Chronological List of Events for 1890-1938

1890 – 1938
Submitted by Martha J. Kounse
[unsure of date of source from newspaper-mk]


Ironton Elks organized – D.T. Bush, only living charter member here today.
Citizens National Bank organized.
Crystal Ice Co., started in business, first ice plant in city organized by Jas. Hudson, J.A. Turley and S.B. Steece.
H.H. Campbell and E.W. Bixby establish Ironton Mantle Works.


Gen. W.H. Enochs, first congressman elected for 10th district established that year.


Memorial Hall erected as monument to Grand Army. Was built on city market place.


Ironton Door Factory established by E.G. Scripture.
Goldcamp Hardware Co. established.


Coxey’s Army lands on river, enroute to Washington.
Housewives locked doors as unemployed army enter city asking aid.
Whitwell school erected.


T.H.B. Jones takes over management of Ironton House.
Carmi A. Thompson opens law office, later was captain of Co. I during war of 1898. Later Secretary of State, Treasurer of U.S. and candidate for Governor.


First electric street cars in Ironton.


Newman and Spanner saw mill and 14 houses destroyed by fire.


Co. I Ohio Infantry Volunteers march off to the Spanish-American War.
Christ Episcopal church dedicated.
Deaconess hospital established.


Natural gas comes to Ironton.
Ironton News established.
A.M. Collett first Democratic mayor to ever serve the city.
John Brice now on the staff of Ringling circus, takes job as policeman in city.
Marting Iron and Steel Co. organized and take over Big Etna furnace.
Coldest day on record in city’s history, 18 below zero on Feb. 14.
Chas. S. Gray Deaconess hospital opened.


Last horse racing held at Fleetwood park.
Big fight and cutting scrape.
Race riots and attempts to mob jail, after white girl is attacked.


First automobile seen on streets of Ironton, followed by great crowd of children on bicycles.
Ironton Cement Co., organized by S.B. Steece and others.


Ironton’s first full time fire department established, on Third above Walnut.
Dip Mittlehauser and Frank Smith, first regular fireman.
Goldcamp Furniture Co. established.


Beechwood park and the loop street car line built.
Door factory destroyed by fire.
T.H.B. Jones builds the Princess Skating rink.


Ironton Engine Co. built Civic group interest, Mr. Alfree to locate a plant here, E.B. Hetzel manager.


Memorial hall destroyed by fire, along with the Briggs library.


Work started on the B. & O. railroad bridge across Ohio River (never completed).
Brumberg building on Third and Vernon erected.


Ironton Iron Furnace, last in the city, was erected. Furnace was razed in 1934.
Keller hospital established.


Ironton Lumber Co., and many homes blocks away destroyed by a big day time fire. Ashland fire department helps on March 22.
Central school building erected on Oak street.
N. & W. build new depot and Campbell avenue is built.


Ironton and Lawrence County voted dry under unit state law.
Hon. Carmi Thompson elected as Secretary of State.
First airplane seen in city flights at Beechwood park.
New courthouse built. The commission in charge were:

E.B. Willard, chairman
James Hudson
T.J. Templeton
T.J. White
B.T. Daniel
David Halley
J.P. McDonough
L.E. Kouns
L. Williams


Excelsior Shoe Co. build big plant on North Second street.
J. Benny organized team in Mountain state baseball league.
South Side Theatre built.


Ironton joins Ohio State baseball league with Hamilton, Newark, Lima, Mansfield, Chillicothe, Portsmouth and other cities and wins the first half league pennant.


President Taft and Ex-President Theo. Roosevelt, making campaign tours both speaking in Ironton on Fourth street in front of courthouse.


Record Ohio River flood does over million dollar damage in Ironton.
Moore cigar plant destroyed by fire.
Ironton post office moved into new federal building.


First Apple Show.
Dr. Biederwolf holds meeting in special built tabernacle erected on Third street below Adams.
Standard Slag Co., erected.
Whitwell Mother’s Club first PTA in city is organized.
Ironton News sponsors first community Christmas tree in city at Third and Park Ave.


Masonic Temple destroyed by fire.
Citizens National Bank building erected.
Elks stage biggest under canvas fair ever held in the city to raise money for a new home. Seven automobiles given away.


Chamber of Commerce organized with first full time secretary.
Ironton-Portsmouth traction line is built.


Lawrence county sends her quota to World War.
Ice gorge in Ohio river sinks ferry boat wharf as most severe winter is recorded.


Ironton and Lawrence county go over their quota in every war drive for funds.
Standard Slag Co., plant burns.
News of the armistice celebrated.
Iron City Savings Bank occupy new Masonic Temple.


Hotel Martin completed and opened.
Frank J. Goldcamp Post American Legion organized.
Ironton’s new reservoir on Kelly Hill completed.
Ebert Brewing Co., plant destroyed by fire.


Ironton’s last big fire in the business district.
Central Hardware Co., and Empire theatre burn, Jan. 7.
Rotary club is organized.
Marlow theatre opened.
Orpheum theatre in Skating Rink opened.
Ironton Tanks, later famous, were organized.


First and Second National Bank consolidate.
Ironton Stove Co., plant erected.
City raised $10,000 for YWCA.
Center Street-first asphalt street-opened with dance on street.
$766,200 subscribed for bridge across the river.
Hotel Marting formally opened, Sept. 18 with $4 plate banquet. C.H. McClung was manager.


Ironton-Russell bridge opened, April 21.
Shelby Shoe Co., starts old plant here.
New high school, costing about $800,000 opened on August 7.
Cecil Hotel is erected.


First National Bank building, completed. Bank occupies same.


Lions Club organized.
Raceland, KY., race track opens.
Parish House on Park avenue built.
Ironton News wins prizes at the State newspaper show.


S.S. Kresge building at Third and Center street erected.
Indiana Flooring Co., at Coal Grove add $5000, 000 plant at old Yellow Poplar Lumber Co., plant.
Daily Irontonian and Register consolidated.
C&O railroad start five million dollar improvement in the Russell yards.


Selby Shoe Co., erect new plant on South Third street.
Business and Professional Women’s Club is organized.
First traffic lights installed in Ironton.
Bingaman & Jones display first motor funeral coach.
Harry J. Moulton, mayor collects $24,185.21 in fines, a new record.
City excited over visit of Henry Ford in his private railway car.


Raceland car shops, most modern in nation, completed at Russell [KY].
United Commercial Travelers hold state convention in Ironton.
Goldcamp Furniture Co., build handsome new building .
St. Joseph school erected.


Chesapeake bridge opened across Ohio river.
First high school band organized with uniforms.


Lawson Stove Co., moved to Continental plant, this city.
Etna Building and Loan Co. erect building.
Kresge Dollar store building erected.
Howitzer National Guard Co., organized.
First Tri-motored plane lands in Sedgwick field.
Mrs. Helen Clarke, first woman judge ever elected in county.


City Manager form of government starts in Ironton.
Captain Fassett first city manager.
United Fuel Gas Co., erect new building.
Legal battle over Sunday movies.
Ironton Tanks defeat both New York and Chicago pro football teams at Cincinnati.


Hottest day on official record, 106 on July 14.
Ironton’s first water regatta held Sept. 27.


President Taft, second president in office ever to visits Ironton.
Lawco Lake built.


CCC established in Lawrence county at Camp Dean.
Both National banks survive the national bank holiday called by the President.


First air mail service in Lawrence county established at Chesapeake airport.


Municipal swimming pool erected in Beechwood park.
Bond issue for the General hospital carries.


Work starts on federal, county, and city overhead WPA project.
Bathing beauty contest opens new swimming pool.


Record Ohio river flood. City eight to nine feet covered by water, first time in history.
Lawrence county General Hospital opens.
Works starts on Vesuvius Recreational Area, 145 acre lake, etc.


Work starts on Ironton’s four million dollar flood prevention program by the U.S. Army engineers.
Ironton’s new O.N.G. Armory completed.
City celebrates the Northwest Territory Sesquicentennial.