Route 75 Tunnel

Historic Route 75 Tunnel – Ironton, OH

Image result for route 75 tunnel ironton, ohio

During the days of horse and buggies, the old State Route 75 tunnel at Ironton Ohio was constructed in 1866. This was how people entered and exited Ironton at the time. This 165-foot-long tunnel was buried more than 50 years ago, during new highway construction, but it was re-opened in the spring of 1989. The Ironton Tunnel is now opened around Halloween and operates as a haunted tunnel.

See a video of the tunnel HERE 

Builders- Dr. B.F. Cory and Mahle Brothers
Total length: 165.0 ft.
Approximate latitude, longitude: +38.54049-82.67395   / 38°32’26” N, 82°40’26” W

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