the residence of his daughter in Alton, Iowa, Mr. John Crawford, aged 96 years.  He was formerly a resident of Lawrence county, and was the oldest brother of James, Hugh and Samuel Crawford, former citizens of Burlington and prominent men in this community 40 or 50 years ago.


Crawford, John  –  IR May 14, 1891 –  Married on May 7th, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Dillon, Mr. John Crawford of Sybene and Miss Anna  Brammer of Manhattan.


Crawford, Rev. John  –  IR SEP. 16, 1852  –  Died at Harmar, on the 2d inst., Rev. John Crawford, of the M. E. Church, aged 54 years; one of the most useful citizens of  Washington county.


Crawford, Mrs. Mollie  –  IET Oct.24, 1938  –  Russell (KY) – Funeral services for Mrs. Mollie Crawford will be Tuesday at the home a short distance out of Grayson.  Burial will be in the family cemetery.  Mrs. Crawford was 58 years old and resided with her family at their home back of Grayson.  She passed away early Sunday morning at the Marting Hospital in Ironton, O.  She is survived by her husband and a number of children.


Crawford, Mrs. Sally  –  IR Jun. 09, 1887  –  Mrs. Sally Crawford who lives at Leatherwood, probably holds the oldest pension in this county.  Hers is numbered 1254, and is granted for the death of her husband in the war of 1812.  She has been drawing $12 a month for many years.  Her age is now 90 years.


Crawford, Samuel  –  IR Mar. 16, 1871  –  Mormonism – There is recorded on the Recorders’ books, of this county, a license to preach, given by the church at Kirkland, Ohio, to Samuel Crawford and signed by Joseph Smith, the Mogul of the Mormons.  The license is dated March 25th, 1837.


Crawford, Walter  –  IR May 26, 1904  –  Died at his home in Sybene, O., Walter, aged 18?  beloved son of W. H. and Alice Crawford, after an illness of nearly a year of lung trouble.  Burial at Crawford cemetery.  When taken ill, he was a student at Marshall Business College of Huntington.


Crawford, Mrs. Will  –  IR Dec. 31, 1905  –  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crawford of Columbus and Mrs. Eva Gillen of Wellston have returned to their respective homes after being called here on account of the death of Mrs. Will Crawford of Ironton and a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Zimmerman of this village.


Crawford, William  –  IR Jun. 28, 1900 –  Bookkeeper for the Amos & Davis Iron Co. at Centre Furnace died last Friday of cholera.  About 48 years old and has a wife living at Portsmouth.  He has a sister-in-law, Mrs. W. A. Brown, living in Russell, Ky.


Crawshaw, John  –  IR Nov. 12, 1857  –  Married on the 8th inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. John Crawshaw and Miss Addie Sayres; all of Ironton.


Crawshaw, John  –  IR Aug. 01, 1861


Craycraft, Reuben –  IET Apr. 27, 1927


Creasy, William D.  –  IR SEP. 20, 1860  –  Married at Cynthiana, Harrison county, Kentucky, on the 12th inst., by Rev. B. F. Ludwick, William D. Creasy, Esq., and Mrs. Lizzie V. French, both of Ashland, Boyd county, Kentucky.


Cremeans,  –  IR Jun. 03, 1875


Crichton, Andrew   –  IR Oct.06, 1859  –  Died on Sept. 29th, in Portsmouth, a native of Scotland, and formerly of the firm of Shackleford & Crichton, Druggists, aged about 45.


Crichton, J. M.  –  IR May 7, 1896  –  J. M. Crichton, whose sudden death occurred at Cincinnati, last Saturday, had $23,000 life insurance and $10,000 in accident policies.  $18,000 of this was in Ironton agencies – $5,000 in the National Union, $3,000 in the Royal Arcannum, $5,000 in the Union Central and $5,000 in the Equitable.


Crichton, James   –  IR Aug. 23, 1860  –  Married in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, on Aug. 16th, by Rev. N. P. Bailey, James Crichton, of Buckhorn Furnace and Miss Libbie Seeley, youngest daughter of Hon. Uri Seely, of the former place.


Crichton, James   –  IR Feb. 07, 1861


Cripple, James  –  M.I. Mar. 22, 1910  –  Funeral – held Sunday at his late home on the corner of Eighth street and Neal avenue.  Interment: family burying grounds a few miles back of Ashland.  He was 45 years of age and was an employee of Etna furnace.  He was married and is survived by his wife and six children.  Two brothers and four sisters survive the deceased.  He died from the effects of an abscess in his head.


Cripple, Virginia  –  I.S.R. Aug. 23, 1925  –  Virginia Cripple, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cripple of Coal Grove passed away yesterday afternoon, suffered from cholera infantism.  The funeral of the infant who was born Jan. 1st, 1925 will be held Monday.  Interment at Zoar Cemetery.


Cripps, Samuel  –  IR Feb. 18, 1869


Cromley, Frank  –  IR Aug. 20, 1857  –  Married at Guyandotte, Va., on the 11th inst., by Rev. Mr. Reese, Mr. Frank Cromley to Miss Mary Williams, both recently of Ironton.


Cron, Davis  –  SWR. Feb. 16, 1917


Cronin, Mrs. Margaret (Dundon)  –  IR Feb. 10, 1898  –  The wife of Stephen Cronin, died Wed., morning.  She was born in Albany, N. Y., in Oct., 1839, and was 58 years old.  Her maiden name was Margaret Dundon, and she came to Ironton in 1851, when her father was employed as cupola tender at the starting of the old Ironton Foundry, May 9, 1859, when she was married to S. Cronin.  There were 8 children, seven of whom, with the husband, survive her.  Suffered stomach trouble.


Cronacher, Mrs.  –  IR Apr. 30, 1874


Cronacher, Gottlieb Frederick   –  SWR. Mar. 27, 1917


Cross, Israel  –  M.I. Jan. 29, 1916


Crosslin, Charles   –  IWR Mar 04, 1893  –  Was born in Fayette County, Penn., 1833.  He left Penn., when 16 years of age and went to Newark, O., remained there a year then came to Ironton in the early fifties where he remained working for the pioneer settlers.  He enlisted in the army in 1864, and served until the close of the war.  He then went to Yellow Springs with Mr. William Means where he met Miss Jones his present widow.  He returned to Ironton in 1871; where he remained until February 21, 1893, when he peacefully passed to the blest  haven of rest. Civil War Vet.


Crow, Mrs. Henrietta – IJRN Mar. 23, 1870  –  Died Feb. 19th, at Catlettsburg, Ky., Henrietta, wife of Adam Crow.


Crow, John  –  IR Feb. 10, 1853  –  Married on the 3rd inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., John Crow and Sarah Lunceford; all of Lawrence county, Ohio.


Crowe, Mrs. Virginia  –  IET. SEP. 27, 1934


Crumlish, Cecelia  –  IR SEP. 16, 1869  also IJRN. SEPT 15, 1869  –  Died Sept. 13, of consumption, Cecilia Crumlish, daughter of Daniel Crumlish, age 21 years.


Crumlish, Daniel  –  IR May 30, 1872  –  Died in this city, on the 25th inst., Mr. Daniel Crumlish, aged 55 years, 3 months and 17 days.


Crumlish, James  –  IR Jun. 14, 1883  –  It is reported that he drowned off the “City of Madison” near Louisville, last week.  He was the son of Daniel Crumlish, who formerly lived in Ironton, and the last remaining member of that family.  James was running as second mate on the above named boat.


Crystal, Robert   –  IR Aug. 14, 1879


Cubbage, Kate L.  –  IR Aug. 09, 1861


Cubbage, Rev. W. N.   –  IR Jul. 01, 1880


Culbertson, Dr. A.  –  IR Nov. 23, 1854  –  Married in Chillicothe, on the 16th inst., Dr. A. Culbertson, of Zanesville to Miss M. Louise Safford, of Parkersburgh, Va.


Culbertson, Cambridge –  IR Jun. 04, 1857  –  Married near Haverhill, May 24th, by Rev. J. Chester, Mr. Cambridge Culbertson and Miss Emily A. Rankin.


Culbertson, Edmund S. –  IR Feb. 08, 1906  –  Engagement announced – wedding engagement of Miss Alice Johnson Cherington and Mr. Edmund S. Culbertson of Ironton.  The wedding will take place shortly after Easter, the date not yet having been set.


Culbertson, Edward S. –  IT Oct.11, 1941


Culbertson, John  – IR Oct.25, 1866


Culbertson, John Janeway – IJRN Apr. 13, 1870  –  Died April 8, at Buena Vista Furnace, Kentucky, John Janeway Culbertson, aged 22 years.


Culbertson, K. R. –   IR Jun. 13, 1878  – in 91st OVI


Culbertson, Libbie  –  IR Jul. 18, 1895  – (I am putting this here as a reference:)  Mrs. Libbie

McCune McDonald donated fireworks to the children at the Lawrence County Infirmary.  She stated that she was now Libbie Culbertson McDonald, formerly wife of Walter McCune.  She was once a resident of Ironton.  At this time they were living at 28 Lafayette Place, New York city, where Mr. McDonald’s business is.  She wanted the inmates to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, Leslie McCune.


Culbertson, W. W.  –  IR Mar. 02, 1865  –  Married at Hanging Rock on the 23rd ult., by Rev. John M. Boal, Capt. W. W. Culbertson, of Buena Vista Furnace,  Kentucky to Miss Jennie Means, of Union Landing.


Culkins, Mrs. John  –  IR Feb. 11, 1892  –  An esteemed lady of this city, died last week.  Mr. Will Culkins, who is a reporter on the Commercial Gazette, was here in attendance upon the funeral.


Cumberland, William W.  –   IR Feb. 28, 1861  –  Died New Albany, Ind. on Feb. 17 of consumption.  He was 40 years old and a graduate of Marietta College class of 1846?.


Cumpston, James K.   – IR Mar. 10, 1864  –  Died on the 25th ult., James K. Cumpston, father of Capt. ? Cumpston, born Feb. 20, 1781, was a soldier in the War of 1812 under General Harrison, and fought at the Battle of Tippecanoe.  He was for the vigorous prosecution of the present war, and would have volunteered, but extreme age did not permit.


Cunningham, Mrs. Margaret R.   –  IR Dec. 03, 1857  –  Died in Cambridgeport, Mass., Nov. 17th, Mrs. Margaret R. Cunningham, recently of Ironton, aged 69 years.


Curington,   –  IR May 13, 1880


Currington, “Boot”   –  IR Jun. 05, 1902  –  An old veteran, familiarly known as “Boot” Currington, aged 63 years, died Monday at 1:30 p.m. at his home in Ellisonville.  Burial at Lawrence cemetery.  The dec’d was a member of the Twenty-seventh Ohio Infantry.  Civil War Vet.


Curtiss, Mrs. Louise Cross  –  SWR. Dec. 22, 1919


Cutler, Ephraim S.  –   IR Aug. 16, 1860  –  Died in Warren, Washington county, Ephraim S. Cutler, son of Hon. Wm. P. & Elizabeth Cutler, aged 2y 4m.


Cutler, Henry M.  –   IR Aug. 12, 1852  –  Died on the 2d, inst., in Morgan Tp., Scioto Co.,  of pulmonary consumption, age 41 years 1 month.


Cutler, Jonathan B.  –  IR Feb. 24, 1853  –  Died on the 12th inst., at his residence at Cutler’s  Station, Scioto Co., Ohio, in the 44th year of his age, Mr. Jonathan B. Cutler.


Cutler, Rev. Temple   –  IR Aug. 23, 1860  –  Married in Marietta, Aug. 15th, Rev. Temple Cutler of Skowhegan, Maine, to Miss Rhoda Maria Shipman, daughter of Samuel Shipman.


Cuttler, Melvin D.  –  IR Jan. 06, 1852  –  Died in this town, on Dec. 29th, Melvin D., son of D. H. and Hannah Cuttler, aged 10 months 17 days.


Cyrus, John M. – IR Apr. 23, 1857  –  Married at the residence of John Combs, on the 20th inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. John M. Cyrus, of Illinois, and Miss Amanda Combs, of Ironton.




. Ferguson, Alex                     7


Abbot, Abram                      57

Abbot, Hon. E.                        5

Abbot, Loren                        49

Abbot, Patrick                      26

Abbot, Winfield R.             49

Abbot,Lucy                              5

Abboth, Abram                    57

Abbott, Bruce                       49

Abbott, Ethel                        49

Abbott, Howard                   49

Abbott, Jackson                   57

Abbott, Miss Alice             49

Abbott, Russell P.               49

Abel, Allison                        49

Abel, Charlotte                    49

Abel, Dorothy                      49

Abel, Eloise                          49

Abel, Geneva                       49

Abel, Jess                              49

Abel, Jess Sr.                        49

Abel, Mary                            49

Abel, Mr. and Mrs. Jess 49

Abel, Theodore                    49

Abele, Anton                        57

Abele, John J.                       49

Able, A.                                 57

Able, Andy                    49, 57

Able, Casper                         57

Able, Harry Milton             57

Able, Henry J.                      57

ABLE, INFANT                 49

Able, Jesse                            57

Able, Joseph                         49

Able, Merton                        57

Able, Nancy                          57

Able, Theadore                    57

Able, Theodore                    28

Abram, Polly                        70

Abram, R. A.                        27

Abrams, Charles                  57

Abrams, John L                   57

Abrams, Joseph                   28

Abrams, Mr.                         57


Abrams, Rachel J.               25

Abrams, Willie                    57

Absheer,  William               57

Absheer, Mrs                        57

Abshire, Joseph                   57

Acheson, Thomas               49

Ackerson, Charles               49

Ackerson, Edward              49

Ackerson, James                 49

Ackerson, Mary                   34

Ackerson, Thomas              49

Ackison, James                    57

Actaola, Fannie                    57

Adams, Alice                       57

Adams, Alice B.                  32

Adams, Calphurnia             57

Adams, Captain Henry      50

Adams, Charley                   50

Adams, E. E. Dr                  49

Adams, E.E., Dr.                 58

Adams, E.P. Rev                 58

Adams, Egbert E.                58

Adams, George P.               49

Adams, Hamilton                50

Adams, Harry                       50

Adams, Henry         50, 57, 58

Adams, J.H.                           58

Adams, James                       58

Adams, Jas.                            31

Adams, John                   50, 58

Adams, John C.                    50

Adams, Levi                          58

Adams, Mary                 11, 58

Adams, Mrs             49, 50, 58

Adams, Mrs. Daniel            49

Adams, Mrs. Thomas M 50

Adams, R. & N.A.               58

Adams, Rettie                       27

Adams, Rev. E. P.                84

Adams, Rev. L. J.                29

Adams, Richard               1, 58

Adams, Rupul                       58

Adams, Sarah J.                    58

Adams, Solomon                    1

Adams, Thomas     30, 50, 58

Adams, Thomas Means      50

Adams, Wesley ?.                27

Adams, Will                          50

Adams, Wm. G.                    34

Adams, Zeri                           58

Adamson, Leslie                  58

Adamson, Thomas               58

Addis                                       58

Addis, Freeman                    58

Addis, Isaac                    51, 58

Addis, James O.                   58

Addis, Joseph                 51, 58

Adelia, Harriet                      58

Adkins, Cain                         33

Adkins, David                       58

Adkins, George                     51

Adkins, George G         51, 59

Adkins, James                51, 59

Adkins, Quintus F.               59

Adkins, Samuel                    59

Adkins, Thos.                        29

Akers, Celia                           51

Akers, Emmitt                       51

Akers, Josephine                  33

Akers, William                     51

Alban, Dr.                       51, 59

Albright, Isabel                       2

Albright, Miss Emma         51

Albright, Peter                      59

Alden, Edwin                        86

Alderman, C.                         74

Alderman, Mr                       59

Alderman, Rev. C.               59

Aldeson, Asa                         59

Aldrich, Child                       59

Aldrich, Mehitable               59

Aldrich, Mrs. Mehitable 51

Aldrich, Thomas           51, 59

Aldridge, George W.           51

Aldridge, Mountain             59

Aldridge, Nancy E.              23

Aldridge, Nancy J.               23

Aleshire, Lucetta                  11

Alexander, Charles              52

Alexander, Emily 51, 52, 59

Alexander, George               59

Alexander, Gillen                 52

Alexander, Gillian 51 Alexander, Hugh 52, 59 Alexander, James 51, 52, 59 Alexander, James F. 59, 112

Alexander, James Sr 59

Alexander, James Y.           52

Alexander, James, Sr        52 Alexander, John           52, 59

Alexander, John Hog             7

Alexander, John Young      52

Alexander, Mrs. A. J.           51

Alexander, Mrs. M. A.

(Belcher)                          52

Alford, George W.                59

Alford, James                           3

Alford, Rebecca J.             52 Alford, Stephen            13, 52

Alford, Wm. H.                     52

Algo, B. J.                               52

Algo, B.J.                                60

Algo, Cora                              60

Allen, Bessie                          52

Allen, Caleb                            52

Allen, Charles Henry           60

Allen, David                           60

Allen, Edward H.                  10

Allen, George W.                  60

Allen, Henry                           60

Allen, James                    52, 60

Allen, James Col                   52

Allen, John                       52, 60

Allen, John L.                        19

Allen, Joshua T.                    60

Allen, Julia Allen                  60

Allen, Louisa                          23

Allen, Mary F.                       60

Allen, Matilda                        92

Allen, Mrs. Kathleen            91

Allen, Mrs. Maggie Barber52

Allen, Robert                   53, 60

Allen, William                53, 60

Alley, Charles W.                 60

Alley, James                           60

Allin, W. H.                            53

Allison, Elizabeth                    2

Allison, J. F. J.                       53

Allison, J. W.                  26, 53

Allison, J.W.                          60

Allison, James                        53

Allison, Lillian                       60

Allison, Maria A.                  60

Allison, Mrs. Maria A         53

Allison, Thomas J.                53

Alltop, Josiah                         53

Alteck, Patsey                        60

Altherr, Frank J.                    32

Altop, Delbert                        53

Altop, Mrs. John                   53

Amber, Jane Mrs                   60

Amen, Fred                             60

Amen, Joseph                         60

Amen, Mamie                 53, 60

Ames, Marinda J.                  17

Amlin, Almira                 53, 60

Amlin, Almira E. Mrs          61

Amlin, Henry                  53, 60

Amlin, Henry M.            53, 61

Amlin, Mrs. Almira E.        53

Amlin, Mrs. Jane Nixon      53

Amos, Asa                              54

Amos, Bernie                         53

Amos, H. L.                            53

Amos, H.E.                             61

Amos, Joseph                         61

Amos, Julia                             53

Amos, Lester                          53

Amos, Mattie J.                     27

Amos, Mrs. Harriet E.

(Sutton)                              53

Amos, Mrs. Horace L.         54

Amos, Nancy                         54

Amos, Nellie Florence         61

Amos, S. D.                            54

Amos, S.D.                             61

Amos, W. C.                           53

Amos, W.C.                            61

Amos, William C.                 54

Amos, William Covington 54

Anders, Balsar                     61

Anderson J. L.             54, 103

Anderson, Ann                     61

Anderson, B. C.          54, 120

Anderson, B.C.                    61

Anderson, D.P                     61

Anderson, D.P.                    61

Anderson, D.R.                    61

Anderson, David P             61

Anderson, David P.     54, 61

Anderson, Harry                  61

Anderson, J.L.                      61

Anderson, Jennie Maria    61

Anderson, John                    61

Anderson, Julia                    21

Anderson, Juliet Savage    61

Anderson, Julius L.            61

Anderson, Lewis          54, 61

Anderson, Louis H             54

Anderson, Louisa                61

Anderson, Louisa Hildreth 61

Anderson, Louise                61

Anderson, M.J.                    61

Anderson, Margaret Ann54, 61

Anderson, Maria J.      54, 61

Anderson, Mrs                     61

Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth102 Anderson, Mrs. Juliet

(Savage)                         54

Anderson, Mrs. Louisa      54

Anderson, Mrs. U. G. S. 113

Anderson, Robert                54

Anderson, Thomas              54

Anderton, Joseph                61

Andre, Peter D.                    62

Andresike, Martin               62

Andrews, Capt. Lee     54, 55

Andrews, Charles Alden 55

Andrews, Forest                  55

Andrews, Glen                     55

Andrews, Leonidas             11

Andrews, Mrs. Delilah      54

Andrews, Senator La Forest55

Angel                                      62

Angel, Mary Jane                34

Angel, Mr.                            55

Angline, Abe                        62

Anglon, Mary E.                 10

Ankerim, James            16, 55

Ankrim, Capt                55, 62

Ankrim, Chas.                      62

Ankrim, David                     21

Ankrim, Elizabeth               62

Ankrim, Georgia Drury55, 62

Ankrim, Grace                     55

Ankrim, James                     55

Ankrim, Jno. H.            55, 62

Ankrim, Margaret               55

Ankrim, Marshall                55

Ankrum, Nancy                      3

Ankrum, Willis                    62

Anon, Isaac N.                     62

Ansell, Elvira A                   62

Ansell, Hannah                    62

Ansell, Hannah A.              62

Ansell, John W.                   62

Ansell, Martin               55, 62

Ansell, Mr.                            55

Anson, Elmer                       62

Applegate, Rebecca            77

Arbaugh, Isaac                     62

Arbaugh, Isaac N.               23

Arbaugh, Nancy                  62

Arbuckle, Charles             103

Archer                                    62

Archer, Geo. R.                   62

Archibald, Henry                62

Argo                                       99

Argo, Frank                          62

Argo, James G.                    19

Argo, Mary Jane                  62

Argo, Mrs. Mary Jane       55 Argo, Solomon D.       55, 62 Armstrong, Eliza Laycock 62

Armstrong, George             62

Armstrong, George W.      63

Armstrong, John                  63

Armstrong, John, Sr           63

Armstrong, Mary J.            63

Armstrong, Sarah                63

Arnold                                    63

Arnold, Almira                    63

Arnold, Calvin                     31

Arnold, E. Dr.                      63

Arnold, Frank                28, 63

Arnold, Fred                         63

Arnold, Genetta                   23

Arnold, J. J.                          55

Arnold, J. Robert                 55

Arnold, Lincoln                   63

Arnold, Rebecca                  63

Arthridge                               63

Arthridge, Enoch          55, 63

Arthur, Caleb                       56

Arthur, Emily                       63

Arthur, George       55, 56, 63

Arthur, John                         63

Arthur, Mrs. Thomas         56

Arthur, Thomas            56, 63

Arthur, William            15, 56

Arthur, Wm.                         63

Arthur, Zechenias                  5

Artis, Louray                        78

Arundel                                  63

Arundel, Eliza                      63

Arundel, John                       56

Ash, Harriet A.                    21

Ashcraft, Joshua                  56

Ashenhust, Frank                56

Ashford, Hayes                    63

Ashley, John                         56

Ashley, Mary                       30

Ashley, Mary Ann              63

Ashley, Mrs. Mary Ann    56

Ashley, Rev. B. F.16, 17, 18, 24, 92

Ashley, Rev. John C.         63

Ashworth, George               63

Atkeson, Charles T.     56, 63

Atkeson, Maria L.               63

Atkeson, Mrs. Maria L.

(Harvey)                          56

Atkins, George                     64

Atkins, William                   64

Atkinson, Chas.                   56

Atkinson, Clara                    64

Attis, Benjamin                    64

Atwater, Belinda                 64

Atwater, Caleb              56, 64

Atwater, Mrs. Belinda       56

Auckerman                           24

Auckerman, Dan                 64

Auckerman, Jacob       56, 64

Auckerman, John                64

Auckerman, Louisa            24

Auckerman, Lucy               64

Auckerman, Mary               64

Auickermann, Sarah           64

Ault, Frank                            64

Austin, C. K.                        56

Austin, C.K                           64

Austin, Charles             57, 64

Austin, Earl                          64

Austin, Frederick                56

Austin, Joshua                      64

Austin, Lycurgus C.      56, 64

Austin, Lycurgus Jr.             56

Austin, Lycurgus, Jr.            64

Austin, Lydia                         64

Austin, Mary J.                      23

Austin, Miss Sarah A           57

Austin, Mrs. J. F.                  68

Austin, Mrs. Lydia               56

Austin, Polly                             1

Austin, Rebecca                       5

Austin, Sarah A.                    64

Austin, Susan                  57, 64

Avery, Charles                       64

Avery, Rev. A. J.                     6


Baber, John                               3

Bachus, Henry W.                 22

Baer, Jacob                             64

Bagley, Jas.                             47

Bagley, Jermima                      4

Bagley, W. H.                        65

Bailey, Homer                        65

Bailey, Mrs. John               109

Bailey, Peter                           23

Bailey, Platt                            65

Bailey, Rev. N. P.               130

Bailey, Richard                      65

Baird, Betsy                              4

Baird, Major                           65

Baird, Samuel                        65

Baker, Ada                              30

Baker, Berry                           65

Baker, Jacob                             5

Baker, Mrs. Harry Jr.,          93

Baker, Robert                         65

Baker, Thomas                       26

Baker, W.                                11

Baldwin, Eugene            30, 65

Balengee, Donnie                  32

Ball, Charles E.                      65

Ball, Emery                             65

Ball, Farlin E.                         25

Ball, Frances                          10

Ball, Frank                              65

Ball, Geo. W.                         44

Ball, George                           65

Ball, Hardy                             65

Ball, Hiram                             65

Ball, Jesse                               10

Ball, Madison H.                   65

Ball, Mrs. Fannie R.             44

Ball, Mrs. Martha “Mattie”82

Ball, Mrs. Mary E.                65

Ball, Mrs. William                66

Ball, Robert                               1

Ball, T. B.                      65, 125

Ballard, Charles              66, 95

Ballard, Chas.                         44

Ballard, Dora                          66

Ballard, Edward                    95

Ballard, George D.                45

Ballard, Henry S.                  45

Ballard, James                        66

Ballard, James R.                  66

Ballard, Jesse                         66

Ballard, John                          66

Ballard, John W.            17, 66

Ballard, Lillie                         66

Ballard, Lydia                        44

Ballard, Maj. Bland              66

Ballard, Mary A.                   14

Ballard, Mrs. Cassandra 66

Ballard, Mrs. Jane                 45

Ballard, Mrs. Lena                66

Ballard, Mrs. Martha            66

Ballard, Mrs. Mary               66

Ballard, Mrs. William        67

Ballard, Richard                  66

Ballard, Samuel                   66

Ballard, Stephen                  66

Ballard, Walter S.               45

Ballinger, Mame                 91

Balsley, Will T.                   27

Balsley, William T.            27

Bamer, Charles                    67

Bamer, Claudine                 67

Bamer, Elizabeth                 22

Bamer, Pauline                    67

Bancroft, J. F.                      67

Bandy, Esq.                          67

Bandy, John                          67

Bandy, Lafayette                 67

Bandy, M. W.                32, 67

Banehouse, Mrs.                  67

Banfield, Allen                    67

Banks, Capt. John               99

Banks, John                          67

Banks, John Edwin           100

Banks, John R.                   100

Banks, Nancy Elizabeth 100

Banty, William                    67

Barber, Cecil                        53

Barber, Estell                       53

Barber, Frances                    52

Barber, Henry C.                 17

Barber, John                         52

Barber, Marie                       52

Barber, Mary A.                  22

Barber, Nathan                     67

Barber, Sarah                       53

Barber, Susie                        52

Barber, Virgie                      52

Bard, Mrs. Rowena             67

Bardsley, Rebecca                 2

Bardwell, Julia H.               84

Bardwell, Rev. A.5, 50, 56, 67, 84

Bardwell, Rev. Augustine 37

Bare, Barbara                       67

Bare, Harold                         67

Bare, Mrs. Clara Null        67

Bare, Wilma                         67

Barger, Mrs. Dr.                  71

Barker, John F                     67

Barker, Judge Joseph         95

Barker, Melissa S.               95

Barner, Sally                        67

Barnes, Albert                      67

Barnett, Isaac                       23

Barnett, James                      68

Barnett, Mrs.                        68

Barnett, Nathan                    68

Barnett, Rev. Samuel         68

Barnett, Willie                     68

Barnette, Lewis                  126

Barnhardt, Bessie                68

Barnhardt, Charles              68

Barnhardt, Harry                 68

Barnhardt, Mrs                     68

Barr, Lem.                             68

Barr, Mrs. Nancy                68

Barr, William                       68

Barr, William H.                 68

Barrett, Annie                      68

Barrett, John H.                   68

Barrett, Mike                        68

Barringer, Rev. J. 6, 83, 120

Barron, Mrs. Catherine      68

Barry, John                           68

Barry, Mrs. Thos. P.           68

Bartels, David                      68

Bartels, Mrs. Penina

(Yingling)                       68

Bartlow, Georgie                 79

Barton, Mrs. C. E.               68

Barton, T. J.                           69

Bartram, Amelia            30, 69

Bartram, Charles C.             69

Bartram, James A                41

Bartram, James A.               69

Bartram, John Peters           69

Bartram, Leonard                 69

Bartram, M. S.                      69

Bartram, Mark S                   69

Bartram, Mark S.                 69

Bartram, Mart S.                  41

Bartram, Martha A.             69

Bartram, Martha J.            119

Bartram, Mattie                    41

Bartram, Milton                    69

Bartram, Miss Serilda         69

Bartram, Mrs. Martha

(Peters)                             69

Bartram, Owen              30, 69

Bartram, Weddington         69

Bartram, Wootson                34

Bartran, Charles C.              69

Basham, Anna                       69

Basham, Johanna M. 45, 69

Basham, Sarah                      69

Bates, Edgar                          69

Bates, Frank                          69

Bates, Fred                             69

Bates, J. G.                             69

Bates, Lester                          69

Bates, Murrel                        69

Bates, Raymond                   69

Bates, Ruth                            69

Batham, Jean                         69

Batham, John                        69

Batham, Mabel                     69

Batham, Miss Jennie           69

Batham, Mrs. Margaret

(Hopkins)                         69

Batham, Will                         69

Batham, Wilma                     69

Batham, Wm. E.                   70

Baty, Martha                         22

Baumgarner, D.                    70

Baumgarner, Joseph            70

Baxter, Alice                         75

Baxter, C. W.                        75

Baxter, Capt. Zenas           100

Baxter, Chancellor            100

Baxter, Julia                             8

Baxter, Thomas                    28

Bay, Capt. Geo. W               70

Bay, Freddie E                      70

Bay, Hattie                             31

Bay, M. M.                            70

Bay, Mrs. William               70

Bayless, Rev. J. C.                 9

Bayliss, Benjamin                70

Bays, Alfred                          70

Bazel, Martin S.                   21

Bazel, Wiley G.                    65

Bazell, Carrie                        70

Bazell, Wiley G.                   80

Bazil, Joseph                         70

Bazill, Martin S.                   21

Bazwell, Penina                 116

Bazzell, Capt. J. B.              70

Bazzell, Charles                    70

Bazzell, Frank                       70

Bazzell, H. H.                        70

Bazzell, Hamlin                    70

Bazzell, J. B. Captain          70

Bazzell, Mrs. Mary E.

(Winters)                          70

Bazzell, Myrtle                     70

Bazzell, R. F.                         70

Beach, J. B.                            36

Beach, Walter H.                  36

Beal, Rev. John M.             13

Beals, George W.                70

Beals, Henry                         12

Beals, James                         70

Beals, Mrs. Amelia            70 Beaman, D. C.               70, 71 Beaman, G. C. Rev                       71

Beaman, Mrs. E. C             70

Beaman, Rev. G. C.     70, 71

Beaman, William                71

Bean, Lucinda C.              128

Beardsley, Bartemus          71

Beatty, Capt J. E.                71

Beatty, G. W.                       71

Beatty, Jane E.                     71

Beatty, Joseph Chester      71

Beatty, Mary G.                   71

Beatty, Mrs. J. E.                71

Beatty, Samuel                     71

Beatty, Samuel, Captain 71

Beaty, J. E.                            42

Beaty, Miss Florence Evelyn71

Beaty, Samuel               42, 71

Beaty, Samuel Charleton? 42

Beaty, Saumuel                       6

Beaver, Lutie                        34

Beaver, Mrs. Nancy              9

Bechleham, Eliza                32

Beck, A.                                 47

Beck, Earnest                       71

Beck, John                            71

Beck, Mr.                              71

Beckett, John                           3

Beckett, Josiah                        3

Beckett, W. C.                      71

Beckley, Sol ,J. P.                  3

Beckly, Solomon               2, 3

Beckly, Solomon, J. P.         2

Beecher, Agnes                    10

Beecher, Rev. William H. 10

Belcher, C. E.                       71

Belcher, Esquire                  14

Belcher, Floyd                     71

Belcher, Hayes                     71

Belcher, Herbert                  71

Belcher, J. W. Dr.               71

Belcher, Lavina                   71

Belcher, Mrs. Rebecca       71

Belcher, Percy                      71

Belcher, Ralph                     71

Belcher, Rebecca                16

Belcher, Truelove               72

Belcher, W. A.              71, 72

Belcher, William                 52

Belfont Mill                          81

Bell, Benjamin                        4

Bell, Isaac                                5

Bell, John                              72

Bell, William T.                  72

Bellamy, Lavina                  11

Bellar, Constable                 72

Bellars., Chris                      72

Bellomy, Charity                 72

Bellomy, Mrs. Lucretia     72

Bellomy, Oliver                   72

Bellomy, Sarah                    72

Beloat, Amanda                   22

Belville, Mrs.                       72

Bender, Adam L.                 72

Bender, Adelia L                 72

Bender, Elizabeth                72

Benedict, Samuel                72

Bengman, Ernest                 72

Benner, Jacob                       72

Bennet, Stephen                   72

Bennett                                 120

Bennett, Abraham               72

Bennett, Ada                        73

Bennett, Elder John            72

Bennett, Elizabeth               72

Bennett, Emma                    72

Bennett, Ethel                      73

Bennett, Henry                     73

Bennett, James                     73

Bennett, Lon                         34

Bennett, Thomas                72, 73 Bennett, Thomas S.                      73

Bennett, William                 73

Bennington, Isaac               20

Benson, Irene                       30

Benson, William                 73

Bentikamp, Christine         23

Bentley, A.                 9, 38, 73

Bentley, Morrison A.     9, 73

Bentley, Mrs. Jane              38

Berger, Elizabeth                73

Berger, Frank                       73

Berger, Wm.                         73

Berkley, S. , J. P.                    3

Berkley, Sol ,J. P.                  3

Berkstresser, G. H.             18

Berkstresser, Rev. H.17, 19, 20, 21

Bernard, Ceylon R              73

Berndt, Phillip               32, 73

Berry, Edward               16, 73

Berry, Esq.                            67

Berry, John H.                         8

Besco, Quincy                      73

Bescoe, John A.                   73

Bess, Mary Ann                   11

Bess, William                       35

Bester, Charlotte                 16

Betts, Col. Wm.                   73

Betts, George E.                  73

Betts, Isaac J.                       73

Betts, Katie                           27

Betts, Mrs. Addie (?)

Crawshaw                       73

Betts, Thomas                      73

Beuhring, F. D.                    73

Bevan, Lizzie A.

(Compston)                     74

Bevan, Samuel C.               19

Beveners, Colin                   74

Bevin, Charley                     74

Bevins, Mrs. J. M                74

Bevins, Sarah                       74

Bibbee, Jed B.                      74

Bibee, Dr. George               74

Bick, Alfred                          74

Bick, Charles                        74

Bick, Gertrude                     74

Bick, J. E. William             74

Bick, Lydia                           74

Bick, Sarah                           74

Bick, Thomas                       74

Bickel, Charles B.               74

Bickel, Mrs. Savannah       74

Bickel, Rev. A.                    74

Bickell, Rev. Aaron            74

Bickley, Mary                      31

Bierley, Jacob                      74

Big Sandy Packet Co..     106

Biggs, Eveline                      20

Biggs, Nancy                           5

Biggum, Jonathan               74

Biggum, Mary A.                27

Billian, George                    74

Billups, Cyntha                       1

Billups, Edward                 1, 5

Billups, Elizabeth Cyntha 1

Billups, Gideon                    74

Billups, John                           3

Bimpson, Adelina               75

Bimpson, Henry W.           75

Bimpson, Joseph M.           75

Bimpson, Margaret Ellen 37

Bimpson, Marguerita          31

Bimpson, Miss Margaret

Ellen                                  75

Bimpson, Mrs. Sarah          75

Bing, Rev. E. V.8, 20, 21, 75

Bingaman and Jones           46

Bingham, Mrs.                   114

Birch, William                      31

Bird, Andrew                        13

Bird, Arthur                           75

Bird, Col. E. J.                      75

Bird, David                            21

Bird, E. J.                               75

Bird, E. J. Sr.                         75

Bird, Frank                             75

Bird, Jas.                                 75

Bird, Miss Lillian                 75

Bird, Miss Polly                   75

Bird, Miss Ruth                    75

Bird, Rebecca                        12

Bird, William H                    75

Bishop, Abigail                     75

Bishop, Benjamin W           75

Bishop, D. C.                         75

Bittmann, John                      14

Biven, George W.                21

Bivens, Elsey                           2

Bixby                                    108

Bixby, Clara                          76

Bixby, Clara A.                     76

Bixby, E.                         76, 96

Bixby, E. W                           76

Bixby, E. W.            76, 78, 98

Bixby, Ed. W.                       76

Bixby, Edwin                 76, 98

Bixby, Edwin W.                 76

Bixby, Elizabeth F.           105

Bixby, F. A.                           76

Bixby, Frank                         76

Bixby, Frank A.                    76

Bixby, Grace                         76

Bixby, H.                                76

Bixby, H. L.                           76

Bixby, Hal                           103

Bixby, Helen                         76

Bixby, Howard            76, 103

Bixby, L. H.                           76

Bixby, Lizzie F.                 105

Bixby, Miss Grace               75

Bixby, Mrs. Albert               75

Bixby, Mrs. Elizabeth

Wilson                              76

Bixby, Mrs. Mary                76

Bixby, Walter       75, 76, 103

Bixby, Walter A.           29, 76

Black, Edward                      77

Black, Jacob                          77

Black, John G.                      77

Black, Mrs. Jacob                77

Black, Samuel                       77

Black, Usual                   44, 45

Black, William                      77

Blackwell, Elizabeth           77

Blackwell, Mrs. Richard 53

Blackwell, Sydney               77

Blackwels, Reed J.               77

Blagg, Mrs.                            77

Blagg, Thomas                      77

Blair                                         25

Blair, George                         77

Blair, James                           14

Blair, Joseph                          77

Blair, Lonmattie                   29

Blair, Margaret                     13

Blair, Mary                            77

Blair, Mrs. Charles C.         97

Blair, Samantha L.               25

Blake, Alice                          43

Blake, Burdine                     78

Blake, Cincinnatus              77

Blake, Edward                     78

Blake, Henry                        78

Blake, J. H.                           78

Blake, J. W.                          78

Blake, John H.                     78

Blake, John L.               30, 78

Blake, John W.                    78

Blake, Laura K.                   76

Blake, Miles L.                    43

Blake, Mrs. Elizabeth Winn78

Blake, Mrs. Lucy A.           78

Blake, Mrs. Mary Ellen     78

Blake, Mrs. Sarah               78

Blake, Zachary                     78

Blanagnell, Theodore            2

Blandy, Benjamin A.         10

Blandy, Henry               10, 14

Blankenship, Elizabeth         5

Blankenship, Ezekial         78

Blankenship, Isem                 2

Blankenship, Isham               3

Blankenship, John        15, 78

Blankenship, Joseph           78

Blankenship, Maria            16

Blankenship, Mary             13

Blankenship, Monnie         35

Blankenship, Mrs. Mary E.79, 99

Blankenship, Mrs. Rebecca78

Blankenship, Rachel O.     28

Blankenship, William        79

Blankenship,Isam Jr.             2

Blankinship, Elizabeth          7

Blavens, Zibia                         4

Blaze, George                      79

Blazer, Henrietta                 20

Blentlinger, Andrew           79

Blentlinger, Jacob               79

Blentlinger, Mrs. M. A.     90

Blevens, Martha                  35

Blevins, Nancy                    67

Blockson, Caroline           127

Bloksom, A. P.                    79

Bloomer, Lewis                   79

Blowers, Paerpoint                3

Blymyer, Wm. H.                   9

Boal, Rev. John M. 15, 132

Boardman, Edward L.        79

Bobbitt, Della                       79

Bobbitt, Thomas                  79

Bode, Anna M.                    79

Bodel ?, John                        13

Boggess, Arthur                  79

Boggess, B. A.                     79

Boggess, Mrs. Effie

Elizabeth                         79

Boggess, Phoebe                 79

Boggs, Mr                             79

Boggs, Will                           63

Bolan, Emesetta                  27

Bolan, Thos.                  45, 79

Boles, Mrs. George            79

Bolges, Alfred R.                14

Boling, Andrew                   79

Bolings, David                     79

Boll, Andrew                 79, 80

Boll, Andrew, Jr.                 79

Boll, Christine                      79

Boll, Frank                            79

Boll, Fred                              79

Boll, George                  79, 80

Boll, John                              79

Boll, Joseph                   79, 80

Boll, Kate                              80

Boll, Martin                   79, 80

Boll, Mrs. George               80

Boll, Valentine                      80

Bolles, Col. Wm. H.            80

Bolles, Mrs. F. M                 80

Bolles, Robert                       80

Bolles, William M.          6, 80

Bomer, A. H.                         80

Bomer, Frank                        80

Bomer, Lizzie C.                  80

Bonds, Matilda                     31

Bonham, John W.                13

Bonsall, Mary R.                  80

Bonsall, S. N.                        80

Bonsall, S. N. Captain        80

Bonser, Isaac                         80

Boone, Col. Daniel              80

Boone, Col. Nathan             80

Boone, H. D                           80

Booth, A. J.                            80

Booth, Callie                         34

Booth, F. S.                            80

Booth, James                         80

Booth, Mrs. Mary A.           80

Booth, Nathan                       81

Booth, Nathaniel                  18

Booth, Rarey                         81

Booth, Robin                         81

Boothe, Adrian                     81

Boothe, Mrs. Alice

Montgomery                   81

Boothe, Nathaniel                19

Boothe, S. W.                        81

Boothe, Seeley                      11

Booton, Stephen              7, 81

Boring, Sallie E.                   18

Boring, T. A.                         81

Boring, Thos.                        81

Bort, Lafayette W.               39

Boss                                         81

Boss, Anna M.                      81

Boss, Charles T.                   81

Boss, Elizabeth                     11

Boss, Fred J.                          81

Boss, Matilda K.                  81

Boss, W. L.                            81

Boster, Elmer                        51

Bostick, Sadie                       35

Bosty                                       81

Bothwell, David                   81

Bothwell, Eliza                     81

Bothwell, Frank                    81

Bothwell, John H.                81

Bothwell, Lewis                   81

Bothwell, Lewis H.              22

Bothwell, Mary A.               81

Bothwell, Mary E.               19

Bothwell, Mrs. J. H.            81

Boules, Henry                       23

Bowen, A. W. Captain        81

Bowen, C. C.                  81, 82

Bowen, C. C., Jr.                  82

Bowen, Catharine D.           14

Bowen, Catherine S.           14

Bowen, Columbus               14

Bowen, Edward                    82

Bowen, George                       2

Bowen, Hattie              81, 115

Bowen, Henry                       82

Bowen, Joel ,J. P.               1, 2 Bowen, Mrs. Hannah

Chaplin                             82

Bowen, Mrs. Martha           82

Bowen, Rebecca 2 Bowen, Richard 14 Bowen, Sarah 82, 115

Bowen, William 82

Bower, Rev. G. H.        7, 114

Bowers, Annie                      82

Bowers, Elizabeth                  1


Bowers, Helen R.                 82

Bowers, John                         82

Bowers, Mrs. Eliza  Miller82

Bowers, Olive                       82

Bowland, Elizabeth             28

Bowles, Jacob                       82

Bowles, John                         82

Bowling, Isaac W.               82

Bowling, Joseph P               83

Bowman                                 94

Bowman, Charles                 83

Bowman, Emma                   83

Bowman, Jacob Jefferson 83

Bowman, Joel, J. P.                1

Bowman, Lucy                     83

Bowman, Mart                      83

Bowman, Mrs. Lucy

Pemberton                       83

Bowman, Nelson                  83

Bowman, Ross                      83

Bowman, Samuel                 83

Bowman, Shirley                 83

Bowman, T. M.                    83

Bowron, Ann                         12

Boyd, Allice                          39

Boyd, Ann Beeson               83

Boyd, G. W.                          83

Boyd, Jane E.                 39, 83

Boyd, John                               2

Boyd, John L.                        83

Boyd, John W.                      31

Boyd, Levi                             11

Boyd, Robert                  39, 83

Boyd, Sarah                           83

Boyd, Wash                           83

Boyd, William P                   83

Boylan, Lawrence         45, 83

Boylan, Mary                        83

Boylan, Mrs. Elizabeth

Fitzpatrick                       83

Boyle, Bridget                       12

Boyle, Capt. John              100

Boyle, John Captain            84

Boyle, Mary A.                     84

Boyle, Samuel             84, 100

Boynton                                  84

Boynton, Ada                        84

Boynton, Asa                        84

Boynton, Asa Sr.                  84

Boynton, John                       84

Boynton, Joseph                   84

Boynton, Kathleen               84

Boynton, Martha                  84

Boynton, Miss Mary           84

Boynton, Mrs. John             84

Boynton, Mrs. Susan           84

Boynton, Mrs. Urania         84

Boynton, O. G.                     84

Boynton, William            9, 84

Boynton, William L            84

Boynton, William L.           84

Boynton, Wm. L.                 84

Bradey, Margaret E.            19

Bradley, E. B.                        84

Bradley, Olla S.                    30

Bradrick, Rev. A.                    8

Bradrick, Rev. I. A.                8

Bradshaw, D. , J. P.                3

Bradshaw, Daniel ,J. P.         3

Bradshaw, Edward               85

Bradshaw, Ella                      85

Bradshaw, Emerson O.       85

Bradshaw, James                  84

Bradshaw, James M.           85

Bradshaw, Jane                       5

Bradshaw, Jessie                  85

Bradshaw, Leonard              85

Bradshaw, Luther                 85

Bradshaw, Miss Odra        85

Bradshaw, Mrs. Virginia 93

Bradshaw, Rev. L. P.         85

Bradshaw, Rev. W. S. 85

Bradshaw, Skelton 2

Brady, Harry                        85

Bragdon, Rosana                 31

Bragg, James                        85

Brainard, George                 85

Brainard, John                      85

Brainard, Rev. M. W.            9

Brammer                      15, 123

Brammer, A. J.                    87

Brammer, Albert                 87

Brammer, Anna                 129

Brammer, Catherine           23

Brammer, Charles               85

Brammer, Christianne           4

Brammer, Clark K.             85

Brammer, Cora May          85

Brammer, E.                  8, 114

Brammer, E. G.                   86

Brammer, E. S.                    86

Brammer, Edmund7, 85, 86, 87

Brammer, Edward               85

Brammer, Elijah G.            86

Brammer, Elizabeth C.      86

Brammer, Elmer E.            87

Brammer, Felix E.              86

Brammer, Frank                  86

Brammer, George               20

Brammer, H.M.                   86

Brammer, Henry                 87

Brammer, J. F.                     87

Brammer, J. K.                    87

Brammer, James           86, 87

Brammer, James O.            86

Brammer, Jason K              86

Brammer, Jesse        5, 86, 87

Brammer, John      23, 86, 87

Brammer, John M.              86

Brammer, Joseph                   1

Brammer, Josiah                 86

Brammer, Lucinda              86

Brammer, Margaret E.       87

Brammer, Mary Jane        86 Brammer, Mealey Amanda86

Brammer, Mrs. E. G.         85

Brammer, Mrs. Henry        86

Brammer, Mrs. Josephine 86

Brammer, Mrs. Nancy       86

Brammer, R. C.                   85

Brammer, Rolen                  86

Brammer, Sarah           11, 87

Brammer, Sidney                86

Brammer, Thomas       26, 87

Brammer, William              87

Brammer, Willie A.            87

Brammer, Wm.                       1

Brammer., Comm.              86

Brandon, Polly                        2

Branham, Lavina                 87

Branham, Mattie E.            87

Branham, Sarah                   27

Branham, Thomas E.         87

Branham, W. H                    87

Branham, William H.         87

Branner, Catherine              87

Brashear, Mrs. Lucy

(Phelps)                           87

Brassfield, Amanda            87

Brassfield, Julian                 87

Bratt, Benjamin                   87

Bratt, Mary                           87

Bratt, Mary Alice                87

Brattin, Samuel E.               88

Brattin, Stewart                    87

Brattin, Susan C.                 88

Brattin, T. A.13, 14, 15, 77, 78, 88, 97

Brattin, T. Z.                         79

Brattin, Thomas A.12, 14, 15, 72, 79

Brattin, Thos. A.                  51

Brattlin, Allen T.                 88

Braughten, William            88

Brawley, Ada                       88

Brawley, Alex                      88

Brawley, Samuel S.            88

Brawley, Willie                   88

Breare, Rev. R.                  121

Breckinridge, John              88

Breckinridge, Mrs. Mary H.88

Breckinridge, Rev. R. J.    88

Breckinridge, Rev. W. L. 88

Breckinridge, Vice President88

Breden, Polly                      88

Breeden                                  88

Breeden, Abner                    88

Breeden, Emeline                88

Breeden, Henry                    88

Breeden, James H               88

Breeden, Mary Jane            88

Breeden, William H           88

Breeding, A.                         89

Breeding, Abner                  88

Breeding, Docia                      4

Breeding, Nancy                 35

Brewer, Lewis               25, 88

Brewer, Rebecca                 16

Brewer, Wm. H.                  88

Brice, Charles                      89

Brice, David                         89

Brice, Frances                      89

Brice, James                         89

Brice, Miss Matilda            89

Bridges, Roy W                   89

Bridget, Mrs. Mattie           89

Bridwell, Albert H.             89

Bridwell, Andrew               89

Bridwell, Hon. T. C.           89

Bridwell, John                      13

Bridwell, Mary Jane              7

Bridwell, Mrs. Elizabeth 89

Bridwell, Samuel                89

Bridwell, Thomas C.          89

Briggs Library            98, 105

Bright, R. D.                  24, 89

Briner, George                     89

Broadwell, Geo. W.            89

Broadwell, Gilbert A.        89

Broadwell, W. B.                89

Brodess, H. B.                      89

Bron, Robert                         35

Bronson, C. C.                     90

Bronson, Dr. C. C.              90

Bronson, Melissa C.           90

Brook, Joseph                      90

Brooks, Betsey A.             111

Brooks, Calvin D                90

Brooks, Edwin C.                90

Brooks, Henry                      90

Brooks, John                        90

Brooks, John E.                   90

Brooks, Joseph S.                90

Brooks, Miss D. E.             12

Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth      90

Brotheridge, Mrs                 90

Broughton, Hannah G.       31

Broughton, Henry T.          33

Broun, George                        5

Brounstead, Earnest           90

Brounstead, Margaret        90

Brounstead, Mary               90

Brown, Annie                       33

Brown, Auditor                    81

Brown, Bertha A.                32

Brown, C.Y.                         63


Brown, Catherine                 90

Brown, Charles                     85

Brown, Edna                       119

Brown, Edwin F.                  90

Brown, Ethyl                         90

Brown, Fanny                          5

Brown, Frances C.                17

Brown, George Wesley       90

Brown, Georgie                     66

Brown, Gladys                      90

Brown, H.                               47

Brown, H. R.                       119

Brown, James                        90

Brown, Joel ,J. P.                    3

Brown, John                           90

Brown, John H.                     91

Brown, Martha                      30

Brown, Mary C.                    24

Brown, Mary J.                     32

Brown, Mr.                             90

Brown, Mrs. Hulda Powell90

Brown, Mrs. Nancy A.        85

Brown, Mrs. Quinte             54

Brown, Mrs. W. A.            130

Brown, Nathan                      91

Brown, Rasom                       28

Brown, Rebecca                    32

Brown, Robert                       91

Brown, Sarah A.                   22

Brown, Thomas                    12

Brown, W. S.                         91

Brown, Wesley                      90

Browne, Chester A.              91

Browne, Eric E.                    91

Browne, George K.              91

Browne, H. R.                        91

Browne, J. Harry                  91

Browne, John D.                   91

Browne, Mrs. Mary

(Robinson)                       91

Browne, Stephen Douglas 91

Browning, Arthur                 91

Browning, Joshua                   9

Browning, Samuel M.         91

Brownstead, Clarence         91

Brownstead, F. P.                 91

Brownstead, George            91

Brownstead, Lewis        30, 91

Brownstead, Margaret         91

Brownstead, Miss Amelia 91

Brownstead, Mrs. Charles 74

Brownstead, Mrs. Rose       91

Broy, Charles                         91

Brubaker, Abram                  92

Brubaker, Alma                     92

Brubaker, America                 7

Brubaker, Anna                  113

Brubaker, Charles W.          92

Brubaker, D ,J. P.                    4

Brubaker, D. , J. P. 1, 2, 4, 5

Brubaker, Daniel 1, 2, 3, 92

Brubaker, Daniel ,J. P. 1, 2, 3

Brubaker, David P.        16, 92

Brubaker, Effie                      92

Brubaker, Frank                    92

Brubaker, James                   92

Brubaker, Lizzie                   28

Brubaker, Miss America7, 81 Brubaker, Mrs. E. E.                         113

Brubaker, Mrs. Julia Mays92

Brubaker, Mrs. Malinda 70

Brubaker, Mrs. Margaret 92

Brubaker, Nell                    113

Brubaker, T. D.                   113

Bruce, A. C.                           92

Bruce, Albin B                      93

Bruce, Alice                    92, 93

Bruce, Amaziah             92, 93

Bruce, Avanelle             92, 93

Bruce, Charles B.                 93

Bruce, Corintha                    93

Bruce, Edgar B.                    93

Bruce, Effie                           93

Bruce, Frank D.                    92

Bruce, Helen Lawless         93

Bruce, James                         92

Bruce, Joseph                        11

Bruce, Kendal                       93

Bruce, Lindsey                      93

Bruce, Miss Beulah             93

Bruce, Mrs. Jerry                 92

Bruce, Mrs. Julia                  92

Bruce, Mrs. Metta                93

Bruce, Mrs. Sarah E. 46, 93

Bruce, Nelson                       93

Bruce, Oliver Perry             93

Bruce, Sarah                          92

Bruce, Taylor V                    93

Bruce, Vincent                      93

Bruce, Wayne                92, 93

Bruce, Wayne D.                  93

Bruce, Wellington                18

Bruce, William                     93

Brumfield                               93

Brumfield, B.                        93

Brumfield, Barbary                3

Brumfield, Bird F.           8, 93

Brumfield, Burrel                 10

Brumfield, Burwell              13

Brumfield, Louisa                54

Brumfield, Malinda             10

Brumfield, Mrs                     93

Brumfield, Perry                  93

Brumfield, Polly                     5

Brumfield, Wakeman          11

Brundige, Rev. J. H.            89

Bryan, Ella                             93

Bryan, Henry E                     93

Bryan, Isaac M.                    93

Bryan, Jane Isabell              94

Bryan, John                       8, 94

Bryan, John C.                      94

Bryan, John M.                     94

Bryan, Lewis L.                    94

Bryan, Mary Alice               94

Bryan, R. M.                   93, 94

Bryan, Sarah                     8, 94

Bryan, W. H                          93

Bryan, W. H.                         94

Bryant, Albert                       94

Bryant, Charles W               94

Bryant, Eliz.                          18

Bryant, John M.             16, 94

Bryant, Sarah O.                     8

Bryant, William                    94

Bryant, Wm. J.                      21

Brysn, G. W.                         94

Bryson, Albert W.                94

Bryson, Alfonzo                   94

Bryson, Belle                        94

Bryson, Capt. Isaac 94, 100

Bryson, Charles                    94

Bryson, G. W.                       95

Bryson, Miss Blanche         94

Bryson, Mrs.                       116

Bryson, Mrs. Hamilton    94 Bryson, Nancy              94, 95

Bryson, Nannie Laura         95

Bryson, Pattie                        94

Buchanan, Elvira                  95

Buchanan, G. F.                    95

Buchanan, John W.              95

Buchanan, Sarah A.             95

Buck, James                          95

Buck, James Andrew          95

Buck, James W.                    29

Buck, Mary Eliza                  95

Buck, Mrs. Mary E.              95

Bucklew, Charles William 95

Bucklew, George E.             95

Bucklew, James                     95

Bucklew, Leroy                     95

Bucklew, Leslie G.               95

Bucklew, Mrs. Jane              95

Bucklew, William C.           95

Buell, Edward W.                 95

Buffington, James Robert 95

Buffington, Maj. James       95

Buffington, Wm. H.             95

Bull, James                             95

Bull, Mrs. Frances                95

Bumgarner, Daniel               95

Bumgarner, Elizabeth             1

Bumgarner, Jacob                 95

Bundy, Mr.                             95

Bundy, Rev. H. S.                    9

Burch, John                             95

Burch, Mrs. Rachel               96

Burch, S. Fannie                      9

Burch, Wayne                        96

Burcham, Jno. H.                  30

Burcham, John                       96

Burcham, John H.                 96

Burcham, Mary                        2

Burcham, Matilda                 22

Burcham, Nathaniel              96

Burcham, Susannah                2

Burcham, W. F.                     20

Burchett, Anna                         3

Burchfield, William             96

Burdett, Charles W.              96

Burdett, Samuel                     96

Burdett, Samuel Rev.           96

Burdett, Sue                            25

Burdett, W. S.                        96

Burdette                                 114

Burdette, William                 96

Burgess, Edward                   96

Burgess, George S                96

Burgess, Jane                       111

Burgess, Lydia A.                 29

Burgess, Mrs. Addie M. 96

Burgess, Mrs. Sarah

Catherine 96 Burgess, Thomas Davisson96

Burgess, Vermedel               96

Burgis, John H                       96

Burk                                          96

Burk, Wm. , J. P.                     3

Burke, Albert                  30, 96

Burke, Claude                        97

Burke, Col. Wm.                      8

Burke, Earl                              97

Burke, Ellen                           97

Burke, George                        96

Burke, Henry                   96, 97

Burke, James                          97

Burke, Jas.                              47

Burke, John                             97

Burke, John J.                        97

Burke, Kenneth                      97

Burke, Lawson                       97

Burke, Lucinda               35, 97

Burke, Martha Jane       35, 97

Burke, Mrs. Lavina              97

Burke, Mrs. Louise               97

Burke, Patrick                        97

Burke, Pearl                            97

Burke, Russell                        97

Burke, Samuel                       97

Burke, Thomas                      97

Burke, William               35, 97

Burkett, David  K                  97

Burkhamer, James                20

Burnett, John W.                  97

Burnett, Thomas                   20

Burns, Alex C.                      27

Burns, Cindarilla                  97

Burns, Ella                             74

Burns, James 18, 28, 97

Burns, Lawrence 24

Burns, Thomas                      97

Burnsides, Wm. H.              31

Burr, Anna Howard             97

Burr, B. H                              97

Burr, Barton H.              23, 98

Burr, H. C.                      97, 98

Burr, Halsey C.                     98

Burr, Mrs.                              97

Burr, Mrs. B. H.                   76

Burr, Mrs. Harriet E.

(Kingsbury)                     98

Burr, Mrs. Sue Belle

(Wilson)                           98

Burr, Rev. Dr.                       97

Burr, Rev. E.                  6, 7, 9

Burroughs, Almon               98

Burroughs, Emily                 98

Burroughs, Miss Eliza C. 98

Burt, Amanda                     112

Burt, Mrs. Hilda       117, 118

Burton, Ada                           34

Burton, James                11, 98

Burton, Matthew T.             98

Burton, Mrs. M. H.           107

Burton, Mrs. M. T.              98

Burton, Mrs. Mildred

(Campbell)                      98

Burton, Mrs. Pheebe           98

Burton, Nathaniel                 98

Burton, Thomas                    98

Burwell, John                 37, 98

Burwell, William                 37

Bush, C. I.                23, 98, 99

Bush, Clarence                      99

Bush, Lavina B.                      7

Bush, Mrs. Melissa              99

Bush, Mrs. Missouri

(Guthrie)                           99

Bush, Seth R                          99

Bushbaum, Mrs. Mary        99

Bussey, F.                       46, 99

Bussey, Maud                       99

Butcher, Lawrence               99

Butcher, Mrs. John       79, 99

Butler, Charles William     99

Butler, James E. Sr.             99

Butler, Mrs. Sara A. Argo 99

Butler, Sarah A.                    99

Butterfield, Benjamin 99, 101

Butterfield, John                   43

Butterfield, Mrs. Ellen        43

Butts, David                          99

Byard, Susie Orlena            99

Byas, Catherine                    99

Byers, Rev. Albert G. 7, 99


Caldwell, Benson              101

Caldwell, Elizabeth           101

Caldwell, John F.               101

Caldwell, Joseph                101

Caldwell, Mrs.                    106

Caldwell, Mrs. B. M.        106

Caldwell, Mrs. Minnie

Campbell                       101

Cales, Ballard                     101

Calhoun, John                     101

Calhoun, Rev. H.                  76

Call, Edward                       102

Call, Horace D.                  102


Callaghan, Rev. R.       23, 98                        Campbell, Lindsey            106

Callaghan, Rev. Robt.      102                        Campbell, Lizzie          30, 31

Callaghan, Robert             102                        Campbell, Lucy E.              55

Callahan, Laura E.               27                        Campbell, Lyle                  107

Callicoat, Avenelle           102                        Campbell, Maria               106

Callicoat, Cyrus B.           102                        Campbell, Marian E.          34

Callicoat, Emerson           102                          Campbell, Martha 103, 107

Callicoat, Everett              102                        Campbell, Martha E.          11

Callicoat, James                102                        Campbell, Mary                107

Callicoat, Jene                    102                        Campbell, Mary J             107

Callicoat, Mrs. Senia        102                        Campbell, Mary J.              17

Callicoat, Rosemary         102                       Campbell, Mary Norton98, 108

Callicoat, W. H.                   32                          Campbell, Minnie 101, 106

Callihan, A. B.                   102                        Campbell, Miss Clara      103

Callihan, Charles               102                        Campbell, Miss Dorothy

Callihan, Hugh                   102                               Wilson                           103

Callihan, Mrs. Pearl         102                       Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth

Calver, Mrs. Margaret       46                               (Clark)                          103

Calvert, Mrs. Norwood     50                       Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth

Calvin, Jas. W.                   102                               (Tweed)                        104

Calvin, Moxley                  102                       Campbell, Mrs. H. H.76, 103

Calvin, Robert                    102                        Campbell, Mrs. Hiram    106

Calvin, S. P.                        102                        Campbell, Mrs. J. W.      107

Calvin, S. P. Colonel        102                        Campbell, Mrs. James     106

Cambell, Jane                          4                        Campbell, Mrs. Jno. W.    65

Camden, Wm. P                102                     Campbell, Mrs. Josephine107

Camp, Mrs. M.                    98                        Campbell, Mrs. Katie      107

Campbell Hiram98, 105, 106, 107              Campbell, Mrs. L. B.       103

Campbell,  Dr. Frank       105                        Campbell, Mrs. Lawrence B.117

Campbell, Albert102, 103, 107                    Campbell, Mrs. Rose       108

Campbell, Alexander       102                        Campbell, N. R.                108

Campbell, Alice                 105                        Campbell, Otto                  106

Campbell, C. F.                   55                        Campbell, Pat                    108

Campbell, Charles102, 103, 104, 107        Campbell, Patrick             108

Campbell, Charles L.       107                        Campbell, Phebe                  29

Campbell, Clara                 107                        Campbell, Rev. D. S.         89

Campbell, Clara F.              34                   Campbell, Rev. James S.8, 106

Campbell, Clarke              108                        Campbell, Rev. Thomas 103

Campbell, David               103                        Campbell, Robert    102, 105

Campbell, Dr. F. D.          109                        Campbell, Roy                  107

Campbell, Dr. John 25, 106                          Campbell, Ruth                  108

Campbell, Edward            109                        Campbell, Sarah C.               2

Campbell, Edwin Hiram 103                          Campbell, Sherman 30, 108

Campbell, Elizabeth 103, 104                      Campbell, T. G.                108

Campbell, Elizabeth Bixby108                    Campbell, Thomas           108

Campbell, Elmer               107                        Campbell, W. E                 108

Campbell, Emma     104, 107                        Campbell, William           109

Campbell, Evan                 104                        Campbell, William A       109

Campbell, Florence Baird106                       Campbell, William A.     109

Campbell, Frank      105, 108                   Campbell, William Wilson109

Campbell, George             109                        Campbell, Willis               109

Campbell, George E.        105                        Cannon, James                  109

Campbell, George W.      105                        Cannon, Mrs. Lawrence 109

Campbell, Gertrude          106                        Cannon, Mrs. Patrick       109

Campbell, H.                      101                        Cannon, Peter                    109

Campbell, H.  & Sons      106                        Cannon, Wesley                109

Campbell, H. D.                107                        Canter, Anny                          4

Campbell, Hannah C.       106                         Canter, Mrs. Madge           91

Campbell, Harry98, 103, 105, 106, 108     Canter, Thomas, Jr                4

Campbell, Harry H           105                        Canterbery, Sarah             109

Campbell, Harry H. 106, 108                        Canterburg, James            109

Campbell, Harvey             105                        Canterbury, William H.     16

Campbell, Henry     105, 108                        Cantner, Elizabeth            109

Campbell, Henry Mason 105                       Capehart, Arthur               109

Campbell, Hiram               105                        Capper, John                      109

Campbell, Hiram D.         106                         Carico, Reese                       33

Campbell, J. E.                  107                        Carlile, J. W                       109

Campbell, J. W.                 107                        Carlile, John W.         35, 110

Campbell, James 3, 106, 108                        Carlile, Jonathan               109

Campbell, James T.            28                        Carlile, Mrs. Mary L          35

Campbell, John25, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, Carlile, Mrs. Mary L.109                            110

Campbell, John W            106                     Carlile, Mrs. Susan Taylor110

Campbell, John W. 106, 107                         Carlisle, Wm. T.               110

Campbell, Joseph       98, 106                        Carlyon, W. Richard        110

Campbell, Joseph H.106, 107                       Carnahan, Rev. Mr.            34

Campbell, L. B.                 105                        Carnell, Noah M.                31

Campbell, L. H.                 107                         Carner, C. H.                     110

Campbell, Laurence Bixby108                     Carner, Calvin H.             110


Carner, Capt. A. W.                 8

Carner, Captain Wayne        71

Carner, Jane             6, 71 Carner, Mrs. Polly 110

Carner, Sarah E.     98 Carp, George                 15, 110

Carp, Ruth A.                          31

Carpenter, Dine                      21

Carpenter, Mrs. Lucinda 110

Carpenter, Perry                     18

Carpenter, Thomas                   1

Carpenter, William                29

Carr                                         110

Carr, F. M.                             115

Carr, Harvey                            18

Carr, Henry                              19

Carr, John                       22, 110

Carr, Mrs. Sarah                  110

Carr, Patrick                          110

Carr, Rev. James A.            110

Carsner, Mrs. Lizzie           110

Carsney, Ira                           110

Carstnah, Ira                         110

Carter, Alice                         110

Carter, James                    1, 110

Carter, Mary                         110

Carter, Mrs. Eliza E.           110

Carter, Robert                       110

Carter, Sarah Jane                    6

Carter, Thos                          110

Cartwright, Cyrus F.           111

Cartwright, George                  3

Case, Caroline               36, 111

Case, Melinda                36, 111

Case, Rev. A. A.           36, 111

Casebolt, Stephen                111

Casebolt, Stephen A.             31

Casey, Bridget                      111

Casey, John M.                     111

Caspelman, Mrs. Caroline111

Cassett, Edward                   111

Cassidy, William H             111

Castner, Casper                    111

Castner, Casper D               111

Castner, Casper D.              111

Castner, Charlotte                111

Castner, Charlotte Preston111

Castner, Colfax                    111

Castner, Frank                      111

Castner, Frank P                  111

Castner, Grant                      111

Castner, James P.                 111

Castner, Jemimah                111

Castner, Will H.                   111

Cauliflower, Lucinda            18

Cauliflower, Mary                 22

Caulliflower, Mary M.          30

Cease., Miss Sarah                 83

Cecil, Prudence A.                 26


Attis                                    64

Burlington 107, 108, 120

Calvary                            108

Catlettsburg                    128

Cavalry                            106

Chatfield                          113

Crawford                         130

Davidson                            45

Delawder                           62

Flag Spring                       67

Forgey                                86

Greenlawn              116, 128

Hatcher                               63

Hatcher grave yard         55

Hecla                                103

Kelley 60, 122 Kelley’s               58 Kelly       71

Kounts graveyard       112

Lamb                                97

Little                                63

Lodge                             116

McCormick                    87

Miller                               62

Newton                            66

Old Field                       108

Puckett                             63

Riverview                      102

Rome               49, 58, 100

Sacred Heart 68, 83, 102

St. Mary’s                        79

Sugar Creek 79, 108, 114

White Cottage                46

Williams                         50

Woodland46, 49, 50, 52, 54, 60, 63, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 71

Zoar                 65, 70, 131


New Zion                      102

Rehobeth                         46

Chadwick, Eliza M.               5

Chadwick, Martha F.         10

Chadwick, Virginia B.       14

Chaffin, David                   111

Chaffin, Geonoa                  25

Chaffin, John H.                     3

Chafin, Oliver                      55

Chambers, Luanna Browne91

Chambers, Mrs. Ernest 117

Chandler, Zack Senator 111

Chapman, Chas. H.             30

Chapman, George             111

Chapman, James               111

Chapman, James W.         111

Chapman, Obediah           112

Charlton, John             17, 112

Charlton, Lulu                    112

Charlton, Mary Alberta 112

Charlton, Miss Roberta 112

Charlton, Mrs. Jane          112

Charlton, Mrs. Phoebe A.112

Charlton, Phoebe               112

Chatfield, Agnes               112

Chatfield, Alice S.            112

Chatfield, Charles             113

Chatfield, Cyrus                113

Chatfield, D. C.                 113

Chatfield, David      112, 113

Chatfield, Edgar                113

Chatfield, Edward             112

Chatfield, Ethel           49, 113

Chatfield, Frank                113

Chatfield, George              113

Chatfield, George W.         17

Chatfield, Harry L.           113

Chatfield, Homer              113

Chatfield, Hugh                 113

Chatfield, Ira                      113

Chatfield, L. G                   113

Chatfield, Martin               113

Chatfield, Maud                113

Chatfield, Mrs.                   112

Chatfield, Mrs. Frank       113

Chatfield, Mrs. G.             112

Chatfield, Mrs. G. L.        112

Chatfield, Mrs. Harriet Lelia113

Chatfield, Mrs. LeGrand 112

Chatfield, Mrs. Mary

(Porter)                          112

Chatfield, Mrs. Matilda E.113

Chatfield, Mrs. Robert      113 Chatfield, Oscar         112, 113

Chatfield, Philip                113

Chatfield, Robert               113

Chatfield, Samuel             113

Chatfield, Samuel K.        113

Chatfield, Walter               113


Cherington, Alice Johnson132

Chester, Mrs. Lydia          113

Chester, Rev. J. 6, 8, 10, 13,

56, 71, 75, 83, 84, 113, 132

Chestnut, Mrs.                   121

Chew, Mathew J.              114

Child, Boyd & Co.              83

Child, E.                         7, 114

Childers, Alex                    114

Childers, Lucy                        3

Childers, Mrs. Roma

Burdette                         114

Childs,  Mrs. Lucie F.      114

Childs, Capt. H. M.          114

Chin, C. C.                               7

Chinn, Alf.                          114

Chinn, Emeline                    31

Chinn, George                    114

Chinn, John Jr.                   114

Chinn, Mrs. Benjamin     114

Christ, Sarah Jane               19

Christian, Adam         10, 114

Christian, David         28, 114

Christian, Fartheen             13

Christian, John              7, 114

Christian, John D.             114

Christian, Mrs. Emma      114

Christian, Mrs. Sadie       114

Christian, William            114

Christian, Wm.                       7

Chuck, Mrs. Susan              82

Church, Caroline M.          26

Church, Emiline                  36

Church, Joel                         36

Church, Mrs.  Harriet       114

Church, Roswell                114

Churchill, Benjamin         115

Churchill, John                  115

Cilley, Amasa A.               115

Clard, Edward                    115

Clark                                     115

Clark & Carr                      115

Clark, A.                              116

Clark, A. B                          115

Clark, A. B.                        116

Clark, A. G.                        115

Clark, A. R.                        115

Clark, Addie                       115

Clark, Albert G.                 115

Clark, Alexander L.          115

Clark, Arzella S.           16, 92

Clark, Bertha Alice             89

Clark, C. ,J. P.                         4

Clark, C. A.                        116

Clark, C. B                          115

Clark, C. B.               115, 116

Clark, C. C.                           80

Clark, Caroline                       4

Clark, Casper ,J. P.                3

Clark, Caspus                     3, 4

Clark, Caspus ,J. P.           3, 4

Clark, Celia                              3

Clark, Columbus B.          117

Clark, D. H                         116

Clark, D. H.               116, 117

Clark, Dennis            115, 117

Clark, Dennis Hayes        115

Clark, Doctor                     115

Clark, Ed                             115

Clark, Edward                    115

Clark, Eustace                    116

Clark, Frank                       116

Clark, Gen. John               116

Clark, George12, 43, 115, 116, 118

Clark, Harriet L.                113

Clark, Helen S.                    17

Clark, Henry                         89

Clark, Hester                      116

Clark, Howard          117, 118

Clark, J. D.44, 115, 116, 129

Clark, James                44, 103

Clark, Jennie                      116

Clark, Joel                           116

Clark, John                          116

Clark, John D.                    115

Clark, Kenneth         117, 118

Clark, Lurania                      18

Clark, M. T.              115, 117

Clark, Malinda                   116

Clark, Melissa?                    11

Clark, Miss Flora Etta      116

Clark, Miss Florence          80

Clark, Mrs. D. H.81, 82, 115, 116

Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth       116

Clark, Mrs. Eva                 116

Clark, Mrs. Frank              116

Clark, Mrs. John                116

Clark, Mrs. Rhoda            116

Clark, Mrs. Sadie (Kouns)116

Clark, Mrs. Sam                  53

Clark, Mrs. Sarah A         117

Clark, Polly                              5

Clark, Rebecca                        5

Clark, Rev. John                118

Clark, Richard                      19

Clark, Roscoe                     116

Clark, Sadie                        115

Clark, Sam                          117

Clark, Samuel           116, 118

Clark, Sarah                          22

Clark, William                   113

Clark, Winchester               25

Clarke, Amos B.                119

Clarke, C. C.             117, 118

Clarke, Cambridge C.117, 119

Clarke, D. H.                      119

Clarke, Dorothy                 118

Clarke, Edith                      117

Clarke, Elizabeth                    1

Clarke, Elizabeth Caldwell107

Clarke, Evalyn                   118

Clarke, Florence                117

Clarke, George                   117

Clarke, Harriet                   118

Clarke, James                          1

Clarke, Jennie M.              118

Clarke, John                       118

Clarke, John C.         118, 119

Clarke, John E.                  118

Clarke, John Ellison         118

Clarke, John Thomas       117

Clarke, Judge Helen P     118

Clarke, Judge Helen P. 117

Clarke, Katherine Sutton117, 118

Clarke, Louise                    117

Clarke, Miss Evalyn         117

Clarke, Miss Louise         118

Clarke, Mrs. Alice Lovell

Rolston                          117

Clarke, Mrs. Anna Mae 117

Clarke, Mrs. C. C.             117

Clarke, Mrs. C. G.            103

Clarke, Mrs. Ella               117

Clarke, Mrs. Geo.             100

Clarke, Mrs. Harriet

Culbertson                    118

Clarke, Mrs. Hester 41, 118

Clarke, Mrs. John E.          20

Clarke, Mrs. Phoebe B.

(Walton)                        118

Clarke, Rachel                   117

Clarke, Ralston                  117

Clarke, Rev. John       41, 118

Clarke, Ricker & Co          52

Clarke, Rolston        117, 119

Clarke, Samuel117, 118, 119

Clarke, Sarah                      119

Clarke, Thomas                 119

Clarke, William                 119

Clarkson, Annie Cade      119

Clarkson, H.                       119

Clarkson, Sarah                 119

Clary, Jane                          119

Clary, Mrs.                            84

Clary, Theresa A.                20

Clary, Turner                      119

Clay, Clara                          119

Clay, Dora                           119

Clay, Henry C.                   119

Clay, John M.                     119

Clay, M. G.                           80

Clay, Malcolm                   119

Clay, Peter                          119

Clay, William                       31

Claybaugh, Jacob              119

Claybaugh, Lauretta         119

Clear, James                16, 119

Cleary, Ann                        119

Cleary, Michael                 119

Cleary, Timothy                119

Clendenning, Mrs.            119

Cleveland                              17

Clifford, John                     120

Clifford, Mrs. H. J.           120

Clifton, Clarence               120

Clifton, John D.                   34

Cline, Michael                   120

Cline, Milton                        33

Clinefelter, Thomas          120

Clinefelter, Thomas R.    120

Clingan, Mrs. M. Louisa      8

Clisham, James                  120

Clishen, Mary A.                 23

Cliver, Elizabeth                 21

Cloniger, Chas. L.             120

Cloniger, Phillip                120

Cloninger, Edward S.       120

Cloninger, Elmer               120

Cloninger, L. E.                   11

Cloninger, Lewis                 18

Cloran, John F.                  120

Cloran, Martin                   120

Cloran, Michael                 120

Clotton, Mrs.                      120

Clouse, Hugh                     120

Clouse, William                120

Clugsten, Callie                      7

Clutter, Edward                 121

Clutts, Mary E.                  121

Clutts, Mrs. Margaret       121

Cluttz, Lewis                      121

Coates, Doct.B. F.             121

Coates, William                 121

Coburn, Richard                  32

Cochran, James                  121

Cochran, James A.              23

Cochran, O. N.                   121

Cochran, Robert M.          121

Cochran, W. H.                  121

Cochran, William              121

Cochran, William M.            8

Cochrane, Geo. L.             121

Cochrane, Mrs. Elinor     121

Cochrane, Rev.                    46

Cockerill, Hettie         25, 106

Cockerill, Rev. Jonathan25, 106

Coe, Freel                            121

Coffman David                    13

Coffman, Henry                  14

Coheine, John                    121

Colborn, Margaret            121

Coldwell, James 121 Cole, A. B. 121, 122

Cole, Allan D. 121


Cole, Charles F.                121

Cole, George                      122

Cole, Henry                        122

Cole, Henry Fremont       122

Cole, Jack                           122

Cole, Judge A. B. Cole 121

Cole, Judge A. E.              121

Cole, Leonard                    122

Cole, Lorania                     122

Cole, Luke                          122

Cole, Mary Lorania          122

Cole, Mrs. Elizabeth        121

Cole, Sarana                       122

Cole, Sue                               24

Cole, Thomas                    122

Cole, W. T.                         121

Cole, Wadsworth              121

Colegrove, Geo. W.            22

Coleman, Barnet F.             17

Coleman, Genne                    4

Coleman, Helen                121

Coleman, S. H.                  122

Coles, Capt. S.                   122

Coles, Lieut. Thos. K.     122

Coles, Martha A.                 15

Coles, Samuel             15, 122

Coles, Thomas K              122

Colgrove, Jesse                    22

Colier, Harriet                      13

Colle, Hugh                          18

Collett, Mayor                      97

Collett, Thos. L.                122

Collier, Agnes                        2

Collier, Cornelius             123

Collier, Frank                    123

Collier, Hannah                      2

Collier, James                         4

Collier, Leona                      13

Collier, Marshal                123

Collier, Martha                    12

Collier, Mrs. Laura          123

Collier, Sienna                   123

Collier, Taylor                   123

Collier, Wm.                           4

Collins, Aaron                      23

Collins, Charles H.           123

Collins, Edward                123

Collins, Eliza                        26

Collins, Gilbert H.            123

Collins, Ira                          123

Collins, Mary                          2

Collins, Melvina                  34

Collins, Mrs. J. W.           123

Collins, Nancy                        1

Collins, Patrick                       2

Collins, Randolph               32

Collins, Washington        123

Collins, Willie                   123

Colly, Cornelia                    19

Colter, Adam                     123

Colter, William                 123

Colvin, D. N.                     123

Colvin, William J.            123

Colyer, Susannah                   1

Combs, Amanda               133

Combs, J.                     18, 129

Combs, John                      123

Combs, Joseph                  123

Combs, Mrs. Sarah          123

Comer, Emanuel                    3

Compliment, Benjamin 123

Compston, A. F.                  74

Compston, James M.            9

Compston, John                     3

Compston, Loucina            74

Compton, Lafayette B.      35

Conaway, Lewis               123

Conlin, James                    123


Connel, Catherine M.        1 Connell, James M.          123

Conner, Ellen                        28

Conner, Michael                   45

Conners, Emiline               124

Connoway, Mrs. Nancy 124

Considine, Bridget A.         11

Conway, Charles                    2

Conway, Dennis                124

Conway, Geo                      124

Conway, Hannah                    1

Conway, Jeff                       124

Conway, Lean                       79

Conway, Lewis, J. P.             1

Conway, Richard               124

Cook, John                          124

Cook, Thomas J.                  17

Cook, W. F.                         124

Cook, William                      19

Cook, Willie                       124

Cooke, Mrs. Henry            117

Cooley, Frances                    11

Coon, Archibald                124

Coon, Isabella C.               124

Coon, Rebecca M.             124

Cooper, Chris                     124

Cooper, Clyde                    124

Cooper, D. G.                        16

Cooper, Elizabeth Jane       68

Cooper, Ella                        124

Cooper, Frances                 124

Cooper, Jerry                      124

Cooper, Mary                        17

Cooper, Nancy                      31

Cooper, Rev. Mr.                 17

Cooper, Sarah E.                  22

Cooper, Seth                       124

Cooper, Thomas            4, 124

Cooper, Thos.                     124

Copenhaven, John                  1

Copenhaver, A. B.             125

Copenhaver, William       124

Corbin                                   125

Corbin, Minerva                   15

Corbin, Mrs. Leutz            125

Corbin, Sanders                 125

Corbin, Sarah A.                  15

Corbin, Van Buren              18

Corburn, Katy                     125

Corby, Milly                          90

Cordils, Nancy                      14

Cordle                                   125

Corey, Chas. D.                  125

Corn, George W.               125

Corn, Greenville                   13

Corn, Hannah                 13, 14

Corn, Jesse Rev.                125

Corn, Martha               10, 125

Corn, Nancy                          11

Corn, Pleasant                       12

Corns, John M.                   125

Corns, Major                       120

Corns, Mary C                    125

Corsert, James                    125

Corum, George Captain 125

Cory, Dr.                              125

Cory, Dr. B. F.                    65 Cory, Sarah                    65, 125

Costello, George                125

Coster, Mrs. Betty             126

Coster, Ralph                      126

Costrop, Henry                   126

Cotter, Col.                          126

Cotter, Father                      126

Cotter, George                    126

Cotter, Mrs. Sarah             126

Cotter, Rev. J. H.               126

Cotter, Sarah                       126

Crawford, Samuel127, 128, 129, 130

Crawford, W. H.      128, 130

Crawford, Walter              130

Crawford, William            130

Crawford, Willie               129

Crawshaw, John                130

Crawshaw, Mr.                    73

Craycraft, Reuben             130

Creasy, William D.           130

Credle, Fanny Murrel           1

Creedle, Polly                         2

Creedle, Thirsey                     5

Cumpston, James K.         132

Cunningham, Francis          78

Cunningham, Mrs. Margaret

R.                                    133

Cunningham, Rev. Mr.       15

Curington                             133

Curmeans, Susan                  23

Curran, Ann                           20

Currington, “Boot”            133

Currington, Mrs.                   70

Curry. Dove                           27

Curtis, E. G.                        127

Creighton, J. H.6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 69, 74, 78, 79, 88, 95, 105, Curtis, Mrs. Geo.125                                                                                                              128

Cotton, Ernest                      34

Cotton, Mrs. Hannah          39

Coughlin, John                     68

Coughlin, Mr.                      68

Coughlin, Mrs. Mary Ann126

Couratt, Henry                   126

Courtney, Dr.                     126

Courtney, Willis                  34

Cowles, Lysander M.       126

Cox, Charles                25, 126

Cox, David Crockett        126

Cox, James                               3

Cox, John                            126

Creighton, Rev. J. H.6, 7, 8, 18, 19 Curtiss, Mrs. Louise Cross133
Creighton, Rev. R. H.


Cremins, Ellsa

Crichton, Andrew Crichton, J. M.

Crichton, James Crichton, Janet Crichton, Julia M.

Cripple, Charles

Cripple, James Cripple, Virginia Cripps, Mr.

Cripps, Samuel Crisp, Mrs. Cora Croley, George H.

Cromley, Frank Cron, Davis Cron, Marion W.

Cronacher, Gottlieb Frederick

Cronacher, Mrs

Cronin, Mrs. Margaret Cronin, Stephen Crook, R. L.

Cross, Israel

Crossley, Elizabeth Crossley, Maggie Crossley, Mrs.

Crosslin, Charles

Crow, Adam






























Cutler, Elizabeth Cutler, Ephraim S. Cutler, Henry M Cutler, Henry M.

Cutler, Hon. Wm. P. Cutler, Jonathan B. Cutler, Rev. Temple Cuttler, D. H.

Cuttler, Hannah Cuttler, Melvin D Cuttler, Melvin D. Cyie, Hannah Cyrus, John M.


Daily, Soloman

Damarin, Lewis C.

Damron, Edna I.

Danford, Mary A.

Danforth, Jessie

Daniels, Allen Daniels, Mollie Darling, James C.

Darling, Mary

Darnell, John

Daum, Peter

Davidson, Arch








36, 133

36, 133


























Davidson, Clayton C. Davidson, David Davidson, David H.

Davidson, Delila Davidson, Ellen

Davidson, George W.

Davidson, Hattie

Davidson, Jane

Davidson, Jeremiah

Crow, John                     7, 131

Crow, Mrs. Henrietta       131

Crowe, Mrs. Virginia       131

Crumlish, Cecelia             131

Crumlish, Daniel     131, 132

Crumlish, James                132

Crystal, Robert                   132

Crytal, Martin                      13

Cubbage, Kate L.              132

Cubbage, Rev. W. N.       132

Culbertson                           119

Culbertson, Cambridge 132

Culbertson, Capt. W. W. 132

Culbertson, Dr. A.            132

Culbertson, Ed                     33

Culbertson, Edmund S. 132

Culbertson, Edward S.     132

Culbertson, John16, 118, 132

Culbertson, John Janeway132

Culbertson, K. R               132

Culbertson, Libbie            132

Culbertson, Mary              118

Culbertson, Means & Co 118

Culkins, Mrs. John           132

Culkins, Will                      132

Cullen, Mathew J.               19

Cullen, Matthew J.              18

Cullum, Nora Croina          91

Culver, Almeda                   25

Cumberland, William W. 132

Cummins, Rev. S. P.6, 8, 127

Cumpsten, Rebecca               2

Cumpston, Capt.                132

Cumpston, Elizabeth             2

Davidson, John              15, 104

Davidson, Joseph 3, 8, 46, 55

Davidson, Mrs. Cephas 129

Davidson, Mrs. Watt             70

Davidson, Nettie                  113

Davidson, Rebecca                   3

Davidson, Rev. W. W.          53

Davidson, Rev. Wm. W. 66

Davidson, Thomas                    2

Davidson, Victor A.               46

Davidson, Willee                    46

Davidson, William                 46

Davidson, Wm.                          3

Davies, Miss Elizabeth M. 90

Davies, Mrs. George H.        86

Davies, Rev. T. W.10, 13, 90

Davis, Adalina A.                   13

Davis, Amanda                        26

Davis, Capt. J. W.              9, 73

Davis, D. T.                         43 Davis, David B.                  41

Davis, Edward                         46

Davis, Elizabeth H.            9, 73

Davis, Joseph                             1

Davis, Luada                            32

Davis, Marion                          28

Davis, Mary A.                        23

Cox, Matilda J.             16, 55

Coy, Mrs. William            126

Coyer, Julia Ann                 88

Crabtree, Mrs. Dorie          91

Crabtree, Mrs. Isaac           49

Cradic                                   126

Craft, Clara                           32

Craft, Edward B.                 34

Craicraft, George              126

Craig, Ida                              35

Craig, James                       127

Craig, Mr.                           126

Craig, Mrs. Elizabeth J. 127

Craig, Mrs. Florella          126

Craig, W. H.                       126

Crain, Adanijah                 127

Crain, Martin                      127

Cram, J.  O.                         127

Crance, Theodore              127

Crandall, Elias                   127

Crandall, Nancy A.           127

Crandall, Wesley          6, 127

Crane, Mary                            1

Cranson, Judge Edward 127

Crawford, Abbie                 32

Crawford, Alice                 130

Crawford, Alice D.           127

Crawford, Andrew J.        128

Crawford, Captain Clayton

  1. 128

Crawford, Carl127, 128, 129, 130

Crawford, Cecelia             128

Crawford, Clarence          128

Crawford, Clayton            128

Crawford, Clayton Capt. 128

Crawford, Col. Chauncey H.128

Crawford, Colonel C. H. 128

Crawford, Dr. J. N. W. 128

Crawford, Franklin           128

Crawford, G. N.                 128

Crawford, George             128

Crawford, George K.       128

Crawford, George W.      128

Crawford, H.                      127

Crawford, Harry                128

Crawford, Hugh       128, 129

Crawford, J. R.                    13

Crawford, James      123, 129

Crawford, James R. 13, 127

Crawford, Jerome             129

Crawford, John 35, 128, 129

Crawford, Katie                   26

Crawford, Lizzie               123

Crawford, Martha             127

Crawford, Mrs. Catherine127

Crawford, Mrs. Cecilia H.128

Crawford, Mrs. Elsie          90

Crawford, Mrs. Frances

Dillon                             128

Crawford, Mrs. Mollie    129

Crawford, Mrs. Sally       130

Crawford, Mrs. W. A.      117

Crawford, Mrs. Will         130

Crawford, Mrs. William A.117

Davis, Mory J.                     18

Davis, Mrs.                         127

Davis, Mrs. Sadie                49

Davis, Mrs. Sarah               43

Davis, Mrs. T. W.               70

Davis, Mrs. Thomas W.    69

Davis, Nathan S.                 28

Davis, Pearl                          65

Davis, Rev. F. S.                 21

Davis, Rev. J. H.                 10

Davis, Rev. P. B.                 65

Davis, Thomas                     44

Davis, Thomas O.               41

Davisson, Isaac             17, 53

Davisson, Jesse                    82

Davisson, Lucy                    82

Davisson, Mary S.            111

Dawson, Jesse K.                26

De Amry, Geo.                    19

Dean, Charles T.                 32

Dean, Cynthia                      68

Dean, Mrs. C. T.                  91

Deatherage, Bird                 87

DeBard, Dr. A. D.               10

Deering, Christina                  9

Defoor, Nancy                     55

DeHart, Ella Clara              34

Deitz, Mrs.                            66

Delaney, Mrs. William      53

Delaney, Mrs. William E. 54

Delong, Ann                            2

Delong, Edward                  25

Delong, Thos.                      29

Demint, Geo.                        22

Dempsey, A. T.                   44

Dempsey, Andrew       38, 45

Dempsey, Carrie                 44

Dempsey, Chandler            44

Dempsey, John H.               25

Dempsey, Mrs. Catherine 36

Dempsey, Samuel W. 36, 38

Dempsey, Thos. A.      40, 45

Denning, Col. R. W.           37

Dennison, Gov.                    40

Dennison, Marion               24

Dennsler, Anna C.              19

Derby, N.                               15

Detmar, Henry                     16

Dickerson, Chas.                 31

Dieckmann, Rev. F.23, 24, 25

Diesel, Annie                       32

Dieskman, Rev. F.              25

Digens, Mrs. Lydia           111

Dilley, Charity L.                19

Dilley, W. H.                        42

Dillon                                   128

Dillon, Alice                         31

Dillon, Callie                        34

Dillon, Cread C.                  44

Dillon, Delilah                     36

Dillon, Jennie                     109

Dillon, John          24, 37, 109

Dillon, Mary                         37

Dillon, Rev.                        129

Dittey, Clara

Dix, James

Dixon, Edward Dixon, Emerine Dixon, Geo.

Dixon, Mary

Dodd, Betsy Doddridge, Josiah Doerrner, Augusta A.

Dolan, Jas.

Dole, Almira T.

Dolebury, Martha Donahay, John W.

Doolittle, Cyntha Doolittle, L. , J. P.

Doolittle, L. D. , J. P. Doolittle, Luther

Doolittle, Luther, J. P.

Doran, Edward

Doran, Mrs. Wm.

Doty, Ruth E.

Doudon, Chas. N.

Douglas, A. A.

Dovel, Sarah M.

Dovel, Sheriff I. R.

Dowler, Mary S.

Dressel, Mrs. George

Drewyer, Simon

Drouillard, Emily Drouillard, James Drown, B. F.

Drumm, Rev. P. W.

Drummond, Anna

Drury, Addie

Drury, Frank

Drury, Hugh

Drury, Lawson Drury, Mrs.

Duduit, Mrs. F. E.

Duduit, Mrs. L. A.

Dugan, Mrs. Harold

Dulany, Purlinia

Dundon, Margaret Dundon, Mary A. Dunfee, John Dunfee, Mrs. Thos.

Dunfee, Sarah E.

Dunfield, George S. Dunn, Armstrong Dunn, W. M. Dunn, W.H.

Dupuy, Eva

Dupuy, James Dutton, John

Dwight, Mrs. Dr.


Earles, B. T.

Earles, Elizabeth Earles, Jeremiah R. Earles, Joel Earles, Mary A.

Earton, Mrs. H.




15, 56














4, 5







































4, 13



















Dillon, Rev. J. W.15, 16, 19, 21, 24, 53, 55, 109, Eastbrook, Henry T.113

Dillon, Rev. John                24                        Eastman, Susan

Dillon, Sarah                        20                        Eaves, Dora

Dillon, Squire 30 Ebert, Emma Dillon, V. Jr. 19 Eckhart, Charles Dillon, Vincent 18 Eckhart, Chas. W. Dillon., Mary Ann 6 Edmund, Thomas Dilly, Elizabeth 2 Edwards, D. W.

Dinsmore, Campbell 98 Edwards, Mrs. M. D. Dinsmore, Frank 107 Ehrlich, Adam

Dinsmore, Frank F. 98, 107                          Eicher, Rebecca A.

Dinsmore, Joe C.                98                   Elam, Benjamin H. Dinsmore, Joseph Campbell98             Elem, Mary A.

Dinsmore, Mary Campbell98                       Elkins, Dudley

Elkins, Lucy 3
Elkins, M. W. 32
Elkins, Susan 11
Elliot, R. W. 31
Elliot, Stephen 46
Ellis, Betsey Ann 16
Ellis, Cornelius H. 18
Ellison, Mary 103
Elswick, Lucinda 32
Elswick, Mary A. 27
Emboden, Martha 11
Emery, Rev. Samuel 39
Emmons, Capt. S. H. 40
Emmons, Jacob H. 13
Emmons, Lucy Ann 8
Enochs, Martha 24
Enochs, Mary J. 14
Ervison, John 5
Estes, Candus 33
Evans, Antoinette L. 106
Evans, George W. 31
Evans, Mary E. 14
Evans, Mrs. Gladys 102
Evans, Mrs. Louisa 8
Evans, Mrs. Wheeler 46
Evans, W. H.


Fahay, Miss 102
Fahy, Patrick 22
Fainer, Eliza 22
Fairchild, Aaron 8
Fait, Christian 21
Falkner, John 2
Falkner, Wealthy 2
Falter, Maggie 32
Falwell, Bertha 31
Falwell, Martha A. 18
Fannin, Isaac 32
Farget, Henry 16
Farigan, John 17
Farmer, Laura 31
Farris, Hoadly 23
Farris, Jos. 86
Farson, Fred 108
Farson, Lorena G. 108
Faulkner, Geo. 30
Faulkner, Mrs. Helen 108
Faulkner, Wm. 5
Faverty, Mary A. 29
Favis, Sarah J. 10
Fayne, Mrs. Alden 118
Fearing, Caroline 9
Feeler, Abram 10
Feilder, Jonathon 16
Ferguson, Albert H. 21
Ferguson, Albert S. 29
Ferguson, Ed. 46
Ferguson, J. H. 11
Ferguson, Margaret 18
Ferguson, Mary Y. 25
Ferguson, Newton 29
Ferguson, Sam 113
Ferrill, Mary Alieg 17
Ferrin, J. C. 18
Ferrin, John G. 18
Ferris, John 4
Feuchter and Davidson. 46
Feurt, Dr. 26
Feurt, Emma 22
Feurt, Ida L. R. 16
Feurt, Mrs. W. O. 128
Fields, Charles W. 29
Filkins, Mary E. 78
Fillager, George W. 13

Crawford, Rev. John 35, 129

Emboden, Miss Martha M.12

Ferguson, Mrs. Theodore 113

Fillinger, John                       19

Fillinger, Sarah T.                51

Finch, Rev. J. T.            21, 25

Finch, Rev. James T.           24

Finch, Rev. Mr.                    24

Findley, Sam’l                      27

Finley, Jas.                             47

Finn, Michael                        72

Fischer, Amena                     23

Fishbac, Owen T.                   8

Fisher, Geo. E.                      28

Fisher, George E.                 28

Fisher, Martin                          4

Fitser, John                               5

Fitser, Joseph                           5

Fitton, Clark                        117

Fitton, Don                          117

Fitton, Donald                    118

Fitton, Henry C.                 118

Fitton, Mary              117, 118

Fitzpatrick, John                   83

Flanders, G. W.           80, 112

Flannery, Rosa                      82

Fleurmion, David                 33

Flower, Thed B.                   24

Folden, Viney                       26

Fordyce, Joseph                    16

Forgey, Alexander                  3

Forgey, Hugh                    1, 24

Forsythe, James                 127

Forsythe, Nancy F.            127

Fortune, Thos. J.                   26

Fost, Louisa                           20

Foster Foundry                     51

Foster Stove Co.            52, 55

Foster Stove Foundry          52

Foster, J. D.                           52

Foster, Rev. H. K.                14

Foster., Eliza                         34

Fout, James                            35

Fouts, Mrs. Joseph               50

Fowler, Lucy                           4

Fox, Cora B.                          31

Fox, Mrs. Kate                      82

Frailey, James B.                  28

Frampton, Caroline              12

Frampton, Caroline G.        13

Frampton, Elijah                     5

Frampton, Martin                 37

Frampton, Rev. S. C. 26, 70

Frampton, Sally                      2

Frances, Elihu                          4

Frazer, Alice                          21

Frazier, F. A.                         27

Frazier, T. R.                         47

Frecka,  Mary                        34

Frecka, Mrs. Ray               118

Frecka, Mrs. Rose             117

Fred, John                                 4

Fredge, Stiny                           1

Freeman, Mrs. George        83

Freilein, Maria                      21

French, Franklin                   21

French, Mrs. Lizzie V.     130

French, Nancy M.       25, 126

Fridenmaker, August          32

Friedel, Dr.                          101

Friedel, Mrs.                       101

Friel, Edward                        12

Friel, James                           30

Fritz, Mrs. Georgia           102

Frowein, Rosa                       28

Fry, Rev. J. D.                       25

Fry, Rev. James D.              94

Fudge, Jacob                            3

Fudge, John                              1

Fudge, Sarah                            2

Fugitt, Kenniss                      62


Fulks                                        17

Fulks, Julius J.                      17

Fuller,  Sarah E.                    22

Fuller, Adaline Augusta        4

Fuller, Adelia Romain      126

Fuller, David                         26

Fuller, Gen. Alphonzo

Theodore Foster          126

Fuller, Mary                          34

Fuller, Mrs. Gritia F.           77

Fullerton, Cavalrey              56

Fullerton, Margaret             56

Fullerton, Nancy                     3

Fulwiler, John P.                  47


Gale, George                         39

Game, Amanda                     18

Gandy, David                          3

Gannon, John                        26

Gard, Dorcas                            8

Gardner, F. D.                       98

Gardner, H. B.                      98

Gardner, Harriet                   98

Gardner, Mrs. T. E.             98

Gardner, Rev.                        28

Gardner, Rev. J. H.              24

Gardner, Rev. W.                 17

Gardner, Rev. Wilson 18, 77

Gardner, Thomas                    1

Garrett, J. C.                          10

Garrett, Leroy                          2

Garrison, Anna                     19

Garrison, Rev. J. W.         108

Garrison, Rob’t A.                  9

Garrison, Samuel H.            38

Garrsion, John                       39

Gasmer, Margaret                12

Gassett, James                       11

Gates, Abel L.                       30

Gates, Mary                           53

Gates, Polly                              6

Gaver, Mary Frances           17

Gee, Mary M.                        11

Gelinger, Lizetta                  32

George, Huldah                       8

George, Mrs. Caroline        45

Geppert, William                    9

Gerhart, Nancy C.                27

Gering, John                          20

Geswein, John                       28

Geswine, Dora                      30

Geswine, Emma M.             49

Geswine, Mary                     23

Gholson and Sons                45

Ghrist, Peter W.                    36

Gibbs, Miss Mary E.           89

Gibson, Hannah                    21

Gibson, Harisson                  23

Gibson, Henderson              16

Gibson, J. Q.                          56

Gibson, Jacob                        27

Gibson, John                         21

Gibson, John M.                   34

Gibson, Julia                         93

Gibson, Rev. J. O.                17

Gibson, Rev. J. Q.         54, 74

Gibson, Rev. Jno. Q. 9, 125

Gibson, Rev. John Q. 54, 111

Gibson, William                   19

Gilcrist, Rebecca 63

Gillen, Emily 52, 59 Gillen, Emily Jane 52 Gillen, Martin 52, 59 Gillen, Mrs. Eva 130

Gillenwater, Alpha            116

Gillenwater, Blaine           116

Gillenwater, Ella                 116

Gillenwater, Frank             116

Gillenwater, John               116

Gillenwater, Mrs.               116

Gillenwater, Newton         116

Gillett, Benjamin W.            43

Gillett, Cloe                               1

Gillett, Condace E.               43

Gillett, Harriet                          2

Gillett, Henrietta                   43

Gillett, Joel                                3

Gillett, Lucy Minerva             5

Gillett, Pheba                            4

Gillett, Sidney                          7

Gillett,Marinda                         7

Gilliam, Winfield S.             33

Gilliland, E. S.                       30

Gillit, William W.                   7

Gillium, Jane                            1

Gills, Dr. W.                           93

Gills, Willis                            21

Gilpin, Rev. J. R.                   46

Gilruth, Wm.                             5

Gipson, Rev. J. Q.              113

Given, Rev. J. F.                 127

Given, Rev. J. T.                      8

Glasford, Sarah                        5

Glaze, Mrs. Eliza                     6

Glidden, Charles H.           127

Glidden, Charles Mills 6, 127

Glidden, J. W.                        40

Glidden, Mary Young       128

Glidden, Nancy Alice 6, 127

Glidden, O. H.                       77

Glidden, Samuel Mills      128

Glover, Albert                        34

Godfrey, Chas.                       47

Goff, Herbert                          46

Goldcamp, Isabella               23

Goldcamp, Ositha M.           26

Goldcamp, Wm. F. , J. P.      3

Golden, Albert C.                  26

Golden, Anna L.                    52

Golden, Fletcher               6, 41

Golden, Franne ? Elizabeth41

Golden, Lizzie                       97

Golden, M. Jane                    12

Golden, Maria                        41

Golden, Matilda                       9

Golden, Mrs. Charles           49

Golden, Thomas               4, 26

Golden, Thos. 26

Golden, Wm. F. ,J. P 4, 5

Goodall, Eli                            14

Goodman, Ida B.                   31

Gore, Ebenezer A.                24

Gore, William                        11

Gossett, Elizabeth                 10

Gossett, Emma                       30

Gossett, Isaac M.                   28

Gould, O. B.                           32

Gould, Winnie                       31

Graham, Matilda                      4

Graham, S. M.                       10

Grange, Mrs. Eliza                  6

Grant, Sallie                           34

Graves, George                        3

Gray, Chas.                             33

Gray, Clinton G.                    16

Gray, Dr. C. G.                    103

Gray, Elizabeth L.              121

Gray, Isaac E.                         22

Gray, Mrs. Alice                   93

Gray, Rachel                          18

Gray, Sanderson                    21

Gray, William F.                   13

Green, Chas.                             7

Greener, Maggie                   45

Greener, Wm.                       45

Greenlee, Elizabeth            12

Greenlee, Susanna              27

Gregory, Bejamin               30

Gregory, Herman                34

Griffett, Elizabeth               13

Griffith, B. F.                       21

Griffith, Benjamin                 6

Griffith, David                     15

Griffith, L. A.,J. P               16

Griffith, Mrs. Frankie      102

Griffy, Nancy                          2

Grimes, Martha A.              18

Grimes, Minnie                   34

Grindell, John                      11

Griswold, Dr. Edwin H.    39

Griswolds, Esther                   3

Gritteau, Sarah                        9

Gruber, John                         40

Grume, Matilda                   10

Guard, Ellen                         16

Gunning, Owent T.                9

Gushurst, Samuel                   9

Guthrie, Albert M.       27, 28

Guthrie, James H.               99

Guthrie, Zoo S.             23, 98


Hacker, Frank                      46

Hacker, Frank A.                 26

Hacker, Mrs. Roscoe

(Avanelle)                       93

Haggarty, Patrick                27

Hainey, Sarah                       20

Hall, Charles E.                   28

Hall, David                           36

Hall, John                              20

Hall, Maria                          127

Hall, Rev. L.15, 16, 17, 56, 64, 88

Hall, Robert                          36

Hall, Wilbur                         33

Hall, Wm. K. S.                      6

Halley, James                       23

Halliday, Alexander           43

Hambleton, Mrs. W. D.     91

Hamilton, Fannie                31

Hamilton, Geo.                    22

Hamilton, Nancy               104

Hamilton, Nancy Ellison 104

Hamilton, Robert     104, 107

Hamlin, Mrs. E. H.           107

Hammond, Sarah E.           29

Hampton, Rev. W. H.        89

Hamrick, Mrs. Mary Ann109 Handley, Jennie         32, 67

Handley, Oriana K.             21

Handly, Sam’l B.                 30

Handshaw, Preston             22

Haner, Smith                        18

Haney, B.                              39

Haney, Dorcas                     39

Haney, Geo. W.                   29

Haney, John                          33

Haney, Matilda                    23

Hankins, Maletha                13

Hanley, James M.               22

Hanley, N. K.                17, 54

Hanner, James                      15

Hansen, Mrs. Jean             117

Hanson, Mrs. Jean            118

Harbold, Henry                    27

Harbrow, J. J.                       11

Hard, Sopronia C.             125

Hardin, Mary E.                  16

Hardin, Robert T.                23

Hardwick, Mrs. H. H.      107

Hardy, Amanda                   77

Hardy, Bartlett                      13

Hardy, Eliza                          20

Hardy, James                         13

Haris, Mary E.                      32

Harmon, Letitia                    22

Harrias, Rev. David               9

Harries, Rev. David             96

Harris, Catherine                  28

Harris, David                         16

Harris, Minty                         30

Harris, Sarah E.                    10

Harris, Shed                           35

Harrison, Emanuel               32

Harrison, Florida                    2

Harrison, Henry             23, 32

Harrison, Martin                     6

Harrison, Rev. A.                 28

Harrison, Sarah                     27

Harrison, Wm. R.                 15

Hart, Harrison                       47

Hart, Isadora                          27

Hart, Rev. Mr.                         6

Hart, Robt.                             31

Harvey, A. H.                        22

Harvey, Elizabeth                   1

Harvey, Maria L.                  56

Harvey, Mrs. Carrie          102

Haskell, James Sr                 35

Haskell, Mary                       35

Haskins                                   13

Haskins, Calvin                    32

Haskins, Maletha                 28

Haskins, Mrs. William       78

Haskinson, Sarah                 10

Hass, Rev.                           105

Hastings, Mrs. W. B.          70

Hastings, Myrtle M.            34

Hastings, Samuel K.            18

Hatfield                                     5

Hatfield, Mary                         3

Hatfield, Thos. ,J. P.          3, 4

Hatten, Elizabeth F.        8, 93

Hatton, Melissa                    67

Haubart, Anna                    106

Haubert, Hannah C.             28

Hauer, James G.                   31

Havens, Howard J.                 8

Hawker Thomas D.             25

Hawkins, Joseph                     2

Hawkins, Nancy                     3

Hawks, Rev. T. H.               25

Hawley, Jonathan                 32

Haws, Tabitha                         3

Hawthorn, Mrs. Ada           87

Hawthorn, Mrs. Laura        87

Hayden, Carrel                      35

Haymond, Rev. Josiah        82

Heck, George                        33

Hecker, Mrs. Samuel          97

Heffner, Jacob E.                 31

Heffner, Sarah                       17

Heider, Barbara                  120

Heidorn, Henry                     16

Heiveson, Wm.                       5

Hempstead, Margaret          26

Henagar, James P.                21

Henderson, Cerepta             13

Henkes, Ann                          15

Henkes, Bales                       15

Henry, Brice                          33

Henry, Clay                           47

Henry, Cynthia J.                 10

Henry, Edward                      32

Henry, Esq.                         124

Henry, James O.            18, 19

Henry, Squire                        33

Hensen, Powhatten              26

Henshaw, Elias                     28

Hensler, Jacob                        26

Hensley ,Samuel                      1

Hensly, America                   30

Henthorn, J. W.             17, 19,

20, 21, 78, 121

Henthorn, Lot                         47

Henwood, Joshua                    3

Heplar, Jacob                         36

Herbert, Emma                      49

Herbst                                       47

Herdman, Mr.                      119

Herity, John                            19

Herrell, Wm.                          27

Herren, Chas. L.                    28

Herron, Vernon C.              107

Herron, Vernon Campbell106

Hewitt, Mildred                     79

Hibbard, Rev. A. C.              17

Hibler, Thomas                      56

Hicks, Charles                        20

Hidy, Mrs. William              86

Higgins, Nancy                        3

Higgins, Reuben J.                22

Higgins, Uriah B.                  21

Higgins, Uriah J.                   21

Hight, Matilda Jane              85

Hilberth, Augustus                  6

Hilgenberg, Loui                   32

Hill, Mrs.                                 66

Hill, William                          34

Hille, William                        44

Hills, Dr.                                  40

Hilyard, J. ,J. P.                        4

Hilyard, Jonathan ,J. P.          4

Hinde & Co                            63

Hinton, Elizabeth                  12

Hisey, Hanna                            4

Hisey, Mary                              4

Hisle, Delila                           12

Hite, Jonathan                 10, 11

Hoadly                                     38

Hobbs, Eliza                           19

Hobbs, Reuben                      45

Hock, Henry                           22

Hock, Joseph F.                     23

Hockinson, E. R.                   27

Hodge, Chas. A.                    30

Hoffman, Elizabeth              22

Hoffman, Hattie M.              33

Hoke, J. L.                              24

Hoke, John I.                          24

Holladay, Andrew                   3

Holladay, George                    2

Holland, C. B.                        31

Holley, Elisha W.                  29

Holley, Sarah                            3

Holliday, J. T.                      7, 8

Holliday, Jennie                    30

Holliday, Maggie                  31

Holliday, Rev. J. J.               26

Holly, Andrew                       12

Holly, Mary F.                       13

Holmes, D. A.                 29, 76

Holmes, J. J.                              8

Holmes, Lizzie L.          29, 76

Holroyd, Mrs. D. W             42

Holroyd, Wm.                        42

Holt, Albert                             17

Holton, George                         3

Holtzapfel, Magdaline         32

Holzappel, Henry                  30

Honshell, Mrs. W.              129

Hood, Mollie                          28

Hoover, D.                              28

Hopkins, David W.               15

Hopkins, Jane                           4

Hopkins, Maggie J.              70

Hopkins, Mrs. Homer        117


Hopkins, Mrs. W. G.         112

Hopkins, Will M.                  70

Hopkins, William G.           69

Hosey, Mrs. Elizabeth         82

Hoskinson, Mary M.         120

Housen, Emma G.                17

Housen, Victoria                   10

Houston, Myrtle M.             32

Howard, Henrietta                  2

Howard, Martha                      2

Howell                                     24

Howell, Fred C.                     34

Howell, John                          24

Howell, Mrs. Henry             91

Huddleson, Agness                 2

Huddleston, Miss Nancy

Maria                                 80

Hudson, Mrs.                         98

Hudson, Mrs. Hannah         98

Huet, Ira                                    2

Huffman, Joseph                     8

Huffman, Miss Annie          13

Hughes, Caroline                  11

Hughes, Ida                            28

Hughes, J. F.                          13

Hughes, Mrs. John               94

Hughes, Noah                        35

Hughs, Asa                               1

Hughs, Ruth A.                     56

Hull, Polly                                 2

Humistrine, Rosa                  31

Humphreys, W. S.             107

Hundedose, Rev. Mr.           16

Hunderdosse, Rev. Wm. 94

Hunley, Annie                       34

Hunt, Jonathan A.                 12

Hunt, Samuel                         34

Hunter                                   101

Hunter, J. C.                             5

Hunter, Mrs. Chas.               91

Hunter, Mrs. J. A.                 68

Hunter, Rev. Jo.                       5

Hunter, Sarah L. M.             78

Hurt, A. W.                            53

Hurt, Maggie                         53

Hussey, John                          20

Huston, Celia A.                 123

Hutchinson Sarah A.              9

Hutchinson, Virginia           32

Hyden, Henry                        27


Iams, Peter                                4

Iba, West                                 39

Imes, Sol. H.                          21

Insco, Ollie                   30, 108

Ireland, W. C.                        38

Irish, Mrs. A. L.                    91

Iron railroad                         106

Ironton Book Store            105

Ironton Punch and Shear

Company                          69

Ironton Wood Mantel

Company              105, 108

Irving, Washington              38

Irwin, Alexander                   27

Irwin, Francis B.            11, 31

Irwin, G. W.                           44

Irwin, George                    3, 40

Irwin, Harriet                         24

Irwin, Hattie                           24

Irwin, Jemima                        40

Irwin, John                             40

Irwin, Mary                              5

Irwin, Mrs. M. J.                   44

Irwin, William M. E.           19

Irwin, Wm. Henry Harrison23

Isley, Charles                         97


Jackman, Rebecca                45

Jacks, Lethenna                       7

Jacks, Martha                           7

Jacks, Nancy                         16

Jacks, Solomon                       7

Jackson, Eliza                       30

Jackson, Geo. W.                 19

Jackson, George W.            12

Jackson, Harriette                53

Jackson, Henderson             29

Jackson, John A.                  28

Jackson, Laura                      16

Jacobs, Bertie                        99

James, Amanda                     66

James, Cornelius R.             32

James, Crawford, Mrs. 129

James, John H.                      31

James, Providence                  7

Jamieson, C. L.                     43

Jamieson, J.                           43

Jamieson, Katie                    43

Jamison, Jeremiah                46

Jamison, Rev. A. A.     21, 25

Jarrett, Amanda                    27

Jasper, William                     10

Javens, John                          40

Jeffers, W. H.                        31

Jenkins, Cecil                     102

Jenkins, David                      19

Jenkins, Eli                            30

Jenkins, Howard                102

Jenkins, Irene                      102

Jenkins, Minnie                  102

Jenkins, Nathan                  102

Jenkins, Richard                   30

Jenkins, Thomas                   34

Jenkins, Wesley                 102

Jessie, Sarah                          28

Jimeson, Rev. A. A.     17, 19

Jinkins, E.                                 6

Johnson, Elijah V.                29

Johnson, Elizabeth                 2

Johnson, Herman                 34

Johnson, Malinda                 13

Johnson, Mary                      11

Johnson, Mary F.                 14

Johnson, Mason                    30

Johnson, Miss Selina          37

Johnson, Mrs. Rosa C.        42

Johnson, Mrs. Susan         100

Johnson, Mrs. W. W.          79

Johnson, Mrs. Wilbur D. 86

Johnson, Rebecca                 33

Johnson, Rebecca J.            28

Johnson, Saliman          12, 13

Johnson, Samuel C.             37

Johnson, Sarah                      45

Johnson, Seliman                 37

Johnson, Sherman G.          42

Johnson, William        32, 129

Johnson, Wm.                       23

Johnston, Ann                          5

Johnston, Emma C.             20

Johnston, J. Kyle                  17

Johnston, James                      5

Johnston, Mary                     10

Jones, Agnes                         28

Jones, Andrew J.                  12

Jones, Cathirine                    16

Jones, David                            3

Jones, Dilsey V.                   28

Jones, E. F.                          113

Jones, E. H.                         112

Jones, E. M.                           25

Jones, Effie D.                     27

Jones, Elizabeth 5, 13, 15, 21

Jones, Elizabeth D.           56 Jones, Emily                 30, 96

Jones, Henry                            6

Jones, Jas.                                1

Jones, Jim                              91

Jones, John E.                      16

Jones, John T.                      20

Jones, Lucinda                     14

Jones, Maria Jane                54

Jones, Martha                16, 85

Jones, Mary                          72

Jones, Mattie                        82

Jones, Miss                         131

Jones, Mrs. Wells S.         121

Jones, Randolph L.             27

Jones, Rev. Evan S.               9

Jones, Rose                         113

Jones, Sam’l                        118

Jones, William                     41

Jones, William D.               44

Jones, Wm.                    2, 3, 5

Jones, Wm. , J. P.                   5

Jones, Wm. F.                      23

Jonson, Wm. H.                   11

Jordan, Edward W.                6

Jordan, Mrs. John                86

Joseph, Anna                        15

Jourdan, Pleasant                   3

Judson, Martha                       7

Julian, Mrs. Alexander    103

Justice, Geo.                         45

Justice, George M.              26

Justice, L. C.                         68

Justice, Mary                        30

Justice, Mrs. Elizabeth      12

Justice, Mrs. P. G.               65

Justice, Phelina                    26


Kaneff, Emma W.               30

Kaneff, Mrs.                       100

Kaneff, Mrs. M. W.          100

Kasserman, S.D.                  21

Kavanaugh, Mrs. John       53

Kearnes, Wm. B.                 28

Keating, Mary                         8

Keaton, Martin                     28

Keeny, Moody                        3

Keeper, Capt. John V.        90

Keil, H. W.                           14

Keller, Sarah                           1

Kelley, Albert                      13

Kelley, Esther                      42

Kelley, Francis                     30

Kelley, G. W                        37

Kelley, Harriet B.                37

Kelley, Hon. Alfred            38

Kelley, James                       13

Kelley, Joseph                      18

Kelley, L. W.                        42

Kelley, Louisa                      37

Kelley, Matilda                    13

Kelley, Reuben                    42

Kelley, Rev. A. C.               66

Kelley, Rev. J. M.5, 7, 9, 81, 115

Kelley, Rev. James M.          7

Kelley, Rev. John                38

Kelley, Whitfield                38

Kelley, William                   12

Kellogg, Wm.                          6

Kelly, Amy                              1

Kelly, Dellia A.                   26

Kelly, Eliza A.                     22

Kelly, Isabella                      74

Kelly, J. P.,                         2, 3

Kite, Mary                             34

Kittle, Henrietta                      8

Kizer, Franey                          7

Kizle, Mrs. O. P.               113

Kizzee, Mrs. Sherman       49

Klaes, Mary                          21

Kleinman, Mary                  28

Knapp, Lena                         30

Kneff, Elizabeth                     1

Knettal, Stephen                  25

Knight, Anna                           3

Knight, Leonard                  18

Koonan, Rosa                       34

Koons, Andrew P.                  4

Koons, Nanny                         4

Koonts Chapel                   100

Kouns                         116, 127

Kouns, Amanda                   29

Kouns, Anna Lamb/Lamp129

Kouns, Christian               129

Kouns, George                   129

Kouns, George W.            129

Kouns, Mrs. Henry             55

Kouns, Mrs. Mabel             93

Kouns, Mrs. S. W.              92

Kouns, Mrs. Walstein        93

Kouns, Nancy                    129

Kouns, Naoma                     29

Kouns, Wm. H.                    34

Kountz, Emily                      65

Krug, Rev. F. V.                  26

Kuthene, Eliza                     22


Laffoon, Daniel                   41

Laine, Anna                          21

Leftridge, Katherine                1

Leftwick, Nancy                       2

Leighty, Morris                      47

Lemley, Reason D. 31 Leonard, Rev. G. 9

Leonard, Rev. George E. 97

Levacy., Alice                      121

Levell, Mrs. Elizabeth            6

Lewis, B. ,J. P.                          2

Lewis, Bazel ,J. P.               1, 2

Lewis, Catherine                    15

Lewis, E. A.                            42

Lewis, Elenor                         11

Lewis, Elinor                          10

Lewis, Esther D.                    96

Lewis, Ida                                30

Lewis, James J.                      12

Lewis, Madison                     10

Lewis, Rev. C. B.                  23

Lewis, Richard                10, 11

Lewis, Sallie A. Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Wm.

Licero, Jacob G. Liggett, Miss Elizabeth Lionbarger, Peter ,J. P.

Little, R. B.

Little, R.B. Little, Rev. Jacob Lively, Susan A.

Livingston, Catharine

Livingston, John

Loar, Sarah

Loblen, Caroline Lockhart, Mercy Locy, Mary E.

Lodge, H.






1, 4














6, 80











Lair, Jacob6, 7, 8, 9, 72, 88, 93, 123, 131 Long, Amaryllis
Lake, Mary Ann                  28

Lambert , Tom Post G.A.R64

Long, Cynthia

Long, Miss Amaryllis

Long, William

Losey, Barbery

Lottes, George

Lowry, Mrs. Sadie

Lowry, Nancy

Lucas, Burton

Lucus, Nettie

Lucy, Ella

Ludwick, Rev. B. F.

Luft, Elizabeth

Lunceford, Sarah

Lunsford, Polly

Lunsford, Susan

Lutz, Joseph

Lutz, Velt

Lykins, Marion

Lynn, Hall

Lyons, Jim

Lyons, John


Lambert, Anna

Lambert, Bennett

Lambert, Betsy

Lambert, Dellie

Lambert, Greenberry

Lambert, Isaac

Lambert, Josiah

Lambert, Lafeyette

Lambert, Martha

Lambert, Mary

Lambert, Richard

Landgon, Lieutitia Lane, Minerva Lane, Wm. H.

Langdon, Calvary P. Langdon, Miss Annie Langshore, Sarah J.

Lanon, David

Lanon, Jacob

Large, Jennie Larimer, John V.

Larimer, Mrs. Sam Lauhon, James Laven, Mary A.

Law, Mrs. Mary

Lawhorn, Dolly

Lawless, Mary

Lawson, Floyd

Layman, Amos Layman, Edward Layman, Martha M.

Layman, Sarah

Layne, Anna Layne, Nancy Layne, S.

Layne, Samuel





































7, 131









M’Cloud, Mrs. Sarah            37

M’Cloud, Uri                          37

Mace, Aaron W.                    30

Mace, Carlos A.                     28

Mace, Charles A.                   28

Mackey, C.                                8

Mackey, Sm.                           22

Mackley, Jacob                      42

Madden, Ella                          49

Magee, Augustus                   19

Magee, Mary 38 Magee, Oley 121

Magee, Rufus                       121

Magee, Rufus W.                     8

Magee, William                     38

Mahan., Sarah L.                   14

Lee, John                    1, 2, 3, 5

Lee, Thomas                         17

Kelly, Rev. J. M.                18, 23 Kelly, Rev. J.M.           22 Kelly, Rev. John                3, 25
Kelly, Rhody 5
Kelly, Sue 21
Kelsey, Rev. L. 121
Kelvey, Rev. L. 8
Kelvey, Sarah A. 5
Kemp, Abbie MaBelle 32
Kemp, C. T. M. 12
Kemp, Mary A. 19
Kemp, Mrs. Charles 101
Kemp, Thos. W. 32
Kemp, W. E. R. 5
Kennedy, Grace M. 44
Kennedy, Mary 8
Kennedy, Mary A. 44
Kennedy, Rev. P. P. 44
Kernell, Isaac 5
Ketter, Clark 117
Ketter, Clarke 118
Ketter, George S. 117, 118
Ketter, Katharine 118
Ketter, Katherine 117
Kiles, Elizabeth Ann 115
Kilgore, Jeremiah 3
Killerer, C. 46
Killin, John 29
Kilpatrick, Sarah A. 20
Kimbal, John B. 17
Kimball, A. 18
Kimball, Asa 8
Kimball, Eliza 8
Kimball, Hezekiah 39
Kimball, Roxey 18
Kimmel, Lena 32
King 31
King, Cyrus V. 30
King, Effie 29
King, Henrietta 3
King, J Harvy 26
King, John 5
King, Nancy 3
Kingsbury, Charles 98
Kingsbury, Col. 122
Kinner, Elizabeth 4
Kinney, James 47
Kinney, Mrs. Etta 55
Kinnison, James 9
Kinny, Eleaser 4
Kirk, James 17
Kirk, Sarah Ann 26

Kelly, John       2, 3, 25, 45, 88

Kelly, Joseph                             1

Kelly, Mary Jane                   22

Kelly, Minerva                       22

Kelly, Mrs. Amanda             79

Kerr, Capt. Washington H.35

Kerr, Edward Emmit            35

Kerr, Ruth                                35

Kerr, Thos. , J. P.       2, 3, 4, 5

Kerr, Thos. ,J.P.                        4

Ketter Clothing Co             106

Ketter, Mrs. H. C. (Edna)118

Ketter, Mrs. Horry (Edna)117

Keye, Mrs. G. W.                  91

Keyes, John G.                       60

Keys, Mrs.                            124

Keyser, Ben                          108

Kilburn, Emma                       21

Kilburn, Johnny                     46

Kilburne, Johnny Junior      46

Kingry, Elizabeth           11, 13

Kirk, Thomas                      5, 22 Kirker, Miss Jessie 76

Kirker, W. S.                           76

Kirkpatrick, Rev. J. A. 27 Kitchen, John 121

Maines, Rhoda Ann              20

Mains, Thos.                           18

Malone, John                             2

Malone, John H.                    24

Malone, Richard                    29

Manifold, William                 29

Mann, Robt. C.                       30

Mann, William Henry          43

Mannan, Joel                          18

Mannon, John                         10

Mannon, Moses                        4

Mannon, Nancy                        4

Mannon, Rossetta                  84

Marcum, Enos                        20

Marcum, Isaac                        16

Marcum, James                   124

Markins, Charlie                      3

Markins, Mary                        16

Markins, Minerva                  30

Marks, Lena                            28

Marshal, Newton B.              18

Marshall, Delila J.                 28

Marshall, Edward                  17

Marshall, Jemima                  30

Marshall, Mary                      30

Marshall, Mrs.                        84

Marshall, Newton B.            18

Marshall, Robert                    31

Mart, David L.                        18

Martin, Chas. H.                    28

Martin, Frank                          46

Martin, James                       109

Martin, John                              1

Martin, M.                               41

Martin, Maggie                      32

Martin, Mrs.Clara                  41

Martin, Oty                                4

Martin, Samuel                       20

Martin, T. N.                           26

Martin, Thomas                        1

Martindell, Mary E.       30, 96

Massie, Carrie                        18

Massie, Cordelia                    33

Massie, Margaret                   13

Massie, Nancy                 12, 14

Massie, Oren                           34

Massie, Rachel                       20

Massie, Theodore                  33

Massie, Vinton                       33

Massie, Wealthy A.              28

Massie, William                     13

Mather, Fannie                       33

Mather, Prof. W.                      7

Mather, R.                             124

Mather,Frances G.                   7

Mathew, Maria                       30

Mathews, Phoebe                  17

Mathiott, Ruth A.                  13

Matthews, C.                    21, 24

Matthews, Celia                     29

Matthews, J. P.                       19

Matthews., Jennie                  14

Maupin, H. K.                        27

Mavity, Rev. Mr.                      8

Maxey, Elizabeth                     3

May, Geo. W.                         25

May, Joseph L.                       23

May, Martha                         123

May, Patrich                           23

Maycock, Thomas G.           21

Mayes, Hannah E.                 22

Mayes, Sarah E.                     29

Mayhew, Lucinda                  21

Mayhew, Mrs. Martha          66

Mayhew, Susan A.                83

Mays Electric System           92

McAfee, Mrs. Phyllis117, 118

McAniess, Benjamin               2


McAtee, Minnie B.             49

McBrayer, Columbia         28

McBride, Dr. J. T.               31

McCabe, Charles C.           14

McCabe, L. D.                     14

McCabe, Rev. C. C.24, 41, 65

McCaffrey, C. J.                  30

McCaffrey, Jane                  18

McCane, Miami                     2

McCarthy, Cecelia              51

McCarthy, Mary                  51

McCartney, Agnes              13

McCartney, Eliza J.     10, 11

McCartney, Sally                   2

McClelland, James             17

McClelland, Mrs. Lucy     82

McClure                                25

McClure, Mary                    35

McClure, Samuel                35

McClure, Samuel B.           35

McComas, D.                       11

McComas, John                   47

McCommas, Arnon               5

McCommas, Catharine         5

McCommas, George             1

McCommas, Sartin                2

McConnell, Sarah               14

McConthay, Edward M. 34

McCorkle, Mrs.                   85

McCorkle, Samuel                 2

McCorly, James                     3

McCormick, Elizabeth          8

McCormick, James             39

McCormick, John               39

McCown, S. 7, 10, 11, 12, 1

4, 55

McCoy, Charles, J. P.      1, 2

McCoy, Homer W.             29

McCoy, John                           4

McCoy, Mary Violetta         2

McCoy, Mrs. Elizabeth     75

McCoy, Zelpha E.               17

McCune, Leslie                 132

McCune, Walter                132

McDevitt, Maggie               45

McDevitt, Mrs. James       45 McDonald, Libbie

Culbertson                    132

McElroy, Electa A.             23

McEvoy, Mrs. M.               44

McFadden, Sallie                23

McFan, Letishe                       2

McFann, A. J.                      73

McFann, Wm.                      30

McFarland, John S.            89

McFarland, Miss Bettie H.89

McFarland, W. B.               78

McGinnis, John                      4

McGinnis, Mary                     5

McGinnis, Mrs. Charles 102

McGown, John                    22

McGreen, Andrew              16

McGregor, Margaret          11

McGugin, Ann Eliza          38

McGugin, Charlotte M.     38

McGugin, Edward Thomson38

McGugin, Elizabeth

Thomson                         38

McGugin, Mrs. Georgia 117

McGugin, William N         38

McGugin, William N.        38

McGuire, Emily 11 McGuire, John 12, 89

McIntire, Elizabeth                3

McIntire, Mrs. Ellen           36

McIntyre, Sarah                   82

McKee, Flaurie                    29

McKee, Henry C.                29

McKee, John                            3

McKee, Maria                       10

McKellar, William        10, 11

McKeny, Mamie                  32

McKindry, N.                        11

McKinney, John                   13

McKinsey, Elizabeth             1

McKnight, Charles              47

McKnight, Henry D.           20

McKnight, Jackson              26

McKnight, Julia P.               11

McKnight, Margaret           43

McKnight, W. F.                  43

McLardy, Agnes                  40

McLaughlin, David                4

McLeans, Mary Jane           75

McMahan, Capt.                   40

McMahan, Monterville      11

McMahn, Bridget                 30

McMahon, James                   1

McMahon, John                   89

McMahon, Miss Lorraine

  1. 89

McMahon, Stephen                2

McManigal, Fannie S.        10

McMann, Wm. , J. P.            3

McMara, Mary                      12

McMaster, Isabella P.         13

McMillan, Rev. A. J.           14

McMillen, Rev. A. J.      9, 13

McNelly, Patrick                  12

McNurles, James                  13

McQuigg, Mrs. W. T.         89

McQuigg, William T.            7

McSlasky, Mrs. Willard 108

Mead, I. F.                             43

Mead, Martha Ann              77

Mead, Mrs. Lydia                43

Means, Capt. A.                    40

Means, James                        25

Means, Jennie                     132

Means, Mary A                     50

Means, Mr.                            85

Means, Mrs.                        103

Means, Mrs. Martha         103

Means, Thomas W.      50, 58

Means, William 11, 103, 131

Means, Wm.                        103

Measey, Arminda                 25

Meier, Caroline                     23

Melvin, Thomas                   44

Menager, Margaret C.         22

Menager, Roman                  22

Mercer, William F.              24

Meredith, Rev. W. C.          19

Meredith, Thomas                13

Merrick, Mrs. Georgia     128

Merrifield, Orsamus S.       14

Merrill, A.                              41

Merrill, J. Edwin P.             25

Merrill, John P.                     41

Merrill, Sarah Frances        41

Merrill, W.S.                         57

Merritt, John                          21

Messer, Crosby                     24

Middlebrook, Mary           104

Middlehauser, Louis           45

Middleton, Rev. W. N.23, 26

Midkiff, Nancy                     29

Miler, Coredelia                   32

Miles, Lucy B.                         8

Miles, Martin                           4

Millan, John                        2 Miller, A. 27, 44

Miller, Abraham ,Jr               4

Miller, Adolph                      13

Miller, Albert                        35

Miller, Capt. H. H.               73

Miller, Capt. Isaac              17

Miller, Carolina                   14

Miller, Charlotte           18, 19

Miller, Elizabeth                    5

Miller, Enoch                       16

Miller, Fannie                      73

Miller, Geo. W.                   13

Miller, Henry                       40

Miller, J. ,J. P.                         3

Miller, J. Q.                          47

Miller, Jacob ,J. P.            2, 3

Miller, James M. C.            32

Miller, John                             7

Miller, Josephine                 19

Miller, Keaiah                         5

Miller, Louis                        28

Miller, Mary J.                     11

Miller, Rev. T. J.                 22

Miller, Rev. Wm. Gains24, 89

Miller, Samuel A.               27

Miller, Sarah J.                    94

Miller, Theresa                    22

Miller, William E.               10

Miller, Wm. , J. P.                 5

Millhuff, Ellen                     22

Millies, Miss Sue                89

Mills                                       38

Milstead, Elizabeth                9

Milstead, Mary J.                29

Minard, Ann                         11

Minard, Sadie J.                  31

Misner, S. N.                        18

Mitchel, Rev. Walter          22

Mitchell, Angeline                 9

Mitchell, Ida A.                   65

Mitchell, John                      17

Mitchell, Martha E.               8

Mitchell, Mrs.                    105

Mitchell, Mrs. Marion     108

Mitchell, Mrs. R. E.          105

Mitchell, Ralph E.               34

Mitchell, Rev. James          65

Mobler, Lulu                        34

Moffett, Colonel John T. 76

Moffett, Minnie M.            76

Momun, Elizabeth                 3

Monahan, Elizabeth              1

Monk, Belsena                     14

Monnig, Mrs. Otto              79

Montgomery, John H.        33

Montgomery, Rachel       116

Moore, Alfred                      20

Moore, Elisha                       25

Moore, Elizha                      24

Moore, Hannah                    93

Moore, John                         53

Moore, Mrs. Elsworth       90

Moore, Mrs. Gomer         118

Moore, Mrs. Louise          117

Moore, Rev. J. B.                25

Moore, Rev. J. D.              126

Moore, Rev. J. E.18, 25, 26, 97

Moore, Rev. Mr.                  82

Moore, Sarah                    2, 16

Moore, Willard F.               29

More, Mrs.                            17

More, Mrs. Vicey                23

Morgan, Asa                            5

Morgan, Capt. Lee              94

Morgan, John                          6

Morgan, Mary                         9

Morgan, Morgan                 40

Morgan, Ruthee A.             19

Mornin, John                        30

Morris, James C.                 30

Morris, James W.                20

Morris, Melvina J.              21

Morris, Mrs. Grace 127, 128

Morris, Ollie                            30

Morrision, Nathaniel ,J. P. 4

Morrison, Ida                           26

Morrison, Jane                           5

Morrison, Joseph                       1

Morrison, L. D.                       26

Morrison, Nathaniel, J. P. 5

Morrow, Nancy                       14

Moseby                                   122

Mossbarger, A.                        18

Moulton, Carl                 98, 106

Moulton, Col. J. H.              105

Moulton, Don                          98

Moulton, Harry                     106

Moulton, Mrs. Eloise          117

Moulton, Mrs. J. H. 106, 107

Moulton, Wallace                106

Mount, Samuel                        14

Mountain, Wm.                       11

Moxley, Calvin                       44

Muck, John                               30

Mudill, Elizabeth                      6

Mullen, Mrs. Amillie

Bennett                             120

Mullen, Mrs. Ellen                 26

Mullenbaugh, George            39

Mulligan, Mrs. T.J.                61

Mulligan, T. J.                         85

Mulligan, Thos.                       44

Munk, Mary M.                      21

Murdock, D. S.                     116

Murdock, Drake                        5

Murdock, Drake S.                 30

Murdock, J. S.                         24

Murdock, Judge P.                    9

Murdock, Martha A.                9

Murdock, Miss M. Ada         24

Murdock, Mrs. Hattie         115

Murfin, James 40 Murnahan, General Jackson22

Murphey, Polly                          4

Murphy, Bridget                     11

Murphy, John D.                     14

Murphy, Patrick                      11

Myers, Charles H.                  12

Myers, Goldie                       117

Myers, Kate                             33

Myers, Richard                     117

Myers, Sanford                       16

Myers, Will H.                      117


Nagle., Philapena                    73

Nance, Artey                              2

Nance, Banister                         4

Nance, Rachel F.                    33

Nance, Richard                          2

Nance, Richard ,Sr                    5

Nance, Wilson                         11

Nash, Mary C.                  27, 28

Nash, Paul                                12

Nash, Sarah E.                         11

Navton, Miacor ? D.                 9

Neal, Asael                                 2

Neal, Janie                                30

Neal, Jennie                              27

Neal, Mary Jane                        9

Neal, Miss Alice                   103

Neal, Miss Lillian                103

Neal, Robert                             47

Neal, Ruth H.                    23, 86

Neal, Sarah                                 1

Needham, Julia                        12

Neff, Eunice                               2

Nelson, Eliza J.                       13

Nelson, Mary                             4

Nevins, Mrs. John                100

Nevis, John H.                         8

Newbury, John                        2

Newman, Emily A.              26

Newsom, John L.                 22

Newton, Judge                      75

Newton, Miss Mary E. 75

Newton, Stephen 53, 61

Nicholas, Georgella 95

Nicholls, Wm.                       30

Nichols, Newell L.               21

Nichols, Samuel P.                 6

Nichols, Thomas                  40

Niffenegger, Frederick       23

Nipp, John                              32

Nixon, Mother                    104

Nixon, Wm.                             4

Noble, Nancy                           3

Nolan, Amanda              15, 78

Nolter, Margaret C.             18

Norman, Frances                  19

Norris, Anna                       105

Norris, Margaret                   18

Norris, Mary E.                    17

Norris, Sarah E.                    23

Norton, Dan W.                    98

Norton, Dr. A. J.                     8

Norton, E. M.              81, 108

Norton, F. D.                81, 107

Norton, Fred                       108

Norton, Harold                      98

Norton, Mollie C.              107

Norton, Mrs. D. C.            108

Norton, Mrs. H. E.            116

Norton, Mrs. Sarah A.        42

Norton, Rea M.                     42

Notler, Margaret C.             18

Null, Dennis                        107

Null, Edgar                            67

Null, George                          67

Null, Hattie M.                      30

Null, Henry                            67

Null, Homer                          67

Null, J. C.                             107

Null, John                               67

Null, Mary                             20

Null, Mrs. Augusta              67

Null, Orange                       107

Null, Rebecca                        42

Null, Sarah J.                         22

Null, Trephema                     42

Null, Virgil                            67

Null, Wm                               42

Nye, Ichabod                           9

Nye, Rev. Jordon C.            26


O’Donohoe, Rev. Mr.         11

O’Harre, Bridge                   22

O’Laughlin, Michael           11

O’Neil, Hugh                        11

O’Niel, Cora M.                    32

Oakes Bros                            64

Oakes, E. H.                          36

Oakes, Emiline                     36

Offnere, Dr. J.                       38

Ohio Iron and Coal Co     106

Ollum, Isaac W.                   28

Oppy, Mrs. Charles             97

Ort 126

Osborn, Joseph                     45

Osborne, Jos.                         45

Osborne, Louisa                   28

Oscar, Elizabeth                      1

Oshman, I.                             96

Ours, Wm. Franklin            22

Overstreet, Susannah             1

Owen, Mrs. Rachael M. 42


Pack, Sarah J.                        31

Palmer, L. W.                        27

Palmer, Reuben                    22

Pancake, A.                            20

Pancake, Lucinda                 11

Pancake, Mrs. William 116

Parker, H. W.                           6

Parker, L. G.                          47

Parker, Mrs. Thomas           68

Parker, N. H.                            6

Parker, Simon                       10

Parker, Stites                            1

Parkers                                  126

Parrish, Samuel                    19

Parsly, Jane                            17

Partlow, H. W.                      18

Partlow, Hiram W.               18

Partlow, Julia Ann        7, 114

Passons, Sarah                         1

Pattengale, Nancy                77

Patterson, Alice                    29

Patterson, Col. John          121

Patterson, Elizabeth          121

Patterson, S.                           29

Patterson, Sam’l                   11

Patterson, Thomas                  7

Patton, Dollie                      102

Patton, John                        102

Patton, Robert                       32

Patton, Wm.                           45

Paul, Washington H.              9

Payne, Charles S.               107

Payne, E. S.                           33

Payne, Maggie A.         30, 65

Pease, Samuel E.                    2

Peck, Judge W. V.                  7

Peck, Rev. J. L.                     21

Peck,Mary Catlin                    7

Peebles, Joseph S.             121

Peebles, Samuel W.             41

Pemberton, Charles W.       26

Pemberton, Elisha                13

Pemberton, Jas. H.               13

Pemberton, Lucinda            16

Pemberton, Mary E.            22

Pemberton, Miriam             13

Pemberton, Miss Lucy        83

Pemberton, Mrs. Elliot       86

Pemberton, Mrs. Kate         87

Pennington, Isabel               16

Perdue, Lucy A.                   15

Perkins, Dr. E. H.                 40

Perkins, Joseph                       3

Perkins, Mrs. Emily            40

Perkins, William                     4

Perry, James                          27

Peters, Isabelle                      91

Peters, John                           14

Peters, Mrs. J. F.                  75

Peters, Mrs. James               75

Peters, Rebecca                     14

Peters, Sarah A.                    11

Peters, W. H.                         24

Pethroud, Esq.                       38

Pethroud, Sarah                    38

Petit, Mrs. Laura                  73

Petry, Sinkler                           1

Peyton, Clara F.                    23

Phelps, James E.                     9

Phelps, Thos.                         87

Phillips, John                         30

Phillips, Rev.               33, 104

Phillips, Undertaker            46

Phipps, Jean                           35

Pierce, Alice                          31

Pierce, Richard                     18


Pierpoint, Elizabeth              20

Pigman, John                          13

Piles, Hester Ann                  23

Piles, Sarah                                3

Pine, Ruth                               34

Pinkerman, Caroline            18

Pinkerman, Leona                 31

Pinkerman, Stella Ann         34

Pixley                                       29

Platt, Nathan                           18

Plybon, Dora P.                     32

Plybon, Giles                          27

Plyley, John P.                       12

Poage, James A.                       2

Poage, Rebecca C.                   9

Poage, Robt. W.                       5

Pogue                                     104

Pogue, Mary                           21

Pogue, W. H.                          17

Pogue, Wm. H.                      17

Pollard, Wm. H.                    22

Polley, P. R.11, 12, 19, 23, 82

Polley, Peras A.                     15

Polley, Peras B.                     15

Polley, Peras R.          9, 16, 19

Pond, Gideon                  11, 12

Pooley, J. H.                    29, 76

Poore, Adda M.                     43

Poore, Lillie                            43

Poore, Mark                            43

Porter                                     112

Porter, Charles                     104

Porter, Isabella                    104

Porter, Pricilla                          1

Porter, Wm.                            44

Portman, Joseph                       7

Potts, Mrs. N. N.                   91

Powell, Angeline                     6

Powell, Elisha J.                    24

Powell, Fannie                       34

Powell, Frank                         65

Powell, J. ,J. P.                         5

Powell, Jacob ,J. P.        2, 3, 5

Powell, Wm.                             3

Powers, Cora B.                    69

Powers, George N.                44

Powers, John                          22

Powers, Rachel V.                22

Powrll, James H.                   28

Prater, Anderson                   34

Pratt, Averill                           31

Pratt, H. T. L.                         11

Pratt, Rev. E. P.                     24

Preston, Charles A.               29

Preston, Jefferson               111

Preston, Moses                         1

Price, B. K.                           113

Price, Polly                                3

Price, Walter                             9

Prichard, John M.                  31

Prior, Hanorah                       12

Pritchard, Dick                    107

Pritchard, Harvey                  38

Pritchard, Julia A.                    8

Pritchard, Miss Susan          84

Pritchet, Luis                            4

Proctor, Eva                            26

Prose, Rev. J. R.                  123

Prtichard, F. M.                     13

Prtichard, Mrs. Mary            38

Puckett, Eliza                            8

Pugh, Mrs. Margaret            16

Pugh, Nannie                          50

Pussey, William                    16


Quigley, Margaret E.           45



Rader, Charles                        2

Radford, Anna G.                24

Radford, Ida M.                   29

Radford, Jane                          7

Radford, Sarah                        4

Rainer,                                    35

Rainey, Rebecca                  26

Raisen, Evoline                       8

Ralston, Alice Lovell       117

Rambacher, Mrs. Charles106

Rambacher, Mrs. Chas. 106

Ramsbottom, James H.         9

Ramsey, Carrie                     24

Ramsey, Mrs. Anna            14

Randall, Rev. D. A.               7

Rankin, Emily A.              132

Rankin, Frank                       32

Rankin, Rev. John             104

Ransbottom, Berryman      29

Ransbottom, Mary        30, 50

Ranshaus, Amanda              97

Rardin, Mrs. Hugh            128

Rardin, Mrs. Hugh J.        128

Ratcliff, Hamilton               31

Ratcliff, Kate                        31

Rathburn, Mary A.          7, 99

Ratliff, John                          14

Raundant, Harmon              30

Ravenscraft, Sarah E.         12

Ray, Alonzo                          30

Ray, Martha Helen              26

Ray, Mary E.                        32

Rayburn, James                    10

Reed, Gertie                          31

Reed, Lida                             73

Reed, Mary Jane                  24

Reed, Mrs. Virginia          107

Reed, Ollie                            31

Reed, Rebecca                        9

Reed, Rosetta                        14

Reedy, James                        16

Reese, Rev. Mr.                 131

Reeves, Samuel V.              27

Rehme, John E.                    33

Reinhart, Charles Edward 34

Remy, Nannie                       34

Rese, Archibald                      1

Reynolds, Emma                 26

Reynolds, Ester L.               32

Reynolds, Robt. B.              19

Rice, Chas.                            44

Rice, Cindarella                      1

Rice, George                           2

Rice, James                              4

Rice, Lucinda                       24

Rice, Margaret                      35

Rice, Martha J.                     26

Rice, Mrs. J. R.                  107

Rice, T. H.                             35

Richards, Mary A.               34

Richards, Mrs. Arch         107

Richards, Samuel                   5

Richardson, Cornelia       101

Richardson, Elizabeth        17

Richardson, Helen               82

Richardson, Henry              47

Richardson, J. E.                  26

Richardson, Malose(?)       12

Richey, George B.                 8

Richey, J. Hamilton               7

Richey, Nancy                      12

Richey, R.                         6, 90

Richmond, Miss Eliza        12

Ricker, Augusta 6 Ricker, Isadora 18 Ricketts          116


Ricketts, Nancy                  100

Riddle, John                             1

Ridenour, Elizabeth          102

Riffe, Rev. C. C.                   27

Riggs, Joseph                        41

Riggs, Rebecca G                 41

Riley, Thomas                    126

Rimer, Louisa                32, 73

Ripley, David                          3

Ripley, Wirts                         34

Risley, Zuba                             3

Roach, Ann E.                         9

Roach, Mrs. Mary                67

Roadarmour, J. Frank         17

Robbins, Annie D.               11

Roberts                                    87

Roberts, Arabella                 11

Roberts, Isaac                        10

Roberts, James H.                31

Roberts, Mattie                     29

Robinson, B. J.                     26

Robinson, David                  11

Robinson, Elizabeth            14

Robinson, J. V. Jr                 40

Robinson, J. V. Sr                40

Robinson, Luanna Stewart 91

Robinson, Margaret             18

Robinson, Rev. P. M.          91

Robinson, Rev. P.M.           28

Rockwell, Alvira                  14

Rodger, Wilhelmine            13

Rodgers, Caroline M.          18

Rodgers, John H.                  43

Rodgers, Katie                      43

Rodgers, Miss                       19

Rodgers, Sophia                   18

Rodgers. Jos. A.                   33

Rogers, Sarah J.                    19

Rollins, Mary A.                  31

Rollins, Miss Mary           111

Rombacher, A.                      47

Root, James M.                       5

Rose, Elizabeth                     23

Rose, Mary                            27

Rose, Mrs. L. A.                100

Rose, Samuel                        12

Roseberry, Alice                  32

Rosebraugh, Jonas G.         31

Ross, John                              16

Ross, Joseph                            5

Ross, Mrs.                              90

Ross, Robert                            1

Ross, Wm. F.                           6

Roth, Charles                        22

Roush, John                           18

Roush, Margaret                   10

Rowe                                       94

Rowe, Rev. J.                           8

Rowley, Isham                        1

Royal, Robert E.                   32

Rucker, Isadore                     18

Rucker, Laura                       73

Rudolph, Sarah E.                30

Ruedy, Dr. Robert E.          34

Rumbergh, Julia Ann             6

Rumble                                   91

Russell, Eliza                        26

Russell, James C.                 47

Russell, Jemima                      3

Russell, Mary A                   47

Russell, Miss Grace             86

Russell, Miss Ruth A.         84

Russell, Mrs. Essie              85

Russell, Samuel             5, 117

Russell, Sanford                      3

Russell, Thomas                   84

Russell, Thos. A.                  27

Russell, Thos. E.                  23

Russell, William                   86

Rust, Henry                            28

Rust, Margaret                      22

Rust, Sarah J.                        13

Rutledge, Mrs. A. C.         101


Sackel, August                      45

Safford, M. Louise            132

Sagar, Joseph                        33

Salyer, Lewis                        30

Sampson, Coleby                 40

Sampson, Nancy                     3

Sampson, Valentine               3

Sampson, Winny                    2

Samuels, Emma             24, 89

Samuels, Judge                     69

Sanders, Alice                       33

Sanders, Eliza P.                  16

Sanders, Hannah                  31

Sanders, Henry B.                34

Sanders, Minnie M.             79

Sanders, Sarah                      33

Sanford, George W.            51

Sanford, Miss Margaret      88

Sargent, Elizabeth                94

Saunders, James                   27

Savage, Annie                       45

Savage, Benjamin                36

Savage, Mercy                      36

Savage, Sarah H.                  36

Saylor, Anna                         31

Sayre, Capt. D.F.                  61

Sayre, Lydia                          59

Sayres, Addie                     130

Sayres, Sarah                         18

Scarborough, Elizabeth         1

Schmeisser, Amel                32

Schmidtt, Lawrence            55

Schoenberger                      102

Schwininger., Mrs. Henry 83

Scott, Bennett                        15

Scott, Dr. James                   39

Scott, G. S.                             10

Scott, George Newton        41

Scott, Hannah A.                  39

Scott, Johnny                         39

Scott, Rev. Mr.                     24

Scott, Richard                       26

Scott, Thomas                       41

Scott, Virginia                       41

Scovill, William T.                 6

Scoville, Laura                        3

Seaton, Dr. A.                       10

Seaton, Helen A.                  10

Seeley, Anna                         73

Seeley, Libbie                     130

Seeley, Mr. B.                       73

Seely, Hon. Uri                  130

Selb, A.                                   29

Selb, Alma                             29

Selb, Andy                             46

Selb, Joseph                           10

Selfridge, Chester W.            8

Selfridge, E. L.                     42

Sellard, William                   13

Seritt, Andrew                       26

Seymon                                   61

Shackleford                         130

Shafer, Mary E.                    29

Shafer, Mrs. Bertha             85

Shafer, Nanson                     34

Shallcross, Anna                  22

Shallcross, Dr. Joseph         22

Sharp, Elizabeth            18, 19

Sharp, Lucy                           27

Sharp, Milton                      22 Sharp, Nancy                 21

Sharp, William                      21

Shattuck, Mrs. Martha 7, 114

Shaw, Matthew                     12

Sheldon, Miss Louise         50

Shelton, Aaron                      28

Shelton, Walter F.                25

Sheltontaitt, James                 2

Shepard, Barbary                 22

Shepard, Col. C. A.             22

Shepherd, J. A.                     53

Shepherd, Mrs. Elizabeth 90

Shepherd, Nora V.               31

Sheppard, Ida                        27

Sheridan Coal Works          75

Sheritt, John                          14

Sherman, James G.                 3

Sherman, Mrs. John          101

Shields, Mrs. John               97

Shields, Mrs. Mamie           67

Shipman, Dr. H. E. (or B.) 39

Shipman, Hannah Cotton 39

Shipman, Rhoda Maria 133

Shipman, Samuel               133

Shlosser, Lisa                        13

Shoneberger                          81

Short, Sarah                             3

Short, William                      13

Shoults, Alexander              20

Shour Sally                               2

Shultz, Rev. J. M.              128

Shumate, Eliza Jane     16, 94

Shumate, Samuel                 12

Shute, John C.                         4

Shute, Mrs. L. G.                 55

Sickles, Amanda J.              13

Silliman, Walter                   67

Silverman, Samuel                 6

Simmons, Elizabeth               2

Simmons, Joel                         4

Simmons, John H.                24

Simmons, Martha B.           23

Simmons, Polly                       4

Simmons, Rev. J. T. F.       77

Simon, John                           12

Simpson, Allie                      32

Simpson, Hattie                 115

Simpson, Lewis                    30

Simpson, M. J.                      28

Simpson, Mrs. J. E.             97

Sims, Fred E.                         35

Sims, Robert                          10

Singer, C. M.                           7

Sisler, Margaret                      6

Sisson, Marget                      17

Sites, S. Gotlieb                    12

Sites, Wm.                             31

Skelding, Mary                     75

Skelton, Aureala F.              18

Skelton, Cynthia                   13

Skevanski, Mr.                      44

Skinner, Clayton L. C.     128

Skinner, John S.                 128

Skinner, Maj. B. M.             18

Skinner, Mrs. J. F.             128

Sloan                                       15

Sloan, Ellen                           22

Sloan, Nathan A.                  27

Sloat, G. W.                           10

Sloat, Mary E.                       95

Slone, Charlotte                    21

Smalley, Angelina               13

Smiley, Finley D.                 18

Smith                                    126

Smith, Abraham                      3

Smith, Amanda                     19

Smith, Ambrose            11, 14

Smith, Andrew                      20

Smith, Aug. J.                      19

Smith, Austin                          8

Smith, Betsey                          4

Smith, Capt. E. J.              128

Smith, Clarence C.            100

Smith, Gen. T. C. H.          25

Smith, Israel                         15

Smith, Joseph                     130

Smith, Lucinda                    28

Smith, Mary                         51

Smith, Mary Ward              25

Smith, Miss Florence       128

Smith, Miss M. L.               12

Smith, Mrs. Clarence C. 100

Smith, Mrs. Harriet            19

Smith, Mrs. Jessie               71

Smith, Mrs. Margaret Hunter101

Smith, Nettie                        28

Smith, Oliver L.                     7

Smith, Palsey                          3

Smith, Perlina L.                 20

Smith, Phillip S.                  32

Smith, Rev. W. J.                66

Smith, Sarah Ann                   5

Smith, Susanna                    21

Smith, William                       3

Snell, Catherine                      1

Snider, Hannah                       4

Snider, Jacob                        44

Snodgrass, Ira                      32

Snyder, Rev.                         46

Songer, Miss Ann               83

Songer, Wm.                        25

Sourman, Joseph                 91

Sowards, Thomas                   4

Spahr, Rev. B. N.52, 98, 110, 130, 133

Spahr, Rev. Mr.                   17

Sparks, C. A.                        98

Sparks, Isaac                        23

Sparling, Elizabeth                2

Sparling, Samuel                 16

Spears, G. H. ,J. P.                 2

Spears, H. , J. P.           2, 4, 5

Spears, Henry, J. P.          2, 3

Spears, Lizzie                       33

Spears, Peter                         13

Spears, Rosannolo                 4

Spears, Susannah                   2

Spence, Rev. John               12

Spencer, Geo.                       63

Spencer, Mrs. E. L.           107

Spencer, Rev. W. H.           12

Sperrick, Eva May            106

Sperry, Angeline                 18

Sperry, Eva A.                     19

Sperry, Nancy                         1

Spicer, Elixa                         18

Spicer, Mrs. Arvilla     25, 88

Sprigg, S.                               77

Sprouse, Lewis                       4

Sprouse, Wm. A.                    4

Spurlock, David, J. P.      2, 4

Spurlock, Jacob ,J. P.            2

St. John, Miss Susan          88

Stafford, George                  32

Stafford, John                       20

Staley, Daniel                          2

Staley, Mattie                       51

Stampfle, Mrs. Anna          25

Stanley, Annie                   121

Stapf, Chas.                          23

Starlin, A. W.                     120

Starlin, Erastus           43, 120

Starlin, Maria C.                  21

Starling, A. W.                     24

Starr, Rachel T.                  105

Staten, Willard                     35


Bonanza                             64

Bostona                              83

City of Madison            132

City of Providence          73

Grey Eagle                        67

Juanita                                83

Lizzie Hamilton                15

Louise                                 53

  1. W. Thomas 95

Ohio                                  128

Ohio No. 4                         22

Swallow                              13

Victor No. 3                      17

Stedman, Carlisle & Shaw110

Steece, Jacob                           36

Steece, Mrs. Muriel               91

Steed, Joshua                           13

Steed, Mrs. Emma                 60

Steele, George M.                  31

Steele, Rebecca                       15

Stein, Jacob                              25

Stephens, J. A.                        12

Stephens, Miriam J.               13

Stephenson, Miss Eliza 110

Stephenson, Rebecca               1

Stern, Mary J.                            8

Sterns, Geo. G.                       27

Sterns, John W.                         2

Steth, Elizabeth                         1

Stetson, C. B.                          81

Stevens, Frederick                 35

Stevenson, Martha Ann        16

Stevenson, Nettie                   34

Stewart, Abbie F.                   28

Stewart, Emma D.                  33

Stewart, Harriet N.                 20

Stewart, Henry W.                 17

Stewart, J. C.                           23

Stewart, John                         2, 8

Stewart, John G.                       9

Stewart, Louisa J.                   14

Stewart, Mary         16, 17, 119

Stewart, Mrs. Perry               67

Stewart, Nancy                          3

Stewart, Sarah A.                 105

Stewart, Sarah L.                    23

Stewart, Will T.                      33

Sticklen, Mrs. Nick               81

Stillman, John                         30

Stimson, Maj. Pringas           41

Stith, Elizabeth                          1

Stone, B. F.                              84

Stong, Mrs.                              89

Storey, Thursey                         6

Story, Mahala                            5

Stotts, Joseph                          20

Stover, Mary                              3

Stowers, Mrs. Wm.                86

Stratton, Maggie                     31

Strobel, J. B.                            80

Stuck, Jacob                               4

Suiter, H. K.                            29

Suiter, Israel L.                       18

Suiter, Mary E.                       30

Suiter, Phillip                             2

Suiter, William M.                   2

Sullivan, Ecelia                       12

Sullivan, Emma                      35

Sullivan, James                       35

Sullivan, Julia Ann                35

Sulliven, Catherine                24

Sumpter, Francis                       1

Sutherland                                25

Sutton                                     117

Sutton, Harriet E.                   54

Sutton, Joseph                         53

Sutton, Nancy                         53

Sutton, Richard                       54

Sutton, Sarah E.                     27

Swap, Geo.                              25

Swap, Josephine                    20

Swap, Virginia                       25

Swap, W. W.                           23

Swim, Jesse                             24


Tacket, Henry                         26

Tackett, Harvey                      28

Tackett, Sarah Ann               10

Tackett, Thomas                       2

Tagg, James                            20

Tait, Margaret                           3

Taitt, John A.                            4

Taitt, Margaret                       77

Talbot, C. W.                          10

Talbott, Rev. C. W.               23

Talbott, Rev. Chas. W.         18

Taylor, Clarissa                      18

Taylor, Dr. James                  13

Taylor, Ella                             31

Taylor, Lucy                           18

Taylor, Miss Ruth                 74

Taylor, Rev. G. W.                77

Taylor, Rev. Mr.                       6

Taylor, Rev. Wm. S.          102

Taylor, William H.                20

Templeton, C. T.                    86

Templeton, Diana                  27

Templeton, James                    5

Templeton, John                    66

Templeton, T. , J. P.                1

Templeton, Thomas            3, 4

Templeton, Thomas, J. P. 3

Templeton, Thos.                     1

Terry, Jas. C.                             8

Terry, Mary A.                       17

Terry, May A.                         17

Testament, Nanney        30, 78

Thacker, Alex L.                    11

the Lawrence Mill Co.         83

Thomas, Horace                     47

Thomas, James                  5, 34

Thomas, James E.                  14

Thomas, Levi                          43

Thomas, Loretta                     31

Thomas, Mary Jane               97

Thomas, Miss Essie              69

Thomas, Mrs. Clara C.         18

Thomas, Mrs. D. H.            125

Thomas, Mrs. Kate             115

Thomas, N. Maria                 18

Thomas, Rev. J. M.21, 24, 25

Thomas, Rev. Jas.                 15

Thomas, Sarah N.                  19

Thomas, Thomas R.              14

Thompson, Elizabeth            12

Thompson, Isabella               19

Thompson, Lizzie                  30

Thompson, Lulu                    34

Thompson, Miss Francis 88

Thompson, Mrs. B. F.        107

Thompson, Nancy          24, 25

Thompson, Nannie B.          28

Thompson, Sarah E.             24

Thomson, Geo. W.                20

Thomson, Samuel                  16

Thornton, Charles H.            21

Thornton, Drusilla                 36

Thornton, Rev. E. C.             36

Thornton, Robert                   32

Thornton, Sarah A.                36

Threadgor, David                  39

Thurston, Jane                           4

Tiller, Sarah Belle                 33

Tinsley, Rev. J. C.                 18


Tipton, Anna                         34

Tira, Margaret                       14

Todd, Mrs. Emma                92

Tomlinson, Charles E.        31

Tops, Mary E.                       13


Coal Valley                   108

Townsend, Mrs. Edna      102

Traines, Rose                        14

Trigg, Thos. , J. P.                  2

Triggs, Sally                            3

Trimble Iron Works          105

Trimble, David                   105

Trimmel, Letitia                   16

Truesdell, MissTamaurus     7

Trumbo, Dr. G. W.              38

Trumbo, Fannie                    38

Trumbo, George              1, 46

Trumbo, Mary E.                 25

Trumbo, Sarah Eugenia      38

Tucker, Alreda                      19

Tucker, Ella S.                      28

Tull, John F.                          31

Tull, William                           1

Tulloch, A.                             17

Tulvy, Mrs.                            44

Tumines, Mary                     14

Tunnell, Lovey W.                 4

Turman, Martha                   34

Turner, James                 10, 11

Turner, Owen                        20

Turner, Rebecca                   16

Turner, Robert                      18

Turner, S. E.                             6

Turvey, Ann                          30

Turvey, Anna                        91

Turvey, Joseph                      27

Turvey, Margaret E.            27

Tyler, Judge                           33

Tyler, Mrs. E. F.                101

Tyre, Estle                              35


Ulrich, Lewis C.                   31

Unger, Margaret                   19

Unrue, Amanda M.              29

Unrue, William                     47

Unrue, Wm.                           31

Upp, D. F                               39

Upp, Emily                            39

Upp, George Wesley           39

Urick, Emily F.                     19

Urick, Matthias                     14


Valentine, Alice                    20

Valentine, Mr.                    119

Vallitte, Maria R.                 10

Van Bibber, James T.            8

Vananda, Rev. C. A.           13

Vanbibber, Olivia                   3

Vance, Phillip L. L.             14

Vancony, Samuel                   4

Vandervort, Ann              9, 84

Vanhoose, Wm. M.             31

Vanmere, Horatio                11

Vaughn, Nancy F.                23

Vaughn, Ruth                        25

Veal, Ebby                                4

Verigan, Katie D.                 28

Vermillion, J. F.                   33

Vermillion, John                     2

Vermillion, Logan               47

Vermillion, Reubin                2

Vicker, Almira               18, 97

Vicker, Simon                      17

Vincent, Gertrude               28

Vipond, John                        39

VonSchriltz, Lovella          30


Waddell, Rev. D.                 15

Waddle, Rev. D.                  28

Wade, Peter                          44

Waggoner, Fred                   31

Wagner, Anna                      28

Wait, Emily M.                       5

Wait, Melissa                       99

Waitz, Coonrad                    19

Wakefield’s, E. W.                4

Wakefield P. ,J. P.            3, 4

Wakefield, Benjamin A.      7

Wakefield, E. W.                 42

Wakefield, Kate L.      23, 24

Wakefield, Mahala             24

Wakefield, Peter ,J. P.1, 2, 3, 4

Wakefield, Peter, J. P1, 2, 3, 4

Wakefield, Rev. J. W.        10

Walbridge, Caulina                3

Walbright, Hugh                 12

Walden, John                       44

Waldon, Mrs. Hattie           46

Walker, Charles F.              34

Walker, Frank                      25

Walker, Margaret A.          13

Walker, Nancy                     64

Walker, Perlie                      24

Walker, Rev. Mr.                14

Walker, Will P.                    26

Walker, Zachariah              26

Wall, Dide                             32

Wall, Mrs. Emma              107

Wallace, Cadwallader  Sen39 Wallace, Miss Phoebe Jane85

Waller, George                    10

Walls, Geo.                           24

Walls, Kansas                      32

Walls, Martha J.                  30

Walls, Rev.                           24

Walls, Ruth                              3

Walser, Jacob                          9

Walter, Wm. L.                    23

Walters, Mollie                    27

Walters, Mrs. William       49

Walters, Squire                    47

Walton                                 119

Walton, Thos. A.               2, 4

Ward, Augustus T.       23, 24

Ward, Chas.                             1

Ward, Daniel                        12

Ward, Ella M.                      17

Ward, Florence                    33

Ward, Grozey                       34

Ward, John L.                      17

Ward, L.                                13

Ward, Martha                       13

Ward, Mary                             9

Ward, Mrs. Edward          117

Ward, Rebecca J.                13

Ward, S.                                 13

Ward, Shadrach                      9

Ward, Sheriff                79, 99

Ward, Solomon                    22

Ward, Stepen E.                  33

Ward, Susan                         29

Warffuel, Alfred                  19

Warfield, James                 125

Warfuel, E. R.                      47

Warfuel, Geo. H.                 19

Waring, Sallie Lyma(?)     12

Warne, William P.              32

Warply, Henry                        1


Warring, Clermont H.          36

Watson, Charlotte                  28

Watson, Patrick H.                30

Watson, Samuel B.                25

Watters, Joel                              5

Watts, Spicy                            33

Webb, Belle                            29

Webb, Catherine                    15

Webb, Elias                               1

Webb, Eliza A.                       11

Webb, George                           4

Webb, Hanley ,J. P.                 3

Webb, Hanly, J. P.                   2

Webb, James J. P.                1, 2

Webb, Jeremiah                     11

Webb, John                             12

Webb, Lavina                            4

Webb, Rhoda                            5

Webb, Rufus H.                     32

Weddell, Wm.                        43

Weed, John S.                         33

Weekly, Emma                       18

Welch, Manoah                      14

Wells, Barsheba                       4

Wells, Jinny                               5

Wells, Nancy                          30

Wentz, Hal E.                         35

Westcott, Betsey                      3

Westwood, Henry A.            23

Wharton, Rev. L. B.              83

Wheeler, Giles G.                  21

Wheeler, James ,J. P.              4

Whitcomb, Rev.                     44

Whitcomb, Rev. W. W.       28

White Collar Line               128

White, David                             1

White, Ella                              56

White, James                             2

White, Maria A.              18, 19

White, Mrs. Emma                85

White, Rev. Mr.                     10

White, Sarah                           26

White, William H.                 20

Whitehead, Homer                30

Whitehead, Rev. H. L.        15,

110, 111

Whitehead, Sarah D.             15

Whitt, Elzaphan                     27

Wickes, Rev. Thomas          67

Widman, Angelica                10

Wilburn, Bettie                       20

Wild, Mary                       16, 73

Wilgus, C. H.                          46

Wilgus, Dosha                          5

Wilgus, Hetty                            3

Wilkins, Hannah F.               25


Wilkinson, Nancy                14

Wilkinson, Sallie J.             17

Willard, Eugene B.              20

Willard, James Orville        36

Willard, Mrs. E. B.            118

Willey, Henry                          5

Williams, Anna D.               33

Williams, Annie                   20

Williams, Ellen P.         7, 114

Williams, Enoch                     1

Williams, George                 47

Williams, James                      3

Williams, John                      21

Williams, John A.                28

Williams, Mary                  131

Williams, Mary E.               60

Williams, Miss Ethyl        105

Williams, Mrs. John R.      50

Williams, Rev. J. F.             14

Williams, Thomas                16

Williams, Thomas H.          32

Williams, William R.          41

Willis                                       27

Willis, Charlotte            10, 11

Willis, Jane                            30

Willis, Jedediah                    27

Willis, John                           46

Willis, Joshua B.                  23

Willis, Mr. and Mrs. D.      44

Willis, Mrs. Herman           93

Willis, Rebecca                     17

Willis, Rev. Jas                  111

Willis, William                     32

Wilson, Bertha               32, 34

Wilson, Charles                    27

Wilson, Col. Henry B.        98

Wilson, Dr. D. C.                 74

Wilson, E. S.           34, 76, 98

Wilson, Eliza M.                  98

Wilson, Elizabeth                 76

Wilson, Floyd                       45

Wilson, H. B.                        76

Wilson, Henry                  8, 98

Wilson, John                     9, 24

Wilson, John G.                    15

Wilson, Joseph                      20

Wilson, Maggie E.               24

Wilson, Mrs. Nellie             73

Wilson, Mrs. Susan M.         9

Wilson, Sarah                          1

Wilson, Sarah J.                   10

Wilson, Sue Bell                  23

Wilson, Terry                          2

Wilson, W. Boyd                 12

Winkle, Mr.                           55

Winn, Mrs. Elizabeth          87

Winneki, Carolina                11

Winston, Wm.                    105

Winters, Amaziah                70

Winters, Charles                   70

Winters, G. W.                      70

Winters, Isaac                       29

Winters, James D.                31

Winters, John                        41

Winters, Lawson                  70

Winters, Thomas             7, 41

Winters, William                  70

Wise & Co.’s                         66

Wise, Jos.                               25

Wisecup, Suzie                     32

Wiseman, Emma                  33

Wiseman, Lewis Franklin 6

Wiseman, Mrs. Albert        51

Wiseman, W. W.                  33

Witham, Ella May               43

Witham, Lorana                 122

Witham, Rev. Henry           33

Witham, Samantha              43

Witham, Simeon                  43

Withers, Sadie E.                 29

Wolf, Anna                            32

Wolf, Mary                          120

Wolf, Penina E.                    19

Wolf, Sarah A.                        9

Wolf, Susannah                       3

Wolfe, Andrew ,J. P.             2

Wolfe, James T.                   28

Wolfe, Thomas                     34

Wolfenberger, Catherine 129

Wolverton, Mary                  26

Wood                                       13

Wood, Alex. W.                   22

Wood, Becca                         29

Wood, Charles A.                18

Wood, James H.                   32

Wood, Margaret P.              13

Wood, Mary Ann                 67

Wood, Oscar                         45

Wood, Paulus Emilius           4

Wood, Rettie B.                    22

Wood, Susan                         23

Woodfin, Henry                   82

Woodford, Seth                    39

Woodlum, George F.          32

Woodrow, Joseph I.          106

Woodrow, Sarah E            106

Woodrow, Sarah E.           106

Woods, Amanda J.               27

Woods, Miss Ellen              89

Woods, Oliver                       78

Woods, Polly                           5

Woods, Sary                            5


Woody, Albert                     20

Woody, E. L                         42

Woody, Jennie                     42

Woody, Sarah                      42

Woodyard, Sarah J.            21

Wooldridge, John Y.          19

Wooley, Mrs. Scott            97

Workman, Benj. R.             21

Worley, Henry                     14

Worthington, A.                  19

Wratten, Mrs. Erve             51

Wray, Caleb F.                     30

Wretecki, Roas A.               27

Wright, Bill                           62

Wright, Esther                      29

Wright, F. S                          13

Wright, James                      32

Wright, Lida                       118

Wright, Mrs. D. G.           127

Wright, Thomas B.             30

Wright, W. L.                       31

Wyatt, Thomas                    25

Wylie, William F.               39

Wysor, R. E.                         31


Yates, Benjamin                     2

Yates, John                           55

Yates, Riddle                        13

Yates, William F.                32

Yates, Wm.                           16

Yingling                                68

Yingling, France                    3

Yingling, Polly                       5

Yingling, Robt. H.              44

Young                                    25

Young, Andrew                   14

Young, Janith                       17

Young, Laura                       90

Young, Rev. Dan5, 90, 107, 127 Young, Rev. J. H. 17, 20, 21

Young, Rev. J. W.                 5

Young, Rev. Jacob                 4

Young, Stephen H.             11

Young, Wm. R.                   25


Zeek, Jacob                           26

Zeig, Nancy                          11

Zimmerman, T. J.             130

Zimmermen, Abram           14