Submitted by Tom Adkins


Michael David McCarty was born Jan 14th, 1857
Minerva McCarty was born July 23rd 1858
John Wesley McCarty was born March 15th 1860
Samuel McCarty was born Nov 26th 1861
Annie Maria McCarty was born on the year of our Lord Sep 11th 1863
Sarah Jane McCarty was born AD May 18 1864
Laura McCarty was AD March 24th 1868
Clara McCarty was born AD Nov 24, 1869 (1869 is crossed out, and written over it is 1870)
Rozzie McCarty was born AD Aug 3rd 1871
Asa McCarty was born AD April 3rd 1873
Edward McCarty was born AD Dec 15th 1874
Cora McCarty was born AD June 7th 1877
Walter McCarty was born Feb 3rd 1880
Michael McCarty senr. Was born Apr 26, 1828
Mary Jane McCarty was born Feb 27, 1835


Michael McCarty married to Mary Jane Robins Apr 3rd 1856
Michael David McCarty married to Minnie E. Collins Sep 28, 1883
Annie M. McCarty married to Albert Bocox Dec 25, 1884
John W. McCarty married to Ella Porter Feb 25, 1891
Sam McCarty married to Kate Baker Mar 9, 1893
Laura McCarty married to John Shepard Mar 3, 1891
Sarah J. McCarty married to John  Graff Dec 20, 1896
Rozzie E. McCarty was married to William Schweickart Jan 18, 1899
Cora McCarty was married to George B. Traxler May 31, 1899
Clara McCarty married to James Hunter Jan 14, 1905 Fresno, California
Edward McCarty married to Amy Duital (Dutiel) Dec 20, 1903

*Unfortunately, all I have are copies from the Bible, which was in the hands of a cousin in Michigan (now deceased). She didn’t send me the title page or publication date, but I can tell by the handwriting that it is old; I’m guessing from the mid- to late- 1800’s.

Tom Adkins