Ironton is 5 Years Old

Ironton is 5 Years Old

Ironton Register, Tuesday, June 20 1854

Five years ago this day, Tuesday June 20th, the first sale of lots took place in Ironton. Then almost everybody looked upon the matter of building up a town here as an experiment, with all doubts as to its success. Not more than two or three individuals were at all sanguine of more than moderate success – at least, had no idea that the town, this quick, would be anything like what it is. Doubts, however, long since vanished, and realities took their place.

Five years has wrought an immense change in the farms of the Summer of 1849, with their then growing crops, and upon which the infant Ironton then sprung into existence – the change, what is it? Upon these farms of five years since now flourish but little short of four thousand people, most moral, temperate, industrious, energetic, thriving – people that have laid up some seventeen millions of bricks, built some five or six hundred houses, erected seven or eight very heavy manufacturing establishments, mechanic shops, etc – a people with a prosperous railroad extending 13 miles to the interior; with the landings of ten blast furnaces, thirty-five stores of various kinds, six or eight churches, union public schools, two printing offices, county seat and accompanying public buildings, etc. – a people with probably the heaviest productive capital of any town of like size in the entire West – in a word, a people with any unexpended amount of GO AHEAD.

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