List of Hunters in Lawrence County, Ohio 1913

LIST OF HUNTERS from the Semi-weekly Register, Ironton, OHIO, Friday, Sept. 26, 1913

Submitted by Carol Wolfe

County Clerk R.W. Mountain today furnishes the Register with a complete list of the persons who have taken out a hunter’s licenses in this county. The name of the license together with his residence is given and will be found in the following:

Ackeson, Charles - North Kenova				Jacobs, E.V.  Ironton
Ackeson, Edward - North Kenova                   Jenkins, G.W. North Kenova	
Adams, Floyd  Pine Grove                              Johnson, Edward -Ironton
Adkins, Regan  Steece                                    Johnson, John Ironton
Aldridge, Enoch  Pedro                                    Jones, Frank Hanging Rock
Anson, A.E.  Ironton                                         Jones, Ray -Ironton 
Artis, Hobert  Superior                                     Jordan, David -Ironton
Ball, E.L.  Ironton                                             Jordan, Harry -Ironton
Barr, William  Hanging Rock                           Joseph, Wilbur Ironton RFD  
Barttes, John  Hoadley                                    Justice, T.A. -Ironton
Basham, J.W.  Ironton                                     Kelly, Albert - Coryville
Berger, William  Coal Grove                             Kelly, James C Lawrence Fce. 
Berridge, C.E.  Ironton                                       Kelly, J.M. -Culbertson
Bingamin, John E.  Ironton                                Kelly, John F. -Pedro 
Boggs, Henry  North Kenova                            Kelly, LeRay H -Chesapeake
Booth, S.W.  Ironton                                          Kelly, Will -Ironton
Borneman, Henry  Ironton                                 Kennedy, T.J. -Ironton
Bowman, Lewis  Ironton                                   Kid, Henry - Pedro
Boyer, Joseph  Warren Hill.                              Koster, Fred - Pedro
Boyle, J.F.  Ironton                                            Lavender, Henry Franklin Fce.
Brammer, Orie  Proctorville                              Lawson, John -Sheridan
Brown, Grover  La Grange                                Lewis, Elmer -Pedro
Brown, John C.  Ironton                                    Lewis, Frank -Pedro
Browne, Edward  Ironton                                  Lyons, Albert Coal Grove
Brownstead, F.C.  Ironton                                 Malone, Troy  Coal Grove
Brubaker, C.H.  North Kenova                          Martin, John H Hanging Rock
Bruce, J.W.  Ironton                                           Martin, Samuel  Forest Dale 
Bryant, John  Maddyville                                  Mathews, Chas. -Ironton
Burke, Jas. E  Ironton                                         McDaniel, Loren W. -Chesapeake
Burns, G.W.  Ironton                                          McKee, Geo. -Ironton         
Bushbaum, Elmer  Ironton                                 Means, G.W. -Powellsville   
Byrne, John  Ironton                                           Means, Ollie -Powellsville                                           
Byrne, John F.  Ironton                                       Means, Ora C. -Powellsville
Campbell, E.H.  Burlington                                Miller, Commodore -Pedro
Capper, Brook  Proctorville                                Miller, Frank H -Ironton
Casey, John  Coal Grove                                    Mlehouse, Henry -Ironton
Chatfield, D.L  Coal Grove                                Moore, William -Pedro
Chatfield, R.W.  Coal Grove                              Morgan, Thomas -Bartletts
Chatts, William  Ironton                                     Morgan, Thomas Ironton RFD
Christian, Alva  Ironton R.F.D.                          Morrison, Frank -Coryville
Christian, J.D. -  Ironton R.F.D.                           Mullen, E.C. -Burlington
Clark, Ernest  Ironton                                         Mullin, W.D. Lawrence Furnace
Clay, Earl  Ironton                                              Myers, Henry Hanging Rock
Cochran, Frank  Ironton                                     Myers, John Hanging Rock 
Combs, Lloyd  South Point                                Neff, James Coal Grove
Cooke, Henry  Ironton                                       Nichols, Curtis -Chesapeake
Corn, Edward  E.  Ironton                                  Null, Dennis -Ironton
Cox, George A. - Ironton                                      Pasley, Samuel -Ironton
Crabtree, I.N.  South Point                                  Pasley, William -Ironton
Currington, Clyde  Superior                                Paul, Harry M -Ironton
Dalton, Charles  La Grange                                 Pike, Easton - Chesapeake
Dalton, James  Superior                                       Porter, Muske - Chesapeake
Dalton, John  Superior                                         Raine, Willis -Ironton
Dalton, William  Ironton                                     Rainey, Ralph Rock Camp 
Davis, Moses  Coreyville                                    Ravencraft, Edw. Hanging Rock
Dawson, Homer  Coal Grove                              Reed, Corliss Ironton RFD 2
Delawder, Lewis  Ironton                                    Rogers, J.A. -Ironton
Delawder, William  Steece                                  Rogers, S.G. -Ironton
Dillon, Jesse  Forest Dale                                    Rooney, Mike -Ironton 
Dillon, John  Coal Grove                                     Rosebraugh, James -Pedro
Donahue, Alf  Ironton                                          Ross, Fred A -Ironton
Doty, H.J. Ironton                                                  Roush, Jacob Kelly's Ridge 
Dressell, George  Ironton                                     Rowe, James C-Ironton
Dyer, E.B.  Ironton                                               Rowe, J.W. Lisman Junction
Eaches, Arch  Superior                                         Rowe,Robert -Pedro
Eakman, W.S.  Ironton                                         Russell, Floyd E -Portsmouth
Ebert, Otto  Ironton                                               Sanders, Robert Ironton RFD
Edwards, H.M.  Ironton                                       Scarberry, Harrison -Getaway
Estep, Herman  Superior                                     Shattuck, William Coal Grove
Everman, Carl  La Grange                                  Sherman, Dorsey -Ironton
Farris, Sherman  Proctorville                              Shirkey, Thomas D. - Ironton
Forgey, M.H.  South Point                                  Shotsky, William -Ironton                         
Fort, C.H.  Ironton                                               Sierer, Leo -Ironton
Fox, C.L.  Coal Grove                                         Simmons, Robert  Hanging Rock
Froeman, Danward  South Point                         Skelton, Frank - Ironton 
Fulleston, J.S.  South Point                                 Sloane, P.C. -Ironton
Galvin, T.S.  Ironton                                           Smith, David  North Kenova
Gannon, Frank  Ironton                                      Smith, James -Ironton
Gannon, W.M.  Ironton RFD 3                          Smith, J.W. -Steece
Gavin, Ed  Ironton                                             Smith, L.W. Coal Grove 
Gerlach, Chas. F  Ironton                                   Snyder, John B -Ironton
Gettys, James  Ironton                                        Sparkling, Marion -Deering
Gillen, M.H.  Chesapeake                                  Steaker, D.D. Franklin Furnace
Golden, Chas. W.  Ironton                                 Steece, H.E. -Ironton
Golden, Harold  Ironton                                    Steed, George W Coal Grove
Good, Henry  Etna Station                                Stephenson, Frank -Ellisonville
Graham, William  Forest Dale                          Stewart, Earl -Ironton
Griffin, George  Ironton                                    Strait, C.E. -Wilgus
Griffith, Earl  Ironton                                        Sutton, Chester Etna Station
Grimsley, Reed  Superior                                  Thuma, Allen -Ironton
Hackworth, Jesse  Ironton                                  Tipton, Edward - Coryville
Hall, A.F.  Hanging Rock                                   Tipton, Harry -Coryville
Halliday, John  Coal Grove                                Truby, John -Ironton
Hannon, Henry  Lawrence twp                           Tufts, James - Ironton
Harberger, John  H- Ironton                                  Turvey, Charley - Ironton
Hastings, Lawson  Ironton                                   Turvey, Joseph -Vesuvius
Hayes, H.P.  Ironton                                             Turvey, Solomon -Ironton
Hayes, Walter  Ironton                                         Turvey, William -Vesuvius
Hazlett, Amos  Sheridan                                       Vance, Robert L -Ironton
Hazlett, George  Sheridan                                     Verigan, J.H. -Ironton
Henderson, Henry  Ironton RFD 2                        Vermillion, Stewart Waterloo
Henley, Hugh  Ironton RFD                                   Walde[r] , Everett South Point
Henninger, O.H.  Ironton                                   Wallenfeitz, Herman Orchard Knob
Henry, A.D.  Ironton RFD                                      Warden, William -Steece
Henry, L.M.  Ironton                                               Warren, A.E. -Ironton
Henry, Peter L  Ironton                                            Weaver, Fred -Ironton
Henthorn, E.  Ironton                                               Webb, Simeon -Stroble
Hicks, B.V.- Ironton                                                   Weineka, John  North Kenova
Hockey, William  La Grange                                 Wells, Dr E.E. -Ironton  
Holderby, Dennis  Ironton                                      Wheaton, Emmitt  Ironton RRD
Holtzapple, Edward A  Bradyville                          Whitlach, Clarence -Superior
Howell, George W  Sheridan                                   Wicke, Arthur -Ironton
Howell, Harrison  Sheridan                                     Wilds, Jarvis -Ironton
Howell, Oscar  La Grange                                        Willis, J.E. -Aid
Howard, Henry  North Kenova                                 Wilson, Fred -Ironton
Hunley, Oscar  La Grange                                       Wilson, George Bartletts Station
Hunt, Byard  Proctorville                                           Wilson, S.W. -Ironton
Hunt, Lewis  Proctorville                                            Wolfe, Ray  Ironton RFD
Hunt, W.W.  Proctorville                                          Wood, Christopher  Coal Grove
Irish, O.E.  ? not listed