Ironton Furnace

Ironton Furnace

38°30’27.8″N 82°39’48.4″W
(3rd & Lorain Streets, Ironton)


The furnaces along the river bank (Sarah, Big Etna, Grant, Belfont, etc) are incredibly confusing but this furnace in particular is the toughest to figure out. Just as there were two Etna Furnaces (Big and Little, to differentiate) there were two Ironton Furnaces. Fortunately, one was built in 1875 while the other was built in 1908. That makes it a little easier to research. If you’re looking for the earlier 1875 furnace, click the Iron & Steel link on the left. If you’re looking for the Ironton Furnace built later in 1908, you’re in the right place.


The above descriptions show the Ironton Furnace that went into blast in 1875….for info about that one, click on “Iron and Steel” on the left. Now, onto the 1908 Ironton furnace::


In 1912 the Ironton Furnace was sold to Marting Iron & Steel.