1895 Quadrennial Enumeration Returns

1895 Quadrennial Enumeration Returns

[Transcribed by the late Ken Clark, July 4, 2000.  Enumeration transcribed exactly as written.]

Alphabetical List of all Male Habitants above the age of twenty-one years residing in Lawrence County, Ohio, on the day preceding the second Monday of April, A.D. 1895, designating such of them as are of African descent, by the word “Colored.”  Returned to the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court, of 1895, at the time of making return of lists of property for taxation, to the County Auditor.

[This list is divided by Townships and Districts.  Ken Clark passed away before he finished the entire County.  The ones that he completed are as follows:]

 Aid Township

 Elizabeth Township – Part One (A-K)

 Elizabeth Township – Part Two – Do not have

 Decatur Township

 Fayette Township

 Fayette – Burlington District

 Hamilton Township

 Ironton Ward 2 – Lawrence to Vesuvius Streets and Storms Creek (US 52 now) to the River. Here’s a MAP.

 Perry – Sheridan District – Here’s a MAP.

Online images of all the enumerations can be viewed HERE. Scroll down that page and click on the image icon to browse.