1820 Census Index


Transcribed by Don Ort

Proofread against original microfilm, March 1997, by Martha Kounse. All efforts have been made to depict the index as it appears in the original record. Changes to spelling have not been made, however, a “?” may accompany entries which Martha found to be questionable or illegible.

Page Surname Given Name Township
105 Adams, Richd Union
105A Adams, Robt Union
104A Alford, John Lawrence
107 Allen, John W. Fayette
107 Ankrim, Saml Fayette
101 Ashley, Holt Elizabeth
102 Austin, Geo Upper
107 Bagley, John Fayette
101A Bailey, David Elizabeth
101 Baker, George Elizabeth
107 Ballard Harris Fayette
101A Ballard, Jesse Upper
108 Ballard, Stephen Fayette
104 Bazil, Geo Mason
103A Bell, Benjn Rome
103A Bell, Johnston Rome
107 Belwood, John Fayette
106 Billips, Ed Union
105A Billips, John Union
104 Bivens, Covington Mason
107A Bivens, Wm Fayette
104 Blair, Wm Symmes
   Blankenship, Andrew Symmes
107A Blankenship, Isam Fayette
104 Blankenship, Isam Symmes
105A Blankenship, Margt Union
104A Blowers, Chas Lawrence
102 Bonam, Jeriah Windsor
105 Booth, Daniel Union
108A Booth, Henry Fayette
102 Bottles, Fredk Upper
101A Bowen, Geo Elizabeth
103A Bowen, Joel Rome
101 Bowen, John Elizabeth
101 Bowen, Michael Elizabeth
101 Bowen, Wm Elizabeth
105A Bowlen, Henry Decatur
107A Bowman, Jacob Fayette
105A Bownam, Landon Decatur
104A Boyd, John Lawrence
108 Boyd, Robt Fayette
106 Bracking, Wm Union
106 Bramer, Edmund Union
105 Bramer, Henry Union
102 Bramer, Jas Windsor
101A Bramer, Jas Upper
105 Bramer, John Union
107A Brandum, Isam Fayette
102 Briant, John Upper
108 Briant, Rosanna Fayette
104A Broom, Ed Lawrence
104 Brown, Aaron Symmes
103A Brown, John J. Mason
107A Brubaker, Danl Fayette
107 Bruce, John Fayette
107 Bruce, Wm Fayette
104 Brumfield, Jas Mason
103A Brumfield, Sartin Mason
101 Bumgardner, Francy Upper
101 Bumgardner, Jacob Upper
102 Bumgardner, John Upper
101 Bumgardner, John Upper
103A Burcham, John Mason
   Burke, Wm Symmes
101 Burt, Wm Elizabeth
108A Burton, Betsy Fayette
105A Call, Chas Decatur
105A Call, Jos Decatur
105A Callender, Jacob Decatur
108A Cambell, Margaret Fayette
107 Cambell, Tho Fayette
104 Cannon, John Symmes
102 Canter, James Windsor
102 Canter, John Jr. Windsor
102 Canter, John Sr. Windsor
102A Cantwell, John Windsor
102A Carpenter, Wm Upper
106A Cazey, Joha Union
103 Chadwick, Simeon Windsor
101A Chafin, David Elizabeth
103A Chaplin, Moses Rome
103A Chapman, Archibald Mason
101A Chapman, Martin Elizabeth
107A Chatfield, David Fayette
105 Chin, Wm Union
104A Christian, David Lawrence
105 Christian, John Lawrence
103A Churchill, Solo Rome
103 Churchill, Solo Rome
102 Clark, Ann Upper
102A Clark, Anthony Windsor
108A Clark, Carpus Fayette
101 Clark, Cornelius Elizabeth
102 Clark, James Upper
101 Clark, Joel Elizabeth
102 Clark, Saml Upper
105 Coates, Burill Union
103 Coates, Burrell Rome
107A Collier, Ambrose Fayette
108 Collier, James Fayette
107A Collins, Meshick Fayette
102 Comber, Adam Windsor
108A Combs, Margaret Fayette
104 Compston, Hester Symmes
104 Compston, Isaac Symmes
104A Conway, Chas Lawrence
104A Conway,(see also CONWAY) Louis Lawrence
101A Cook, Adam Upper
104 Cooper, Charles Symmes
102 Copenhaver, John Upper
103A Corney (Arnes), James Mason
104 Corney, Jas Sr. Mason
102A Cornwall, Westly Windsor
102 Covington, John Upper
105 Cradle Margt Union
102A Crank, Jos Upper
107 Croley, Michael Fayette
101A Cutright, John Elizabeth
107A Davidson, Abraham Fayette
101 Davidson, Andrew Upper
107A Davidson, Barbara Fayette
101A Davidson, Isaac Upper
108 Davidson, John Fayette
102 Davidson, John Upper
101A Davidson, Nathl Upper
108 Davidson, Tho Fayette
102A Davis, Jacob Windsor
107A Davis, Mathew Fayette
101 Davison, Amariah Upper
   Delauder, Isaac Symmes
105A Delauder, Laurence Decatur
103 Denison, Jona Rome
   Dicks, James Sr. Symmes
   Dicky, Adam Symmes
104 Dix, David Mason
104 Dix, James Sr. Mason
103A Dixon, Peter Mason
103 Doddridge, Enoch Rome
102A Doddridge, Josiep Rome
101 Dohorty, Geo Upper
102A Dolittle, Luther Rome
101 Dollerhide, Allen Elizabeth
101 Dollerhide, Jesse Elizabeth
101 Dollerhide, Tho Elizabeth
105 Dorman, Saml Lawrence
106A Dunbar, Wm. Union
106A Duncan, Jas Union
108 Dunn, Armstrong Fayette
102 Earles, Charles Windsor
102 Earles, Martin Windsor
107 Eaton, Tho Fayette
105A Elkins, Marval Union
105A Ellis, Wm Union
105A Ellisson, John Union
105 Ellisson, Wm Union
103 Estridge, Wiatt Rome
105A Evens, Elijah Decatur
102 Faulker, Richd Windsor
102 Faulkner, John Windsor
101A Ferguson, Geo Upper
108 Ferguson, James Fayette
106A Ferris, John Union
101 Fitzer, John Elizabeth
105A Forgy, Ellick Union
102A Forgy, Hugh Windsor
105A Forgy, James Union
102A Foster, Major Rome
105A Fout, Adam Decatur
105 Fout, Philip Lawrence
102 Frains, Jos Windsor
108 Francis, John Fayette
106 French, Barkamus Union
102A Fudge, Jacob Windsor
105 Fudge, John Union
105 Fudge, John 2nd Union
103A Fuller, Alphons T. F. Rome
103A Fuller, Sylvester Rome
102A Fuson, Wm Windsor
   Garret, Isam Symmes
104A Gibson, James Lawrence
108A Gilbert, John W. Fayette
101 Gillelan, Wm Elizabeth
107 Gillen, Wm Fayette
102A Gillet, Joel Rome
102A Gillet, Wm Rome
103 Gillet, Zebulon Rome
104A Gillilan, Prestley Lawrence
101A Gillilan, Wm Sr. Elizabeth
105 Glover, Thomas Union
105 Golden, Warren Lawrence
105 Golden, Wm Lawrence
102 Gorman, Robert Upper
107 Grant, Christopher Fayette
103A Green, Cyrus D. Rome
103 Green, Elisha B. Rome
103A Griffin, Abram Mason
102A Griffy, Mary Windsor
105 Grimes, Jona Union
101 Grubb, Wm Elizabeth
102 Hackworth, John Upper
103A Hage(i)ns, John Mason
106 Hall, Abraham Union
105 Hall, Elisha Union
106 Hall, Samuel Union
103 Hall, Wm Rome
107 Hallock, Hoadley Fayette
101A Hankins, Danl Upper
102 Hankins, Jos Upper
101A Hankins, Roling Upper
103 Hanley, Cornelius Rome
106A Hanley, Wm Union
106 Harrisson, John Union
103A Harson, Wm V. Rome
107A Hatcher, Farley Fayette
107A Hatcher, Saml Fayette
102A Hatfield, Tho Windsor
101A Hatfield, Wm Upper
105 Hayman, Wm Lawrence
101 Hays, Dennis Elizabeth
102A Heluiston, Henry Windsor
102 Henderson, John T. Windsor
102 Henry, Jas Upper
103 Henry, Jona Rome
102 Henry, Saml Upper
102A Hepler, Jacob Upper
108 Hight, Thos Fayette
107A Hillman, Squire Fayette
103A Hillman, Tho Mason
103A Hillman, Wm Mason
105A Hillyard, John Union
105A Hillyard, Thos Union
103 Hobbs, Elisha Rome
102A Holderly(by), Wm Windsor
105A Holderman, Jacob Decatur
105A Holderman, Christian Decatur
103 Holley, Daniel Windsor
101 Hood, Robt Elizabeth
105A Hooper, John (Age: 103) Union
108A Hopkins, Jane Fayette
103 Horkle, Jas Rome
101 Horner, Joshua Elizabeth
105 Hovely, Jas Rome
105 Hovey, James Union
102A Howard, Jas Rome
105 Howard, Lewis Union
105 Howard, Wm Union
103 Hubble, Stephen Rome
102A Huddleston, Danl Windsor
105 Hughs, Absolom Lawrence
102A Hughs, Asa Windsor
105 Hughs, David Lawrence
101A Hughs, John Elizabeth
103 Hughs, Jona Rome
108A Hughs, Lewis Fayette
103A Hughs, Silas Rome
103 Hull, Jos Rome
108 Imes, Solo Fayette
106A Jackson, George Union
108A Jeffords, Henry Fayette
102 Jenkins, Argus Upper
108A Johnson, James Fayette
103A Johnson, Stephen Rome
107 Johnson, Wm Fayette
108A Johnson, Wm C. Fayette
105A Jones, Greenbury Decatur
105A Jones, Isaac Decatur
102 Jones, John Windsor
104A Jones, Joshua Lawrence
105A Jones, Tho R. Union
101 Jones, Wm Elizabeth
102 Jones, Wm Windsor
103A Justice, Wade Mason
105 Keeny, Margaret Lawrence
108A Keller, Peter Fayette
102 Kelley, John Upper
101 Kelley, Jos Elizabeth
101A Kelley, Joshua Upper
105 Kelley, Salley Lawrence
102 Kelly, Charles Upper
101A Kelly, Luke Upper
101A Kelly, Reuben Upper
108A Kerr, Gabriel Fayette
108A Kers, Tho Fayette
107A Kight, James Fayette
107A Kimball, Aurillia B. Fayette
106 King, Martin Union
103 Kingery, Peter Rome
106 Kingery, Wm Union
106A Koons, Christian Union
107 Koons, Geo Fayette
103A Koons, Henry Rome
108 Koons, Jacob Fayette
108 Koons, Philip Fayette
107 Koons, Saml Fayette
108A Kyle, Wm Fayette
105 Laffoon, Danl Union
102 Lambert, Jona Upper
101A Lambert, Jos Upper
101A Lambert, Richd Upper
   Lambert, Tho Symmes
104A Lane, John Lawrence
106A Langdon, Saml Union
101A Lee, John Upper
101 Lee, Tho Upper
108A Leebur, Wm J. Fayette
102A Lemay, Pleasant Windsor
104A Lewis, Jacob Lawrence
101A Linebarger, Peter Upper
104 Long, Gabril Mason
103A Lossey, Jacob Rome
103 Lossey, Wm Rome
103 Lunsford, John Windsor
107 Lynd, John Fayette
102 Man, John Windsor
103 Mannon, Bozd Windsor
103A Mannon, James Mason
102 Markim, Samuel Windsor
101A Markim, Tho Windsor
101A Markins, Charles Windsor
103A Martin, David Mason
101A Martin, Benj Jr. Windsor
105A Martin, John Union
102 Martin, John Windsor
   Masters, Stephen Symmes
102A Mather, Patten Windsor
108 McArthur, John Fayette
102 McCartney, Danl Upper
104 McComas, Stephen Mason
104 McComas, Sartin Mason
101A McCorkle, John Windsor
106A McCorkle, John Union
106 McCorkle, Robt Union
   McCorkle, Saml Symmes
102A McCoy, Benj Windsor
108 McCoy, Charles Fayette
108 McCoy, John Fayette
103A McCoy, Jos Rome
105A McCrary, John Decatur
105A McCrary, Nathan Decatur
105 McCullock, Margt Lawrence
105 McCullock, Tho Lawrence
   McDaniel, Caleb Symmes
104 McDaniel, John Symmes
101 McFan, David Elizabeth
108 McIntire, Hugh Fayette
108 McKee, Wm Fayette
102 McKnight, Charles Windsor
103A McKnight, Jos Rome
103 McKnight, Jos Rome
101 McLene, Aut Elizabeth
102 McMan, Jas Windsor
103 McMan, John Mason
103 McMan, Stephen Windsor
106 McMan, Wm Union
102A McRoberts, Saml Windsor
102 Melvin, Jona Upper
103A Miller, Abraham Rome
101 Miller, Abraham Elizabeth
106A Miller, Ed Union
106 Miller, Jacob Union
103A Miller, Jacob Jr. Rome
103 Miller, John Rome
103 Miller, Jos Rome
106 Miller, Wm Union
102 Monahom, Ed Windsor
108 Moore, Wm Fayette
104A More, Abraham Lawrence
104A More, Prestle Lawrence
105A More, Randall Union
106A Morrisson, John Union
104A Morrisson, Nathl Lawrence
107A Morrisson, Samuel Fayette
107A Morrisson, Wm Fayette
105A Murphy, Henry Union
104 Murphy, John Mason
106 Murphy, Polly Union
104 Nance, Daniel Mason
104 Nance, Danl Sr. Mason
104 Nance, Peter Mason
104 Nance, Richd Mason
104 Nance, Tho Mason
102A Neal, Danl Windsor
106 Neal, John Union
103 Neal, John Windsor
105 Neal, Samuel Union
104 Neal, Walter Symmes
102A Neff, George Upper
101 Neff, Jona Windsor
101 Neff, Rachael Elizabeth
101 Neiff, Jacob Elizabeth
104 Nelson, Solo Symmes
101 Nelson, Solo Elizabeth
106 Overstreet, John Union
105 Overstreet, John Jr. Union
103A Paine, Ellis Mason
103A Paine, John Mason
104A Pancake, Abraham Lawrence
   Peeples, Saml Symmes
104 Pence, John Symmes
104 Pence, Wm Mason
103 Perkins, John Windsor
104 Peyton, Isaac Symmes
103 Pierce, John Rome
103 Pierce, Nammond Rome
105A Pine, George Union
103 Pine, Jacob Windsor
103 Pine, James Windsor
102A Pine, John Windsor
106 Porter, David Union
103A Powell, Henry Mason
103A Powell, Jacob Mason
105A Pratt, Sally Union
105A Pusee, Wm Union
107A Randall, John Fayette
103A Rankens, Armstrong Mason
103 Reeves, Wm Windsor
102A Richard, David Rome
102A Richards, Nathl Rome
102A Richardson, Aaron R. Rome
107A Riddle, John Fayette
108 Rigg, Levi Fayette
105 Riley, Jos Union
105 Roberts, John Lawrence
108 Robinson, Wm G. Fayette
102 Rogers, Jas Windsor
105 Roley, Isam Union
105 Roley, Joel Union
104A Ross, Robt Lawrence
105 Ross, Robt Sr. Lawrence
107A Rowley, Joseph L. Fayette
103A Rucker, Robt Mason
103A Ruckord, Calvin Rome
103A Russell, Isaac Rome
104 Russell, John Symmes
103 Russell, Owen Windsor
107 Sackett, Annanias Fayette
102 Saxon, John Windsor
103 Scarberry, Zacheria Windsor
106A Scott, John Union
108A Scovell, Curtis Fayette
108A Seveitru, Conrad Fayette
105A Sharp, John Union
105A Sharp, Richard Union
101A Shelton, Robertson Upper
101A Sherman, Elisha Upper
101A Sherman, Gorden Upper
101A Sherman, Jesse Upper
105A Shope, Wm Decatur
103A Shumate, Silas Mason
108A Shute, John C. Fayette
   Shute, Richd Symmes
101A Sigman, Pavine Upper
108 Simmons, Edward Fayette
103 Simmons, Joel Windsor
107A Simmons, Sarah Fayette
102A Singers, Tho Windsor
105A Sizney, Margaret Decatur
101A Smith, Abram Elizabeth
101A Smith, Anthony Elizabeth
106A Smith, Augustis Union
101A Smith, Henry Elizabeth
104 Smith, John Symmes
101A Smith, Jona Elizabeth
106 Smith, Samuel Union
101 Smith, Wm Elizabeth
102 Smith, Wm Upper
101A Snider, Sara Elizabeth
103A Sowards, Isaac Mason
104 Sowards, John Mason
102 Sparling, George Upper
104 Spears, Geo Mason
104 Spears, Henry Mason
104 Spears, Paul Mason
107A Sperry, James Fayette
103 Sprouse, Robt Rome
   Spurlock, David Symmes
106A Sryock, Jacob Union
104 Stephenson, Geo Symmes
105A Stephenson, Jack Union
105 Stephenson, Jereh Union
105A Stephenson, Zack D. Union
101A Stepter, Wm Upper
107A Steward, Edward Fayette
   Steward, John Symmes
101A Stover, Elizabeth Upper
101 Stumbo, David Elizabeth
102A Stumbo, John Windsor
107 Stump, George Fayette
102A Suiter, Jacob Upper
106 Suiter, Philip Union
105A Suiter, Wm Union
105A Sumpter, Richd Union
103A Tackett, George Mason
102 Tait, James Windsor
102 Tait, Taman Windsor
106 Teir, Abraham Union
106 Teir, John Union
106 Templeton, Jas Union
105 Templeton, John Union
106A Templeton, Tho Union
108 Thomas, James Fayette
105A Thompson, Jas Decatur
105A Thompson, Jos Decatur
105A Thompson, Rees Decatur
102A Thurston, Benj Upper
101 Tosser, Henry Elizabeth
   Triggs, John Symmes
   Triggs, Tho Symmes
   Triggs, Wm Symmes
103 Truesdale, Joel Windsor
102 Trumbo, Ephriam Upper
101 Trumbo, Geo Upper
103 Van Osdell, Wm Windsor
104 Vermillion, John Symmes
103A Vermillion, Rueben Mason
103A Vermillion, Uriah Mason
101A Von Dine, James Upper
105 Wade, Jer Union
103 Wakefield, Peter Windsor
101A Walbright, Chester Elizabeth
102A Walls, Jacob Upper
101A Walls, John Windsor
102A Walton, Tho Rome
107 Ward, James Fayette
108A Ware, Nancy Fayette
101 Warren, Danl Elizabeth
104A Webb, Aden Lawrence
104A Webb, Elias Lawrence
104A Webb, Henly(ry) Lawrence
104A Webb, James Lawrence
108A Wescott, Jeremh Fayette
102A White, Arthur Rome
102A White, James Windsor
103 White, John Sr. Windsor
105A White, Wm Decatur
102A Wilgus, James Windsor
105 Wilks, Frances Union
106 Wilks, James Union
   Williams, George Symmes
104 Williams, Jesse Mason
108 Willis, George Fayette
102 Willis, Henry Windsor
107A Willis, Isaiah Fayette
104 Willis, James Mason
   Willis, Joshua Symmes
103 Wilson, Henry Windsor
106A Wilson, James Union
103A Wilson, John Mason
103A Wilson, Martin Mason
103A Wilson, Patrick Mason
103 Winters, Henry Rome
101 Wolf, Andrew Elizabeth
101A Wolf, David Elizabeth
101 Wolf, Jesse Elizabeth
101 Woods, Hugh Elizabeth
104 Yates, Benj Symmes
101A Yingling, Andrew Upper
101A Yingling, Christn Upper