1930 Census A

1930 Lawrence County, Ohio Census Index

Submitted by Ellen Gammon

This index lists “Head of Household” only.  It does not list every person listed in the 1930 census.
The columns are sorted in alphabetic order by: Head of Household, Township and Page Number.   Please check the original microfilmed copy for additional names.

Abbott, Eugene W. Hamilton 178A
Abbott, George Upper 55B
Abbott, James D. Perry 216A
Abbott, John H. Upper 58A
Abbott, Lee H. Upper 64A
Abbott, Winfield R. Perry 230A
Abel, Betty J. Upper 227A
Abel, Lillian Upper 199B
Abel, Rosie Upper 192A
Abele, Joseph A. Upper 180B
Abner, Douglass Upper 251B
Abraham, Mike Fayette 167B
Abrahams, Rosie Upper 73A
Abrams, Anna Elizabeth 140B
Abrams, Bazil Upper 72A
Abrams, Charles Upper 254A
Abrams, Ed Rome 238B
Abrams, Ferdy E. Upper 86B
Abrams, Frank M. Upper 124A
Abrams, James H. Hamilton 171A
Abrams, Joseph Elizabeth 140A
Abrams, Joseph Upper 86A
Abrams, Meredith M. Upper 220A
Abrams, Thomas Upper 254B
Abrams, Virgil Upper 88B
Abrams, Walter Upper 251B
Abrams, Willard Upper 86A
Abrams, William Decatur 112A
Abrams, William Elizabeth 119B
Abrams, William Upper 87A
Abrams, William Upper 251B
Acesoni, John Upper 55B
Ackers, Samuel Union 46A
Ackerson, Charles Perry 226B
Ackerson, Edward Upper 55B
Ackinson, Harry Upper 68A
Ackison, Albert Upper 242B
Ackison, Charles Upper 114A
Ackison, Joseph H. Upper 94B
Ackison, Martha Upper 94B
Ackison, Otman Upper 242B
Ackison, Raymond Upper 94B
Ackison, Raymond T. Upper 103B
Ackison, Willard Elizabeth 139B
Adams, Anderson Upper 199A
Adams, Charles T. Upper 124B
Adams, Edward H. Upper 212B
Adams, Eliza J. Union 4B
Adams, Ellen Upper 153B
Adams, Eugene Lawrence 194A
Adams, Eugene B. Upper 152A
Adams, Frank E. Upper 235A
Adams, Goldie M. Upper 80B
Adams, Hillary Perry 226B
Adams, Isac Perry 223A
Adams, James Elizabeth 122B
Adams, James Elizabeth 138B
Adams, James Elizabeth 139A
Adams, Jesse Elizabeth 130B
Adams, Jessie C. Union 21B
Adams, John E. Rome 241A
Adams, John M. Upper 51B
Adams, Jonathan Upper 124A
Adams, Kirker Fayette 144B
Adams, Lucy Upper 95A
Adams, Madison R. Union 13B
Adams, Martin Union 5B
Adams, Mary A. Upper 79A
Adams, Mary E. Upper 60B
Adams, Maude Fayette 143A
Adams, Millard Upper 202A
Adams, Nancie D. Perry 146B
Adams, Oren Symmes 264A
Adams, Orville Hamilton 174B
Adams, Richard Union 26B
Adams, Samuel Perry 222A
Adams, Sarah Union 19B
Adams, Stella Upper 94B
Adams, Theodore Fayette 142B
Adams, Walter Upper 142A
Adams, Warren Z. Upper 227B
Adams, William Perry 222A
Adams, William Upper 75B
Adams, William E. Perry 222A
Adams, William E. Rome 240B
Adamson, Margaret Upper 119A
Addington, R. W. Elizabeth 135B
Addis, Barton Aid 99A
Addis, Benjamin Lawrence 188B
Addis, Brady T. Upper 68B
Addis, Earl Upper 120A
Addis, Emory Elizabeth 124B
Addis, Floyd Upper 255A
Addis, Fred Elizabeth 123B
Addis, George Symmes 259A
Addis, Ida Elizabeth 123B
Addis, John Decatur 107A
Addis, John W. Upper 238B
Addis, Joseph Elizabeth 131A
Addis, Lester Elizabeth 141A