Covered Bridges in Lawrence County, Ohio

County Has Two Ancient Structures

Scottown Covered Bridge



I.T. September 17, 1967

Submitted by Lorna Marks

For a long time, Ohio has been playing a bridge game, covered bridge that is!

There are a total of 65 covered bridges still in daily use in the State. Eight counties have but one covered bridge in service. Lawrence County is listed as one of ten counties that have two of the old landmarks.

One of this county’s covered bridges is located near Getaway and the other is west of Lawco Lake. The pair of “keepsakes” have been maintained by the county engineer and his staff of aides and remain in fairly good condition. However, the Fox Hollow bridge spanning Pine Creek near Lawco Lake, is not in very condition now and the county engineer, Ralph Hill, reports it will be replaced as soon as possible.

According to facts learned about Ohio’s covered bridges, 21 of the structures are on abandoned roads and 14 are being preserved and used.

For years to come, we hope, Lawrence County will have a beautiful covered bridge. It crosses Indian-Guyan Creek at Pleasant Ridge and, of course, it is called the Pleasant Ridge Bridge in song and story that resound in the pleasant valley of the sun, the moon and the stars in the eastern section of Lawrence County.

The traffic over the Pleasant Ridge span has been comparably light when one compares it to the flow across the western bridge at Fox Hollow. There are heavy trucks that damage the sides, the floors, and even at times the roof. Pleasant Ridge’s structures spans a lazy and beautiful stream that gathers strength and lightning speed during the heavy rain seasons. It is wonderfully well constructed and has been given extensive improvement and renewal by the county engineering force in recent years.

The 75 foot, 6 inch span sets firmly and neatly upon stone abutments and there is a very heavy column at each abutment. Heavy wooden rails ward off blows from trucks or other vehicles that might become unmanageable. The sides are covered with thick corrugated iron that guarantees long resistance to wear. The floor is composed of three inch planks with the planks on end to create a flooring of immense strength. The floor is 16 feet, 4 inches above the waters of Indian-Guyan near Scottown.

The beautiful bridge stands in Windsor Township and inasmuch as it will eventually be the only covered bridge remaining in the county, the scene will be visited by crowds of interested folks each summer, with each group taking photos that will find a favored place in family albums. These photos will enrich the libraries of the Midwest. Everyone in the entire tri-state is pleased that Pleasant Ridge will withstand the ruthless march of time for many years to come. This memory shall not pass away, it will remain with us for aye. . . . . .

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