Auckerman and Robbins Family Bible

Robbins / Auckerman Family Bible

Submitted by Tom Adkins

Taken from “The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated Out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised” Stereotyped by E. White. New York (stamped John McKerry) no date of publication (title page from the Old Testament portion is missing)


 John Robbins married to Mary Cathrine Ockerman December the 29th 1831
John Auckerman was married to Anny Dorrathea Shaver August 22d 1810


 John Robbins born the 20th of November 1808
Mrs. Robbins was born the 17th of November 1812
Nancy Robbins was born the 23rd day of August 1829
Serah Ann Robbins was born the 21st day of Novembr 1832
Abigail Robbins was born the 9th day of March 1834
Mary Jane Robbins was born the 27th of February 1835
Joseph Robbins was born the 5th day of January 1837
John Wesley Robbins was born April 14th 1839
John Auckerman the son of Stofel and Elisibeth Auckerman was born the 5th of November 1786



Willim Auckerman was born August the 30th 1811
Mary Cathrien Auckerman was born November the 17th 1812
Jacob Auckerman was born June the 4th 1814
Mary Auckerman was born April the 2nd 1816
Sarey Auckerman was born January the 11th 1818
Salloman Auckerman was born December the 18th 1819
John Auckerman was born December the 18th 1821
Samuel Auckerman was born December the 11th 1823
Daved Auckerman was born April the 19th 1825
Elizibeth Auckerman was born January the 9th 1826
Julian Auckerman was born September the 7th 1828
Hannah Auckerman was born August the 29th 1830
Rebaca Auckerman was born January the 23rd 1833
Dannel Auckerman was born April the 3rd 1835
Joel Auckerman was born October the 6th 1837


 Abigail Robbins died the 9th day of April 1835
John Robbins died the 6th day of August 1840
Mary Cathrine Robbins died the 6th day of July 1842
Sarey Ann Robbins died the 6th day of April 1843
Joel Auckerman died the 6th day of February 1842
 Anna D. Auckerman died the 25th September 1846
Mary Jane Robbins McCarty died Nov 15, 1913 (much later addition, in pencil)


NOTE:  I found an interesting scrap of paper in the Auckerman-Robbins Family Bible. On this scrap of paper (taken from “Periodical #28 of the _____”, apparently a religious association magazine) is a series of names and numbers, as follows:

Mary     52         Sarey    52        (___*)    52   16   18   28  36     34  14

*No name, but corresponds with Jacob

The first number appears to be the year the scrap of paper was written on, 1852. The next subtracted number appears to be each individual’ year of birth. And the third number would be the answer after subtracting, being the age of each individual in 1852.

Also written on the paper is the following list of names and numbers:

Rebecca           19
Hannah             22
Julian                24
Elizabeth           26
Mary                 36
Sarey                34

These numbers correspond with each individual’s age in 1852. But why was this incomplete Auckerman census taken? 1852 must have been a special or important year, but what happened? Could this be the date of the Bible? I had first thought that it might be John Auckerman Sr.’s death date, but he was still living in 1870.

A mystery ….