Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Compiled by: Sharon M. Kouns and Martha J. Kounse
I.R. March 3, 1887
General Kelly writes us that he has not yet sold his farm, as some one reported. It is for sale as a whole or in parts.
Mrs. C. A. Magee, of Mt. Vernon furnace, is very sick. Her husband had to suspend school on account of her illness.
Commissioner Edwards and Architect Hoard went to Canton last week, to inspect some of the materials proposed for the new jail.
There is some prospect of the great temperance orator Thomas Murphy, coming here in April. He should be given a warm welcome.
Mrs. J. McMasters, of Columbus, is at S. H. Weeks’, in Russell, visiting her parents before removing to Kenosha, Wis., where her husband is now employed.
We understand that the farm of the late R. T. Carter near Proctorville is for sale. it is one of the best farms in Quaker Bottom, has excellent buildings and is in good condition (do not have end)
Lewis J. Bester returned last week from a trip to Alabama, which he took for the benefit of his health. He saw J. K. Hastings and Thos. Charlton, both actively engaged at Birmingham; Lewis Collier, carpentering at Oxmoor; Chas. Cricher, in the railroad shops at Selma, and Lindsey Bruce, in the blacksmith shops of Oxmoor furnace. All seem pleasantly situated and contended with their lot.
John M. Murphy has resigned his position of Superintendent of the Nebraska city gas works, to connect himself prominently with the Maryland Meter Co. of Baltimore, with headquarters at Chicago. He will be succeeded by F. E. McMillen, a nephew of E. McMillen. In speaking of Mr. Murphy’s departure, the Nebraska Press says: …..
Jesse Norton returned from his Tennessee trip, last Friday. He went there to see if he could not raise a company to purchase and run the Hoe and Tool Works. He succeeded in doing so, getting sufficient stock and subscribed at Nashville and South Pittsburgh. The probability is that the establishment will be moved to the latter place…..
  1. R. October 13, 1887
Geo. K. Hosford was in town last Saturday.
– Slater’s hat is a Sunday hat – to go to church in.
A. R. G. Guy is teaching a colored school at Ashland.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Norton returned from their visit to South Pittsburg last Friday.
Ham Davidson has moved into his new home. Jas. Dupuy and family will occupy the one he left.
Esq. Sutton, of Fayette, sent a colored man named Howard to jail, for stealing Jil Isley’s pistol.
The Board of Education has sold the two East Ironton school house lots, on 4th st. to Dr. Gray for $610.
The ladies of the 4th – st. Welsh Church will give an oyster supper and ice cream at Davis City Hall, Friday, Oct. 21.
The flying dutchman is not to be encouraged as a permanent institution in town. It very easily becomes a nuisance to a neighborhood by attracting the lawless and disreputable.
C. I. Bush writes us from Kansas City, of which he is now a citizen (do not have end)
Miss Mary Sherman, daughter of Senator Sherman, is visiting the Misses Nigh, on Railroad street. She will remain til next week. It was expected that Senator Sherman would be here but pressing engagements called him elsewhere. There were preparations going on to give him a grand reception had he come.
At a wedding up in the county, last week, the bride received a cow as one of the bridal presents. We suggest another. …
The selection of John N. Thomas to fill the vacancy in the Ironton Board of Education, occasioned by the resignation of L. D. Hathaway is a most excellent one. …
  1. R. June 13, 1895
Hugh Norton and his bicycle collided with Mrs. J. W. Campbell’s horse and buggy the other evening, and Hugh fortunately escaped from beneath the horse, but his bicycle was sadly wrecked.
John Phillips is 52 today, and the morning mail brought him an exquisite poem from the pen of Mrs. Phillips’s uncle, Hon. John T. Moore, of Jackson, on the event and some joyous domestic incidents, which makes bright the pathway of life. It is a beautiful and friendly message.
  1. R. Dec. 24, 1903
Miss Alice Crickenbarger, of Haverhill, who has made her home with Dr. and Mrs. Wells on Park avenue attending the high school here, returned to her home Friday
Mrs. Evan Lilly and daughter, of Indianapolis, Ind., arrived Monday, to visit Mrs. Lilly’s mother, Mrs. McGugin and family, on Fourth street, until after the holidays.
Miss Margaret Means of Ashland, has issued quite a number of invitations for a large reception to be given at her charming home, Tuesday evening, December 29th.
James Sutton, formerly an employee of the street railway company here, but now located in Wheeling, W. Va. is here to spend the holidays with his folks on South Third street.
 Mr. and Mrs. George Gilfillan and two children will arrive Thursday evening from Parkersburg, W. Va., to spend the holidays with S. G. Gilfillan and John Gilfillan, their father.
John W. Zeek, of Ninth and Mulberry streets, came home Friday from Thacker, W. Va., suffering from the effects of a broken leg, received while working there in a saw mill.
Arch P. Waterfield, formerly of this city, but now state representative of the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company, (do not have end)
 Mrs. M. J. Chase, of (can’t make out) who has been at Ford (?) Ky (?) for several weeks visiting her father who has been quite ill, arrived here Saturday to spend the holidays with her brother, Frank Gibbens and family. Geo. W. Gibbens’, the father’s condition is greatly improved.

February 21, 1930

From Road. – Charles Sturgill, 21, of Hanging Rock is a patient at the Charles S. Gray Deaconess hospital with a bullet wound in his left shoulder and Houston Morris, also of Hanging Rock is a prisoner in the Lawrence county jail as the result of an attempted robbery last night near the filling station at Hanging Rock. Sturgill was struck by a bullet (do not have rest of article.)
 Miss Eileen Hunter will entertain the Oniwilo Camp Fire Girls at Vernor Manor Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4 o’clock.
Miss Virginia Williams is recovering from a tonsil operation.
Mrs. J. F. Hunter is ill at her home on Depot Square.
Misses Alice Hayes, Helen P. Clarke and Mattie Miller were 6 o’clock dinner guests Tuesday of Miss Lois Palmer of Coal Grove.

Ironton Evening Tribune, July 19, 1937

Pistol Club is Organized. Movement to Organize Club Started by Rev. Roberts. … (do not have all of article.)