Washington Furnace

Washington Furnace

38.835918, -82.599438

Washington Furnace was built in 1851 by John Peters. He superintended the construction of the furnace. He was a part owner in the furnace, along with Samuel McConnnel, Isaac Peters, John Cambell, W.M. Bowles, and Thomas McGovney.

Per J.P. Lesley, the ch fn was owned by J. Peters & Co., S. McConnell financial agent, and managed by William Colvin. In thirty seven weeks of 1857 the fn produced 1,967 of iron out of limestone coal measure ores.

Geological Survery of Ohio, 1871
Washington Township – In this township is located Washington Furnace in section 2. The furnace is nearly in the middle, from west to east, of the “limestone ore” belt, and consequently is very largely supplied with the limestone ore. “Top hill” ore is found on some of the higher points to the east, but no exact measurements were made. It was estimated by Dr. McGoverny, the Superintendent of the Furnace, to be about 30 feet above the New Castle seam o coal. This furnace is owned by the Union Iron Company, and was built in 1853. The height of the stack is 38 feet; diameter at top of boshes is 11 feet; height of hearth is 6 feet; uses 2 twyers, each 4 inches in diameter; temperature of blast is estimated at 800 degrees; uses Davis’ hot blast.

The cemetery is located, as usual, on the hill behind the furnace. On Find a Grave, it’s listed as “Blackfork Cemetery.”