Court Records

Introduction to Court Records in Lawrence County, Ohio

Written by Martha J. Kounse

Court records are valuable resources for researchers who have ran into a “brick wall.” There is a wealth of information included in these records, but one must be patient and persistent in order to find one’s ancestor’s name.

Lawrence County’s court records are available on microfilm from:

The older court records which are housed in the Clerk of Courts office at the Lawrence County, Ohio courthouse [because of their frail condition]  cannot be handled. If you need a copy, please contact Peggy Wells, for assistance.

In the Journal 1 & 2, cases were filed in the Court of Common Pleas for years 1818 – 1830.

Some of the information found in these journals are:


Administration records


The following license:

  • Ferry

  • Minister

  • Attorney

  • Tavern

If you are needing proof that your ancestor was in Lawrence County or Ohio to join the First Families, one of the documentation accepted is Jurors. You will find the list in these Journals.

If your ancestor was convicted of a crime that sent him to the penitentiary, you will find the case listed under “State of Ohio vs” —–.

Appointments for Judges, clerks, Justice of Peace, Commissioner’s, etc.

Chancery records

In these records, there are lists of some persons who died and left no will, but needed their goods, lands, etc. distributed to the heirs and debtors. On some of these records, it will give the date of death of the person deceased, plus other info.

Revolutionary War Veteran claims

Of course, there are other records to search in Lawrence County, such as the Complete Records, Land Records, etc. Hopefully, we at Lawrence Register will someday have more of these indexes online, with the help of our volunteers.